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  1. You've killed someone, now what do you do with the body?

    Been watching a lot of crime/drama/mystery stuff lately lol.
  2. I call @Muna and we deal with it together.... >.>

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  3. Bury them in my melon farm

    I'm sorry, it wouldn't happen. I WOULDN'T HARM A FLY

  4. Do what Riddler from the TV show "Gotham" does and basically dispose of all the skin/muscle so only bones are left. Although unlike him, i'll probably try and destroy the bones, or put them all in tiny pieces, then put them around various places. IF people see the tiny pieces, they'll probably assume it's an animal bone/some kind of small rock or something.
  5. But now you have a witness :p
  6. I edited... to explain more. I don't have a witness, I have a person.
  7. Riiiiiiiiigh

    WHY not just cremate then? Seems like a lot less work xD
  8. Cremate them with what? An oven? XD My answer was trying to be a bit realistic XP Even so, i'm not even sure how i'd cremate someone without people noticing. Burning flesh does give off a smell.
  9. Hmmm... been watching plenty of thrilers too in my time. Lets see...

    Burning it: No... draws atention, and the stench of burned flesh is very distinctive.
    Using some kind of acid on it to disolve: Same thing, and... messy. Ewww I dont think I got the stomach for that :P
    Burying it: Classic, but best bet IMO. Stuff it in some kind of thick syntetic fabric, wrap it up several times, and bury it in the woods.
  10. Nygma basically did the same thing with acid so technically, it would still give off a bad smell since it's burning flesh omo. Least with cremation, you get rid of the bones too and most ppl sneak into funeral homes at night because they're usually empty 8'D.
  11. Huh... That's good to know >: D
  12. It would have to be really deep! Animals often dig bodies up as due extreme whether, example Hurricane Sandy unearthed a graveyard under a home when it knocked over an old tree that had corpses entangled in its roots!

    I would probably throw it somewhere deep in the ocean, attached firmly to more than one cinder block. MOB STYLE!
  13. Uh oh LOL
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  14. That streches realism though. You'd have to get the body all the vay to the ocean un-noticed, and deep ocean means you'd need to be on a ship of some kind (witneses very likely). And you'd need a cinder block - that shit weigz a ton! No way you can cary that vith you, and unlikely to get it on a ship w/o being noticed.
  15. Melt the body away with high strength industrial cleaner acid. No body, no problem.
  16. Was I knowingly committing a crime? Disguise myself, tie a weight on, and throw it in the Fraser

    If not, report it immediately.
  17. Drive it out to the most rural, out of the way place I can get to (would likely have to be well away from any roads or trails, so I am definitely taking a few days away to walk/ drag the corpse through the woods) and dispose of the body by burying it. Let nature do it's thang.
  18. I'm a cop. GOT AWAY WITH IT. HE SHOT FIRST. ;_;
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  19. There is a joke I always make with a friend of mine when discussing the 'would you help me hide the body' ideal. My answer.

    What body?
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  20. That always works for the cops here!
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