You spent WHAT?

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  1. What stuff do you justify spending too much money on?

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    For me..Quality beer and shoes.

  2. Manga and books, they are worth it ^^
  3. A mac book pro so I never EVER get viruses.
  4. My computer, yes. As with what Rina said... it's pricey, but it's been completely dependable without issue for about five years now.
    I'll admit that I buy my cats pretty nice cat food. Not ridiculously expensive, but certainly a fairly high quality food. Because I love them and I want them to be healthy.

    I don't consider books, because I refuse to buy hardback and tradepaper. Which is what I constitute as "spending extra money". Otherwise, necessity. >> <<
  5. A top hat.
    Well, what else can I wear on my head while I hit commoners? My bowler hat's still being repaired.
    But seriously, I have a top hat.
  6. .....

    Food, drink, games....

    ​stuffed animals.....
  7. Beer, booze, hooch, sauce, alcohol, food, liquor, and porn.

    actually scratch that last one, SOPA got canned for the time being.
  8. Books, anime, and video games.
  9. Food. Sure I could eat for pennies, but why would I want to! I'm trying to curb my Starbucks habit. It's not easy they're sitting at the entryway of my work.

    And when I do buy them, electronics. *hugs her Bose Wave Stereo*
  10. Food/Groceries. XD I'm not one of those "omg only brand name things!" but, we eat REALLY well. I make almost everything fresh from scratch and I make sure there's seconds/extras left over in case someone comes over or someone wants more. I like to make sure we have plenty of snacks, sweets and drinks in the house too.

    I'm working on trying to spend leeess on groceries. @____@
  11. Touhou paraphenalia and artwork. Someday when I have my own place, even when I'm impoverished I'll be spending money on touhou and artwork. Posters, plushies, hand-stitched dolls made from recycled material (my favorite)...
  12. video games & football!!!
  13. My PC specifically and video gaming in general. I'll even splurge on non-gaming purchases if they have some feature that improves the gaming experience.
  14. Art supplies.

    Seriously. I don't draw often per say, but when I do, I only use high-quality art products. My favorite mechanical pencils are $10 a piece, sketchbooks the same, and regular pencils are twice that. My tablet was $100 and I'm pissed cause I couldn't get the $2,000 one. I'll pay for Photoshop when I have the money too.
  15. Paint. Oh so much paint. Oil paint is pricey, and I never realized how til I fell in love with it. And NOW I have to replace my brushes.
  16. Why wasn't the fireplace turned on? That's what I want to know.

    OH. and my boyfriend. He likes energy drinks, especially Bawls, and they sell it at my college, so I always buy a few for him here and there.
  17. 'Cause fire or any other source of high heat is not good for swords. It would compromise the heat treating used to create the blade causing it to become warped and brittle.
  18. lol. I meant photo-shopping a fire into the fireplace. =D
  19. I can't tell if you're joking or not ..