Year of the Lover

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  1. ((I added the idea that this is the year that he comes to age and his parents are bringing in suitors so that he can pick who he's going to marry. If you don't like it I can take it out, but I thought it would be interesting. Also I was thinking if this is in a modern setting that maybe Simeon's parents know he's gay so they're bringing in male suitors, but I didn't really specify that yet.))

    Simeon had woken late this morning. He hadn’t meant to sleep in so late, but he had sent away the maid that had tried to wake him at the normal time. By the time she returned it was nearly midday. Cursing he got out of bed quickly. It was nearly time for his daily tutoring. Luckily he slept without clothes on so he could just jump right into the tub that had already been filled with warm water. Once cleaned and dressed he went downstairs quickly for some breakfast.

    His agitation was clearly obvious by his facial expression, but he didn’t say anything to any of the servants. Briefly he wondered where Kayne was. Usually the knight at with him at breakfast and followed him around for the day. Actually he was surprised that Kayne hadn’t come to wake him up. Maybe he thought that Simeon had woken early this morning. There wasn’t time to worry about where the knight had gone off to. Once he had eaten his fill, he was up and heading off to his lessons. Most days were filled with these lessons.

    Hopefully Kayne would be around soon enough. The knight was always with Simeon. He looked out for the Prince. They were nearly inseparable. Lately though Simeon had been feeling weird around his most loyal companion. There were little butterflies in his stomach every time they were near each other. Often he found himself daydreaming about the knight touching him in ways that were completely inappropriate. Of course he tried his best to keep those thoughts at a minimum.

    This was the year that he came to age. His parents were busy bringing in suitors and trying to find someone for Simeon to marry. Of course they were giving him a say, but he was still nervous. There was a nagging feeling in the bottom of his stomach that he wasn't going to like any of them and he didn't want to disappoint his parents.
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  2. Kayne awaited his princes arrival just out side his majesty's tutoring room, he thought he'd be there by now or at least up and awake. Nevertheless he waited patiently for his prince. Kayne had been feeling strange feeling for Prince Simeon lately. Some called it butterflies in the stomach, but Kayne's feeling for his Prince felt like agitated wasps, bees, and butterflies all at the same time, tickling him and sting him making him ache and burn from the inside out. Thank Heavens for his disciple, had it not had it he would have turned himself inside out. Now he saw his prince quickly approaching and he was trying to keep it cool. So he gave a nice smile and waited for his prince to greet him.
  3. "There you are Kayne. I was wondering where you had gone off to." Simeon greeted the knight with a big smile. "Someone thought that five more minutes meant let me sleep until I'm going to be late." He complained letting Kayne know that he was not in the greatest mood today. Those butterflies had returned and there was an anxious sort of energy filling Simeon. He knew that Kayne would never return these kinds of feelings. It wasn't like Simeon would ever make the first move anyway. If Kayne did feel a certain way for him, then he was going to have to make the first move. Simeon was most definitely a submissive person.

    There wasn't time to be thinking about this or having a lengthy conversation with Kayne though. He was nearly late as it was. Not waiting to continue the conversation he stepped into the tutoring room. His tutor was already there setting up their lesson for the day. Simeon greeted him quietly his personality slipping back into the more formal form. He was never talkative unless Kayne and himself were alone. He didn't feel comfortable talking to any, but the knight and it was obvious in the way he acted.
  4. Kayne followed his majesty into the room and sat at his side. He contemplated how to tell him the news that the king wanted to send him off to fight against another kingdom far,far,far away from the side of his prince plus there was no telling if he'd come back in one piece...and even that was still breathing. The king really wanted him to go but the choice was optional. the kin was giving him a day to thing about it so he could tell him his choice in the morning. Kayne felt bad about it. He thought it might be better off for the prince to find the right suitor rather that a ragga-muffin knight like him but even so he loved the prince.

    Later that day as Kayne was walking the prince to his quarters that night he knew he must tell him. " My prince, the king wishes for me to go fight in the war. It is far from here and there is no telling if ill come back alive but even so I want you to know its been an honor serving you sir. Goodnight, my Prince and farewell" he said and left the prince in his room.Kayne waited in his quarters, knowing his prince would not get any sleep but even so he waited to be sent for from his precious prince.
  5. It was always hard to focus on his studies with Kayne so close to him. His mind would often wander coming up with elaborate daydreams where they confessed their love for each other and lived happily together forever. Simeon's parents had long ago come to terms with the fact that he was gay and they embraced that. The country that they ruled over embrace same sex relationships and didn't care if their soon to be king was gay. Of course his parents wished to be grandparents, but Simeon figured that he could always just adopt later on. Hopefully whatever suitor he decided on would like to have children.

    Simeon relaxed a little as he finally headed back to his chambers with Kayne. That was until the knight sprung that information on him. "What? You can't leave me. What am I supposed to do without you?" Apparently Simeon's protests weren't enough for Kayne and he walked off. The prince felt tears pricking his eyes and he went into his room. He didn't even bother removing his clothes and just flopped himself down onto his bed. He let go just letting the tears flow from his eyes. All he wanted was for Kayne to stay and be with him. Now his daydreams would never come true and he was going to actually have to fall for one of the suitors.
  6. He must call for me. Then I'll let go ill tell him everything.Maybe he'll call me and lie that he had a nightmare. Fuck it!!! If I'm gonna die soon ill go tell him i can hold back anymore. he ran to the prince room and went in and went to the prince bedside. he startled the prince as he had sat up and looked at his night. " My Prince, I can't hold back any longer, this filling that's killing me, I must tell you," Kayne on the verge of tears grabbed the princes hands " I love you my prince, I've been having such elaborate dreams about you, I want you to be mine, I know I'm just a good-for-nothing knight, but please accept my love, " he kisses the princes hands, then laid his head in the princes lap and wrapped his arms around the prince back, " LOVE ME!!"
  7. Simeon wanted to get up and go get Kayne, but he was afraid of what might happen. He couldn't stop the flow of tears that cascaded down his cheeks. Kayne didn't need to see him like this especially when he was about to be sent off to his doom. The prince jumped a little as his door open and the knight came in. He sat up confused as to what Kayne was doing in his room. That question was answered as Kayne professed his love. Now Simeon's tears were tears of joy. Only in his dreams had he imagined the knight professing his love and it had come true. "I love you too Kayne. I've loved you for a long time." Simeon admitted to the male who's head was now on his lap. "What are we supposed to do? You leave soon and my parents are trying to set me up with other suitors. I only want you."
  8. "It was an option, I need you to tell him you want me. Tell him that and i won't have to go" Kayne replied from his princes lap. on the inside he felt warm. He feelings were building up again and this time he didnt have to hide it. Kayne kisses up his prince thigh, then neck till he was face to face with his prince and then he leaned in to kiss his lips.
  9. "I'll tell him first thing in the morning." Simeon promised. He didn't want his beloved knight to be sent off to a war that he probably wouldn't come back from. The prince could already imagine being married to this wonderful male. A shiver ran through his body as Kayne kissed along his thighs. He eagerly kissed back as their lips were pressed together.
  10. Kayne deepened the kiss, exploring the boys mouth, then pulled back to begin removing his princes clothes.
  11. Simeon shivered as his clothing was being removed. He couldn't believe that they were moving so quickly.
  12. Kayne stopped.He could wait. He wrapped his prince back up and kissed him goodnight. " I'll see you in the morning"
  13. "Wait, will you at least sleep next to me?" While Simeon didn't want to have sex yet he would be happy to sleep with his love.
  14. "Of course" and so he laid next to his prince " sweet dreams love"
  15. "Good night." Simeon settled in to bed.
  16. The next morning, instead of the maid waking him, his loyal knight gave him an good morning kiss " good morning, my prince~~!
  17. Simeon groaned as he was woken up. "Morning." He smiled kissing him in return. "I'll get dressed and go speak to my father."
  18. The night smiled and waited for the prince to get ready. ( Do you want this to me a short rp or do you want it to be a long one, just curious as to how far this is gonna go)
  19. (Um...we can do it either way.)

    Simeon got out of bed and dressed after washing up a little. He turned to Kayne waiting for him. "Walk me down?"
  20. " Of course!" the Kayne grabbed Simeon's hand and walked him down to the throne room. The Queen and King sat before the two on their " royal high chairs" as the gawked at the view before them.
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