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  1. Ollo Iwaku. Dubs here. Some info on me as an RPer: I typically go for large open-ended settings with a lot of variety and versatility. My favorite genre is Sci-Fi or Fantasy. They rank equally in my taste. A combination of the two leaves me with a massive writer's chubbin, for those whom may try to impress ;)
    Info on me as a human being: I like drawing and writing, and watching anime among other things. Among my favorite animes are Wolf's Rain, Trigun, SAO, Digimon, FMA, Samurai 7, Samurai Chanploo, AoT, and many others. I also dig many tv series like TWD, The 100, GoT and some others. What I write and draw may appear on this site in time for your veiwing pleasure. For now, if you have any suggestions for Roleplays I might be interested in based on what I've put here please don't hesitate.
    Thanks :D
  2. Hello Dubs, welcome to Iwaku!~

    I see you enjoy Attack on titan aswell! You seem like a very interesting person and enjoy your stay ^ ^
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  3. Greetings Dubs! :D Welcome to the community!
  4. I appreciate that you appreciate Rick and Morty. Welcome!
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  5. Hello! Here's to hoping you enjoy your time here!
  6. Yooo welcome to Iwaku!
  7. Thanks ladies and gents ^_^ You are all awesome and get one 1 Dubs'n Cuddles point.