You Want Me Now

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  1. Marcus sighed, curled up on his sofa. He was watching happy feet on the tv, trying to numb his mind. He didn't smile or laugh or anything through the movie. He looked down at the table and looked at the gun he had found and the bullet he had next to it. He was going to kill himself. He had nothing left to live for. His parents left him alone and he had no friends. His only friend left him alone. He felt tears prick his eyes and he began crying curling up tighter on the sofa. He jumped when he heard a knock at the door. He got up and went to the door and his eyes widened.
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    "Marcus," Christian said smoothly upon seeing the younger and very familiar red head after he had opened the door. "I take it you remember me." Despite the two just seeing each other after quite a while, he extended his hand out to Marcus' face with a frown and cupped his cheek, his thumb running over the male's tear-stained skin. "Have you been crying?" He asked, his eyebrows furrowing. It was easy to tell, really, his eyes were slightly red and puffy.
  3. Marcus pulled back and away from him. He wiped his face and cleared his throat. "Why are you here?" he asked, pain in his voice. He was alone as always, trapped in that house with no one. He couldn't help but feel the familiar pain fill his chest. He looked good, better even. While half of Marcus was glad he was better the other half of him felt like Christian didn't need him then, so he could really die and no one would care now. Marcus on the other hand was a bit thinner then the last time Christian had seen him. He was pale and had bags under his eyes from lack of sleep.
  4. An expression of sadness crossed Christian's features as he took a step through the doorway, closing some of the distance between himself and Marcus. His amber eyes looked him over; Marcus appeared almost ill, unlike the boy he had last seen. What made him this way? "I own the high school you go to," he explained with a sigh, gaze still on the other. "When I found out you were enrolled..." Christain took another tiny step forward, now probably close to enough for the other to catch the scent of his cologne. His head tilted to the side, "Do you realize how badly I've missed you? I'm terribly sorry about the way things were ended between us."
  5. Marcus felt tears fill his eyes. "Why now? Why do you decide now of all times to come back?" he asked, the tears spilling onto his cheeks. The gun was clearly seen on the table and looked like he had been ready to end it all. He hugged himself as the tears continued to spill. He felt cheated. The person he had called friend was so close to him all these years and not once did he ever think to talk to him or even call. He hadn't changed his number just in case Christian would call for him. He could smell his cologne and it made him warm up inside after so many years of being cold.
  6. Without a second thought, Christian pulled Marcus into his arms, cradling the crying boy against his chest. "It's just...the thing is, Marcus, I'm still pretty fucked up. I thought you might not want to be subjected to it." His eyes darted to the gun on the table and his grip tightened around him. "I guess I..finally sucked it up and came to see you. And at a good time too, you look like you're falling apart. If you'll allow me to stay...I'll never leave you again."
  7. Marcus couldn't hold it in anymore and hugged Christian back, crying into his chest. He was shaking and his tears seeped into Christians shirt. "Promise you won't leave me alone again... Please promise me..." he begged softly, hiding his face from view as he cried. He was afraid to be alone and he couldn't stand it if Christian left him again. He wouldn't handle it.
  8. Christian let his hold on Marcus go, only to scoop him up in his arms via bridal style. He maneuvered around the living room before settling on the couch, Marcus, of course, in his lap. "Shh, stop crying," Christian soothed, rubbing his back and wiping his tears with his sleeve. "I'm not going to leave you, alright? You have my word."
  9. Marcus clung to Christian as he was lifted up and moved. He wouldn't let go and he couldn't stop crying. He hid his face in Christians chest and held onto him as he shook from the soft sobs that left him. He calmed down slightly after a little while. He sniffled and wiped his eyes, trying to dry them.
  10. Christian waited patiently for Marcus to relax, keeping him nestled in his arms. "Marcus," He began slowly when the red head wiped his face, "Have you been eating right? When's the last time you ate a proper meal?" Due to the male clinging to his chest, Christian could feel just how frail he was - almost like he was breakable.
  11. Marcus thought a moment. "I don't remember the last time I ate," he said softly. He usually only ate when his parents were home. He didn't want them to worry about him. He ate little to nothing most of the time. He never really felt hungry in the sense that he wanted a hamburger or something like that. He usually only ate some fruit or crackers. He hadn't eaten today he knew that much.
  12. A deep frown eteched across Christian's face. "If I cooked you something, or at least bought you decent food, would you eat it for me?" That was worrisome. Not only did Marcus have a gun sitting in the middle of his coffee table - which of course, Christian had plans to dispose of -, he also appeared to skip eating. Christian sighed, awaiting his resonse.
  13. Marcus thought a moment and nodded his head. "I'm not really hungry though," he said softly. That much was true. He never felt hungry, he usually just forced himself to eat so he wouldn't die. He couldn't remember the last decent meal he had. He climbed out of Christian's lap and onto the empty part of the sofa, he curled up, pulling his knees to his chest and resting his head on his knees. It was what he did when he wasn't feeling well.
  14. "I won't force you," Yet. Christian sighed and stood after Marcus crawled from his lap. He picked up the gun laying on the table, lifted his shirt a bit, and tucked the weapon in the waistband of his pants. Whether it was Marcus' or actually his parents, Christian couldn't give less of a fuck. Noticing Marcus look as if he was curling into a ball, he cocked his head to the side. "Do you want me to go for now? I don't wish to upset you." Whtether he actually would or not..well, that was up in the air.
  15. "I'm just not feeling good..." he said softly hugging his legs. He looked up at Christian as he took his gun. "Why are you taking my gun?" he asked him. He didn't think it was for his protection. He kept as a way out for him. He looked at Christian and shook his head when he said if Marcus wanted him to go. "No.... please stay," he said softly, looking as if he was going to start crying again.
  16. Taking a deep breathe, Christian dropped into the empty seat of the couch next to Marcus. He pulled the gun from his waistband, "What were you going to do with this? Don't lie to me, Marcus." He warned in a serious tone, making sure to meet his gaze. "With the way you're acting, I doubt it's in case someone breaks into your home."
  17. Marcus looked down and remained silent. He couldn't say what he was going to do with it. He was at an all time low and he wanted an end to it. He really couldn't say that he would still be alive if Christian hadn't decided to come and see him.
  18. Christian shook his head; it was just as he thought. His silence confirmed it. He turned towards Marcus, "Look at me," he demanded. "Promise me you'll never do what we both know you were going to do with this gun." Not only had he been down a similar road, he wasn't stupid either.
  19. Marcus didn't want to look at him, he didn't want to see the disappointment in his eyes. He closed his eyes when Christian said to look at him. He did listen though, while his body curled up tighter from sadness. Marcus nodded his head to Christian when he asked Marcus to promise him not to kill himself. He wouldn't since he made that promise but he was still thinking about it.
  20. Christian frowned and rubbed his back soothingly, trying to be understanding. "I really would have preferred you to say it out loud, but I'll take it." He shifted for a moment, looking for a clock to check the time. He had easily realized Marcus was home alone. "Do you know when your parents will return?"