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  1. What does your signature mean?

    Does it define you? Or is it lolrandum?

    I've noticed a lot of cool siggys here at Iwaku. Some are self explanatory, others are quite a bit different. Some list the members RPs, while others are something funny like Grumpy's Beard slap.

    So tell me Iwaku. What does your signature represent?

    Mine is usually a band, and if you click the image you'll get a link to some musics.

    What say you!?

  2. I say it defines me in a comedy way, but more of representing my love for Iwaku and Iwakuians! Plus can't hate on SPARTA!!!! *kicks October into a pit!*
  3. *points to siggy*

    Mine's really just for laughs and may be the legacy of my sigs from now on.
  4. Shana defines me in many ways:

    -Bad Assery
  5. I have a signature on another forum that simply reads: "Hold hodet kaldt, og hjertet varmt." Essentially, it means "keep a cool head, and a warm heart."
  6. Mine signature is just a favorite quote of mine~ Also, I love stars, so I decided to wrap it around stars ^^ And the color pink and blue (^^ゞ
  7. My signature is a quote from a game I play and I just like to remind myself of it every now and then. The past is the past and even the mistakes we make along the way help to shape us into the people we are today. I personally think that even my mistakes have helped me to become a better person.
  8. Always always quotes (sometimes books, sometimes songs, sometimes people!) and an image that I like and think fits well with the quote.
    They tend to reflect my mood a little at the time that I make it, but I leave them up for quite a while...

    The song ones are pretty easy, but anyone who knows where my quote comes from gets hugs and affection. Especially the book quotes. xD
  9. Mines is just there to be there :T

    I haven't really thought of anything that just says "Hey I'm all about you." you know...
  10. Mine is just a tribute to Iwaku. I found my home away from home <3
  11. I'm supposed to have a theme to my sig? And here I just thought that it was a place to put random quotes and links and like pictures.
  12. It looked cool. It had nice colors. It had a computer on it and the guy looks cool.
    Now, we could psychoanalyze the crap out of it but... it's just cool looking, I think.

    As for the text, it's from Bioshock 2. I just love it when love is referred to as a chemical, because it truly is (multiple) chemicals. And it looks cool and fancy. And I like Eleanor.
  13. -Points to all of his.- :dust:
    Mine don't mean anything, really.
    I just like to get creative with pictures and see what I can do.
    I don't think they turned out bad, but that is my opinion.
    I miss making them, but when I get photoshop again I will begin anew!
  14. I -usually- post something I think is important. >> Like a simple phrase, links to iwaku stuff, etc. If I am pissy about something, I'll put it in my siggy. And if I think something is too awesome not to share, I put it in my siggy. XD
  15. Cave Johnson...and lemons.
  16. I've seen a few of your posts before Aira but I usually don't pay a whole lot of attention to signatures. I'm sad that I didn't notice yours sooner because that is one of my favorite quotes.
  17. *points at signature*


    *walks out door*
  18. My signature stands for my favorite manga xD and my favorite characters in that manga xD Reino and sho (ofcours reino is the best, his a psycopath that can see ghost, you must love that)

    But I shall try to change my signature to something else soon.. don't know what yet but will probably be another anime or manga picture xD
  19. Just spreading the good word.