Your Assasin? Or Your Protector?

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  1. He is an assasin out who is suppose to capture then her... however something manages to make him not be able to go through with it. He winds up becoming her protector from his collegues and his boss.
    -Quick Character Info-
    Name: Dean Ryan Johnson
    Age: 21
    Height: 6 foot
    Body type: Althetic/muscular however he doesnt look like he is on steroids XD
    Personality: Mysterious, Tough, Caring, May seem a little hard on the outside but on the inside he is actually a softy. Does this to protect himself. Doesnt let people in easy due to his past, stubborn, short tempered, sarcastic, more respectful towards women.
    Looks: (Pic below)
    "Dean, the boss will see you now..." Dean's collegue Thomas said poking his head out of the door. Dean was sitting in the chair with his elbows on his knees and just thinking for quit a while. He let out a sigh and looked at the red headed man before him, then eventually stood up, giving the man an expressionless look, "Fine." He said flatly and walked past him heading toward the bosses front door. He grabbed the cold metal knob, turned it then pushed the door opened. Sure enough there he was. His middle aged slightly overweight boss. Sometime he didnt understand why or how THIS guy managed to run this entire buisness. Though despite his look he was an evil master mind. The man was quit short, especially compared to Dean (although almost everyone was) fat and partially bald. The boss was known as Alfredo. Alfredo turned around and smiled at the site of his best assasin, "Dean! How are you my boy?"
    Dean smirked slightly, he was really the closest thing he had have as a father. He has raised him ever since his parents died when he was 10. "I am good Alfredo. So what do you have for me?" He walks up to the clattered desk which had a bunch of files. Alfredo grabbed the top one of the stack and handed it over to Dean, who grabbed it and began skimming it.
    Alfredo clears his throat and scratches his chin, "This woman is bad news, I want you to take her out."
    Usually Dean did take his word for it but sometimes he wondered, if what he or they were doing was right. He sighed then shut the file, he figured he shouldnt question him after all the things he has done for him, "Understood sir." Dean replies moving his black bangs away from his surprisingly iris colored eyes.
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  2. "Stories told by those on their last leg. The truth in their words were never realized as they were dismissed as wishful thinking to avoid the reality of the nothingness of death. But on a rare occasion, someone would believe, yes, someone would take to heart the dying words and visions of their beloved. But sometimes, the ones who listen just know that some secrets should be taken to the grave. Its impossible to release the memories that were then trapped as a bird in the cage of their mind, and slowly, the knowledge drags them down as a anchor into the depths of insufferable, suffocating, despair. It only makes them more of a target. A target of the one people call death. He comes in many forms, and may not even be real at all, but, if he isnt, then who is it that takes our loved ones from our grasp? Holds them above us, just out of reach? Sometimes, to escape the crushing emotions, the surviving relatives would write stories, use them to become another person, live in another world, but even so, the truth slips even into them. Each page is laced with the poison that would eventually kill them. One cannot keep a secret forever..."

    As dusk fell over the quiet, cool forest, a woman who looked to be about the age of eighteen closed her leather-bound journal and slipped her pen behind her ear. A sigh escaped her as she looked up at the setting sun, brushing some of her orangish red hair from her face. Not a single bird would now sing. It was as if the world had stopped turning. The entire woods seemed to hold its breath for one long moment, just before the sun settled itself below the horizon. With a quick flick of the wrist, the woman opened her book again and took out her pen once more, writing her name in the front cover before shutting and binding it tight, slipping it into her pocket before she would leave to go back home.

    Grace Terran, a student who was soon to graduate high school, would seem average enough to any normal onlooker, but she had seen far too much to be 'normal'. She had suffered too much death to unsee the horrible images that were now burned into her mind, flashing across her eyes any time she dared to close them. Her entire family, two brothers, her mother, and her father, had all been killed, each by sepperate 'incidents', but she knew that it was all planned out. She was determined to expose whoever it was that had wounded her so deeply, and those last, struggled words that each of her family members gave were all pieces in the puzzle. The chase had now begun.
  3. Dean walked into the forest in the search for Grace. He was actually quit good at tracking people down. Killing women was his least favorite thing to kill but he had to do what he had to what he had to do. He stopped in the middle of his tracks when he saw the girl. He quickly jumped up into a tree so he could not be seen. He was just above her. He pulled outhis dagger. He would have used some element powers but he decided to do this old style. He jumped down behind her and covered her mouth with one hand so she wouldnt scream and held the dagger right next to her throat, "Now dont move or make any noise alright? If you do I will kill you right now." Suddenly he heard the familiar sound of dogs barking. Are you serious... they brought back up?.... he didnt need back up. He rolled his eyes out of irritation and surprisingly gently dragged her, hiding from their view, they both ducked out of view then that was when he looked at her face, "Ok now-" he said before he looked her right in the eye. He blinked for a second, 'What the hell?... Why cant I do it now." He obviously seemed hesitant. Eventually he sighed and gently put his dagger away, "Come on, I'm going to get you out of here." He takes her hand and starts running, "I know a secret hide out."
  4. Grace lightly brushed her hand along the soft white dress that she had worn. She didnt know why she wore it, but her best guess was because it reminded her of her mother... She was always so bright,and insisted that the children always looked their best whenever they left the house... That was twelve years ago... The last time grace heard her, she got the first piece of her puzzle, but at that time, she was too young to understand that it was her mission to learn of who the lovely woman's killer was.

    Caught up in her thoughts, the girl didnt realize there was someone approaching, and now, someone who waited just above her. But her mind wouldnt let small details slip away like that. Not after she had suspected she would also be killed for carrying her family's secrets. She heard, and actually did register the sound of leaves rustling against skin and clothing. It was late autumn, and she knew that there was a different sound for idly rustling leaves, and leaves that were made to move by the presence of another being. Just asa Grace began to look up, however, a quick flash of black stopped her, holding her so shewouldn't struggle. Or more like, holding her so her mind wouldnt let her struggle. She felt the ice cold blade lightly run across the skin of her neck, she holding her breath. It was too soon for her to go. Too soon to let go of all she had worked so hard to find. But the sudden sound of dogs gave her hope. Well... It actually didnt. It was more of the person who held her who gave her hope. He ran with her, showing that he didnt have immediate intentions of killing her. Maybe she could break away and run when the time was right.

    Sitting in a thick grove of trees and bushes, they would have been hidden from the view of most anyone. Grace assumed that they would be safe for now. Her relief was startled, however, whenthe man spoke, looking her in her vibrant, emerald green eyes. They shared a look that seemed tolast much longer than it should have, and the man grew very quiet before suddenly grabbing her hand and insisting that they leave. He was certainly strange to say the least, but as long as he had such a firm grip, there was no way that she would be escaping, and, so , she let herself be dragged along.
  5. He quickly took a sharp turn the he saw it, the secret passage. He iris shined only for a moment and he quickly brushed off the leaves off the small metal door. It was however big enough for a human to fit and there was a ladder to climb down. He quickly grabbed the handle and popped it open, he then looked at her his iris eyes completly serious and stern, "Get in there now woman." Even he voice was stern and it did sound a little harsh. He maybe rough and a little mean in the outside but on the inside he was actually quit gentle and kind. No one just never give him a chance. His voice becomes more stern when she hesitates, "Get in there now woman or you will die. I'm trying to save your ass!" He whispered loudly pointing down at the secret hideaway.
  6. Grace found the thought of entering the passage absurd. She had no clue what was down there or what this man could do to her once she had gone down there. She didnt even know if she would be able to find her way back up to the surface if she tried to run. Now was her only chance, so, as the man prodded her to enter, she hesitated and pulled her arm back from his a bit. His fierce, harsh toneand mannerism certainly didnt lend to trust, but the sound of the dogs approaching wasnt very encouraging either, so she forced her fears aside and began to quickly climb down without a word spoken.
  7. He let out a sigh of relief when she finally did as she was told and climbed down shortly after her, he closed the metal door though before he went down, it was now pitch black. When they got to the bottom of the hideaway he went to find the string that turned on the light. After a few seconds he did find it and pulled down on the string and a dull lightbulb turned on. He sighed in relief as he heard the dogs and his fellow assasins run past. Once they were gone he looked over at Grace then crossed his arms, "In case your wondering I am not going to kill you anymore. So relax." He paused for a moment when he realized how nasty he was to her up there, he let out a sigh and muttered, "And I apologize for being a little harsh." He hated apologizing. It always hurt his pride.
  8. Now darkness? Grace wasnt afraid of the dark, but it certainly made her uneasy to be in a dark room with someone who tried to kill her just moments before. Even if the light he turned on was dull, at least it was better than the pitch black she had entered into. She forced herself to calm down a bit and take a good look at the man, see if in his words would hold truth or fallacy. An apology was definately what she expected, but it deffinetly put her a little more at ease,letting her look about herself before replying
    "I... I would have to thank you for saving me... But do tell... Why is it that you were so quick to change your mind and abandon what you came to me for?" she inquired softly, finger running along the edge of the pocket in her dress that she had her journal in.
  9. His muscles tense up a bit at her question. Even he didnt have an answer for it. Why did he.... now was definatly not the time to thing about it. He kept his poker face. He was actually a rather good looking man despite his rough and tough mean act. This time he did got a good look at her, she was pretty. Of course all he managed to express was a straight face, "Hmph... dont worry about that now alright woman. Are you wounded?"
  10. Grace was a little uncomfortable with the silence, but his speaking didnt help much either. She lighhtly sighed, patting herself down.
    "No, I believe I'm alright.... The name is Grace, by the way, not 'woman'..." she said, slightly irritated by the term. He could have at least called her 'miss'
  11. He did a little scowl, "I know who you are. I was after all suppose to assasinate you. I did my research. And good now that you are not wounded now we alcan get a move on." He turned his back to her and started to climb the ladder, "I'll go first to make sure the coast is clear." It didnt take long for him to get to the top. He pushed the metal door open just a crack and searched around the area. Once the coast was clear he swung it all the way opene and hopped out and looked down in the hide way, "Its safe... you can come up now."
  12. Grace gritted her teeth. This man surely never took a course in manners or proper attitude, she could assure that much. She let him up first, resisting the urge to pull out the journal and hold it close, just in case he might know something about her secrets. Once told that all was clear, she approached the ladder, testing it a bit, unsure as to why, before climbing up. Once at the very top rungs, the rest of the ladder broke. She was lucky to have the strength to pull herself up out of the hole.
  13. He helped her up the rest of the way then crossed his arms and looked at her, "You good?" He didnt even seem to wait for an answer, "Cover your ears." He pulled out of his pocket and fired a few shots. After a few shots he put the gun back then pulled out his cell phone and called Alfredo, as it rang he whispered to her "Stay right her," the Alfredo answered, "Hey boss Grace Terran is dead. I repeat Grace Terran is dead." And with that he hung up and looked at her, "Congradulations, your dead."
  14. Grace was about to speak when she was cut off. Another point for ill manors... But cover her ears? She did as told, albeit confused, but soon understood when he pulled out a gun. Grace stumbled back a few steps before beginning to clumsily run, hiding back behind a tree a little ways away, sure that if he wasnt about to kill her, the men who were looking for them would be attracted by the sound and come to kill her. Dead didnt always mean gone from memory, and people still investigated cases long after the main suspects were dead at times.
  15. He growled as she clumsily started to run, "God damn it!" He chased after her catching up fast. Once he got to her he picked her up and carried her over his shoulder, "Didnt I tell you NOT to run?! Calm down my boss gave everyone the message so they stopped searhing. Now if you DONT want them to find outyou arent actually dead then I wouldnt run. I guarenntee one of them will find you."
  16. She kicked and struggled as she was held over his shoulder, but eventually she had to just calm down and lay there, unable to really do anything.
    "You pulled out a gun, what else am i supposed to do?! Innocent people run or freeze in fear at the sigt of a gun....." she muttered the last part more softly, thinking about her father.
  17. He started to walk the opposite direction in which his collegues went and once she calmed down he did put her down and looked her right in the eye, "Well you have no choice but to trust me so just deal with it," his eyes are dark and mysterious as usual, she is unable to read him, "You cantgo back to your home anymore and neither can I. They might find out I lied sooner or later and then kill us both. Now come on," he continued walking with her in the opposite direction of his collegues. There was one place he thought would be a good hiding spot for a while.
  18. "Heh... Never go home...? No like i ever really had much of a home to go back to... Not with the last of my family dying two weeks ago...." She said quietly, almost to herself as she drug herself along behind the man, not looking back up to him as she walked. She didnt even really want to look up to him as he spoke, but she couldnt help the habit.
  19. He stopped for a moment at that comment and looked over his shoulder at her, then he looked away and sighed and went back to walking, "I'm Dean by the way... Dean Johnson." His voice did seem a little bit gentler, but not much. Its a start if he tells her his name.
  20. "Dean..? Nice to meet you i guess... Since i guess we're pretty much stuck together for quite a while..." She couldnt help fingering the edge of her journal. This man, who tried to kill her, would now be with her at all times... AND have access to her journal should she leave it unattended. Maybe he would even try to steal it if she rested..! She couldnt ever risk showing him.
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