You Are The Band's New Toy [m]

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  1. This is a mature one on one...

    We know what we are doing.

    Daisy Smith
    The singer

    Angel Lovelace
    A famous dancer

    Elizabeth Lint
    A famous dancer

    Jasmine Sily
    A famous dancer
  2. Micheal Arson

    Jason Aren

    Alex Meols

    George Ashton
  3. After the concert at the gymnasium, in the town center, the girls went to their limo after performing. Daisy smiled at everyone who had a mini dress on, " Shall we go to the club?" She asked excitedly. She was best friends to her dancers/ back up singers. She saw how excited everyone was, she ran her hands through her hair before hearing everyone and then saying to the driver, " Let's go to the club. " She smiled before thinking. " It's good we keep our clubbing clothes in the limo." She said softly. Soon everyone had gotten to the club, they grabbed their clothes and went to go and change in the bathroom. Daisy was so happy. " Alright lets get some food over here!!!" She giggled she was in a mini skirt and a tube top.

    Angel smiled as the car stopped at the club, " Oh my goodness!! I love that club and yes I love that we bring out clubbing clothes. I mean we love to go to that club and dance don't you?!" SHe smiled, she was the most excited person, she had a few tattoos and piercings like the other girls. She had a belly button pierced. She got her other clothes and went to get changed into the bathroom before heading to their usual spot in the VIP section. She was so happy. She then got onto the bar and started to dance.

    Elizabeth was taking a long time in the bathroom. She tilted her head softly as she looked around. she then went out of the bathroom after fixing her mini black dress. It had tank top straps. She headed out as she saw the band they had to play with. She grinned and then said, " Hey boys!!" She then giggled as she ran off to where everyone else was. Jasmine came out of the bathroom as she saw Elizabeth running around. " Really girl calm down." She then headed to where everyone else was. Then they all began to dance.
  4. Micheal entered the club with the other guys, they had a great day and performed rather well, what was on his mind was the fact that for the first time they weren't undoubtedly the best part of the show.
    He saw the girls they performed with run to the VIP area and sighed.
    "Hey guys, lets go after those girls, they are as many as we are and they will probably be a lot of fun." He walked inside the VIP area, he didn't care much about if they were allowed or not.
    "Hey, you girls mind if we join you?" He waved as he walked in and sat on the couch with a smile, they all were dancing it was a nice show.

    Jason nodded and entered the area with the others, he looked at the girls and enjoyed the view before sitting down too, they all were pretty nice to watch and skilled too. "You girls did a great job, I was impressed by it." He grinned as he enjoyed their dancing.

    Alex followed the group rather silently and sat down, he was the most shy person of the group and as much as he enjoyed the view, he would never admit it.

    George went inside and walked to the girls straight away with a wide grin.
    "Hmm, you girls don't mind id we watch you a little? It would be such a waste to leave you all alone here..we are all rather famous so we should hang out together!" He sat down on a chair as he looked at the singer of the group.
    "Your voice was pretty nice."
  5. Daisy smiled softly as she took a drink of her drink. She had everyone order, of her group. She smiled lightly and looked at her body guards who was just watching them. Daisy saw the boys and smiled lightly. She began to sing . She loved singing. She giggled as her friend sang with her. She giggled and saw the boys and smiled. She nodded and said " Suppose so." She shrugged. She tilted her head looking over at her friends. She looked over at George, " Thank you."

    Angel was on the bar continuing to dance. She was so happy. She took a sip of her drink before setting it down. She giggled lightly. She heard Daisy, " Wow you are such a blond missy!" She then sat down. " So how long did you guys join the famous world." She asked. She crossed her legs as she looked at the guys. She looked over at Alex and smiled lightly. She looked at her fingers thinking about it. But then a song came on from the girls.

    Elizabeth stayed silent as she sipped on her drink. She didn't think these guys were great to hang out with, they looked like trouble. She ran a hand through her hair before standing up to go and get some real food. She was really hungry.

    Jasmine was so happy. She tilted her head softly before she smiled lightly see the guys come join them, " Yeah I suppose we need a little help. " She hten felt Elizabeth when she came back lightly hit her playfully, ' Ow Eli." Jasmine sighed and said, ' did you hear." Elizabeth nodded, " yeah!" She smiled softy.
  6. Micheal followed Elizabeth as she got away a little, she was in his eyes the most interesting one. "Hey there, whats up? You aren't in a good mood?" He smiled and started drinking a bit from his glass.

    Jason walked to Jasmine with a gentle smile. "What exactly do you need help with? I'm rather glad we finally met another skilled group, I was bored always being the main girls a great!" He stood close to her and looked over her body.

    Alex blushed as he noticed her look on him and took a deep breath. "About 6 months ago..things change a lot..and its hard to just normally go to a party!" He laughed and started drinking a bit to calm himself at the look of the girl.

    George smiled at her singing and enjoyed it.
    "You are really talented, your voice is just amazin." He made a few more compliments and walked up to her with a grin on his face and whispered in her ear. "Also you look pretty good compared to the others here, you are probably the girl all they gus dream of when watching you guys."
  7. Elizabeth smiled softly ,she looked over at the guy who followed her. She said, " What do you mean? I am in a great mood." She smiled and said, " and I am going to get food for my friends." she said softly..She looked at the bartender asking for some food and ordering some food for her friends. She glanced over at him and went to go to grab the plates of food for all of her friends which was three plates. She headed towards the hang out spot before setting the food down.

    Jasmine was so happy. She tilted her head softly. She was so happy. She looked over at the guy who spoke to her. " to deal with him. " She said softly. Se bit her lower lip softly. She looked over at him and then said " oh you did great too. " She noticed how close he was getting, which was getting her nervous. She smiled lightly before she grinned. " You are the amazing ones." She said softly. She looked over at Daisy.

    Angel smiled softly and looked over at the bartender who waved at her. She smiled widely before looking at Alex and smiled. " It was?" She asked. she tilted her head thinking. " We were always talented, we just kept to ourselves until Daisy here decided to try to make us go bi."

    Daisy nodded as she heard Angel. " True that." She smiled and then looked over at micheal, she blushed as she heard this. She looked down " thanks." She siad softly. She then giggled and said, " Hey Dave turn the music up... we all should dance.."She said softly. " plus this is our second job right." She smiled. All the girls nodded hearing Daisy.
  8. Micheal took some of the plates from her and helped her carry them. "I guess I just got it the wrong way then, how did your group form? Its unusual to have a group of girls in this age be together like this and still be friends, usually everyone is just after the money." he grinned and sat down after placing the plates on the table. "Or are you just tagging along?"

    Jason chuckled as her saw her getting a little nervous, he loved that he was able to get someone to be so nervous. "Well thank you, but you shouldn't underrate yourselves, you simply stole us the show and caught all the eyes on you girls, I think there would be guys killing to get this close to you girls." he grinned and forced her to look at him with a gentle hand on her chin. "You know, I always have a weakness for girls like you, you are incredibly cute.." he spoke softly and took a step away. "But I guess I am a bit too straight forward..I'm Jason glad to meet you" he smiled in an evil manner, he already picked his target for the night and her reaction was just proving his choice to be a good one.

    "I only always heard my voice was good and at some point we met up and decided to try on a school festival, then things just went all over and we got all famous, which is a real shame..some things in a normal school life are just not there.." he sighed and took another sip. "You guys are really talented, your singing is amazing, I wish we could perform more often together, it was a hell lot of fun."

    George smiled gently and looked at Daisy. "You don't mind if we watch, do you? It is always a pleasure seeing you dance as you are so good at it." he laid back on the couch as he looked around at everyone, it was just as usual everyone picked his girl and would just work on her until they could separate them, usually they did that with fans where it was much easier, but these girls were an exception, not just because they were also quite famous, but if the messed up it could hurt their reputation.
  9. Elizabeth smiled lightly. " Well it was simple we all are best friends. And we did little concerts like open night type of deals we all enjoyed being on a stage and the owner thought we c were good enough to make it out in the business world. " She glanced at Michael and smiled " we are all so close to each other we are like sisters "

    Jasmine smiled as she heard him. She looked down but feeling her face be brought up by him. She blushed abd v said " I'm Jasmine " She smiled she glanced at her friends. She was happy. She tilted her head as she thought. She gulped nervously before she said " you have the good looks too you know.. " she smiled lightly as she thought. Maybe they all should hang out together...

    Angel smiled as she looked at him she nodded abd day closer to him as she watched him before taking a sip of her drink. She got drunk. Easily she looked s t the food ths t was brought and grabbed her plate smiling at jasmine. Hugging her " thank you, sis!!" She giggled and looked at him and said " yeah it was fun!!!"

    Daisy smiled and stopped dancing as she hear angel. She giggled " missy " she was ready drunk how is that possible?" Daisy then went to George whispering something dirty into his ear. She giggled and went to move away before she started dancing.
  10. Micheal smiled at her story, it was a indeed good if you get along with everyone in a band or in any other group, it just made things a lot easier. "It's great if you get along with everyone, it makes everything a whole lot easier.." he took her by the hand and made her sit next to him. "I was thinking...since you are so good at about you show off a little? If you want to.." he grinned at her, but kept his voice gentle, he didn't want to force her, more give her a little tip about that he didn't mind her to be around him.

    Jason smiled at her blush, it made him more confident knowing that she neither rejected him nor tried to flee from him. "Jasmine huh? That name fits you really well..." he noticed her looking around and at other things and whispered in her ear softly. "I guess you want to stick around here for a while more..but we could also go out and have fun, just the two of us...I know some nice clubs in the town.." he pulled away with a laugh and looked at her. "How was that? Did it seem confident?" Jason was usually rather straight forward, but he noticed that he went to far and made it look like a joke.

    Alex noticed the alcohol getting to her and chuckle. "Hey wanna drink with me then? Lets soo who can take less" he laughed, he wasn't good with alcohol either, but everyone else in the group could deal with it much better, it would be fun finally having a chance to win at this.

    George grinned as he heard her whispering, she was at the same pace as he way, which would make things a lot easier. He looked at her dancing and smiled at the view. "You all are really great at dancing, but you sing good too.." after a bit of watching he whispered some other things to her before getting another drink and getting back to the place he was at before.
  11. Elizabeth smiled as she looked over at him m she nodded as she agreed with him " yeah because if you don't want to be aRound the people that you don't get along with" She glanced at him she smiled lightly as she felt her hand grabbed and she was now sitting with him. She gulped nervously before she said " you want me to?" She asked. She didnt know what to think. " well what type of dance?" She asked.

    Jasmine smiled at him but hearing him. She nodded abit when he talked about her name. She then paused as she heard him. She gulped before she raised an eyebrow. " I dint want to leave my friends alone " she blinked seeing him laugh it off. She smiled a she shook her head. She crossed her legs as she sat down taking a drink.

    Angel smile softly hearing Alex. She shrugged and went towards him. " you know I think my head is whoosh " she giggled hearing thinking softly. She was happy. She realize how close they were towarss each other.

    Daisy smiled hearing him. She smiled as she thought. She giggled and said " we should leave within an hour angelis already getting drunk " she smiled as she kept dancing. Ehe loved to dance.
  12. Micheal shrugged and winked. "That is entirely up to you of course...I mean you are the professional here and not me." he let go of her hand and pushed her to stand so that she could dance. "Surprise me I guess..I think you know so many dances I'm not knowing yet." Micheal smiled at her and looked over her body. "Also just looking at you make its nice for me already."

    "I'm no good at acting I guess" he smiled and took his drink looking at her. "You girls stick together a lot I guess? Do you all share a place to stay here as well?" Jason looked at her curiously, it was always hard to get one of the girls out of a group if they all stayed at the exact same place and would never stop taking care of each other, then again it would also be nice just seeing them dance and have fun.

    Alex blushed as she was so close and smiled at her, even though she was a little drunk it was nice to have someone this close to him, especially a girl with her looks. "Hmm...I feel the same.." he finished his drink and pulled her even closer, making her sit on his lap. "We probably are worrying the others if we get too much..." he grinned as he felt light headed already.

    George looked down. "Oh come on...don't leave already, she seems to have a great time with Alex, especially since they both can't take much...also I enjoy your dancing a would be a shame to stop now, the night is just starting.." he looked up with a slightly begging expression, it would be annoying to just let this chance go to waste.
  13. Elizabeth sMiled standing up abd looking at him. Thinking of what he'd enjoy. She bit her lower lip thinking. She was so happy. She went abd staggered to dance. She smiled lightly as she ket her body move to the music. She tilted her head thinking. She smiled lightly before she stopped to dance on his lap. She was going to tease him.

    Jasmine smiled as she looked at him. She then glanced aroUnd before at him. She says " we don't live together. " She nodded to him before she took a few sips of her drink. She was hAppy. She tilted her head as she thought. She looked at him with a smile. " why are you asking?"

    Angel took a few sips to drink. She was so happy. She tilted her head abd smiled. She wrapped her arms around him as she was pulled close. She then took some more sips as she looked at him. She giggled and said " its okay.. " she then looked over seeing her friend give a guy a lap dance. She placed her head on the guys chest.

    Daisy smiled at Jake. She was happy. She gulped nervously. " alright. " she slowly sat closer to him. " alright I won't let us leave"" She smiled at him and hugged him to make him fEel better
  14. Micheal watched her starting before she then started a lap-dance, she got the message apparently. "I like that..." He mumbled and enjoyed her dance with a grin on his face, he slowly got greedy for more. "I hope thats just one piece of what I get to enjoy today." He smiled and moved his hands over her body once and let go to let her continue.

    Jason took a few sips and looked at her with a sigh. "Oh well many girls all live together..." He stood up and spoke loud as he noticed how close some of them got already. "Oh by the way...before you all get ahead of yourselfes.." He pointed at every guy "Thats Micheal, this is Alex, This guy here is George and I am Micheal..just so you know the names of the guys you are getting all close with." He grinned and sat down focusing on the girl next to him again. "I guess you are close, but not that close?"

    Alex didn't care much about Micheal getting a lap dance or someone introducing their names, he took another drink and took a few sips before wrapping his arms around her back. "If you say about...we show those two how good we are?" He smiled and moved her close enough to kiss her and grinned, letting her do the next move.

    George chuckled. "I'm glad" he hugged her back. "Everyone is getting rather distracted huh?" He moved his hand through her hair and smiled. "Would you sing for me again? I love your voice."
  15. Elizabeth smiled as she Looked at him. She continued to dance on him abd grinned feeling his hands before she whispered " I'm glad you do " she was happy. She tilted at her head softly. She wrapped her arns in him as she danced.

    Jasmine smiled lightly before she looked over at him. She nodded at him. She says " we are very close " she smiled at Jason before she heard everyone. She giggled seeing this. She glanced at him before introducing every girl.

    Daisy smiled and said " oh yeah?" She giggled. She then glanced around before she nodded " okay " she began singing one of her songs
    Angel smiled as she saw this. She then kissed him more once he kissed her. She couldn't stop. She was so happy. She moved closer as she grabbed on his shirt. She grinned and nodded. She slipped her hands up his shirt smiling.
  16. Micheal enjoyed her touch and grabbed her hips with a grin.
    "How come home with me? Right now?" He meade her sit on him and enjoyed her touch as he looked desoerate to convince her. "Come on, just for tonight."

    Jason sighed at seeing everyone get all private and looked at Jasmine with a gentle smile.
    " about we go somewhere else..I can't stand this getting all touchy here..." His hand moved over hers.

    George enjoyed her singing and watched her curiously, her singing made him smile and happy, like a little kid. He took another drink and slowly got more light headed. "You are really damn good.." He whispered to her as she continued singing. "I could play for you, how about it?"

    Alex kissed her greedily and grabbed around her body sith a grin.
    "Hnn...lets get to a more deserted place..or do you want everyone to see?" He gasped at her touch and kissed her passionately, showing he wanted more as he started grabbing around her chest.
  17. ELizabeth sighed as she heard him. She smiled as she felt his hands on her hips she grinned as she heard how he was wanting her. She wrapped her arms around him thinking. She glanced at him and grinned. She was happy." Hmm " she looked at him and thought. " oh yeah?" She smiled ans nodded. " alright... but just for tonight " she straddled on him feeling her skirt slide up. She grinned at him.

    Jasmine started to feel awkward as she saw how everyone was starting to get dirty. She blinked a few times " I am excited for tomorrow... us girls are going to play tennis together" sje smiled before she glanced at him as she felt his hand. She looked up into his eyes and nodded. " yeah " she said softly.

    Daisy smiled as she stopped as she heard him .she giggledand said " really?" She smiled. She was so happy. She tilted her head before she heard him whisper " oh you would do that?" She asked. She bit her lower lip.

    Angel straddled him as she kissed him more. She wanted more to happen. She grinned hearing him between the kisses. She got up grabbing his hand before going towards a private room in the bar. She grinned and she led him in and locked the door before she walked to him until she removed his shirt kissing him.
  18. Micheal moved his hand over her panties as he pushed up her skirt rubbing a little while to excite her more before getting up and grabbing her with a kiss and making her follow him as he was heading outside walking her to the hotel he was staying in, every few steps he turned to her grabbing her and kissing her to keep her excited. Once they reached his room he threw her on the bed pushing her down starting to remove her clothing.

    Jason gently took her hand and made her follow him outside.
    "I know where we can go..close your eyes." He dragged her around for a bit and brought her to his van he made her go in the back of it and locked the doors before kissing her deeply. "Got you.." He mumbled before pushing her on the ground with another kiss.

    He nodded and smiled as he noticed everyone was gone.
    "How about we go to my room where I have my guitar? We could check how good we match?" George chuckled and got up waiting for her reply.

    Alex grinned as they entered the other room, both of them got on each other and he started undressing her slowly between their kisses before pushing her against the door. "I didn't know they had private room." He chuckled and kissed her neck as he removed her underwear, slowly kissing his way down her body.
  19. Elizabeth smiled widely. She felt how they were kissing. She wrapped her arns around him wanting more. She stood up abd let him lead to wherever. Hopefully the forks ain't get mad at me. She then went to kiss him abd when they got to v the room, Elizabeth started to undress him. She felt him remove her clothing which revealed her tattoos on her side and belly ring. She smiled widely.

    Jasmine smiled as she thought. She was so happy. She nodded " alright. " she closed her eyes softly before she went to go follow him. She sat down waiting for him but feeling his kissed she went to tug at his clothing. Shd was so happy. She tilted her head and went to kiss him while she went to remove his clothing.

    Daisy smiled swiftly. She then turned tk seat everyone fine. She bit her lip before she went to him and said " that's a great idea."

    Angel smiled softly. She then looked at him as he pushed her against the door after letting him undress her which shedid the asame to him. She smiled and looked up at him before she said " there is a lot you dont know about this bar, " she then went to kiss his lips before moving her head to let him do whatever. She wwanted more. She smiled at this feeling of his kisses. She closed her eyes as she felt his lips on her body
  20. Micheal got her undressed and moved his hands between her legs and continued to kiss her more passionately. "You have a nice body, I think we will have a lot of fun.." He continued pushing his fingers inside of her and grabbed he head with the other pushing her closer to kiss.

    Jason removed her clothes and made her go on top of him grabbing her clothes and getting them all of before getting rid of his pants rubbing himself at her. "You want it don't you?" He chuckled and pushed it inside her.

    George walked with her to his room in the hotel and picked his guitar with a smile. "What song do you want to sing?" He made her sit close to him and smiled gently.

    Alex let out a soft moan. "I guess there is" he reached to her sweet spot and pushed his tongue into her licking her gently, but getting more rough on her pushing her against the door. He looked up for a few seconds and grinned. "You taste good..." After that he continues and started sucking on her roughly.
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