Yellow mofos!

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  1. Sooooo i kinda sorta am related to this dude, who possibly maybe is dating this chick, who slightly may know this other dudeish Thing who like is... something....Soooooo i joined this site! Anyways SUUUUUUUUUUUUWHAHAIUYHIHSDISHPPPPPP! :bananaman:
  2. Yeah! Welcome, please mind the gap.
  3. Welcome to the site, most welcome of new members!
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, I'm sure you'll fit right in! I don't think I need to even warn you of the Cbox!! HAve fun!
  5. Welcome to the site.

    Am I that Dude>?
  6. Thank you all, got used to the smell after awhile, the cbox has nothing on me! (even though im scared to lurch...shhhhhhh) and october knight, you never know...till i spill the beans!!!!
  7. Hello, Little Sister. >:]
  8. Nice going spilling the beans Diana...
  9. Man... Siblings joining Iwaku...

    *Eyes Ominously*


  10. Welcome to Iwaku.

  11. Damnit Diana, *cleans beans, mumbling* Yeees the littlest sibbling has joined, (Insert unenthusiastic applaud here) <INSERT here cheers unenthusiastic>Totally trying to start new sibling craze! muahahahahah!
  12. ...Is this sister more interesting than Isaboo?
  13. Not Diana's little sister...

    My little sister...

    Hey sis.
  14. Hey Bro-skeeee! and everyone else posting or not!

    and diana can have ANOTHER little sisterish too!

    *Tackles Taboo*

    WELCOME TO THE SITE! I do hope you enjoy yourself here!
  16. Chea Buddy ..getting mauled by cute lil fox!!!! Cant beat that!
    And i shall try Kitsune, i shall try! Thanks! =}

    But yeah im the "lil Gibies", i do exist..well i think....sometimes.
  17. Awesome. Anyone related to Gibs is ok in my books. And the chainsaw-wielding nun for an avatar is icing on the cake. Welcome!
  18. I love the avatar! A true work of art.

    Lil' Gibinator.
  19. hmm...a Zombie....and a Chainsaw-wielding sister of the faith...


    Sisterly love...I assume...

    Welcome to the site! I would both warn about and invite you to the C-box, but alas it has forced me to come here instead. Feel free to check out Iwaku World, one of our mass roleplays, and follow the advice of many a previous poster before me.

    ...oh...and I'm Myrn...I'm sure you've been warned...