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  1. I'm looking to do a human female and anthro partner role play, either male, female, or something in between. This will be more sex than plot probably, but hey I need a bit of nothingness in my role playing life... I would ask that you take the dominant role in this, even if it's not the 'master/mistress' archetype though I would very much like that. Other than that the plot is rather simplistic, a emotional teenager and her older lover. She's got issues and so does he, such is life. They work out their issues sexually one way or another...

    A picture of the human girl I would like to play:
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  2. Gooosh I never browse this forum enough.
  3. Apparently, I rarely leave... (is a little ashamed to admit that...)
  4. Admittedly I avoided it because it used to be a huge taboo thing in my older roleplaying communities..
  5. You see, after I left neopets (where I started. >.>) I grew more and more into adult oriented ones and ended up on the more 'furry' related boards. Had some really, really amazing plots and some of my favourite plays stemmed from them.
  6. That's awesome. I was on Gaia and left and ended up on WoW. Worgen had me at howl-o.
  7. *insert comedy drum line here* I couldn't get into wow... Nor any mmo, too much of an fps player.

    Anywho! I take it you are interested in this no?
  8. Totally. Else I wouldn't be here~.
  9. Huzzah! Alright! I know this is kinda blank and all but we can add much much more to it. Like make it a strange time period, odd interspecies relations... Etc
  10. Sounds fantastic!
  11. So... Yea... Anything float your boat? I mean I can do any setting really.
  12. Modern or fantasy to medieval and any combination. It was your RP idea :p
  13. Well, it was a very basic idea... Which is why I ask. Hrmmmmm
    • Low-Magic Fantasy Setting
    • Village life
    • Heavily forested
    • Inspired by germanic/french folklore
    Whattaya think?
  15. Booya. So Perhaps a bit more of an illicit affair, humans seeing anthros as the 'monsters' of the forests
  16. Yes! Fund it!
  17. Huzzahs upon huzzahs then! I suppose our typical character sheets are now in store.
  18. By all means. I'll hop on it sometime this afternoon/evening depending on my work load. Which is looking awfully high... Huff.
  19. Boo hiss, work is for nubs.
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