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Oh man, I've had a lot of usernames on different sites....

I'll just go over the one I have here.

Firstly, I JUST learned how to alt-number things to make symbols, and that's where the card symbols come from. XD
But for the name Jester entirely, comes from waaaaay back when I was 2 years old. I invented Jester back then as an imaginary friend, but he was more or less a copy of the Joker in a sense, because, well because Batman's the shit. :P So after a while, he evolved, and I changed things about him to make him his own thing. So he's kind of a persona I've had since I was just a toddler, and it stuck, hard.

He was my imaginary friend all these years, and when I got older, I just morphed him into a "character," to not seem crazy. :P But yeah, he's my best buddy. Always will be. It's pretty hard to have an imaginary friend from way back then, when most of them disappear. I have a strong taste in magic and imagination, so I just never grew out of him. Hence, I prefer to hold his persona online. It's more fun to RP someone who you grew up with, and was your best friend through your whole life. Especially when it seriously wasn't all that great. :|

Karsikan the Berzerker

Inside joke between myself and fluffy