Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters [OCC]

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  1. Sorry it kinda took me long to make this. Haha.

    So is the girl Logan scolded Felicitas or Vallerie?
  2. I think he might have been talking to both of them lol >.>;
  3. Ohh. That would make sense. ^^"

    Thanks Esthalia~
  4. no problem :)
  5. :) yep I was you shoulda called a teacher! Push ups for everyone
  6. Lol Wolverine was right there, he totally could have handled a ball of elecricity. :P
  7. No push ups for kitty!
  8. Hell yeah, Kitty gets special treatment <3
  9. I know it's a Jump-In RP, but habit I suppose XD--may I join as a newly seventeen year old veteran student?
  10. Whatever you want. Haha. xD

    As long as the character is reasonable in his or her power. c:
  11. Oh, do believe me, when I say 'veteran', I mean to the extent that she's been at the school for a short while *shifty eyes*.
  12. *ponders this*
  13. [MENTION=3520]loyalist_historian[/MENTION]: Kitty isn't anywhere near the students at the table. She is in line with E and Wolverine.
  14. Oh, I'm so sorry! I thought I read that they had just left the line -_-. Gah, I hate when I intuit things that are false. Although, it's probably because I'm on an hour and a half of sleep xD. Sorry, I'll go change it!
  15. [MENTION=3520]loyalist_historian[/MENTION]: I edited my post so that Mahree is invited to sit with Anthony and Vallerie. I can change it back if you want to be with Kitty and the others, though.
  16. Where is this happening in the canon? It seems like Xavier is still headmaster--if it were Scott or Emma, Kitty would be older, so I think it's a safe bet XD. I'm just trying to place everything, because if this is during a time increment when Jean isn't fake-dead (that's what I call it, bear with me XD) I'd like to double as her =D.
  17. I don't think we should try to place this anywhere specific in continuity. That could prove to be a headache. Deciding exactly when this is taking place in 40 something years worth of stories isn't really necessary. Let's just try and make it fun.
  18. The man above me talks some serious sense; attempting to fit this into the comic's continuity would make everyones' brains leak out through their ears.

    Let's just go for the simple approach, declare this some new alternate-Earth or some shit, and just run with it.
  19. Fun and games folks.