Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Return of the Millennium Priests

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  1. Name: Shade Murdock

    Gender: Male

    Age: 15


    Height: 5’ 7”

    Eye of Ra Location: Right forearm

    Personality: N/A

    Special Items: The Millennium Key, Duel Academy Duel Disk

    -Granted by the Millennium Key: Its primary unique ability is the power to unlock the doors of a person's soul, giving the user access to the "Room of the Soul," where their thoughts can be observed, or the "room" can even be "redecorated", allowing the user to alter a person's personality. The brainwashing process can be undone when the victim touches the Key. Also, the controller can manipulate and destroy the personality. Additionally, it can allow the user make himself/herself (and others) invisible to physical sight, and allows them to sense any disruption of the Millennium Items' mystical energies that would be caused by an item being taken from its rightful owner. The owner of this item may also force images, scenes, or visions into the minds of others, as well as communicate telepathically with others. The Millennium Key also grants the ability to administer Shadow Duels, Shadow Games, and Punishment Games.
    -Shade can see and communicate with Duel Spirits.
    -When in the Shadow Realm or the Spirit Realm, Shade can channel the powers of his familiar without the need of his Millennium Item.

    Rank: Silfer Red

    Reserved Sacred Card: Slifer the Sky Dragon

    Duel Spirit Familiar: Dark Magician

    Deck Name: “Dark Magic Attack!”



    Key Cards: “Dark Magician,” "Supreme Arcanite Magician"

    Brief Bio:
    Chosen to wield the Millennium Key as a child living in the United States, Shade soon bonded with his Millennium Item and the spirit of Exodia within. When his father was moved to Japan to further act as a test pilot, the family went with him. He became distant after his father died, with Exodia becoming both a friend and a father figure. He devoted the following years to study and dueling, eventually being accepted into Duel Academy.

    Past Life (open)

    Name: Anubeon

    Title(s): Acolyte of Anubis, Millennium Priest, Millennium Judge

    Brief Bio: Anubeon's father was a scholar and scribe serving the priesthood of Anubis, while his mother was a priestess of that order. As her mother was expected to be barren, she named Anubeon after he patron as a sign of worship and thanks. Since the family had weight enough to be on good terms with Amenhotep III, Tutankhamun and Anubeon were destined to meet as Anubeon was an acolyte who praticed the worship of Anubis in secret before becoming a Millennium Priest, furthermore given the responsibility of wielding the Millennium Key. As an Acolyte of Anubis, Anubeon took part in embalming Tutankhamun and preparing his mummy for burial.

    Other: A "Millennium Judge" is a Millennium Priest who wields either the Millennium Key, Scales, or both, and is given the tasks of judging the souls and/or minds of men without the aid of the other Millennium Priests.

    -Due to years of study, Shade is fluent in ancient Egyptian and is extremely well-versed in Egyptology. Besides dueling, his dream is to become an Egyptologist.
    -He has an eidetic memory.


    "Welcome to Duel Academy, where your dueling career is about to begin!"

    The world of Duel Monsters has grown so far as to the establishment of Duel Academy, a place where the future leaders in the Duel Monsters industry receive the best possible education. Among this education includes standard courses while elective spaces are replaced by dueling or duel engineering classes to guarantee success in all aspects of the Pro Circuit!

    However, there is trouble brewing as a force from before time began resurfaces and an ancient threat returns from the realm of the dead. Now it is up to the various students of Duel Academy to find and defeat this ancient foe before the world is plunged into eternal Light...

    You are a reincarnated Millennium Priest who served Pharaoh Tutankhamun in your past life. Now that your old Millennium Item is in your hand once again, it is your sworn duty to recover your lost memories and powers in order to team up with the other five Millennium Priests to stop the Cult of Aten from plunging the world into chaos.


    About Duel Academy

    Duel Academy
    All Duel Academy students have identical Duel Disks. Students are divided into three ranks, and can change ranks at almost any given time. A map of and more info on Duel Academy is linked below:

    Duel Academy Duel Disk:


    Duel Academy
    Slifer Red
    Slifer Red students are the lowest-level tudents on campus. The students who live in the Slifer Red Dorm are either mediocre duelists or are disliked by senior professors.


    Ra Yellow
    Ra Yellow students are above-average students or students without the proper "connections" to join the ranks of the Obelisk Blue students.


    Obelisk Blue
    Obelisk Blue students are the best duelists on campus and/or have "connections" to important families and individuals.




    The Ancient Egyptian Influence

    The Cult of Aten
    Formally founded by a mysterious high priest known as Akhet, the Cult of Aten formally rose to power in 1353 BC when the pharaoh Akhenaten assumed the throne of ancient Egypt. Believing in the only sun-disk god, Aten, the Cult of Aten sought to translate the Millennium Spellbook and send the world into eternal Light. The wielders of the Millennium Items, led by Tutankhamen, soon defeated the Cult of Aten. The Cult officially fell from power after Tutankhamen assumed the role of pharaoh and restored the traditional worship of the gods

    The Cult of Aten, however, survived to the modern day as it revived the founder of its movement, and has various members across the world as the Cult searches once more for the Millennium Spellbook...
    The Eyes
    The Eye of Anubis

    The Eye of Anubis is a broken version of the Eye of Wdjat. It appears on all the Millennium Items, except the Key and the Puzzle (which has the Eye of Wdjat). The Eye will appear upon the foreheads of Millennium Item users whenever they activate their items.


    The Eye of Horus

    The Eye of Horus is a symbol of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. Tutankhamun used it to mark locations of importance for his Millennium Priests as well as to seal correspondence and sacred/secret treasures and scrolls.


    The Eye of Ra

    The Eye of Ra was often tattooed upon ancient Egyptian priests to symbolize their devotion to the gods. Furthermore, it is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health. It appears on the body of a Millennium Priest when their destiny is realized.


    The Millennium Items
    The seven Millennium Items and their wielders are as follows:

    -The Millennium Eye (Isabella "Izzy" Sorens)
    -The Millennium Key (Shade Murdock)
    -The Millennium Necklace (Available)
    -The Millennium Puzzle (N/A)
    -The Millennium Ring (Penny Ibis)
    -The Millennium Rod (Available)
    -The Millennium Scale (Available)

    For information on the Millennium Items, click this link
    Millennium Items
    The Millennium Spellbook
    The Millennium Spellbook is an ancient tome used to create the Millennium Items at the cost of ninety-nine human souls. With various spells yet to be translated, it is believed that the Millennium Spellbook can grant godlike power to whomever can wield it.



    This RP has a group on Skype for OOC, dueling for fun, and plotting outside of Iwaku! Add AceSorcerer on Skype to join!​

    General Rules!

    1.The minimum for a post will is either two paragraphs or ten well-written sentences, whichever you're more comfortable with.

    2. Duels will be on Dueling Network and observed by the GM.

    3. No smut. PERIOD. These characters are all 14 or 15 years old. Romance is at your discrimination, however.

    4. If you wish to initiate a Shadow Duel or Shadow Game, please check with the GM.

    5. None of the "canon" GX students (i.e. Jaden Yuki, Chazz Princeton) will exist in this RP.

    6. The Millennium Puzzle and any "special" cards past the GX/EARLY 5D's eras are off limits, with the exception of one Synchro Monster (the latter will be a plot element at Duel Academy.

    7. While the character's Decks will conform to the current Forbidden/Limited List, one Forbidden Card will be allowed in each Deck (check in with the GM when you choose).

    8. Players will have access to ONE Sacred Card (which include the God Cards, Sacred Beasts, and Dark Gods) later on in the story. However, you may claim one in your character sheet.

    9. "Anti Decks" are not allowed. To be clear, an Anti Deck is a deck specifically made to defeat the deck of another character.

    10. Have fun!


    Dueling Rules!

    1. All of the duels will be conducted over Dueling Network if between OCs and major NPCs.

    2. Duels with minor NPCS or duels with little immediate relevance can be summarized in-post, so long as an outcome is agreed on between the parties involved.

    3. Decks will be constucted on Dueling Network. Whenever you make modifications to your deck, please update your deck screenshot on your CS.

    4. Shadow Duels will primarily be initiated by NPCs, though OCs will sometimes be able to initiate them.

    5. Add "Archspell" on Dueling Network as soon as you join. This is the GM's account.


    Regarding Shadow Duels/Games

    1. A Shadow Game is an alternative to a duel. For an example of Shadow Games, use the playlist below.

    Yugioh season 0 - YouTube

    2. The party that loses a Shadow Game goes through a Punishment Game, which lasts as long as the winner decrees. The Punishment Game is typically a mental illusion, whereas they feel the physical effects but are not inflicted with any injuries.

    3. Shadow Games are typically initiated by those who wield Millennium Items, but like with Shadow Duels they can be initiated by a variety of OCs and NPCs.

    4. There are no limits as to what can become a Shadow Game. Something as simple as rolling a die to a custom game made on the spot are included in the vast ocean of possibilities.

    5. Like with Shadow Duels, Shadow Games will primarily be initiated by NPCs, though OCs will sometimes be able to initiate them.

    Slifer Red Characters

    Shade Murdock (AceSorcerer)

    Ra Yellow Characters

    Isabella "Izzy" Sorens (CursedDawn)
    Penny Ibis (Uuko)

    Obelisk Blue Characters


    Roleplayer Directory (open)
    -AceSorcerer (Iwaku/Skype) = Archspell (Dueling Network)
    -CursedDawn (Iwaku)= DarkDuelistKing (DN)
    -Artorias (Iwaku)= HanzoRed (DN)= johncaboose95 (Skype)
    -Uuko (Iwaku)= pennyibis(DN)

    Character Sheet Template (open)


    Age: (14 or 15)

    Appearance: (use Rinmaru Games-Mega Anime Avatar Creator)


    Eye of Ra Location: (Where will the Eye of Ra appear on YC's body?)

    Personality: (optional)

    Special Items: (Millennium Items, Duel Disks, etc)

    Abilities: (Shadow Games, Millennium Item Abilities, Sees Duel Spirits, etc.)

    Rank: (Slifer Red, Ra Yellow, Obelisk Blue)

    Duel Spirit Familiar:

    Reserved Sacred Card:

    Deck Name:

    Deck: (A screenshot of your deck goes here.)

    Key Card(s):

    Brief Bio:

    Past Life (open)



    Brief Bio:



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  3. I would actually like to join this since I still play Yu-Gi-Oh (and I know all the rules ,etc.) But I stopped watching the show after Season 2 of regular Yu-Gi-Oh. So um...I have no idea how far up the cards go (In terms of what cards would be out during GX and what wouldn't be out).
  4. @Artorias , the archetypes will go up to early 5D's/late GX. Each character will also get one Synchro Monster for plot purposes.
  5. Alright...I think I will join.
  6. I will need to PM me, then.
  7. WIP

    Alexander Krinsh


    Age: 15


    Eye of Ra Location:
    Left Bicep


    Special Items:
    Millenium Rod

    Shadow Games, Shadow Duels, Punishment Games, Mind Control, Telepathy, Telekinetic-Like Abilities.

    Obelisk Blue

    Duel Spirit Familiar:
    "Black Luster Soldier"

    Reserved Sacred Card:
    Obelisk the Tormentor

    Deck Name:
    Black Luster


    Key Card(s):
    "Black Luster Soldier", "Super Soldier Ritual"

    Brief Bio:

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  8. Hey, this is a pretty cool idea. Would a Master Hyperion deck be too recent for a GX RP?
  9. I'm honestly not sure. If it can be done where it doesn't rely heavily on post-GX meta then you're welcome to go ahead and do so.
  10. @IndigoStarstorm

    After some quick research, a Master Hyperion Deck will do just fine. Please PM me in a moment.
  11. For those of you who are done or are nearly complete, the IC thread is open for business.
  12. yay :D
    i'll work on a post tomorrow morning (if i don't get to it tonight) :3
  13. Penny Ibis




    Eye of Ra Location
    Left ankle

    • Observant of surroundings.
    • Usually has a positive attitude to others. Facial expressions, however, are semi-permanently negative.
    • Becomes out-spoken and fierce during duels. If there's one time when Penny's face is smiling, it's when she's dueling.
    • Competitive but not begrudging of those who wins against her. Will try to duel them over and over to see how she can defeat them.
    • Hates to intentionally lose - will be irritated when being asked to 'go easy' on someone.
    • Dislikes hopeless duelists. May treat people as non-existent if they're really bad at dueling.
    • Dresses rather boyishly outside of Academy uniform.
    • Likes shiny and cute things.

    Academy Rank
    Ra Yellow

    Millennium Abilities
    Millennium Ring
    • Can guide the owner to whatever they seek, whether it is a physical object or not.
    • Can seal one's soul/spirit or portion of their soul/spirit to objects. The simplest form is to split one's soul/spirit into two; a light side and a dark side.
    • Can interfere with or mitigate the abilities of other Millennium Items.
    • Can initiate and interfere with Shadow Games and Shadow Duels.

    Reserved Sacred Card
    Raviel, Lord of Phantasms

    Duel Spirit Familiar
    Frightfur Bear

    Deck Profile
    Five Nights at Frightfur's

    Boss Monsters
    Frightfur Mad Chimera
    Frightfur Sabre Tiger

    Brief Deck Bio
    Fusion-oriented deck. Loves to discard cards to the yard, then banish them.

    Past Life

    Millennium Priestess

    Brief Bio

    Zahra was not someone of a noble birth, nor was she cursed into a tragic childhood. There was nothing particularly peculiar about her, nor was she different from the millions of others who lived, worked and died in the society. That is, until she came across the Millennium Ring.

    The fateful encounter was nothing fancy, just a mere coincidence created by the curiosity of a young Zahra back then; upon encountering a fancy glittering object, she had placed a finger on the smooth surface of the Ring. What she did not know was that this act was all it took to break a certain seal that was placed on the Ring by the previous owner upon their deathbed. The piece of the previous owner's spirit that was sealed in the Ring entered Zahra's mind, and from then on she was forced to become the owner of the Millennium Ring. With the previous owner's spirit as her mentor, she eventually became a Millennium Priestess.

    On her deathbed, Zahra decided to seal a portion of her spirit using the power of the Ring with the same purpose as her mentor; to aid the next owner of the Ring. She had however came up with a more complex method to break the seal on her own spirit in order to aid those who she deems are worthy and not just anyone.

    DN ID: pennyibis
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  14. @Uuko Penny is accepted. However, I need to give you an Examination Duel in order to determine the character's placement.
  15. I just noticed the quote you have there, cool :3
  16. "Vi veri veniversum vivis vici"
    By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe
    I don't recall where its from but I'm a big fan of latin quotes since i took Latin all 4 years of high school :3

    I'm working on my post now btw, shouldn't be terribly long before I'm done
  17. It's from Faust. It's also quoted in "V for Vendetta."
  18. @CursedDawn , you need to make it so that they can converse. We'll have all the characters congregate together.
  19. Okay? What exactly is this 'examination duel' and what should i do?

    EDIT: Also, I've never used Dueling Network before; how do I add friend and view friend list?
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