You get to choose one 'emotion' to never experience again.

You get to choose one 'emotion' to never experience again.

  • Sorrow/Sadness

    Votes: 2 7.1%
  • Anxiety

    Votes: 8 28.6%
  • Fear/Terror

    Votes: 3 10.7%
  • Regret/Guilt

    Votes: 3 10.7%
  • Anger/Rage

    Votes: 2 7.1%
  • Shame

    Votes: 4 14.3%
  • Hate

    Votes: 2 7.1%
  • Desire/Hope

    Votes: 1 3.6%
  • Love

    Votes: 3 10.7%

  • Total voters

That way you can be "PROOOOOOOOOOOOOOUD" all the fucking time, and no-one can fuck it up for you.

Plus, you'd be the life of the party. If only because you'd be prepared to do so much dumb shit.
Fear; mankind on a whole could use a lot less of it.
I went with Hate. Nothing good comes out of hating. Fear has it's proper primordial place, though maybe if we live in the Jedi universe I should have gone with it. "Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering." Stop the fear and the rest of it falls away. Except I think that's really fear about new experiences or people, not the natural born fear of big giant thing wants to eat me and now I must flee or flight.
Sadness, while I do think it's important to have it I just hate feeling it! If I didn't have it I could be chipper all the time!

Fear can be healthy and sometimes useful, same as some of the other things listed. It's near impossible to turn worry and stress into a positive thing.

Its the only one on the list that constantly bothers me with absolutely no benefits.
I picked anxiety.

As a person who has suffered from anxiety/panic attacks for the majority of my life it would be nice to never have to experience it ever again. I always wished I could just live my life normally and not have to worry about a random anxiety attack that might or might not happen.
It was a tie between regret/guilt and anxiety, but regret/guilt causes my anxiety most of the time so... regret/guilt is the winner.
I picked love because that way I can be excused for being a mysoginist.
Regret/Guilt. I have a problem with it.
I'd never want to get rid of fear.. I need that to enjoy horror movies..
I meant to say anxiety but I pressed the wrong circle and I accidentally selected sadness but that is something I'd rather have, so for me it is anxiety
I picked shame. >:[ Most of the time I feel it, it's over something stupid and nothing I should be ashamed over. So I'd rather get rid of it all together.
I picked shame. >:[ Most of the time I feel it, it's over something stupid and nothing I should be ashamed over. So I'd rather get rid of it all together.

I didn't even realize there was a shame option, but shame sort of ties in with regret/guilt for me. Except I'm usually convinced that I should feel ashamed, and I'm probably right in thinking that.

Pasts suck. >:O

I'm effin' tired of feeling like a pussy all the time... all jumpy and shit. If I didn't fear anyone/anything, I wouldn't feel anxious or ashamed of anything. NOTHING TO FEAR BABY!

because everything else is neccesary.

Sadness: without sadness, happyness is empty.

Fear: without fear, Courage is pointless.

Regret and Guilt: when you fail to act, or act wrongly, these are consequences by which you learn and fuel your desire to do better/differently the next time.

Anger: a potent force of fuel to live by, if you direct and channel it properly. i went through school using my anger as propellant to succeed. why? because i ddint want my anger to be for nothing, do nothing other than loosen my self control.

Shame: this is my most potent and powerful tutor. when i unleashed my anger during my school days, this burned through my arrogance and my anger, this brought me to heel and to reality better than anything else. it is an intensely negative emotion, but it is needed, as the other side of anger.

Hate: Hate may seem strange to keep, but i keep it because without hate, i have no strong boundary preventing me from committing atrocities, my hatred of such weakness, my hatred of loosing control that badly, or acting so wrongly, is what gives me the strength to stand for what i think is right

Desire/Hope: these two emotions are my innocence, forcing its way through me and keeping me from becoming a bitter, cynical prick.
every time i see a pretty girl somewhere, its that wondering sensation of what things could be like, what i would like them to be. admittedly this can lead to melancholy, but usually its provides a pleasant distraction from 'life'

Love: i haven't experience loved properly, having never had a girlfriend or relationship with a girl, but from how i feel for my family and friends, i would not give this up for any price.