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    Charley Dekota
    Age 21

    Today was the perfect day to be lazy.
    Midterms had just ended and his friends had gotten the group two six packs of ice cold beer.
    "Hey Char, you goin' to grab the boards or just stare off into space?"
    Rolling his eyes Charley glanced sideways at Kyle, his best friend since he'd come to this university half a year ago.
    They were also roommates and shared just about everything...even girls.
    "I got it I got it."
    With a grunt he hefted all three boards over one shoulder easily and started heading down to the sandy beech.

    A loud whistle sounded behind him followed by his group of friends laughing and joking that he was a great pack mule.
    It wasn't his fault none of them bothered to work out more often...
    Once he was about fifteen yards from the waves he shoved the boards into the sand and stretched a bit before grabbing his pitch-black one.
    The wind was perfect and the sky was just barely overcast, just enough to cut out the glare from the sun.
    Turning he noticed the guys heading towards him slowly and grinned.
    "See ya guys out there!"
    With that he was off towards the waves, intent on impressing some girls and possibly bringing one back for Kyle and himself.
  2. Shaun would be allready out in the water enjoying the rest of his day, he looked back as he saw a great wave come his way. " I got this one." He said to himself. He paddled forward as the wave cuaght him, he pushed up as he would be up on his feet in a blink of an eye. " Yes! " he excliamed as he rode the wave, it started to tunnle in on him as he croutched down and let his hand glide slightly in the water. He quickly exited the tunnle as he looked to the shore and saw more people comeing to surf the waves. " Ahh more people to surf with . " he said as he slowed to a stop, his short dark hair sparkleing in the light as he paddled to the shore.
  3. Hopping through the waves Charley quickly jumped onto his board and started paddling.
    He noticed someone coming closer but noticing that it was a guy he just nodded in recognition.
    The kid was in one of his classes though which, he couldn't remember at the moment.
    As a large wave started up again Char shifted and got his footing on the huge board with a cocky smirk on his face.
    Time for some showing!

    Shifting his weight again he angled his legs different ways and started riding the wave, his hand skimming in the wall of water.
    As the wave finally ended he hopped off the board and into the water, resurfacing with a huge grin.
    "Freaking awesome waves today!"
  4. Shuan looked at the single male he had seen somwhere before. " Hmmm.. " He thought as he tryed to remember where he had seen him before.. He paddled to him and smiled. " Don't you have Proffessor charles bio chem class? " He asked as he looked him over still smileing, his bright blue eyes sparkleing from the light hitting the water and reflecting off of his eyes.
  5. Charley had just finished getting back on his board but noticing the kid coming over he shifted and sat.
    Each of his legs was out to either side as he glanced down with a small smile.
    "Yup, your lab partner is my best friend and roommate."
    Speaking of whom Kyle paddled out noticing the two were having some sort of meeting.
    "Hey, I want in on the conversation! You guys trying to land chicks without me?"

    Char chuckled and rolled his eyes.
    "So you want to know what we're talking about?
    Me and him were gonna go off somewhere and get down and dirty.
    Gay orgy, sounds fun right Kyle? You always wanna do orgies."

    Kyle's face paled right before he flipped Charley right off his board.
    "Bastard! That was totally NOT what you were talking about!"

    Char came up a moment later gasping in air as he tried to stop laughing.
    "Epic! Hahaha!"
  6. Shuan kept quiet as he looked at the two with a straight face. " Umm well there are some great waves out today so have fun!... " He said as he paddled off not wanting to say what he wanted to to his classmate " Damnit shuan why couldn't you do it... " He said as he kept paddleing off hitting the water with force. " The least you couldve done was say that he was cute.. " He said to himself yet again as he reached the shore.
  7. Kyle and Charley watched as the other guy swam away.
    "You made him mad, bro."
    Char shook his head as he pulled himself back up onto his board.
    He wasn't sure but the other dude looked upset...or at least unsettled.
    "Go ahead and go surf, I'm gonna ask him something real quick."

    Kyle shrugged and headed out to catch more waves.
    "Suit yourself! Don't go doing anything I wouldn't! Without a condom!"

    Charley snickered as he paddled away, catching up to the other right before they got in shallow water.
    Grabbing the guy's ankle he pulled himself easily next to him in the waves on his board.
    "Hey...something on your mind?"
    Sure Kyle was a buttface but he didn't mean to seem rude.
    His respect for others was just a bit skewed.
  8. Shuan blushed but he tryed to hide his face as he spoke softly. " N-no i'm not mad or u-upset. " he said as he slipped under thinking on what to do. (( Sorry for the short post. ))
  9. (I really can't reply to short replies well. I lose my thoughts and the RP usually dies fast)

    Charley raised a brow at the kids stutter.
    Glancing around he didn't notice anyone else near them, so why was he being embarrassed?
    Looking back to the other he noticed he'd ducked underwater and quickly reached down, grabbing the guy's arm and dragging him up on the his own surf board.
    "What the heck are you doing, dude?"
    It was a bit odd to balance with another person on his surf board but at least he was sitting.
    The waves were starting to pull his board towards shore a bit more but he didn't bother fighting it.
    Might as well go get a drink before all the beer was gone anyways...but he still had to get this kid to talk to him.
    He was curious why he'd bolted and now was stuttering.
  10. Shuan kept quiet as the blushe stayed on his face, he just looked down as he spoke once more " W-well one thing... Ummm i've been watching you in class and well... Yea... " Cmon shuan just say it just say it to him and get it over with. " I-_ THINK YOUR CUTE! " He blurted out as he coverd his mouth his whole face turning beet red.
  11. Charley watched the guy as his face slowly started hinting towards a blush.
    What was so blush-worthy? There was nothing around them but ocean!
    Tilting his head he waited for the guy to spit out what he wanted to say...but that first part was a bit creepy.
    He knew Char wasn't a girl...right?
    It was pretty obvious since he kinda only had on a pair of trunks.
    He was about to ask if he meant something else when his real intentions were spoken.

    Char had never had a gay guy actually say they liked him.
    Sure he knew a few did but that didn't mean he was gonna hand himself over.
    "Uhhh...........thanks?.......but I'm not gay."
  12. He nodded as he jumped back into the water and swamm to his board, he climbed back on as he started to paddle off to surf yet again alill dissapointed. He sighhed lightly as he looked out to the wide open ocean " Well atleast i told him. " He said as he waited for a wave to catch him. he turned around to look back at charley and sighhed again. " Well atleast he was truthfull too. " He said just before a wave came and cuaght him, he pushed up as he bent his knees at a angle carveing the wave with expert manuveors.
  13. Charley's gaze followed the others' motions as he watched him start on a new wave.
    He raised a brow as the guy easily got up and rode the wave.
    Well...at least he knew how to handle the board.
    Unlike most other students Char didn't really care much if someone was gay though no one ever really told him to his face.
    It was kind of cool that he was cute enough to catch some---...wait a second.
    He was supposed to be handsome not cute!

    Sticking out his lip slightly Char pouted and turned, letting the crashing wave push him over to the shallows all the while mentally going over what the guy said.
    Sure cute might be there but come on!
    Sexy was so much further up on the ladder! Or masculine, handsome...there were so many better examples then cute!
    Trudging up to his group he tossed his board in the sand as the others' turned to him.
    "Hey man, you hit something underwater? You look like you're fuming about something."
    Charley shrugged and flopped down on his towel that they'd laid out and grabbed a beer to start sipping.
  14. Shuan kept rideing the wave as a tunnle formed right behind him, he dropped back as he let his hand skim the water. " Well atleast i got that off of my chest, i should feel happy i brought up the courage that i said that to him. " He said as he let the wave help him relax, he crotched down as he sped up slightly exiting the tunnle from the left. He luaghed as he jumped off of the board and into the water, " Ahhh just relax and maybe he will think about it. " he said as he just floated there looking up at the blue sky wandering how and why it was so blue .
  15. Finishing off his first beer Char took the last one in the cooler and popped the lid open.
    His head was starting to feel a bit fuzzy which was nice but the confession still didn't go away.
    To say it was bothering him wasn't really true but he kept a steady eye out as the other surfed.
    Charley's vision was blurring off and on but he still seemed to be able to track the guy's movements.
    "Heyyy.....who is dat guy?"
    He pointed awkwardly towards where the other kid was.
    His friends glanced that way and replied almost in unison;
    "Shuan. He's from chem class, you don't remember him?"

    Char tilted his head to try and think but now the beer was messing with his thoughts.
    They snorted laughs at him, brushing it off that he was drunk.

    Flopping back on his towel Charley closed his eyes, only to pass out a few minutes later under the small umbrella they beech provided.
    His friends had vanished, a cruel type of practical joke they normally did to the first person who fell asleep.
    Guess he drew the short straw this time.
  16. Shuan paddled to the shore as he grabbed his board, he stuck it int the sand as he looked to where Charley was passed out. " Hmmmm i wander if he knows his friends are gone.. " Shuan walks over to him as he squats down and taps Charley on the shoulder. " Hey wake up. " He said as he shook his shoulder now his hair now in his own face. " Charley wake up cmon your friends are gone so wake up. "
  17. It was a few moments before Charley managed to come around.
    Well, at least to move.
    Reaching up he snatched the arm shaking him and yanked it down, forcing Shuan to flop onto his towel.
    Then he was snuggling up with the guy, both arms tight around his waist.
    Charley was so used to having girls in his bed that his mind just figured she was trying to wake him up.
    Normally snuggling with them kept them quiet for at least a little while longer.
  18. Shuan got wied eyes as a huge blush came accross his face. This is what i'v allways dreamed of. He thought to himself smileing as he looked at charley his purple eyes, caused by his contacs, sorta sparkled lightly as he closed them. " Hmhmhmhmhm " I knew he was gunna come through and just give it a chance. He thought to himself yet again.
  19. It was awhile before Char actually woke up the rest of the way.
    He was nice and warm even though the sun had set.
    Blinking open sleepy eyes he noticed soft hair right below his chin and nuzzled into it.
    His mind figured he'd gotten a bit too drunk and ended up getting a chick after all.
    Running his right hand slowly along the others' body he smiled in approval.
    A bit more muscular then he was used to in a chick but eh.
    Shifting a bit he moved on top of them while his nose started to nuzzle into a warm neck.
  20. Shuan gasped as he held back a moan, he closed his eyes as he loved the feeling on his neck. " ... " He satyed silent for a few minutes as he giggles slightly. his blushe reurned as he let Charley take over for the rest. " Mmm " He smiled as he opend his eyes looking at the back of charley's neck. " Hehe. " He laied there letting Charley do what ever he want's to him as he thought to himself. He is really getting into theis. I like it. he giggled again as he kept feeling charley's nose run accrose his neck.