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    I would punish you all for it, but I couldn't find a way to do that without having to take away all siggy images and that would suck because I like cute siggy images. We already had to limit siggies to one single image to try and cut back on loading times for threads. D:

    Sadly, I could not find an up to date and supported mod for a proper siggy image limitation system. Thus until I can:

    We want to remind everyone that huge file sizes on your siggy images suck massive balls for people on mobile devices and with limited connection speeds.

    Staff won't be wasting time kicking you about it because they have bigger fish to fry. But PLEASE be mindful of file sizes when you update your sigs. Anything over 500kbs in size is way way too big. And if multiple users in an active thread all have hugeass sig files, a thread starts to lag like hell. The majority of our users are now using smaller devices to access Iwaku and the internet, this is a thing we have to consider now, those damn whippersnappers. O_O

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  2. Some threads take forever to load even on a 20mbit connection cause of a bunch of 2+ megabyte animations
  3. My connection speed is 80mbit on average, and some threads have an obnoxiously long load time.
  4. So . . .
    I need to go make a huge sig to fill in the space my empty siggy is leaving?
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  5. That's the impression I got. :D
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  6. *adds a name to the murder list *
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  7. Also, those scrolling signatures.

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  8. My signature is awesome, thank you very much @Diana
  9. I turned off signatures because of this very reason. ^^;
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  10. I usually have signatures turned off, so I don't even notice.
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  11. I never had this issue...

    *Goes to make a 1GB large Signature*
  12. Your signature is already 1.2MB... *contemplates just mass clearing all signatures with .gifs*
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  13. Is that the quotes or the gif? o_o
  14. (´・ω・`)
  15. Grrrr.... .
    Isn't there an option to, you know, "Disable Signatures" or "Disable Signatures with the [​IMG]
  16. Do rotating sigs only count the data for the current image or all of them? o - o
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  17. I have bullshit for Internet and I still see everyone's sigs just fine. I would think anyone with this problem would turn off signatures in their settings though...

    I'd like to know the answer to this too though since my sig rotates with gifs and pics.

    I really like my sig and don't wanna get rid of it... ;-;
  18. Just checking in to see if my gif from an old VHS rip of a shitty cartoon from the '60s is up-to-code...
  19. Of course INTELLIGENT people are going to disable signatures if they're having loading issues. 8D

    But it's also nice being able to see and load everyone's siggies, because people advertise their rps and stuff in there. We don't want people to miss out on stuff like that just cause of giant loading pics.

    You also have to remember, as webmasters we have to consider things beyond just active registered members too. Staff members who moderator the forums need to see all siggies to make sure people aren't putting asshole bullshit in there. Guests who get the site up in google while browsing for a new rp site CAN'T just turn off siggies to get a page to load faster. And if guests can't get a site to load quick enough, they tend to think it's a shitty server and move on to the next option in their search.
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  20. What the owl said.
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