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  1. Interest Checking!!! Looking for interested writers and fans!



    I want to create a Yu Yu Hakusho-themed roleplay set in an alternate universe. I'm looking for three to five dedicated roleplayers in addition to myself for a small group of intermediate-level or above writers. My goal is roughly 1-2 posts per week on a short posting cycle, and I've detailed out quite a bit of this roleplay already since it didn't get far when I asked for help from others. Quite some time ago, I created a roleplay on another site for Yu Yu Hakusho and I loved it, but it died due to inactivity. That's why I'm keeping this small and only looking for dedicated roleplayers. I really enjoyed the original, and I'm hoping to really branch off from the canon in this one while keeping its atmosphere and tone. With that said, let's begin!

    Original Themesong~!

    The Souls and Blood, white

    There are two brand new elements to the Yu Yu Hakusho setting that I intend on integrating and making available to all roleplayers. The first is a mechanic called "Soul Resonance" which occurs between two Spirit Detectives and the second is the existence of dormant demonic genes within the mortal realm. Soul Resonance refers to the power of two Spirit Detectives whose soul wavelengths match up to such a degree they can empower each other. Although there are multiple Spirit Detectives part of what is called the Tantei-Kai, very few of them ever meet and even fewer of them have this resonance. In fact, few souls ever have it and strong spiritual presences are required for it to even be evident. That said, this is an extremely rare occurrence and the Reikai is always looking for potential candidates.

    The second fact is that in this world, demons do escape to the mortal realm and some go without ever being caught. They live a natural life, if they don't feed off humans, and die - due to being a low-rank - roughly around the same time as they would normally. In some cases, even more powerful demons can pass through the spiritual barrier, but none are ever higher than a B-rank demon. If they were, the Reikai would pool their resources to exterminate the intruder. That said, there are those with demonic heritage in the Ningenkai and often times the powerful spiritual presence of others (such as those powerful enough to become Spirit Detectives) is enough to sometimes spark their dormant, demonic Reiki. More often than not, these individuals become friends, or even Hands, of Spirit Detectives.

    With all that said, I'm looking for 2-3 Spirit Detectives, at least one Tantei-Duo and if I could get the people together, a Tantei-Trio. I also allowed for more demonic heritage to occur, similar Yusuke, and I don't intend on inhibiting the Hands of Spirit Detectives, so one-on-one, Hands could be just as strong if not stronger. In short, although there will be great emphasis on the Tantei-Duo and its remarkable power, no character will be ignored. I want every character to be important, relationships to be dynamic and I've tried to provide more resources and materials for roleplayers to use. And, if these aren't enough, I'm more than happy to work with anyone to make a more unique creation!

    The Setting (open)

    The alternate universe of this world takes place in a fictional Japanese city named Kuchikiroka located along a large river that is fed by Mount Kiroka to the East. Kuchikiroka is a town-sized industrial base known previously for its smog problems due to the factories built along it. Production reform has all-but eradicated the thick smog, but the history of the city remains unchanged. The town originally formed to take advantage of the nearby mining operations and easy transportation granted by the Kayaka River, but since grew into a bustling town capable of supporting itself almost a century after its prime of prosperity. Most of the inhabitants of Kuchikiroka are either descendants of the original miners, gang members that use the river for various smuggling operations or white collar criminals that needed an inconspicuous occupation to keep a low-profile.

    Kuchikiroka Junior High and High are average Japanese schools with no outstanding profiles or test scores. They are ran by Superintendent Goda and subsequently through the Junior High and High School Principals Fujikawa and Ishida, respectively. It is common knowledge that Goda effectively runs both schools and does so with disregard to the students and strict enforcement of his policies. Rumor is that he worked for a large trade corporation in Tokyo where he laundered enough money for a lifetime and that he only works as a Superintendent to keep cover. He maintains and image to the public as warm, generous man attempting to help the troubled youth of Kuchikiroka when he is anything but. The entire school is split almost down the middle in terms of both grades and behavior. Those with the high test scores often are never hassled with the street life while everyone else is pushed into the hallways where drugs and beatings dealt almost equally. With teachers turning a blind eye to most and keeping a close one on others, the school is anything but fair.

    Some notes to remember is that the region is riddled with just as much superstition as it is corruption and pollution. The deaths of hundreds of miners in Mount Kiroka as well as the mysterious and oddly-thick mist that always surrounds its peaks have led to many, many myths and legends being made about it. The Kayaka River is known for turning brilliant hues of red and orange upon sunset, allowing it to turn almost entirely red at certain parts of the year. This has led to it being called the "Red" or "Bloody" river and as it often leads to Mount Kiroka some even believe it becomes an opening to Hell and releases spirits during those times of year. At its most brilliant, the reflection of the river can even cause the fog of Mount Kiroka to glow an ominous crimson color; making it one of the most beautiful and dread events of the year, so much that even school is canceled.

    Terms to Know

    • Reikai ― Another term for the realm of spirits and/or afterlife, but most specifically refers to a bureaucratic agency under Lord Enma that directs souls down different paths and different realms as well as protects its meta-geographical position and spiritual jurisdiction.
    • Ningenkai ― The mortal realm, but most specifically refers to the jurisdiction of the mortal realm that is overseen by the Reikai.
    • Makai ― The 'demon' world that was sealed off by King Enma. It was originally part of his jurisdiction, but conflict there was so great after the Reikai assimilated Meikei (a former part of the afterlife also called the Netherworld) that King Enma was forced to seal it off to preserve the balance, thus making it a wild territory.
    • Tantei-Kai ― A group of spiritually-aware and most-often spiritually-empowered humans (and their souls) that are generally recruited after death and generally given a second chance at life to put spirits at rest or eliminate their malicious presence in an attempt to keep the balance. Members of the Tantei-Kai rarely know there are others and are generally called Spirit Detectives.
    • Tantei-Duo ― A pair of souls whose soul wavelengths match up perfectly and have been made into Spirit Detectives by the Reikai. Because of a factor called 'soul resonance', a pair of matching souls can create powerful abilities when used on conjunction. A downfall of this resonance is that the more it is relied on, the weaker each individual soul will be apart. The greatest strength and weakness of this ability is that if pushed to its limit, the souls involved can merge into a single one. This singularity creates a large outburst of energy, but ultimately results in the destruction of the soul as it breaks down due to instability. The individuals involved literally fade into nothing once the ability has hit its peak.
    • Reiki ― Also known as spirit energy and is the energy harnessed by all forms of ghosts, apparitions and humans.The most pure form of reiki is found within the soul and most souls have a unique 'wavelength' as well as 'frequency' to the reiki that comprises the soul. Most of the Ningenkai is comprised of reiki with little variation due to barriers setup by Enma in an attempt to preserve balance.
    • Spirit Detective ― Individuals of notably high spiritual awareness and ultimately spiritually-empowered that work for the Reikai to preserve the balance. Most often, these Spirit Detectives attempt to make earthbound spirits pass on and are even given a second chance at life for their assistance. Spirit Detectives are highly-respected in the Reikai and thus hated by any group or affiliate that holds animosity towards the Reikai. More powerful, veteran Spirit Detectives are often demon hunters and some even hunt down the criminals of the Makai underworld and the corrupt parts of the Reikai. Spirit Detectives are all considered part of the Tantei-Kai.
    • Hand ― A hand is normally considered the assistant of a Spirit Detective and are often also spiritually aware. Hands are often skipped over by the Reikai due to conflict with personalities, greater ties to their existing life or an incompatible soul wavelength. Sometimes the Reikai rejects them due to demonic heritage. In history, Hands have been known to surpass their Spirit Detective counterparts in power and become legends themselves, but their methods of doing such are often questionable and result in them being hunted down as criminals. A Hand is often considered vital to a Spirit Detective due to a weaker variant of soul resonance that exists through their bonds of friendship.
    Character Example (open)

    Kurohana Ibuki
    [ Black Hair | Brown Eyes | 5'9" | 142 lb. | 17 yr. | Male ]​

    Ibuki is a fair-skinned boy of average height, weight and build with little outstanding features. He has been doted on for his calm, cool demeanor that adds to his appearance, but alone he is not outstanding. Ibuki tends to prove himself stylish by wearing the one article of clothing allowed over the Kuchikiroka uniform: his signature jacket. During summer, winter, fall and spring, Ibuki is known for wearing his jacket and switches up every year to a new size of similar style. The only time Ibuki is known for removing his jacket is inside the greenhouses of his family businesses were the heat and humidity are often far too high to comfortably wear a jacket.​

    History. Ibuki Kurohana is the bastard son of a half-demon named Gurēnue, son of the late Kuronue. The Kurohana household has been the primary producers of plants and flowers ever since they were used for medicines long ago when the town was first founded. Due to the convenient location near a Jigoku no Kuchi (Hell Mouth), the Kurohana greenhouses became the target for all manner of raids from half-demons procuring samples of plants from the Ningenkai (human world) to introduce, hybridize or alter the attributes of demonic plants. However, with the ever-growing superstitious nature of Kuchikiroka, the difficulty of procuring said items became greater for lower-ranking demons.

    Gurēnue, the half-demon son of Kuronue - an infamous bat demon thief in the Makai - integrated himself into the Ningenkai on a mission to procure rare and potent herbs to be transplanted into the Makai as per the request of high-ranking demons and dark practitioners. He done this in a manner no demon had attempted before him; seducing a member of the Kurohana family to become part of it, then fleeing upon the next opening of the Jigoku no Kuchi. All in all, his plan worked. Two years of waiting, perfect timing as well as a hollow marriage and the birth of Ibuki ultimately led up to him disappearing randomly into the night, leaving his mother Midori to raise Ibuki by herself.

    Ibuki was born as Ibuki Tanaka, but had his name legally reverted to his mother's maiden name afterwards. He also has two step-sisters - both significantly younger than him - after his mother married the husband of her late sister in an attempt to keep the family together, meaning his step-sisters are also his first cousins. Despite this, Ibuki is and his mother are still much considered the black sheeps of their family as Ibuki is a bastard whose only outstanding feature is an innate ability to care for plants while his mother is often referred to as the Kurohana whore, since her husband ran away and she married again.

    As one might expect, Ibuki was put through a significant amount of adversity growing up as he was fatherless, detested by a majority of his family and never even truly accepted by his step-father or step-sisters. Where Ibuki excelled, however, was in Junior High and High School. After hitting puberty and his growth spurts, Ibuki became a capable tennis player and a fairly intelligent student - keeping within the top five percent of his class. Although Ibuki was talented in these fields, he never went far enough to actually win awards, meaning his notable talents were generally disregarded by his family.

    His peers, however, often felt different. Ibuki tends to be rather introverted due to his lonely upbringing and thus gives off a relatively calm and cool atmosphere around him. Granted he was also involved in academics and sports, his popularity within the school was rather high. Most people within the school know who Ibuki is, whether he is the guy that everyone has chilled with at least once or the girl every girl looked twice at. As this is his graduating year, Ibuki is being offered a spot in the second-most revered university in the region Kuchikiroka is located in and intends to study homeopathic medicines.


    Personality. Although Ibuki tends to be calm and cool on the outside, he has a lot of pent of up rage as one might expect. He is sensitive to the paranormal and feels in most contact with it while working with plants, however this is primarily because his father - never forgetting the son he had left behind - used to contact him through the spiritual veil using the plants he personally planted years ago. Unfortunately, Gurēnue died in the Makai around the age Ibuki was 11, leaving Ibuki with only frustration and the innate ability to feel the spiritual world around him through plants that tapped into his demonic nature. Ibuki has internalized most of his frustration with the hope that if he became successful, his father would return, but in his age essentially realized that would never happen (not because he knew his father was dead; mostly due to a sense of hopelessness). Ibuki is aware that he is a shame to the Kurohana name, and often has tried to be successful to appease them, but has never added up in their eyes. With this, Ibuki is prone to rage-filled outbursts on the streets or in school and is generally kept out of trouble due to the corruption of the school system and his academic as well as athletic status. Quite possibly due to his demonic nature and athletic side, he's considered undefeated on the streets with few people daring to cross him.

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  2. I'll throw you a bone Prince and throw my name in for this. However I MUST stress I may not be able to see it through all the way due to me running four roleplays, and participating in another. I have college work, and I am currently doing a Dragon Age Inquisition play through as well. In other words I got a shit ton of stuff to do.
  3. Much appreciated. You and I always seem to get on board with ideas, but never follow through with each other. That Avatar RP of mine is still going strong.

    So, Vance, do you just see my random ideas pop up in Interest Checking by sheer coincidence? If so, you've seen like a dozen of them. What goes through your mind, man?
  4. I've seen them by sheer coincidence. I've never had a Yu Yu Hakusho rp played out properly by a competent gm like you seem to be. I had one but it seemed to just be played out wrong and didn't go anywhere. Much like my Rosario Vampire roleplays...we get to the first class and they die suddenly...

    As for what goes through my mind when I see your interest checks I find them well thought out and you clearly have passion for these ideas. What the premise is varies and all of them seem like interest concepts but some of them just don't seem like my cup of tea. For example on my end you likely seen my bleach roleplays, my sekirei roleplays, and my famous gundam roleplays and you likely think they sound ok or cool or whatever be it but aren't interested in them.
  5. Well, yes and no. I'm just not a huge fan of those fandoms. I don't believe your creativity has much to do with why I never hop in board. I generally like how you interpret things. To my knowledge, you've always said my ideas were well designed and executed, but it wasn't how you'd like the RP to go - which makes sense. I sometimes write in terribly desparaging ways with very few upbeat tones. I mean, I never make good and bad guys; everyone is the bad guy in some way, and some people don't like that. I always assumed it was that way for you, to he honest.
  6. It's because my roleplays have never seen their conclusions. I have many morally grey characters in my roleplays they just never get used because the roleplays always die out. I do prefer to have some clearly evil people and some clearly 'good' people but I generally prefer my characters to have a set mentality before I make them.

    But this isn't about my own personal qualms and character interpretations. I'd prefer not to clog up this interest check in banter. If you'd like to keep on with the conversation then feel free to send me a message or something prince.
  7. Surprised no one is interested in Yu Yu Hakusho.
  8. I'd be very interested to participate in this RP.
    I used to love this show. I'd watch it every Saturday and I've seen all the arcs. Some multiple times.
    Can we rp our original characters in the RP? Cause if so I'd like to RP a few of mine that I made for the Yu yu hakusho anime.
    As for canon characters, along with playing the main ones like Yusuke, Hiei, Kuwabara, Kurama, Genkai, and Boton, what about characters from the show who didn't get much time in it? Like when Yusuke battled Suzaku in Maze Castle, or Jin in the dark tornament? I loved Suzaku and Jin's characters a lot but I didn't get to see them much except in those episodes. I'd love to do some scenes with them. Seiryu too. And Kurama's younger brother was only shown in that one episode. I'd like to rp a few scenes with him as well.

    As for ideas I could pitch, one idea I could say right now off the top of my head, is that I loved the torunament sagas. Like the Dark Tournament for example. I'd love it if we could do a tournament scene or two like that one.

    Now I work random hours at my job. But if I can participate, I'll try to post as often as I can. I'm pretty sure I can meet your request at posting at least a couple of times a week though^^
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  9. @VanceXentan I'm going to give this 5-10 days to get enough people. Interest Checks take time, this is Valentine's Day weekend so I'm sure all those lovebirds are too busy swooning to RP and I think it's important to get exposure to the weekend roleplayers, weekday roleplayers and touch on more crowds. If not, then this'll just go in the bin of ideas not enough people were up for. Additionally, what I might do if you're still wanting to throw me a bone is actually work one on one with you to design a YYHAU, then run it myself after a new Interest Check. If the offer of making an RP with others doesn't attract many people, we (I) may just need to make this RP in detail again.

    @Jessica Stansell I like to this of the fandoms I make as "hybrid" OC and Canon. Some characters, such as Koenma, Enma and Botan, will be recurring, but Yusuke, Hiei and Kurama will not be. That said, the characters we play as will ALL be original but will exist and interact with formeerly canon characters as well as new ones. I really don't want the main cast here. But, the more minor characters as well as Genkai will likely get light shone on them heavily. So basically what I'm saying is that while I would gladly do what you're asking for, some of it won't show up at all - like Kurama and his little bro, Hiei and his sister, so on and so forth. I want this roleplay to be in the world of Yu Yu Hakusho, but not be in its "shadow"

    I'm sure, if this RP goes on, that the Dark Tournament Saga will eventually happen. And, I'm looking for 2 posts per week, but I can settle for one. I want a smaller group to get posts out faster, honestly. I really want something thrilling.
  10. I...fucking...love...Yu Yu Hakusho.

    If its cool, I'd like to play a Hand

    (And villain/s if need be.)
  11. Totally in.

    On the subject of Canon Characters though: Avoid the Darth Vader problem. The Darth Vader problem is, essentially, if you put a well known canon character in, the game is likely to become about them. I don't mean they become the main character. Imagine you're in a game based on Star Wars, and you're rebels or bounty hunters or jedi or whatever. And suddenly here comes Darth Vader. You might just be sneaking by him or he's coincidentally nearby. Don't you want to kill Darth Vader? I don't nessecarily mean your character (Though they most certainly might, he didn't make himself many allies, now did he), I mean you personally. The answer is yes, don't lie. And it's true for everyone else. They ALL want to kill Darth Vader. So the game becomes about killing Darth Vader.
  12. Well Lyk that could work considering I was considering making a spirit detective character.
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  13. I believe I found Ibuki, a Hand I made in my last iteration of this. He will likely be reworked for this roleplay and be my character. He's sort've an example as to what I'm after. :P Aside from that, I think I just need 1-2 more people and a little time to make an actual OP.

    @digiexpert If you haven't seen my other work, I also run Avatar: A Legend Reborn. It's a fairly big roleplay where I've rewrote Avatar history, still incorporating altered versions of most canon characters while still omitting some - due to personal choice or because they would no longer logically exist. What I mean by this is that I'm experienced with fandoms and I know what I'm doing in terms of which part of canon I allow in. Kuwabara, Yusuke, Hiei, Kurama specifically will not exist in this world and if one does it will be Youko Kurama. However, Botan, Genkai, Enma, Koenma, the T-bros, so on and so forth will. The roleplay will neither be about them or ignore them; just like in canon, they will play important and sometimes recurring parts. Sometimes, I might have an arc parallel the show while other times it might be completely new material. I want this to be formatted to be a good roleplay without destroying the elements of it that made it Yu Yu Hakusho, and that includes some of the big names.

    I also want to contest the Darth Vader problem. Darth Vader is Anakin Skywalker, the literal MESSIAH of Star Wars. Conceived of pure force energy, his DNA wrote by midichlorians themselves and with the highest midichlorian count in the whole history of Star Wars. He was the child prophesied to bring equality between the Light and Dark Sides of the Force, and he did so. He was so pwoerful his familial line have had impacts on the Star Wars continuum even after his possible death. That said, you're damn right he becomes the center of attention in a Star Wars RP. He's meant to; he was the center of attention in canon Star Wars. However, much like I am for Yusuke, he's being removed. That plot element is gone. Now, there will still be Obi-Wan, Yoda, Mace Windu (Botan, Genkai, Koenma), there will still be Count Dooku, General Grevous and Darth Maul (Elder T, Younger T, Seven Sins) and there will still be huge events like the Dark Tournament. That doesn't mean they're going to be ALL the RP is about. As a GM, I focus primarily on the narrative structure of what I write, and I assure you that I wouldn't write something that wouldn't make a good, interesting and original narrative.
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  14. Sorry to bug you about it, Prince, but, is it cool if I join?
  15. Uh, I don't see why it wouldn't be. lol
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  16. Lol I feel you. I just never know if people or lined up or anything. I like to be certain of things. Thanks, though.
  17. Prince we got the three people minimum you wanted assuming the other person doesn't join and makes it four.
  18. I'm making a real quick OP now, then I'm off to bed. Won't take long, you know me. I work quick.
  19. Sorry to bug you, Prince, but, would it be acceptable for my character to be aware of the spirit detective and all that jazz? I kinda had a little backstory segment where she was turned down for the position and instead is essentially just a helper for them to call on.

    I have the character thought up as a spiritually aware person who was trained to use her spiritual abilities and such.

    I don't want to pester, however, I would rather know if this is okay or not before writing it all out on my phone. lol
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