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  1. So I did something like this before. Lets make guys in to charachter concepts!

    Miniboss, boss, npc, party member or other stuff like it!

    You get to choose your class, this can be anything.

    A supershot description on what you look like and what kind of person you'd be.

    I will start drawing people first thing tommorow. GET TO IT.
  2. Could I be a dracomancer with an x-cross scar like Rouroni Kenshin, but my dude has like a dragon head and his armour is a mages cloak made of bones and grey fabric? Boss please :D
  3. Lategame Shopkeeper with a bunch of niche build items.
  4. Middle aged writer with a magical pen who wears jeans, a hoodie, and has a ferret on his shoulder. Include five o'clock shadow for weariness points.
  5. A giant flying dark overlord salsacookie, with the powers of spicemancy.
  6. I'd like to see me drawn as a final boss. c: I have no idea what I'd look like as a final boss, but I want to see it.
    My avatar can be used as a reference of me~
  7. Excelllllent.

    Mini-boss privateer, the re-occurring asshole who doesn't directly work for the big bad but shows up at the most inopportune times. Short, dark hair, tall, likes plunder and weapons and is determined. Long coats, high boots, and bandoleers are probably a thing.
  8. You know what I'd ask. I'll be a party member or reoccurring NPC. I'm a dragon god religious dragon dracomancer that reads books and steals the main's PC's gold constantly. This will be so fucking magical Hellis, I'm already excited. Favorite colors are gold, and dark blue...
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  9. Berserker badger-folk with flaming claws party member character.
  10. Oh, oh! :3

    I don't really care what class I am in, though it would be fun to see myself as a Final Boss... since I'm so nice and I think it would be funny, lol.

    I love bright colors. Pink is my favorite. But may not be Final Boss worthy. Bwahaha.

    If you could include Simba in there somehow.. .that would be great :3
  11. You can draw me however you want, under the stipulation that you incorporate my one true personality trait. I'm a lazy sunofabitch. So lets go with a Lvl 42 Lazysunofabitch Warrior with a mace of +5 reach for getting bags of chips and knocking over things.
  12. Wowee ! That's pretty kind of you mister. Hope you can get to me in time !
    The Shogunslinger is basicly a cowboy samurai. If you feel like it,go crazy ! It's mostly up to you.
  13. Thanks :)

    Type: Boss
    Class: Berserker (If referencing fate zero) or Knight/General (If referencing fire emblem)
    Supershot Description: Just that the colour scheme for the armor be Dark Green Primary, and Dark Blue outline/secondary. And that the weapon I'm wielding is some kind of sword.
    Image of myself for reference (open)

    Minus light beard, I intend to shave that off soon

  14. Role:
    The right-hand man to the big-bad. An honorable fighter but one who believes the antagonist cause will make the world better.

    Warlord, pole-arm and heavy armor.

    Admired by his rivals, loved by his men, sits at the side of the big-bad and gets shit done, no matter what. His morals are a little messed up, will brutally muder hundreds of innocents if it means saving 10,000 others.

    Maybe even a connection with our hero(s).

    Looks like a gentlemen, like some gallant knight from the stories of old, except he is a cold killer in charge of an army of emotionless brutes. His armor is clean and simple, no evil horns or skulls or anything, only for utility, not asthetics.
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  15. Tonight we feast on maple syrup, boys.

    I friggin' love it. Thanks dude. :D
  16. Great drawings, Hellis.

    Let's see... what would be fitting? Could you draw me as a recruitable miniboss sort? A sorceress type with a fox companion would probably be fitting. We'll leave @Tempest out of this one. :P
  17. Heh...

    Not an image of me, of course, but of my fave character, Deen:

    Would like to see him sitting at a diner's counter enjoying a cup of coffee. His class? Coffee Minder! Or some such...

    Oh, eyes and scales are green, fur is light gold cream on his underside (or just cream and honey, like in his coffee), medium bronze earthtones elsewhere. Shroudruff feathers are bloodred with blue tips, forehead "badge" is copperish... funny, but I don't think I've ever thought on what color it is before. Heh...

    I'm obviously the hero that can recruit her ; P
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