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  1. Welcome to the Young Avengers Rpleplay! This doesn't have a solid plot yet, but one is coming, I promise!


    No OCs, unless you already have one canon character.

    Don't just drop out once you're in the RP - let me know either here or by PM so we can write you out of the story.

    ALL OOC discussion needs to take place here, not in the IC thread!

    There is no set length limt for posts - all I ask is for no one-sentance posts, please!
    CS Skeleton:


    Here's an example:

    Loki Laufeyson
    Kid Loki
    I stopped counting at 1500.
    Let's just say I do what I want.
    Varies, but most of the time I look like this:

    Master of magic, particularly skilled in illusions.
    I'm the God of Mischief. What more do you want?

    Pick up a Norse Mythology book.
    Magic, Bacon, causing trouble for the other YA, doing whatever the hell I want.
    My "brother", authority of any kind
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  2. Before I get started on Stature how much are we establishing these characters? Like are we going the route the source comic took where they're still fairly inexperienced? Will they already be a team when this starts in some capacity? It wouldn't hurt for all of us to start laying down the ground work for the set up.
  3. Good idea. I'm thinking that we'll follow the comic as for experience, and they will already be a team - though since I'm allowing past and present members to all be together I'm not sure how smoothly that'll go. Though, I guess if the threat is big enough that could be the excuse - they need everyone they can get or whatever.
  4. We can do different groups who go out doing whatever, who end up teaming up together when a big threat comes at them.
  5. That sounds good!

    I seriously apologize for being bad at all this, this is my first time starting an RP.
  6. No its perfectly cool, I've run plenty...
  7. Yea god why are you so bad at this. Its like you never ran one before. Kek.

    So, character sheets. And I still have no idea what I am going to do. *flip table*
  8. SHHH CRYSO. I already said that I have never done it!
  9. Come on Crysodic, bring in Wiccan or Hulkling so we can complete the couple... BRING THEIR ADORABLE NESS TO THIS SITE...

    Or you know whatever...

    Absolute worst case scenario I have a version of Franklin Richards I can use, though its either he just ends up with his dad's elastic powers or he is a sort of superskrull who can switch between using any of the four powers. Still would rather completing the Wiccan/Hulkling duo though.
  10. You know what? If no one steps up, I'll RP some Wiccan/Hulkling with you.

    Which would you prefer?
  12. Wiccan, most likely. If that's good with you.
  13. That's fine, I'm game with Hulkling...
  14. Gee. Romace plots already? That was quick.

    When is this IC going up?
  15. When I'm damn good and ready!

    Just kidding. When we have enough people.
  16. Four people is great! As CS are filled I feel like we should be good.
  17. Technically five people... Auntie Phaz wanted in too as Noh-Varr, Speed too possibly.
  18. Oh yea. Memory and counting is not my best suit. I need it ironed. *badumtish* I know were the door is.


    Name: Cassandra 'Cassie' Lang

    Alias: Stature

    Age: 17

    Orientation: Straight/single

    Normal - [​IMG]
    In costume - [​IMG]

    Abilities: Cassie is able to grow to a maximum of 50 ft tall, and shrink to the size of an ant. Cassie's powers can be reacted through her emotions. When she grows her strength increased exponentially, along with her durability. However she wears out quicker in her giant form due to having gravity making impacts hurt so much more than under normal circumstances. When shrunk her power retains the strength when she's at normal sizes.

    History: The daughter of the second Ant-Man Scott Lang. Cassie Lang has fond memories spending every other weekend at the Avengers mansion thanks to divorce custody results. During this time Cassie would quietly sample the Pym particles her father used as the source of his powers, hoping to inherit them herself one day. When Scott Lang was killed in action, Cassie's emotional grief caused her powers to manifest thanks to all the Pym particles. Now keeping the truth from her mother, Cassie wants nothing more then to follow in her dad's footsteps, no matter how big or small they are.

    Likes: Relaxing at a coffee shop, books, shopping, helping people, catching up with 'uncle' Steve Rogers, being a giant, keeping up with The Avengers

    Dislikes: Her mom's still lingering distaste for her dad, thinking about 'that day', Tommy, Loki

    Name: Theodore 'Teddy' Altman/Dorrek VIII

    Alias: Hulkling

    Age: 17

    Orientation: Openly gay/dating Wiccan

    Appearance: Normal - [​IMG]
    Typical shape shifted form/costume - [​IMG]

    Abilities: Possessing half the genes of a Skrull and half the genes of a Kree. Hulkling has both of their best sources of power. The Skrull side gives him the ability to shapeshift into exact replicas of anyone or anything. Down to sounding exactly alike someone. The Skrull shape shifting powers also let Hulkling heal injuries much quicker and subconsciously move or reshape his internal organs to prevent serious injuries. He cannot use the power however to replicate someone's powers though. The Kree side grants him superhuman strength greater than any normal Skrull or Kree, and enhanced durability.

    History: In the deep reaches of space, far far away from Earth or its galaxy. There laid the two home planets of the Kree and Skrulls. Races that have held such a deep grudge for so long that only the wisest of their species even know what caused it. Constantly engaging in a never ending war the two sides saw even speaking well of the other as worthy of death. However unknown for the longest time, a Skrull princess and Kree warrior had spent years secretly seeing one another in love.

    The two were eventually found out however, as the Skrull princess was found to be pregnant. The Kree warrior was sentenced to death while the Skrull princess was able to escape the planet thanks to the final favor of her kingdom's loyal servants. She escaped to Earth, where she took up work aiding SHIELD on her knowledge of various species of aliens. Her son Dorrek VIII was given the Earth name Theodore Altman, and raised to be proud, but mindful of his powers. Though Teddy holds a grudge against both the Krees and Skrulls for never getting to know his father. He wants to use the powers he got from both of them for good... only without his mom knowing... she could get a bit testy about that idea.

    Likes: Spending time with Billy, working out, helping people, video and board games, comic books (Even if they feel redundant reading now), using his powers

    Dislikes: Tommy, playing video games online, the image conscious, thinking about Skrulls or Krees for the most part (His cool with with mom of course, and Noh-Varr)


    Would it be okay if I took on Wiccan? >_> <_< Or is this full up? :(
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