Your Pen Name?

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  1. Like many of the members on Iwaku, one day I would like to be a published author. Considering my severe lack of self discipline and penchant for getting bored easily, I probably will never finish one... but I like to dream! XD

    A few minutes ago I was daydreaming once again about the glamorous life of being a popular novelist. And then I thought "Damn. If I was famous tons of crazy stalkers and Diana-haters would invade my safe happy place on Iwaku! That would suck!"

    So decided, if I DO ever manage to publish I novel, I would probably have a pen name and maybe even be MYSTERIOUS and never show my picture or face in public!

    Of course... I'm having a really hard time trying to figure out what my pen name would be. I might end up using a character's name. XD

    If you were having your work published, would you use your real name or a Pen Name? What sort of Pen Name would you have?
  2. I'm pretty sure your name is a pen name. ;D
  3. I am published, but I don't use a pen name. I use a nickname but make myself very clear as who I am. I'm not worried about stalkers or retarded haters. They can hate all they want. It's worth it for devote fans I'll have one day. :)
  4. Off the top of my never wanting to be published head....

    David Formworth.


    Seem the right balance between generic and distinctive.
  5. Silly Rory, anyone could google Diana Notacat and find where I am! ><
  6. I think considering what I'm currently aiming for for a career if I buckled down and actually finished a piece of fiction I'd use a pen name so as not to confuse my future fans in my two paths.
  7. Cujo, already used it. No last name needed...
  8. Eros Netsah.
    Screw being generic~
    Some of us are more brave, though...

    **Glances at Asmo**
  9. J.O.C. would be my pen name. Not gonna say what it stands for. >.>
  10. I've never thought about it (^^ゞ I don't expect to be published, so the consequences of using my real name never crossed my mind... I think I would use my real name ^.^ Or Bess? Bess is also just a name I gave myself anyway xD
  11. Keith Stone....


    Seriously though, It would be something like that. With a solid last name. Something, recognizable, sharp, ending in a 'G' 'K' or 'N' Sound. I would have to think about it a little more.
  12. I'm gonna try to get published under the name Jules Rudis.

    Small changes so people will pronounce the name fucking CORRECTLY.
  13. Ella N. Dean

    First letters are always important. =P