Your wedding day

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What will your Wedding day be like?

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Tell us about it. Where will it be? Who will be invited? Will you be happy?

Be as descriptive or as brief as you want!

After seeing Fel's post, I must add: Or if you are already married, tell us about the ceremony!
My wedding day? There was much drunk. MUCH. DRUNK. My wife's dad played Stand By Me acoustic, and was fantastic.
I already know everything I want to do about my wedding, and talk it over first with whoever the lucky spouse will be. c:
I am too detailed
and there is too much to say for these little fingers to type.
But it includes:
cherry blossum trees, purple/lavender hues, songs by Queen and Buddy Holly and Train and Lifehouse, my mama giving me away (dad aint invited, son), lots of dancing, and possibly red velvet cake, and other mini assorted cakes to snack on for those who don't want the giant one. <3

My wedding...oh, I could tell you every little detail if you wanted me too, but here's just a few..

When I get married I'd love to have my reception in a manor/villa/castle, a girl can dream right? I've just always wanted a really classy and sophistcated wedding.

My Dress? I've always wanted a really long dress, not puffy, just with a long trail, mainly because the place I'll most likely get married in has a really long aisle and a trail will be perfect! Something like this >>>elie-saab-wedding-dress-2011.....jpg or kate-middleton-02-440.jpg Not with diamonds everywhere, I know diamonds are a girl's best friend but I would rather wear them around my wrist or my neck than have them on my dress, I would rather not look like a WAG on my wedding day, sorry to anyone who likes that look!

My rings? I'm picky, that's for sure, for my engagement ring, though I like the whole one or two diamond rings, it's not me, I like my gems and stones. I've always wanted a sapphire in my ring, mainly because it's my birthstone and then have a small thinner wedding ring, short of like Kate's wedding band set.

Flowers? White roses

Cake? A cupcake cake and then another proper cake

That's all I'm giving away! My plans are going to be very closely under wraps, now just need to find a fiancee....
Not legal. :|
But I want to get married in a suit of armor. I can tell you that much.
We're broke as hell, and I refused to spend money on a big fancy wedding when we have bills to pay. XD

So we're having a COSTUME PARTY at my house. >:D

Now, if I had limitless cash I would have had a ~fancy~ Masquerade Ball wedding ceremony. >> Lots of beautiful jewel tone colors, fabrics, shiny things, etc. It'd be like that party scene in Labyrinth and totally wicked. >:D
I'm getting married?
Now because Anya went off with each detail, AND pictures.
I will have to work on a full detailed explanation of my dream. <3 Including the age I want to marry, and when I want to have kids. >:D BECAUSE IT WORKS IN MY HEAD THAT WAY DAMNIT.
And yes, Anya-san. c: Everything for sure.<3
My wedding....

IDK I've toyed with the idea of getting married, but really... I doubt it's for me.
But I'd go for a 1930's style of wedding dress (peach color maybe), a massive cake, lots of yummy East Indian Food (Cause I AM AWESOME!), one brides maid, LOTS OF ALCOHOL, maybe my groom it all depends on if he says something stupid, and a small celebration between friends.

The family will have a larger celebration because I have a massive collection of crazy Scots and Icelanders in my family.
Engagement and wedding ring, I have no preference. It doesn't matter as much to me. I don't like anything big and gaudy though. o.o; I'm not a big diamond person, something simple..maybe with a dash of purple, amytheist being my birthstone, included somewhere.. n.n I'm a silver person, over gold. So.. -nod.- or white gold.. -nodnod.-
Season: Spring
Color theme: Soft lavender, and a very soft, not too bold white kind of hue. Or not a harsh darker purple, darker than lavender, that is.
Place: the Arboretum that is near where I live. n_n Nothing too fancy, but it will be outside. I would prefer it be done underneath the cheery blossom tree area if I can.. this is a picture actually from the place I speak of:
but if that doesn't work out, then the Hedge Garden would be the place for me:

As for the indoor part, reception, I like cheaper ones, so.. if mom will let me, I'll just have 75 that can be seated, holding 100. which then would be in this room:
buuut if mama INSISTS I get a bigger room, since I am her baby and she constantly is spoiling me, even though I push her away and am like MAMA STOPPIT SAVE YO MONEY. so... it'd then turn out to be this one:
Live band, and I can have someone work the iPod station as a DJ.
-shrug.- And have someone announce me with the live band, when it is time for the bride and groom to dance, and when I dance with my mama for the mother and bride dance (since there won't be a father and bride dance). -nod.- <3
LOTS OF DANCING. I will shake my freaking butt off. and then have someone throw it out. cause a fallen butt is no good to me. -^-

As for the cake...
I love red velvet. But I know this can be an acquired taste for most. So.. I'm thinking of little sample cakes besides the red velvet one. Or I would like a checkered cake. With white and chocolate. -nod.- Hmmm. -looks for pictures.-
Something like this set up.

And as for decorating the room, in the middle of each table, I think a vase with a gentle lilac coming out would be enough. Maybe a bit of little purple dust around the vase on the white table cloths. -nod.- Gentle white/lilac type color lace on the cloth as well.

As for the dress!
I'm a classic type of being. I don't like over embellishments. >.<
Mama always said I look aristocratic.. o.o; And I guess style, class and grace just came along with my personality and figure. So....
I like this from the back<3
this is nice too~
and its nice that I will wear white and it actually goes with me being a virgin. n.n that is if I still am. >:3 -nodnod.-
I'm very happy with being so.~ Tis my choice. And I like it. c: proud Staci face yayy

And as for my hairrrr~
I like the half up half down type dealy. And having curly hair, I won't fight it. xD

As for bridesmaids... simple, and comfortable looking. not this persay.. but the idea of this
I'm the type that would take into consideration how much it will cost the bridesmaids to buy a dress, and how it would look on each one. Cause not all dresses flatter a body type.. so. I'd help them all I can. n__n they are more important to me. -nod.-


That seems it. I would do the flower girl outfit too, and all the other little things, but I'll just type now.
Honeymoon: Preferably Italy. <3 c: or Ireland.

I'd like to marry at 27. And be married without kids until I'm 30 or 31. Then have a first kid, or try to.
That's the plan. In my head at least. I like to dream you know... c: Every girl does sometimes. -shrug.-
> w< So that's it.~
-flails around.-
And I'd be so trying to help with set up and tear down, even if I'm the bride. xD I'd have to be pushed away constantly, cuz I'm wayy too stubborn.

Sorry for taking up a lot of space.. I was in dreamland for a moment, enjoying myself. c:

-hops away.-
Someone does have everything planned! Good for you, it's nice to have an idea in your head, isn't it?
I love the idea of a honeymoon in Italy, I'd love to go to Milan.
That colour theme is brilliant, I love lavender!
Me thinks one might need to redo her post.
Honestly... I've always known that I will remain unwed for the rest of my days!
But, should I ever go crazy...

Uhhh.... Jesus, I never thought about it...

I know!
A Sleepy Hollow themed wedding.

I keep pitching it to people I know when they get engaged, but nobody ever seems to think it's a good idea except those of us who don't actually want to get married.

It would be bad ass.
Getting married... well, are we including the mandatory chloroform for me to find myself a husband? Kidding... mostly...
Well, I really like very simple wedding bands and engagement rings. Ideally, I like things like this for engagement Ring. Probably something along that line for the wedding band, too.

The dress... I want something princessy... Like this.... Or maybe this. I like red... Maybe something like this.... Damn, you got me on a pretty dress tangent...

And for the ceremony... I want a way to invite my mother and not my step-father. Wish number one >>; But... for someone to walk me down the aisle, if I'm close to the husband's father, I'd be totally willing to let him walk me down the aisle. That or my grandfather. I dunno. I just want my family and some friends there, though. It doesn't have to be big...

I don't want a church though. Something else >>; I don't really care where, maybe a beach or something...

However if I were to have an actual wedding ceremony I would have Metallic's version of the Imperial March played as I walk down the aisle. Also no wearing white. I like India and Chinese thoughts on rich colors like red and gold. Fireworks also, because I'm a piro, and only danceable music (Latin, Arabian, Indian) No romantic music, cause I'm sure I'd be emotional enough as is.
wedding? >.> I will probably just be the totally awesome spinster/aunt who will live all alone in a large renovated victorian style house watching the children in the neighborhood grow up as I sit on the porch alone with my dog that will be my companion but probably die before me so i'll still be alone and and o__o

I'm kidding sheesh don't give me those looks! D< DONT JUDGE! seriously though...never really thought about a wedding. If/when I actually get into a long term serious/committed relationship I'm sure I'll start thinking of details then