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  1. In this roleplay the world is currently experiencing what's known as the "Y Crisis", a dramatic deterioration of the Y Chromosome. For reasons unknown it's causing the male birth rate to decrease so drastically that only one out of every twenty births leads to a male child on average (you can say to change this number if it seems too high or too low to cause the crisis in the roleplay). Scientists have been unable to do anything to fix it, and in fact have only made matters worse. Most of the men who undergo experiments to artificially replicate or alter their Y Chromosome die, and in all recorded cases their chromosomes are left unusable after they deteriorate at a substantially increased pace. A lot of people still have hope for the Y Chromosome, but for now all they can do is preserve what's left until they can figure out a more permanent solution before the human race becomes extinct. Nobody knows if the Y Chromosome will remain stable now or deteriorate even faster, so obviously the stakes are high about figuring out what to do. Artificial insemination doesn't produce men at a higher ratethen average and is incredibly expensive, human cloning of women would work but would cause some issues, and inducing parthenogenesis (being able to give birth without men) is technologically a long shot for humans. Can the Y Chromosome still be saved? Are there any other alternatives? The future of the human race is looking bleaker by the minute, and things have only just gotten started.<o:p> </o:p>

    Sounds cool so far? Well, would you guys like to help me come up with ideas on where to take if from here using this concept? I have my own ideas, but I think it would be best to get ideas from other people as well to see what you guys would like to have happen here. One possible scenario is a World War over men as the"resources". Some of the countries couldn't exist (at least as aworld power) without improving their male/female ratio, which means kidnapping from other countries, but obviously these countries and their allies don't like this so the war begins. Another plot could center around the GCA, the Genetic Conservation Agency in the <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:country-region w:st="on">United States</st1:country-region></st1:place> which was formed to settle all issues regarding the Y Crisis, acting as male bodyguards and stuff. Theycan deal with terrorists, including the one's responsible for the Crisis in the first place. It might even be cool if such a group (The GCA) actually turned out to be the bad guys.<o:p> </o:p>About the cause of the Y Crisis, I'd really like some cool ideas on how you think something like this could have happened. Also, feel free to give any other ideas that you might have regarding anything at all about this roleplay, or ask me any questions that you might have about it. Thanks.
  2. Cool idea, dude. It sorta reminds me of that movie "Children of men". Lots of potential ways to take the plot.

    I am a little too burnt out at the moment for plotting, but I wanted to give your thread a bump while I'm here reading it.

    I Will check back on it and post thoughts/ideas when I am a little less tired : )
  3. So most characters would be female? Sounds interesting. I vote for a war over men as a resource. If we could have more detail about the how and how long, I could make a more in depth character.
  4. Thanks. For the potential ways of making the plot, there's so many that I may end up making this into a series here if enough people tag along for the ride.

    You don't have to be female if you like playing male characters, but it's as you say. For what the war is like, nuclear weapons were banned near the onset of the Y Crisis so there won't be that to worry about at least. Military spending in a lot of places was low as well, so military vehicles are kind of in sort supply. That way if you're a foot soldier you don't have to worry about getting bombarded with missiles or have a ton of tanks rushing towards you, at least not all the time. Basically, countries that were unprepared mainly have a lot of foot soldiers. How long the war will last depends on you guys because I don't have a set time period. After all, maybe someone here will come up with a cool plot twist that extends the war or something like that. By my estimate it would take at least a year, being a world war.

    As for the main bad guy country, I'm planning on China but if you guys think that's too obvious of an enemy then I'm open for suggestions.
  5. So I assume twin males would be a true miracle? Not going to be what I play. Just asking.
  6. This sounds kind of fun. Maybe, idk.

    I do have one thing that I would like to say. The whole experimenting on the y chromosome would not kill a man. I'm a huge nerd. But, it could be the GCA were secretly trying to make a super soldier which back fired and killed the y chromosome during cell meiosis. Which made it 1 in 20 chance instead of 1 in 2 to make a male.
  7. According to a random site I checked, the odds of twins is 3%. The odds of being a male is 5%. The odds of twin males would be 0.0015% if I did the math correctly by multiplying .005 and .003.

    Even if their Y Chromosome is completely destroyed they'd still survive? Do you know of any side effects? That seems like it would be horrible to have happen but to be honest I have no clue what it would actually cause.

    The super soldier gone wrong idea is one possibility because it could have reasonably targeted something in the Y Chromosome. I'm thinking that this super soldier "gene enhancement" was going on during the Cold War, but then something went wrong and it got into the air or something like that and caused the negative gene mutation without any of the benefits they were hoping for. To cover this up the GCA is trying to be the hero and "protect" the men that are suffering from what they've done, but could also still be attempting research of some sort. Maybe even an X Chromosomee super soldier gene or something.
  8. The math is sound. So the answer is a yes?
  9. A yes to it being a miracle? There are enough humans so that the odds would allow such an occurance to happen naturally to someone in the world once in a while. As for religion in general, it will probably be touched upon such as people saying that this crisis is some trial from God or whatever, but that is just one theory. People will be free to believe what they want.
  10. To answer your question, not. He will not die. If it was the other way around (no x) you would die. Matter of fact, having XYY genes is rare but pops up regularly and is fine. Also, the y chromosome has been decreasing and is thought to completely disappear in ten million years as it is slowly losing it's function.
  11. Bump. Is anyone else interested? Any more ideas people would like to pitch in?
  12. Well, is the idea perfected? I'm still interested. But since this is a scientific RP and I'm smarticles, I like to check everything.
  13. It's not entirely perfected, but if people want I can get an OOC ready and gather more interest there rather then leaving it here doing nothing.

    For the plot, should we go with the world war or where the GCA is the bad guys (err...girls) and we have to uncover their conspiracies? They can both take place in canon. Us fighting against the GCA during the world war could be interesting and would either make us seem like traitors or the United States seem like the bad guy due to the GCA being part of their Department of Defense. Either way we'd have a lot of work to try and difuse the tense situation and take out the GCA.
  14. Its better to have everything figured out first. I suggest we go with a super soldier program during the cold war and now it's present day.
  15. So the plot is as follows, separated into numbers for better organization of facts:

    #1- During the Cold War, there were efforts to create a super soldier by tampering with the Y Chromosome of the soldiers participating in the program, initiated by what was to become the GCA. Instead of the Genetic Conservation Agency, they were the Genetic Enhancement Agency, developed by the United States Department of Defense.

    #2- The Y Chromosomes weren't enhanced, but instead deteriorated. This was due to sabotage, and the leader of this sabotage wantedt he Y Crisis to occur.

    #3- How this horrible formula spread out of the testing facilities to effect most of the world is unknown. Perhaps the compound was able to be genetically introduced into a virus or bacteria that allows it to alter the Y Chromosome when it infects men? Nobody experiences any other symptoms until men start to not be born, so it could spread with no resistance if this can scientifically be done in the first place.

    #4- One advantage to the Y Crisis was that this problem took priority over a lot of global conflict, so it ended the cold war and began nuclear disarmament. Perhaps this was the main goal of some who went along with it. However, someone has higher ambitions. The GCA gained a lot of power during this time as the protectors and leading researchers of this Y Crisis, not only in the <st1:country-region w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">United States</st1:place></st1:country-region>, but with influence felt around the world. This power grab is definitely another advantage for causing the Y Crisis, but perhaps this is but a single stepping stone for some even larger scheme. How much the United States government is involved outside of the GCA is unknown.

    #5- It's now present day and <st1:country-region w:st="on">China </st1:country-region>aggressively expands it's borders around Asia and even towards <st1:place w:st="on">Europe</st1:place> in an effort to increase their male population by kidnapping from other countries. This begins World War 3 as nations either resort to the same tactics and team up or countries try to stop them. This war doesn't have to be the main focus of this specific roleplay, but would instead be in the background and part of another roleplay later on in the series. Feel free to suggest "bad guy" nations.

    #6- One idea is that the GCA secretly has a lot of men available that were kept from the harmful effects of the infection. As the other nations are at war and die out, the GCA can come out on top as the dust settles. Other plots about why they'd secretly be hiding a bunch of men can also be thought up. Some Japanese scientist could have discovered the conspiracy about this and his/her agents, combined with some United States people as well, are teaming up to take down the GCA without getting into a war with the United States as a whole. The war with <st1:country-region w:st="on">China and others </st1:country-region>is going on at the same time, so <st1:country-region w:st="on">Japan </st1:country-region>getting into a war with the <st1:country-region w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">US </st1:place></st1:country-region>as well would obviously be bad news for both of them.

    #7- Project X could also be going on, an effort to create female super soldiers rather then the male soldiers in Project Y, which had caused the Y Crisis to occur.

    Any other ideas you'd like to suggest or improve?
  16. I'm gonba respond in the same manner, referring to you numbers.

    I don't think sabotage is a great idea. Maybe, one of the experiments (not the man but formula itself) targeted the gene in a bad way and acted as an airborne virus that caused the y crisis. In this case, every man has the chance to be infected. Since its acting as an airborne virus, some have a natural immunity, which I will add in another section.

    (Stated in number two, didn't mean to)

    This would not lead to nuclear disarmament or little to no wars. Instead it would cause more conflict but females being the dominant sex. Assuming as such is sexist, as humans are humans and the course of history would not have changed much. Sorry to burst bubble on that aspect.

    I like the idea of a third world war. I think this should be a secondary plot and not a background plot. It would also show a view if women dominating war. I don't like China trying to expand. I think it should be Europe that tries to expand, or even the U.S.

    I think the gca should be good. I like Japan working together with the USA. But since I'm suggesting to have the gca be an accident, I don't think it should be to take down the gca. Instead, there should be a feminazi group that wants to keep the world the way it is and is trying to stop the efforts of the gca to repair what they broke.
  17. Perhaps these few men with a natural immunity can become important to the plot later on as kidnap attempts are made on them (more so then average and with higher stakes).

    I know it wouldn't eliminate all wars, but women aren't as agressive as men (on average) so I thought it would cut it down at least a small percentage at the start. The main thing that would eliminate conflict at first would be if everyone is focusing on dealing with the new problem, but once they realize more about what's going on then they "freak out" and start World War 3 in an effort of self preservation. Women would also get more agressive with time while being the dominant sex and taking all of the "man jobs" and such.

    What European countries? Germany might be too easy of a target. The United Kingdom would be a good choice. I'm not against the US being the bad guys even though I'm from there, but the main problem is that if the GCA is good (according to your next responses), they're part of the government so wouldn't they be bad as well? If the US is bad then I think it shouldn't be the entire US, but perhaps some organization inside of it or perhaps some part that broke away from the main government, like how the south left the north. I'm not sure what issues would cause some of the states to secede, or even which ones, but it could be a good idea given more thought.

    Okay. So the GCA just covers up the incident. They have skeletons in their closet that can cause drama along the way, but as a whole the GCA will be trying to do good. I think I'll have a villain inside of the GCA, and he/she may manipulate the GCA at times, but that will be the extent. The feminazi terrorist group could be called VoE (Vengeance of Eve), although they could just be manipulated by an even greater threat as a twist.
  18. Are you a guy. This is what I'm getting from your comment "women aren't as aggressive as men"

    I'd you put a bunch of woman together, there will be violence, bloodshed, and rampages. Don't think woman aren't aggressive.

    I meant to put that those with the immunity were a valuable resource. I just lost track.

    I was thinking France could be the dominating country. We should have a Napoleon type guy as the leader. But a woman instead of a man.

    Lets go with that. I will possibly double up to add style. I really want to expand on the world war. Also, do you think we could have futuristic type technology? Like, the woman being the dominant sex furthered human progress. (This is an alternate reality) if so, I'll be glad to gone up with basic weapons, day to day technologies, and any insight that I could give.
  19. I'm I guy and I do know women have that type of agression, such as the pulling each others hair out, backstabbing, and all that stuff they do in school (and even out in the real world, although I'm not old enough to have first hand experience). That's different then the violent crimes such as running around robbing banks, murder, and the like, which obviously has a higher percentage of men. Sure there are more female criminals then I probably realize, but I doubt there's more then men. Women would certainly pick up the slack for those types of crime once there are less men around during the Y Crisis. They certainly have the potential for it, being humans, so I'm not saying that they won't be agressive.

    I considered France, but could they be a large enough threat (No offense or stereotypes intended)? They'd need a lot of help unless this France is far more powerful, like you said Napoleon in his heyday.

    Being an alternate reality I'll allow some slightly futuristic tech. Another cold war caused by the Y Crisis could be the reason rather then simply because they're women. I'd be glad to have your assistance in coming up with the weapons and stuff. Sonic weapons would be something good to have, and maybe some type of ion gun to name a few.

    What did you think about the United States being seperated into two coutries?
  20. Well, since it is the y crisis we're talking about an alternate reality where they could've gained more power.

    I'm not quite sure about the second cold war or what not or quite sure what you're trying to get at. I was thinking a third world war is going down.

    If there's a third world war, the USA would not have enough time to split up.