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  1. I'm kind of interested in hearing about some of your guys more off the wall characters. For example, I have a character named Citizen Snow who is a rather large snowman with a bit of a murderous streak. Personality wise I would have to describe him as a cross between Hitler and Winnie the Pooh.

    So what are some of your guys most off the wall or unusual characters?
  2. I once made a gay priest with a savior complex who froze people with ice powers and then ate them, thinking it absolved them of their sins. I have no idea why it was such a good design to me that I had to invest hours into writing the CS and planning things out.
  3. I made a mad 'Genius' from the future in a powersuit.

    His very first thing upon entering modern times was to punch a vending machine because he wanted the chips inside.
  4. A barn owl in an RP about farm animals that snarked people to death. No, literally, he murdered people with snark. He joined an assassination plot with the other farm animals and murdered the farm owners. He then oversaw a sheep and a cat making babies, then flew off and got eaten by a flying blue whale.

    No, I wasn't high. I was drunk off my ass. It was a chat RP. Since I was the first one to awaken from my stupor, and saw the horror I had created, I went right ahead and deleted all the evidence because I was ashamed of it. Now I laugh at it. :ferret:
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  5. I once made a pretty ridiculous character for a superhero roleplay that was supposed to revolve around strange but still somehow useful super powers. I gave my guy two powers: Wolverine-like healing factor but only for self-inflicted wounds and the ability to ingest and store live insects in a sort of alternate dimension inside his stomach until he feels like spitting them out. The healing thing was just for my own morbid sense of humor, because I made him depressed and had him attempt suicide a couple times, which of course ended with the wound healing up almost instantly.

    His insect thing ended up being useful against two antagonists. One was a player made antagonist who controlled insect swarms, which they apparently made without reading my character's abilities. My guy just inhaled her insects and made her basically useless, leaving the other people with less silly powers to beat her up and win the fight. Then there was the GM controlled antagonist with wind powers who my guy blasted with projectile spider vomit, which caused him to get distracted and freaked out which allowed another player character to take him down with their superpowered body odor because the baddie was too busy freaking out about being covered in spiders to blow the stench away.

    Good times.
  6. I once had a ice being who became sentient from a box of ice cream.

    It was a living food rp....

  7. All I can imagine...

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  8. Surprisingly accurate
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  9. As some of you know, I participated in live-action roleplay for quite a while. I almost exclusively did Vampire: The Masquerade.

    During one of those nights, I created Cedric: a male Malkavian who thought he was female. That was actually a lot of fun, despite the odd looks I got on my way there, when I stopped to buy gas. He (she) was a short-lived character, however, as he was killed while trying to ause the prince (a Tremere) to succumb to madness.

    Good times. I miss LARPing.
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  10. Just to clarify, do you mean Gender Identity.
    Or were they in some vampiric mind state where they were confusing their sex or gender?
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  11. Malkavians are batshit crazy. The character in question believed he was female, and went to great lengths to make that impression.
  12. A psychotic Korean doctor.

    This chick was so crazy! Oh my God! I had another character who was the incarnate of the Biblical Horseman of Plague on Earth disguised as a doctor working for the CDC. This girl would do ANYTHING to get him to date her, to the point of actually trying to kill him. He was fucking terrified of her. This is the Horseman of Plague, mind you, and he was scared of a Korean doctor chick to the point of having Armed Guards near him.
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  13. A character I had licked sharp edges for fun. In an awfully sexual way. But that was because he wasn't right in the head.

    Idk that's as far as I was permitted to make something weird all while still remaining in the sphere of having the character be "acceptable"

  14. I approve the licking of sharp objects.

    My most ridiculous character would be from a Warriors RP. It took place in Scotland so I decided to create a loner that thought he was a king since he lived in a castle. He even had another cat that would follow him around that I named Luch. Can't remember the name of the first character though. It was really long.
  15. My favorite character was a demon with attention deficit disorder, a short term memory problem and kleptomania. She stole a person once and tried to rename her. It was a lot of fun.
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  16. A cybernetically enhanced undead nymph girl-thing where she was emotionally connected to lamps and collected lamps and her companion was a living lamp that flew around and she could turn it into a bus and ride around in it.
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  17. In truth, these have become more amusing to read than I was expecting.
  18. When people decide to create the most ludicrous and off-the-wall things, that's when you see a childlike creativity erupt that is often oppressed in most other cases. :ferret:
  19. Oh look, Poll Cats...
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