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  1. I have over time created a fully designed world including world maps, region maps, weapon designs, ability designs, hundreds of NPCs and more all to make the world as vivid as possible.

    I'm looking for someone who is interested in a long term session who can reply daily or every other day at the very least. If you're looking for a more constant roleplay I have Yahoo messenger linked to my phone so that is an option...

    Title: Yomi

    Setting: Fictional World that I developed over a long period of time. The world has 4 Continents (Zones) and multiple regions within those continents. The zones you can start in will depend on which time period you choose to roleplay in...

    The Provinces of Veran
    : Loosely based on feudal Japanese culture and island cultures in some places. Home of Shinobi, Samurai, Demons, and unique races I've created. The environments are heavily varied but the majority of the regions are similar in the fact that they are all heavily forested

    The Empire of Ronine: Loosely based on Roman/Greek cultures. This region is the most modernized as it is in the middle of it's industrial age. Rifles and pistols are beginning to replace medieval weaponry and their military is becoming more modernized as a result. This continent is mostly a series of mountainous areas that separate great stretches of plains or marshes

    The Shoan Dynasty: Loosely based on Chinese and Nordic cultures. This region is the most spiritual of the regions, being home to the first mages in the world. Even their unarmed and armed combat often use magic or spiritual power to augment their effectiveness. This region is always covered in snow and ancient forests. Scattered throughout the regions are rare stretches of tundra or mountains

    The Terran Frontier: Loosely based on African and South American cultures. This region is vastly unexplored even by it's occupants. It contains the toughest and most capable fighters and survivalists in the world. The regions are either vast wastelands followed by even more massive deserts, or dry plains that lead to lush rainforests and swamplands. All of which are harsh in their own way. Snow would never think to land here


    The Past: an era of gods and dragons. Of civilizations that no longer exist in the present for one reason or another. This era contains the two storylines "The War of the Gods" and "The Great Dragon Slayers"... Combat is more extreme and over the top with abilities and the power of the opponents, this is due to the constant state of strife the world was in during this era

    The Present: an era of exploration and conquest. Only a few deities remain in the world and the ancient way of fighting has mellowed down in exchange for focus on building and surviving long term. There are several storylines available here "The Sleeping Dragon" "Trinity of Strife" "Heavenly Resolution" and each available race has a personal story attached to it as well

    The Future: an era of peace and building, where violence is still present but much more rarely and more often in the form of crime or terrorism than war. All regions are at least somewhat in their industrial era and all are focused wholly on self preservation and peace. Almost no deities are present and those that are tend to be reclusive and secretive. Unfortunately there is currently only one storyline available "The World Released"


    Humans: The most common race of beings in this world. Known for their resiliency and adaptability. Humans have no particular strengths but no drawbacks either...

    Asher: A race of beings that was created long ago by the pairing of a human and a mountain demon. They possess great strength and natural control over earth. They also possess natural armor, their skin is bulky and made of stone to protect their squishy internal parts. Their downside is that they are a bit slow in all actions and are typically unintelligent

    Wyrmlings: A crossbreed between humans and wyrm (lesser dragons). This race was born in the ancient era when the dragons ordered their lesser offspring (the wyrm) to mate with humans to keep their race from going completely extinct. Wyrmlings are fast and predatory, sporting mouths full of fangs, sharp claws, and the ability to transform into a more animalistic dragonoid form. Their drawback is that most of the other races treat them with hostility on sight unless a significant positive reputation has been earned

    Ryne: These mysterious people are beings who appeared shortly after the War of the Gods ended. No record of their origin exists even amongst their own scholars. They look similar to normal humans with the exception of their pure white hair and eyes, rarely will a Ryne have gray or black eyes and only mixed Ryne will be able to be born with any other color eyes. Ryne have the ability to produce and control spiritual fog and mist... their fog can harden to be as tough as granite and is caustic to anyone who lacks any Ryne ancestry, their mist can heal their wounds over time and can act as nutrition thus eliminating the need to eat or drink... The drawback is that ryne are physically weaker and less tough than other races and are treated with suspicion or hostility by other races

    Kitsune: Fox spirits that take the form of humans with fox features or wild foxes. They are mythological creatures of Veran and have been around for as long as anyone can recall. They possess the ability to transform into other forms using their illusory abilities, their illusions can also be strong enough to physically or mentally harm those afflicted by them if the kitsune wishes. Kitsune are very agile and have quick reactions but are not typically strong or tough, and have a hard time mastering armed combat


    Shinobi: The ninja of Veran. Usually lacking armor in favor of mobility, yet often very well armed in terms of melee or ranged weaponry. Uniquely skilled in unarmed and armed combat as well as mystical shinobi arts (Elemental, Illusory, Sealing, Summoning, Weapon-based, or Visual)

    Soldier: Modern tactical warriors of Ronine, typically armed with firearms and almost any melee weapon... they are either armored heavily or lacking armor completely. Soldiers are skilled in Leadership, Demolition, Melee Finesse, and Ranged Finesse

    Magus: A practitioner of magical arts, usually unarmored and armed with light weapons if any at all. The Magus use innumerable Varieties of Magic that are limited only by their strength of mind and spirit. The strength of the Magus is the ability to think of and create new magic types (Arcana Crafting) through Research and practice

    Lunar Swordsman: These nomadic swordsmen are the original masters of the art of sword combat and have created various Styles of combat and special abilities based entirely on the use of the sword (Kenjutsu). They can learn and master the effective use of any type of sword from any culture quite easily

    Monk: These Shoan martial artists are unmatched in unarmed combat yet also sport magical abilities and items for use in combat. They wear no armor typically and use weapons that augment their martial arts skill such as Tonfa, Claw Gauntlets, etc... Monks have a few special talents such as: Shikigami Magic (uses scriptures written on paper tags to trap and command spirits), Chi (an energy source that is used for magical augments for attack or defense), Ki (an energy source that is used for physical augments for attack or defense)

    That should be enough information for now, if you're interested or have any questions or advice go ahead and respond here. And of course your own creativity is 100% welcome to be added into the world so long as it fits in without being too over the top!

    As a heads up I would prefer it if your character at least had the following basic information completed when we start:

    Age: 16+
    Gender: Male or Female
    Race: (one or more of the provided ones)
    Class: (one of the provided ones) You are not limited to that playstyle it's just how you start your journey
    Primary Weapon: (anything you would like that isn't modern or futuristic)
    Secondary Weapon: (choosing to not have a secondary weapon will make you more proficient with your primary)
    Special: (Choose one of the green highlights. This means u get a huge boost in that field or that you gain that ability if you choose a specialty outside of your class)

    Thanks for your time
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  2. This sounds really interesting :) I might be interested :)
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  3. That's awesome! Any questions about anything? I know there is a bunch of information in that post and I don't always make as much sense as I think I do

    Regardless im able to get on multiple times a day and can respond even faster if you could communicate to my Yahoo! Messenger
  4. Awesome! I'm mainly into medieval/fantasy as I'm not interested in modern day - futuristic things... Would this still suit you? :)
  5. Yup. The setting is quite medieval, the most advanced society is currently in it's early to mid industrial age. And you don't have to ever travel there if you don't want to
  6. Oooooo this sounds amazing :) I can post quite often too although I am quite new, just putting it out there.
  7. Lol I literally just joined yesterday. But I have some experience with roleplaying with close friends. Kinda one of my hobbies.

    Well to get started all you have to do is create a character using the guidelines I provided at the bottom of my post. You aren't restricted at all in your character creation.
    For example if you want to create your own Race, Class, or Weapons then go for it, I will just have to make sure it isn't out of place for the setting

    Also I forgot to add this but you also need to choose a Time (Past, Present, or Future) and then a Zone to start in. You can also include a history for your character or I can give you a default character history if you don't feel like making one
  8. Awesome I'll get on that in a moment and have it posted by tonight, have a few friends visiting at the moment :)
  9. No problem, this is all at your convenience
  10. I assume that if I choose to be from the Terran frontier that it would be fitting for my character to have a tribal name? :D
  11. Yes that would be very fitting, though you don't HAVE to have a tribal name. It's your choice
  12. [​IMG] Ayasha kamali
    (Little spirit)
    Race: Human x Ryne
    Class: Magus
    Age: unknown
    Age by apperance: mid 20s
    Special: arcana crafting
    Primary weapon: Dual swords


  13. Could you let me know a little more about the Terran frontier? Do you have certain regions etc for that place, would like to add a brief history (birthplace etc) x
  14. [​IMG]
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Class: Monk
    Primary Weapon: Tonfas
    Special: Ki
  15. I hope this one shall be good enough to join in on this adventure.
  16. Terran has three distinct regions:

    Adisa: The southern most region of the frontier, this area is home to massive stretches of plains as well as lush rainforests and mysterious swamplands. There exists 3 distinct tribes in this region...

    Gaia: These people are at one with nature and possess unrivaled knowledge of the flora and fauna of this region as well as powerful shamanistic magics. They have 3 villages, Fumnaya in the southern swamps... Masego in the midland plains... Nala in the swallow rainforests to the west pretty much on the border between the midland plains and the western beginning of the rainforests

    Itzel: These people are ritualistic savages who sacrifice spoils of battle to their goddess. They live entirely in the rainforests and are masters of stealth, poison, and surprise attacks. They are acrobatic and nimble in their movements and in combat... They have two villages, Aaliyah in the heart of the rainforest and Oberon a village that is centered around the Great Falls, a short distance to the east of the heart of the rain forest.

    Taine: These tribesmen live in the swamps and their culture is an odd one. They mimic and live as the animal their ancestors reveal to them in a series of dreams after their ritual of adulthood. This tribe is nomadic and keeps no permanent shelters or villages.

    Odessian Badlands: This is the middle western region of the frontier, this area is home to large expanses of desert and wasteland with small patches of grasslands. One tribe dominates this region, having eliminated all other competition

    Taine: These sophisticated warrior monks have ascended the harsh climate of the deserts and wastelands and build large sprawling cities in and under the desert. They avoid the more dangerous wasteland and grassland areas in fear of the powerful predators that dwell there. They are the most civilized of all Terran cultures and are the largest with 6 cities named after their 6 Champions... Ngata on the western beaches, Hayala on the eastern desert/wasteland border, The Tri-City of Gula/Haoma/Bhagon which borders the central plains, and Amiri of the northern desert

    The Great Expanse: This is the northern and eastern region and is hollow and dry wasteland. There are innumerable caves and only a few have ever returned from these caves. No villages or tribes live here for the creatures that dwell here are strange and ethereal, the Taine say that it is the land of the dead and the caves are the paths to hell
  17. Hope that helps somewhat, just got in the house and that was a large amount of data to transfer.

    Sorry blitzfang I'm doing a one x one RP right now. Not sure I'm up for trying a party one or juggling more than one RP right now
  18. Amazing! I will work on a detailed character sheet over the evening :)
  19. Oh okay then thats fine.
  20. How detailed would you like me to go? :)
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