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Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!
Where did you get your user name and why?

I know, I know. It's been done a million times before. However, we have new members with awesome names and I can't help but wonder.
October Knight - I like the colder months, especially October. I was really into fantasy RP at the time and the name just stuck.

I'll include ALL of my past user names. ^^ Just because it's fun to do.~

xXPurpleStaticXx - I've stuck with this user name for quite sometime now.~ It is my Skype and League of Legends name, as well as various ones for random sites I join. n.n I actually chose it when I joined G4TV's website, in hopes of becoming a Booth Babe at E3 Con some time in my life. I use to be xXPurpleDinosaurXx, but people called me Barney, so I got annoyed. And found electricity to be a fascinating topic, as well as purple being my obvious favorite color. The x's are just lovely for decoration and pzazz. THUS. PURPLESTATIC. WAHAHAHAHAAAA.

Knives Chau - Jinx started calling me Knives when I joined the site, because I remind him of Knives Chau from Scott Pilgrim vs The World. n.n And I adore Knives! So, for Halloween on Iwaku, I became Knives Chau.~ Twas my costume for the month. c:

Cooking Mama - OR SO I THOUGHT. BECAUSE then I realized Cooking Mama is one of my favorite games, and favorite persons. xD She is freaking adorable, and insane, I like to think, but hiding it well.<3 For Halloween, like a week at the end of October, I became her.

Stacisaur - And finally, today, and forever until next Halloween I think.. I shall be Stacisaur. n.n My friend irl call me this sometimes, because a purple dinosaur is often what I would sign off with to represent myself. I draw dinosaurs a lot, so it just sorta stuck. Plus, it has a nice ring!! c: Clearly, Staci is my name. So.. IT MAKES SENSE. >:D

On my other forum I'm known as LadyDass, after the name of my very first rp character. Her name was Adassa and she was every bit a lady. Adassa is my mom's pet name from growing up, and Adassa is from the Caribbean, just like my mom, even though they're from different islands.

Here I decided to give myself the name Cammyjag after another character I developed an affinity for. She's a jaguar named Camilla, and she lived in the 1920s. She grew up in the border desert between Texas and California. She speaks fluent Spanish. I don't. :D
My name was Umbreon once upon a time. [Yes, the Pokemon.] During a MSN convo with a member named Lycan Queen, she "captured me" and named me Fluffy. Just to amuse her, I changed my Iwaku name to Fluffy. I was intending to leave it like that for only a couple of days, but it was sticking to me during that length of time. I really liked the nickname and so did everyone else.

So, I kept Fluffy. I use it for pretty much everything now. It's not just my forum name, it's my gamer name. It suits me, too. There was a time when Fluffy was a good name for me because I had such long long loooong fluffy hair. So even high school classmates addressed me as it. v__v
The first user name I had on Iwaku was Kawauso. Back in High school Fel I had an idea for a comic, about a league of superheroes, who had useless powers. The only reason they didn't fail horribly is because the villains they fought were even more pathetic than they were, except for one. I had an idea for a villain named The Doom Otter, a villain who was insanely intelligent, and evil. His only problem was he was so adorable no one could take him seriously. Well after that all of my friends started calling me otter. After graduating and all of us going separate ways I tried to get in contact with fel. Iwaku was the only place I could find where I could contact him. I decided to use the Japanese word for otter, kawauso, as my username. My plan was to use some of our old inside jokes to get Fel to realize it was me. It didn't work.

My second username Okami, most people think I got it from the game Okami . It doesn't help that the game is one of my favorites of all time, and I use Amaterasu as my avatar, but I started using the name a good three years before the game was released. Okami was the name of a character I played in the pencil and paper RPG Shadowrun. Okami was a shapeshifting wolf, who was a former assassin for the Empire of Japan. I really liked the name so I used it for all of my online usernames.
I started off Iwaku forever ago as "Reimei", with everyone referring to me as Rei. However, this meant that for some reason, everyone thought that I was a guy.

One of my friends at the same time had been making jokes as to our relationship (he was gay) by calling me sex kitten. From there it somehow got shortened to Kitti and I really liked the name Kitti so I started using that...

It's not just my forum name here, now, either. Most people IRL call me Kitti too.
Once upon a time I went to a Sailor Moon Chat as Diana. Everyone kept thinking I was the Diana cat from the show. Especially girls named Rini or Chibi Usa. ><

I screamed I'M NOT A CAT so often, I just started signing online as Diana Notacat.
Every once in a while before I joined Iwaku I would have a conversation with Jinx on skype that went something like this:
"Hey, Sarah!!!"
"I'm not Sarah."
"Oh, oops. What's up."

I started talking to more Iwaku people on Skype, and decided to join when I was drankin... but I couldn't think of a name... so I was like "I'll be Sarah!"
And now I am Sarah.

You were there, Octy!
... How odd that I would stumble onto this thread when I was wondering why October chose October as his name. >.>

Currently my username is Zen, however about a month ago my name was Zenebaona. None of you guys could pronounce it and I didn't feel like being an ass and correcting you guys so I shortened it to Zen. XDD And just to be fair, it was suppose to be Zeneba Ona but I didn't know if there was a space for her last name. The creation of that username is because it is derived off of one my characters for my book. I've had this character ever since I was in high school.

But I have become attached to the shortened version of Zen. It rhymes with my real name, which is Jenn and sort of encompasses one of the things I want in life, which is peace and balance.
Spammy has its roots in high school, when I was working my way into the group of friends that made up the bulk of the anime club and we had a nickname-assigning conversation. The initial suggestion for me was Pam, which I tried to alter to Spam, as I do occasionally like to make me a Spamwich. From there I started to use Spam Vader as my handle online, until I joined a forum with a well-known and respected member who went by Vader, at which point I shifted over to the modern forms of the name, Spammy and Spammy V (Or variations thereof). Generally Spammy, as hearing people refer to me using that name over the voice chat of a Minecraft server has endeared me to the sound of it. If you want to be formal with me you could still address me as Spammy V.

Ironically in games I don't tend to rely on "spamming" strategies.
I like the name Silas. Something about it always gave this image of a really reserved guy who's a bit slick, but that's not why I picked it. I just like how it looks. As for why I use a masculine username, it's a habit I picked up over the years in attempt to avoid unwanted attention. Having people drop what they're doing for you on mmos is nice at first but gets really tiring. Zzz
But·ter·fly (b
)n.1. Any of various insects of the order Lepidoptera, characteristically having slender bodies, knobbed antennae, and four broad, usually colorful wings.
2. A person interested principally in frivolous pleasure: a social butterfly.
3. Sports a. A swimming stroke in which a swimmer lying face down draws both arms upward out of the water, thrusts them forward, and draws them back under the water in an hourglass design while performing a dolphin kick.
b. A race or a leg of a race in which this stroke is swum.

4. butterflies A feeling of unease or mild nausea caused especially by fearful anticipation.
5. Butterfly, The A shoggoth in hiding as a vague reference to an old The Simpsons episode.
Before I was ladyharpy on the internet I was know as Silly on a small art community. I took on the name because I was very humorous and things easily made me giggle. Also, many people in real life called me silly so the name seemed like a perfect match. Of course, Silly faded on me and I felt a need to change my name. After some thinking I ended up taking on LadyHarpy after creating a harpy character for a chat RP that I was doing on a really old site. It hasn't changed much since then, though I do go by Harpy a lot now as a shortened nickname.
i was edowado kun-i chose it becuase it was a test name :)
then Plasma grunt ed- i was in a moment in my life where i was stuck playing pokemon and stuck on it.
next was ragnarok(dont goolge it)-he was an anime charachter on soul eater and my good buddy kid was crona
now im that guy named ed- I chose it becuase special and when im being talked about people will say "you know that guy named ed? that guy named ed? yea that guy named ed"
Hahahaha i can imagin in
My name may or may not be as inspired as everyone else but I have two points of stability in my life. The first is that my primary username has always been Raiu or a variation of it, and my password has always been ****** or a variaton of it. Like I would actually tell people my pass word.

Anyway, Raiu... Yah, I was the dislexic ADHD kid who turned to the internet, found a site, and when "Hey, lets try this!" That site died, along with the site after that, branched out into a few other sites that either died or were abandoned as the admins moved sites, developed a few long lasting friendships and... Yah. Anyway, thats enough tangent, let me give you my ideas on why I chose Raiu.

I HAVE NO FREAKING CLUE! Seriously. I don't know where I came up with it. It might have been the Game Cube game Custom Robo which might have been out around the time I was first starting. It might have been something I came up with myself. Oh, right... The main villian which is pretty much the Cthulhu of Custom Robos is called Raiu... Might have been that.
Initials are CXC.

C = Surname.

So I exluded it.

I am XC.


I killed a hipster and stole his name. I think that is ironic or something...

Rory is a character established in what I call the proto-Sword of Embera plot that my friend Laura and I started working on in 2005-6. I used the name because after Gabe left in 2007, I no longer wanted to be associated with the old regime so I changed it. :yeti:
I think all of my usernames have topped google at some point or another. I usually string letters together until something sounds nice.