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  1. First off, don't judge me. I typed this up very hurriedly and it's kind all over the place. But anyways... Chances are if you clicked on this you're either confused or interested. Mostly probably confused. So I shall explain. A long time ago I was involved in two separate roleplays that were so awesome but never really got off the ground. One was something along the lines of "You are the Character Multiverse" and the other was a fantasy roleplay where you used your own voice as the dialogue. Now I was thinking.... Why not combine the two wonderful ideas for some fun stuff??

    Here's how it works: Your character would be based off either your name, siggy, or avatar. Basically you get sucked into your computer to find yourself in this place. (We'll work out said place later) And you have turned into your name, siggy, and or avie... etc. But how you ask does the voice acting come into play you ask? Well simple. Since your character is based off you... use your own voice. You prerecord your dialogue on a site called Vocaroo ( and embed that link behind your text. For something like this... "Ahem!" However to remove some of the background noise and such I'd recommend downloading Audacity, recording it on there, and uploading it to Vocaroo before linking it.

    I really like using the voice acting idea. However the character bit and plot, setting, etc. are definitely up in the air. Feel free to suggest and discuss away.
  2. Sounds interesting. Well, at least the voice part. Can you record large amount of content?

    *Update* I tried using Vocaroo and it works good. So it seems I'm game depending on story and setting.

    Honestly, I am not too sure about the being sucked in part. I can handle multiple dimensions but the plane we'd be role-playing in must be consistent even if we make it up as we go.

    Tell me more. You truly have my attention.
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  3. I'm interested! Though, I have a question. You state our character is based off of our siggy, name or avatar. Are you talking about the ones we use on Iwaku? I use spongebob as my signature so I don't really think that will come to play for my character, and my avatar is a male which wont really work with my voice. ((unless you know of a way that I can alter my voice clips for free on the internet.)) So all I would have is my name, Vio which doesn't really provide for much. I would really like to be able to alter my voice through some sort of program though, that way I can go back and forth from being female to male and vice versa.
  4. Yes it would be your Iwaku stuff. I'm sure there is a program you could use. I believe Audacity does that. But don't really ask me how to do it on Audacity cuz that thing confuses me. I just know that when I record on Audacity it sounds clearer. As for large volumes of voice... yes it does that. I don't believe there's a limit.
  5. 50 mb limit. Vio where is your manly voice?
  6. I don't know, it fled me when I was conceived and birthed. I was cursed with a feminine voice, yet I am an transgender, an Androgen that wishes to change back and forth between female and male.
  7. @LittleRedPanda I tried audacity, and after the changing the pitch it's not as bad. I really don't know if it'll work well enough to mask my gender. I'll keep messing around with it though.
  8. Oh! Sense we're being sucked into the computer and become our Iwaku avatars, couldn't it also be possible to meet our characters from other role-plays that we created? Perhaps capable of jumping into role-play worlds that we had created. Or maybe, where we end up is a world where characters go when the RP they were created for "dies". I think that's very interesting. Or a combination of the two.

    "Oh, that person looks familiar. No that can't be.....that's Kira."
    "Kira? Who's that?"
    "They're a retired character of mine. I used to play as him in this role-play I belonged to five years ago. A lot of the members lost interest in the story, so we stopped posting there. I have not touched him sense."

    Kira is calling out for a person by the name of Anne.

    "Oh no. I remember Anne, a young girl my friend played as that Kira had a crush on. Last event we had was Anne running away from home and Kira searching desperately for her. How long has he been running around calling out for here? Don't tell me those entire five years after we had stopped playing. What madness."

    I don't know, it is a pretty confusing idea but I thought it was interesting.
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  9. That's sad :c Kira find Anne D: but yeah that's def an idea. But mostly the entire iwaku plot thing is debatable we could really do whatever
  10. Gosh I would love to do this if I wasn't so self-conscious about my voice... >_<
  11. Oh my god let me join in on this I love both verbal and typed roleplay so this is a heavenly combo for me
  12. Oh my god let me join in on this I love both verbal and typed roleplay so this is a heavenly combo for me
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  13. Hmm, text roleplaying with voice acting? That's kinda based on us? Color me intrigued! (But only if the color 'intrigued' isn't yellow, that'd be weird.)
  14. I'm excited about the level of interest here. I'd just need some help with the universe they've been sucked into. Is it like an endless holding space? Or is it like a bunch of different realms all mashed together...?
  15. Just thought I'd say, "wassup?"

    I'd like a seamless world. But I guess portals will do too.
  16. I am very interested in this even though I hate my voice >..>
    I love Vio's idea with the characters. There was a time, many years ago, where I did a host club themed roleplay and there were lots of rooms that lead to other rooms or worlds.
  17. @ CrimsonMaiden

    Did players purposely join the club knowing that behind door number one was the land of the giants? Or did they decide to use the ladies room only to realize they made a wrong turn somewhere?
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  18. Actually, there were so many rooms that most of the time we had no idea what the doors lead to! There was the occasional nothingness and you'd step through just for someone to catch you before falling to your death or a room randomly filled with teddy bears O_o
  19. Hmmmm..... Maybe computer land is quite like that. Gigantic house with all sorts of rooms that lead to all sorts of things.
  20. That would be a pretty accurate interpretation of a computer ^_^
    Um, I was wondering, with the dialogue, we would be typing it out AND linking it to the recording of the dialogue too, correct?
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