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  1. Now a days, most people have a smartphone and/or a tablet, and with these tablets and smartphones we get apps. Lots and lots of apps. Be it from itunes, google play or microsoft, they all have something for everyone. Except for when they don't.

    So, what are some of your favorite apps? Do you ever spend money on apps or do you only use the free choices? What apps would you recommend to others? :3
  2. The flashlight app.

    It's simple, utilitarian, and great whenever I'm trying to look in dark places and don't have a real flashlight on me.

    ... What? Did you think it'd be some form of social media or shitty mobile game? Ah, good joke, comrade, but I'm nowhere near that vain.
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  3. Pff, it was too obvious the ferret wouldn't choose a game. :3 I guessed it would either be something educational or useful :D You're predictable brovo!
  4. Kekekkekekekkekekekek >:P
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  5. Links don't count >:c
  6. WhatsApp. I don't have any other app I use aside from it, so I guess it would be my favourite? *Shrug* I mostly use it because it's easier than texting or calling for me, especially when I was living overseas from people I actually like to contact.

    Aside from that... Hm. Is hangouts an app? If yes then I use that too. Once again not a favourite app or anything. Just useful.
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  7. [​IMG]

    ...I don't use my phone for very many things, but this is definitely one of them.

    Neko Atsume's pretty cool, too. Occupied a lot of my time when my laptop was broken. ...And by that I mean I spent a lot of time looking up how to get the rare cats and then planning how I would get them, because the central mechanic of Neko Atsume is waiting, which means that the game by itself isn't very good for killing a lot of time, because sitting around and refreshing your yard every two seconds isn't very exciting. o_o

    As you may have noticed, I really like creature-collecting games.

    ...That counts as an app?

    I always just considered it to be a regular feature on my phone... it isn't even listed with the other apps. o.o

    I mean, I also use the flashlight on my phone whenever I need a flashlight, since it's always a lot more convenient than trying to look around for a flashlight and then hope it actually still has good batteries in it, but, yeah, I wouldn't have thought to call it an app. XD
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  8. I consider everything that is not related to phone calls or texting an application generally. Some phone operating systems come with pre-built applications: Doesn't make them any less applications.

    My phone is primarily for business. I use it to get things done that I ordinarily could not get done through any other means. Otherwise it rests, soundly, in my pocket. I might use it on a slow day to write some notes down for future stories and what not, but that's the extent of it typically. I don't need yet another electronic device with a bundle of distractions eating away my time--I'm, good. Yeah. :ferret:
  9. @Brove- you sound like my dad.

  10. I DO?!

    I mean, I like dads, and one day I wouldn't mind being a dad. So sure why not, I'm ferret dad now.
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  11. So Diana is owl mom and Brovo is ferret dad.... I CAN SEE THE SHIPPING BEGIN!
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  12. @redblood

    Stop shipping everything with everything, gawd.

    Shipping was so last 2015.
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  13. I use my phone to play games at work and on the bus. Oh, and for browsing the internet and talking to people. I guess my top two apps would be the Chrome browser app and the Discord app. I've got a couple aside from that that I like and would recommend though.

    Currently playing this game called Gems of War, one of those match 3 type games with all sorts of RPG elements added in because why not. It's a good way to kill 10-30 minutes at a time. Definitely one of those games with abysmally slow progress in getting cool powerful stuff unless you pay in some real money, but I don't care about progress in this game enough to pay for it. It's fun and worth playing though, if you just want a game with a little bit of strategy but nothing that you have to get real deep into.

    OpenSudoku is sort of the opposite: a game for times when you wanna have to think hard. It's just the normal Sudoku game, but this app is nice because it's free and after you get through the 90 puzzles it gives you there's another four sets of 100 each you can download, plus you can get even more from external sites. Oh, and it gives you a good variety of options for how to mark in the boxes to fit whatever play style you like. If you're the kind of nerd who likes Sudoku, this is the app I'd recommend for it.

    Oh, and then there's Catan, the app version of Settlers of Catan. That one costs a few dollars, but Settlers of Catan is a damn fun game, even against the AI opponents. Even more worth it if you can get some friends to play so you can do multiplayer matches.
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  14. I love sudoku, so thanks for this! :D

    Also I did forget Chrome, I use chrome a whole lot all the time.

  15. i ship it!

    Kagenry and Broana!!!
  16. Plant Nanny, Discord, and Overdrive are my favorites.

    Plant Nanny is just a super cute way to track water intake.

    Overdrive is my reading/library app.
  17. I would be lost without my Google Play Music & Stitcher. I need my podcasts and I use those apps religiously. Also BodySpace. It's a free app that is intertwined with and is amazing for tracking my workouts in real time, allowing me to time my rests and log my weights and reps. A lifesaving app honestly. And then Instagram which I use constantly as a weightloss blog of sorts. If you want to add me for motivation and junk, feel free to send me a PM and I'll give you my IG name. I do not use my IG to sell things so no pyramid schemes from me. It's simply a way to keep myself accountable and inspire others as well. Out of Milk helps me immensely with keeping up to date grocery lists and uses an awesome calculator that easily calculates tax as well so you can grocery shop and know what your bill is going to be before you even get to the register.

    I know. I'm a weird adult who doesn't play very many games obviously, butttttt.... Nonograms Katana & the basic Sudoku app are legit. #mostboringpersonalive
  18. My phone is too old for apps, but before I washed my ipod I had an app about serial killers. Can't remember what it was called, though. I just remember I liked to look at it when bored.
  19. I'd honestly say Flow Free. It's a free connect the dots puzzle app game.

    I've used the thing for over a year now (though on and off) and I still haven't run out of puzzles to solve, and that's not even counting it's daily puzzles and timed puzzle challenges.
    And although I haven't spent any money yet (which should be a testament to the amount of content) I'm able to double it for only four dollars.

    Not a bad deal. :P


    Other than that? Soundboards.
    Because what makes life more fun and entertaining? Using sound boards to spam memes and sound effects! :3

    I also found a fun Dark Souls one called "Dark Souls Carvings" that does the sounds of the throw-able wooden carvings from the games.
    But unlike most soundboards you don't just click it, you have to shake the phone like you do the carvings in the game.
    It would for me. My phone had a built in flashlight, but no way to turn it on.
    I had to find an app on the Play Store to access it. :/
  20. Pokemon Go, LINE Play (less now) and a word game called Jumbline 2. So many hours clocked on that game...

    Oh! And Neko Atsume, of course. :E
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