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  1. Does anyone remember their first (or at least, close to the first?) roleplay they were in?

    Mine was on neopets, it was probably a highschool RP? I'm pretty sure I was playing some white-haired teenager named Serena because i was fucking OBSESSED with that name. She was angsty-sue as all fuck, sitting under trees/on top of walls and whatnot. Had a blue streak in her hair and everything xD

    /me remembers these deets because /me used to draw her all the time

    I'd tell you the plot of the RP but there probably wasn't one.

    What about you guys?
  2. My first roleplay was called From Scratch (I'm actually pretty new to roleplaying so I remember), it was about people getting randomly teleported into an infinite forest, but everyone has a 'superpower'. I think my character was called Shadow, and she was like a summoner. It was a bit cringey, but fun while it lasted. Until a bunch of monsters raided the hut and the rp died
  3. I was a wee whippersnapper of ten years of age and I'd just gotten member privileges (oh the excitement!) to access the Runescape Forum. I'd only ever read through the stories on the writing forum when - what's this? A 'Roleplay' forum? Like writing WITH OTHER PEOPLE and acting? How utterly splendid!* - I discovered there was such a thing as roleplay.

    I was nervous and read through pretty much everything on the first three pages and decided I didn't like anything and I'd have to make my own (which terrified me, but I grabbed one of my writing buddies so it was 'kay)

    It was called 'Seven Steps to Heaven' (named after the seven mountains in the centre of the map that increased in height incrementally) and was about a ruined world that had been overrun, mostly destroyed and now ruled by Necromancers. My character was a rebel named Tala who had long brown hair and wore white chainmail with gold trimmings and fought with dual scimitars and was irritatingly determined but also kind of stern. There were characters who were necromancers and characters who were rebels. I don't remember much of it except a confrontation in a forest near the beginning, a crazy awesome mage chick and a secret meeting in a destroyed city that got found out and overrun and somethingsomething explosions (it was storming and everything. dat drama yo) I think I still have a very old collection of information on it someplace...

    I had terrible spelling, grammar, but I was very enthusiastic and would post like every two minutes (that particular forum was very fast, which was a great introduction to RP for me at the time.) The plot was something along the lines of 'Two opposing factions! Magic! Conflict! Pretty Locations!yeah something cool will happen around that.'

    *(ten year old me did not speak like this)
  4. The earliest forum RP that I can remember is a L4D one. The plot was pretty much survive. There was no real objective, we just did shit as we went along. Writing wasn't very good all around but it was fun. Before that? Sticky notes in classrooms. Don't remember the first one from then or any of them really. But there ya' go.
  5. My first actual roleplaying experience was in World of Warcraft when I was 15. I ended up on an RP server even though I'd never roleplayed before because some high school friends played there and said I should join them. One evening when I was running around Stormwind, the human capital city, I saw someone yelling about some place called The Dungeon and how it had drinks and entertainment for all. I was tired of leveling up my character at that point, so I decided I might as well go see what the hubbub was about. It turned out to be an RP strip club, where people playing female characters had them do the dance animation and slowly removed their armor/clothes while doing RP messages describing their actions. I roleplayed as basically just a regular solder guy buying booze and tipping the dancers. It was silly as fuck, but it ended up being a fun community that wasn't all about semi-sexual roleplay (sometimes it was full on sexual instead) and it got me into roleplaying as a whole. That character was named Jorick (which obviously became a usual internet handle for me), and he ended up evolving into a disaffected Paladin who was sick of all the fighting and questioned his faith, lots of brooding and angst from him.

    My first forum roleplay was a kinda free-for-all thing in the Spam section of a forum. The forum was for general fantasy genre stuff, and it had a ghost town of a roleplaying section, but this one went down in the Spam area where all the cool kids hung out. It was kind of weird looking back on it, because the two guys who put it together had an actual story in mind but they let everyone else run amok doing whatever they wanted. There was a lot of metagaming and godmoding and such, but it was fine because everyone did it and everyone engaged in power level boosting shenanigans, so instead of it being a battle of skill it was more like Dragonball Z fighting where the last one to pull a powerup out of their ass was the winner. My character changed a lot as things went on, but he started out as a foot soldier for the evil overlord (played by one of the GMs) because there was a huge imbalance between the heroes and the bad guys when I joined. The GM posts were the only ones that actually advanced the story at first, because everyone else was busy fighting each other for funsies, but then a lot of people caught on that it was supposed to be more than just a fighting game and it got pretty good. To date it's still the only RP I've ever been in that reached a satisfactory conclusion, and it actually managed to do so twice if you count the sequel that popped up and got completed.
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  6. My very first real roleplay (not just me goofing around "in character" in a chat room) was a Sailor Zodiacs roleplay. O__O I was Sailor Virgo. And it's how me and Ocha first start becoming buddies.

    It was the first time I had ever heard of roleplay and discovered people actually DID that sort of thing. And it was the COOLEST MOST AWESOME MOMENT OF MY LIFE.

    I don't remember ANYTHING about what happened in the roleplay and it died REALLY quick before anything got very far. But a spark was born and then I ran away and started my own roleplay forum on ezboards. XD
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  7. I remember my first roleplay was a riot-based roleplay, where I was the 'medic' of the rioters as we try to do what rioters do.

    It was a mess, but I would love to roleplay it again. It sounds fun as hell.
  8. My first RP was done over Yahoo Messanger, with a friend from school who introduced me to fanfiction a few monthes prior, ah good times. It started at the end of eighth grade and ran all summer leading into highschool, some twisted approximation of a plot revolving around my angsty emo guitarist and front man of a fictional band that may as well have been My Chemical Romance (if that tells you how long ago that was) at its completion there was wealth, fame, car crashes, rival love interests, engagements, broken engagements, marriages and children. We spent about a day doing god knows what then started on the sequel, about their children, which devolved into a fast and furious situation and was terminated.
  9. My first forum RP was an eye-opener in so many ways. I was new-ish to the internet and brand new to RPing there (I'd done tabletop) and I joined a western RP as a Native American boy. There was little plot (bandits, a kidnapped girl, a sheriff... typical stuff), much chaos and no cohesion. I moved someone's NPC brother without asking and was gently scolded (so my first mistake was fairly painless). The OOC was eye-opening for innocent-me as people were bantering about what the outlaw queen would do with the sticks of dynamite when she was lonely (picture naive bug-eyed shock staring at the monitor). I made about 6 posts with that character before the GM up and vanished. I recall being shocked to my core that someone could do that. Actually the level of outrage I felt was pretty epic and amuses me to no end now that I know vanishing GMs and players are par for the course. I still have those posts as word-files somewhere in the depths of my computer. I totally forget almost all of the story but do I ever remember those lessons. But it was fun enough to keep me going and I haven't stopped.

    Pardon me while I see if I can dig those up for posterity's sake.
  10. Back then I used to RP on FB and I was more interested in my friends list than actual roleplay. Talking like maybe 2011 so it's quite far back. Then my account was booted and I got annoyed. And I was ....20/21 :D But I've been writing all my life on the other hand. Discovering roleplay was one of the best things in writing that happened to me.

    My first RP was on another chat site and was pretty random with an old friend who is now not my friend anymore :( But anyhow, I roleplayed as a female vampire who lurked around a world called the 'Dark Dimension'. Actually, since it was my first experience with roleplay I never knew people were into that kind of that stuff since I thought I was an 'off' person. So I was kind of thrilled that people actually did roleplay as a means of writing, self-liberation, for fun etc. I'm saying it was random because nothing was plotted beforehand. Heck is just happened, then we developed on it. These days I kind of miss my old roleplaying days. I used to find partners more easily. Then I started rolepalying off another site. An Adult site. The admin banned me cos I was too good for his own good.....or he just hated me? Since then I kind of lost my touch for roleplay I dunno why, I never seemed to have gotten over it. I lost all my players and I had some real crazy but awesome roleplays going on :(

    I won't hide it. I played as a dude too. It's good if you have a good background story and characterisation. I used the face claim of one of my celeb crushes I recall. Ben Barnes. So it was easier. I even played Draco Malfoy and it was awesome! :D
    But ideally I'd play a girl. However because it's so common to find gals in roleplay, and so rare to find guys (- as in good writers who enjoy writing other than smut), I swapped roles just to have decent writers writing to me. What an idea huh? *cringe* :shocked:

    I'm now more professional thank goodness and my writing skills are much more enhanced now.
  11. Hmmm, I'm not sure if this is my first experience or just the earliest I can remember, but it was on of the first, anyhow. White Wolf Mountain was the forum where I first really settled into actual character creation and internet role playing. It was a semi-realistic(not really) wolf rpg, with magic and ghosts and funky fur patterns. Looking back on it, all my characters embarrass me, but it was an extremely friendly community, where people were happy to welcome newcomers and show them the ropes, and I'm relatively certain it's still around. Given as this was at least ten years ago, that's pretty impressive.

    I do still remember it fondly, even though the writing now makes me cringe. It introduced me to the rules and etiquette and the fun of collaborative writing, and I can still remember my excitement when I got my first character accepted.
  12. Yes.

    It was about a bunch of people becoming superhuman agents and we had a big entry test on an island. It was pretty badass.
  13. Mine was I would say about 2, maybe 2 and a half years ago on a Pokemon forum. It was an adventure role-play, and each character either was on the evil team that had been made up, or was a representative for a legendary Pokemon (which had a whole lore to them, but basically the evil team killed their physical being years ago). My character was a blue haired girl named Rayna who was representing Suicune. After that came Ariadne, evil team member, and Aidan and Arashi, Entei and Raicou's representatives.

    Yes, I claimed all three legendary beasts AND jumped in feet first from day one xD

    First several posts make me cringe, but I actually grew a ton in that. And plus, I got great at dialog from so many romances between my characters and other characters <3
  14. Oh man!~

    My first roleplay was on AOL messenger. I think I was...12 or 13 and I met this "girl" (because, who knows) on there. We became friends and she asked if I had any hobbies. I said I loved to write so she suggested we try a roleplay of an idea of hers. So, I created this character, a guy named Yomo who looked like a girl and did black magic. The roleplay was I think Inuyasha based so our characters went around the world looking for something to stop a powerful demon. (Geez...I can't believe even back then I did my whole gender-bending stuff).

    My first forum roleplay was when I was 20 on a site I discovered by accident. It was a high school roleplay for the dysfunctional and powerful. I created a wealthy Italian male model who was an assassin (his power was based off the anime "Read or Die" but he used money as his weapon) and pretty much went around the school acting like a stuck up a-hole. There, I met my long term partner who's character fell in love with mine, but was obviously clear they weren't a match.

    And! Amazingly! That first forum roleplay of mine is still going on after five years! Our two characters are officially engaged, but trying to work through their incompatibility.
  15. I remember I went on a random chat site when I was 9 and just randomly joined someone's roleplay. I didn't even know it was called/considered "roleplay" at that time, and I'm pretty sure my partners were also 9 year old who didn't know what it meant either. xD I think the oldest girl there on that website was 13 years old, so... Not very exciting now that I look back on it. We did a bunch of different plots from just working in cubicles to being sexy, killing, teenage machines. It only lasted for about a month until my parents found out I was chatting with random strangers and thought I was going to get murdered and/or kidnapped because of it.
  16. Back in ye old yesteryear of 2001 little Dervs joined a Starfox 64 fan forum and got his roleplaying origins from there. I actually faintly recall what the very first game I joined was, although I know I'd be deeply ashamed of myself if I went back and read those posts now because egads, 14 years was a long time ago and my "OC" was pretty much a shameless ripoff of several pop culture things I enjoyed. I think it helped that everyone pretty much did that, and there weren't any real standards, but I do remember writing full paragraphs, and everyone else did, too. The RP section was pretty much a persistent universe where you and your characters carried on over to story to story like a TV episode. My character was a freelancer named Relyt Firecoy, which took most people about a year to figure out Relyt was my first name backwards and Firecoy was basically "fire coyote" because thinking is super hard, guys. Other than having a black Arwing knock-off for a ship (#edgy), his first adventures were on the desert world of Titania where he met with a smuggler named Dash and teamed up for all sorts of crazy adventures. For reasons unexplained, the town came under a raid by other players and some badass gunfights happened. It was a good time.

    Eventually, as we all grew a bit older, the plots got more mature and the more fantastical elements of the characters (DBZ rip-off fights were totally a thing, including having super natural powers. My guy could fuckin' shapeshift and throw fire, bitches) were done away with, and some more political thriller and military elements got introduced to the game, as well as some pretty dark subject matter, like concentration/ death camps, torture, medical experimentation, and OP shit like the main bad guy character having a device that was linked to his heart that would cause the sun to explode if his heart stopped.

    I actually got out of roleplaying for a long time because the same people I had been roleplaying with for years just got into speed posting and one liners and I couldn't keep up with literally hours and hundreds of posts a night. I think it was about 2005 or 2006 I stopped roleplaying and I didn't start again until 2012.
  17. My first roleplay was on another site, but it is still alive and going on. I never heard of people RP'ing in this manner. Sure, I had heard of people RP'ing in the bedchambers or otherwise known as LARP'ing, but the person who I was harassing at the moment - as I was bored and hey, I love to harass several people when I'm bored.. or just at any time- was busy writing a post. Due having nothing better to do, I kept asking questions. Good hell, I am growing scared that the questions at one point was driving him almost insane, but that isn't likely the point of where I should get going.

    Eventually during that conversation, the person probably had enough of my endless harassing, I got the link of the RP. I was for a moment that he had linked me porn and more out of deep trust for the person, I took his word that it wasn't anywhere pornographic. I thus arrived at the forum where I started to read about this whole new RP'ing experience. It was like showing me a new candy shop - @Expllo , let's not make dirty jokes of this >_> - where I wanted more candy as I kept reading and following the RP. Eventually I started to consider why I wouldn't join myself and try my hand at it.

    Doing so, I kind of found a new reason to harass that specific unnamed person that some will clearly recognize on who I am talking/hinting about, I also started to craft up a character sheet. Much to my current shame and embarrassment, the character was kind of a joker and bland. Over two years ever since that day, I started to grow a bit better. Started to make friends with those in the RP and learning from them. Though I keep making now and then some grammar or spelling mistakes, I like to think I've grown a bit better overall.

    And to conclude this small and un-interesting post with a (hopefully) fun fact :

    That first character? Over the course of the still-ongoing RP she has managed to reach from joker and bland to an Empress, with a rich amount of experience due failures and such, that is quite liked among the group of players and GM's. .____.

    How? ... I have sometimes no idea how the hell I managed that, I'm a mediocre RP'er at best.
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  18. My first roleplay was in a wolf roleplay guild on Neopets. My friend wanted me to join her guild, and the members taught me how to roleplay and were extremely patient with me.
  19. My very first roleplay was also on Neopets and it was a wolf one. It was almost eight years ago and I still remember it vividly because sometimes I go back and think about how bad it was, it was that bad. I played a wolf called Radan and did absolutely nothing even remotely involved with what the OP was doing. In fact, I established my own pack in my first post, with Radan being the brother of the Alpha. The Alpha, who's name I have forgotten, was dying from an infected face because he got bit in the face, and then put his face in contaminated water, on Radan's urging. The roleplay itself is fuzzy, but I wound up ending the thing by having hunters attack and then Radan took them all down, single handed, sustaining a bullet wound but surviving and leading the other wolves to a safe place.
    To this day, I refuse to do animal roleplays.
  20. Funny how many people started role playing on Neopets. I too started on Neopets when I was a teen. I think my first rp was about vampires because I was obsessed with them during that time. I had just finished reading some of Anne Rice's books and started to create fan fiction. I'm pretty sure the first one was something 'Interview with the vampire' based. I rp'd all the time about Lestat. I love Lestat.
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