Yellow mofos!

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  1. Sooooo i kinda sorta am related to this dude, who possibly maybe is dating this chick, who slightly may know this other dudeish Thing who like is... something....Soooooo i joined this site! Anyways SUUUUUUUUUUUUWHAHAIUYHIHSDISHPPPPPP! :bananaman:
  2. Yeah! Welcome, please mind the gap.
  3. Welcome to the site, most welcome of new members!
  4. and Mind the re-built plague knight thing..he's still rather smelly

    welcome to Iwaku
  5. Welcome to Iwaku, I'm sure you'll fit right in! I don't think I need to even warn you of the Cbox!! HAve fun!
  6. Welcome to the site.

    Am I that Dude>?
  7. Thank you all, got used to the smell after awhile, the cbox has nothing on me! (even though im scared to lurch...shhhhhhh) and october knight, you never know...till i spill the beans!!!!
  8. Hello, Little Sister. >:]
  9. Nice going spilling the beans Diana...
  10. Pendragon watched as two of the Gargoyles went down, somewhat amazed by the old world magic. It was something he hadn't had the opportunity to lay his eyes on. He shook himself out of it, prepared to take aim when Aya approached him.

    He had almost forgotten about her blade, now tied around his waist in a disorderly fashion, no thanks to their quick landing.

    "Right, here." He mumbled. With deft hands he undid the ties and thrust the Muramasa blade into Aya's hands.

  11. Welcome to Iwaku.

  12. Damnit Diana, *cleans beans, mumbling* Yeees the littlest sibbling has joined, (Insert unenthusiastic applaud here) <INSERT here cheers unenthusiastic>Totally trying to start new sibling craze! muahahahahah!
  13. ...Is this sister more interesting than Isaboo?
  14. Not Diana's little sister...

    My little sister...

    Hey sis.
  15. Hey Bro-skeeee! and everyone else posting or not!

    and diana can have ANOTHER little sisterish too!

    *Tackles Taboo*

    WELCOME TO THE SITE! I do hope you enjoy yourself here!
  17. Chea Buddy ..getting mauled by cute lil fox!!!! Cant beat that!
    And i shall try Kitsune, i shall try! Thanks! =}

    But yeah im the "lil Gibies", i do exist..well i think....sometimes.
  18. Awesome. Anyone related to Gibs is ok in my books. And the chainsaw-wielding nun for an avatar is icing on the cake. Welcome!
  19. I love the avatar! A true work of art.

    Lil' Gibinator.
  20. hmm...a Zombie....and a Chainsaw-wielding sister of the faith...


    Sisterly love...I assume...

    Welcome to the site! I would both warn about and invite you to the C-box, but alas it has forced me to come here instead. Feel free to check out Iwaku World, one of our mass roleplays, and follow the advice of many a previous poster before me.

    ...oh...and I'm Myrn...I'm sure you've been warned...