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  1. Most of these will just be taken from my Figment account, where I write all of my stories and such.

    Dark Night
    I stared up at the sheet of darkness above me.
    Darkness can be lonely sometimes... but there is a difference in this darkness.
    Small little diamonds covered it, helping it look beautiful.
    The diamonds were accompanied with a big circular light.
    They wanted to keep the darkness from feeling lonely.
    But the darker the sheet...the brighter the diamonds..almost in a mocking tone.
    The view was almost entrancing.
    It was beautiful.
    But what made it truly beautiful? The darkness? Or the diamonds?

    I looked below me.
    A glistening velvet blue.
    There was an endless black hole filled with strange creatures different than I.
    But it was silent and smooth. As soft as a lullaby slowly hushing a child to sleep.

    I believe....it is safe to say, the night was calming.
    It was the one thing I wouldn't mind seeing for the last time on Earth.
    I closed my eyes and payed attention to what the Earth wanted to be heard and felt.
    There was a cool, slight breeze.
    I heard the ocean calmly splashing against the rocks below me.
    Everything was so calm. It was the thing I wanted to feel.
    There were no sounds of anger. No sounds of sadness.
    Just calm.

    "If you leave...do you know how that will affect me?"
    I turned and saw a tall female. Only a few years older than me.
    I looked away. I thought she didn't care. Nobody cares. They never say they do.
    "People care for you...I care for you." There was a slight quiver in her voice as though she has been crying. "If you leave now you won't ever get to see the world around you get better."
    I still didn't look at her. I still didn't say a word.
    "No one could replace you. I like the happy girl I see everyday. I hope that one day that happiness will be real someday."
    I try to look up. I shouldn't have.
    Tears stained her face. The sight her heart.
    My hand found it's way to the left side of my chest as I stepped back. My back foot slipped on the edge of the cliff I stood at.
    I thought I was done for. I didn't want my last sight to be her sad eyes.
    Something grabbed my hand. I looked up and saw her, and I knew I wasn't ready to leave.
    I was pulled in her grasp.
    "I don't want to lose my sister."
    A quiet whisper was heard and was taken away by the night's breeze.
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  2. Broken Love
    I walked home by myself.
    I couldn't stop the tears from falling.
    After two years... I broke our promise.
    I entered my house. It was Wednesday, which meant my dad would be home early.
    "Hey baby girl," my dad greeted, but immediately lost the happy tone in his voice after seeing the tears in my eyes. "What's wrong?"
    "I don't think me and Lucas are together anymore," I said quietly, not making eye contact.
    My dad came up to me and wrapped his arms around me, encircling me in his embrace. It was at that moment that I began to sob and cry out loud. We stayed like that for what seemed like hours, the one thing that pulled us apart was the ringing of my cell phone.
    I choked out a weak "hello" before finding out it was Rachel.
    "Lucas got in a car accident," her voice sounded rushed and panicked. "It's really bad. You need to meet us at the hospital."
    Rachel hung up. It took me a moment to process what I was just told. "Oh my god... Dad I need to go," I rushed out the door and took his car.
    I didn't care for the speed limit, I was only focused on seeing Lucas at the hospital.
    I know I treated him poorly, and I regret that... it should have been me in that car accident... Lucas doesn't deserve to be in a situation like this.
    I pulled up to the hospital and didn't even bother to park the car straight or to even lock it after running out towards the doors.
    "Rachel?" I called her name after seeing her in a waiting room. "How is he?"
    "It was pretty bad... I was only told that he had a few broken bones and may have a concussion if not permanent brain damage," Rachel answered.
    I sat down on one of the nearby chairs and placed my head in my hands. "It's all my fault...if we weren't arguing he wouldn't have gotten in the truck."
    "Oh come on Kadence, you know it's not entirely your fault," Rachel tried to assure me.
    I thought about what she just told me. I thought about today's events and everything that was said in the argument.
    "Yeah... you're right..." I said quietly. "If you hadn't told him about Dante we wouldn't have had that argument!" I stood up as I yelled.
    "Woah Kadence... calm down," Rachel chuckled nervously.
    After looking around I noticed a lot of the doctors and nurses were staring, along with the family of patients.
    "Screw you Rachel, I thought we were friends," I lowered my voice some before turning to leave.
    "Come on Kadence! We are friends!" Rachel called after me, but I didn't stop walking, I didn't even look back.

    I drove back home. My mind was clouded by today's events.
    Part of me... doesn't even care for what happened to Lucas. I lost my best friend and my boyfriend today... I guess in the end it doesn't even matter... as long as I still have Dante.
    I bet he knows respect and loyalty. Lucas hardly payed attention to me, just hung out with his friends most of the time. Rachel betrayed me... she told Lucas I was close friends with Dante.
    I pulled up to my driveway and before getting out the car I wiped away any tears that lingered on my cheeks. Slowly getting out the car I noticed that someone was sitting on my door step.
    "Dante?" I recognized his blonde hair and scrawny body image. He slowly got up and gave me a look that sent shivers down my spine and throughout my body. "Dante? What's wrong?" I asked, walking closer to him but cautiously.
    "You promised me..." I could barely hear what he was saying. "You knew I couldn't be hurt again!" The volume change in his voice shocked me.
    "D-Dante... calm down. Tell me what's wrong," I calmly stated.
    "Mike told me you were dating the jerk who torments me everyday! You promised you wouldn't hurt me!" Tears were streaming down his face. I looked into his eyes... they seemed different, instead of showing a fragile boy... they showed a ticking bomb.
    "Dante, I didn't mean to hurt you," I inched closer to him slowly. "You're special to me.."
    "Stay back!" Dante yelled and before I knew it there was a gun pointed towards my head.
    "D-Dante l-let's be rational here... there is no need for any of this, okay?" I was beginning to panic. Did I really fall in love with a killer?
    "There was a video," his eyes darted from side to side. "You and Lucas were arguing... you said I was nothing special!"
    "Dante it was a lie!" I yelled in a desperate attempt.
    "I thought my life was just getting better when I met you, you only made it worse! I hate you and everyone else!"
    In a blank of an eye Dante relocated the gun to point it at his own head.
    "Dante n-!"
    The sound echoed through my ears, blocking any other noise around me.
    Sirens. Yelling. Cries.
    They all sounded so far away.
    I was truly alone now...

    If you actually want to read what goes on before that, then here's the link: http://figment.com/books/902145-Broken-Love
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  3. The Monster Under The Bed
    I tell mommy to check the closit and daddy to check under the bed.
    That's how I know it's under the bed.
    "There's nothing in the closit sweety," mommy says.
    "Im not checking under the bed. Your old enuf to know monsters arent real," Daddy says.
    They walk out the room at the same time.
    I tell them to leev the door open and keep the hallway light on.
    Daddy closes the door and turns the hallway light off.
    This is usually the time I hear him.

    "Hey kid, will you play now? I promis I won't eat you."
    I shut my eyes tightly and close my ears. Ever since I was three I would hear his voice. But I'm four now and daddy says I'm a big boy.
    My new best frend says monsters go away in the light. But the light is too far away.
    He taps my shoulder and calls my name. "Come on Seth, I want to play with you."
    "Mommy!" She always saves the day. Mommy will get rid of the monster, like she always does.
    "Shut up Seth, your mom is trying to sleep." Daddy came insted of mommy?
    "But daddy there's a monster! Make it go away!"
    "There is no monster. It's just your imagination now go to sleep. I won't have my son growing up to be a wuss." Daddy closed the door without saving me.
    "Seems daddy is a big meanie," It's the monster again.
    Daddy says I should face my fears. I remember he said to tell meanies to fuck off. Monsters are meanies right?
    "D-daddy says to tell meanies to fuck off," I say alowd.
    "Fuck off? What does that mean? Do you know Seth?" the monster asked me.
    "N-no. Daddy says it should get rid of mean people." I stay under my blankets as I talk to it. I use it as armor for if he tried to attak.
    "Daddy is a mean person, did you try to use it against him?" it asked.
    "I-I don't want daddy to go away."
    "Why do you hide under your blanket? We can't play if you're hiding." Should I answer him? Mommy says to be polite and not ignore questions.
    "M-my friend says monsters are meanies and blankets will protect me," I answered.
    "But they're so easy to remove." He's tugging on my armor! He's going to hurt me!
    "Mommy! Daddy! The monster is going to hurt me!" I'm a big boy. Big boys don't cry.
    "Shut up Seth! Go to bed!" daddy yelled.
    "I'm not going to hurt you. I'm just lonely, can't we play?" The monster keeps asking to play. "Look at me Seth."
    I start to cry and slowly turn my head.
    The monster wasn't scary.
    The monster looks exactly like me. He has short black hair like me and wore the same pj's as me. The only thing differint was his eyes. Mine were blue, his were red.
    "You're not scary," I say to him.
    "And you're not as adorable as I thought," he said back.
    "Huh?" The monster was confusing, almost as confusing as daddy.
    "Oh nothing. Shall we play now?" I nodded to his question. "Take my hand." I grab the monster's hand and get off the bed. "I'm going to show you a new game. No matter what stay quiet, so we don't get in trouble." I nod again.
    This game... hurts. "Monster?"
    "Shhh. No matter what stay quiet."
    My arms feel wet and the monster was beginning to scare me again. "It hurts," I wined. I felt my shirt tear off. I culd feel scratches on my tummy. "I dont like this game! It hurts!" I acsidentaly yelled.
    "I said to keep quiet!" The monster tugged on my hair and put sumthing in my mouth. "That shuld keep you quiet."
    The monster hurt me in more places. I think I was bleeding, but I culdnt call for mommy.
    I need a light, so I can get rid of the monster.
    Theres my flashlight over there. I need to try to reach it.
    Just a little bit farther...
    If only daddy believed me...

    The spelling and grammar errors are purposeful.
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  4. So is the kid schizophrenic or was the monster a pedo? Anyways I like the kids name. Seth is the name of the egyptian god of chaos.
  5. The monster was real....it killed the kid...but it was actually just supposed to be left to your imagination.
  6. Ah. But the name-play was good
  7. Well.
    That was terrifying, thanks Kay
  8. Hehehe you're welcome xD
  9. Don't give up on me
    I left the house that morning after getting in an argument with my father. It didn't affect me, my mornings were always like that.
    I plugged my headphones into my ears and began my walk to school. It was my first day back after getting suspended for a week.
    I hit a kid. Apparently it is one of the school's rules not to hit other students. But what if it were for self defense? Fuck it...they didn't want to hear my story. I got in trouble too many times, there was no use in trying to show them who the real bad guys are.
    I pulled out a cigarette. I can't smoke at home or at school, so my only other option was on the walk to school.
    I know, it's unhealthy. It could kill me, mess up my lungs, mess up my throat, what if that's what I want? Has anyone ever thought of that?
    Don't worry... that's not my reason behind it. Believe it or not, it actually helps calms me down. It relaxes me.
    On my walk to school I took in the scenery. What an ugly world this is, especially today.
    The sky was gray, indicating it would rain. It rains quite a lot out here, I'm not surprised.
    The ground was filled with litter. Not even grounds seem to get respect in this world. But they can't do anything back can they? Of course not, I guess they don't really need respect.
    Oh but what about the people? They too are ugly. People fake a smile everyday. That's lying. I don't like liars. They talk behind your back, as though you won't ever figure out the words that were said. They beat down on those that are below them.
    It's an ugly world and it's just better to just keep your head down as you walk on.
    The school building finally came into view. Almost everyone was probably already inside, hanging out until the first bell rang for first period.
    As I got closer to the building I saw the one face I never wanted to see again. Seth Gonzalez.
    He seemed to be waiting. Waiting for me.
    "What is it you want?" I asked him as I was now within five feet in his gaze. "You already got me suspended for a week."
    "We aren't finished what we started and you know it." Just as he said that his little pack came out of hiding.
    There was now about three big guys surrounding me, along with Seth.
    "It's been over!" I yelled at him. I didn't want to go through this again. I don't want to do this. Why is he always after me?
    "It isn't over until I get the last strike!" Seth yelled right back at me.
    He walked closer, I walked further away. "I'm not going through this again," I told him through clenched teeth. I took one more step back, only to bump into one of his little friends.
    I told you... people are ugly creatures in this world.
    I had no where to go now. I could go left, or maybe even right. But his men suddenly grab my arms, keeping me from getting away from any of them.
    I struggled to get loose, but in their grasp I felt like nothing but a helpless little bug.
    One quick strike to my stomach from Seth's fist caused me to cough. I wanted to soothe the pain, but my arms were in a tight grip.
    They only laughed at my pain. As though it was funny to see others hurt. Maybe it was, but to me, it hurts.
    I felt a hard fist connect with the side of my head. My vision was starting to blur. I couldn't stand this anymore. They were laughing at my pain. It isn't fair. None of this is fair.
    Seth violently grabbed onto my jaw to make me look him in the eyes. "Next time I want something, give it to me."
    "Fuck off faggot," I managed to say as I spat blood out my mouth and onto the ground.
    I shouldn't have spoke. I was kicked right in the middle of my chest. The impact made me lose my breath and fall on the ground, regardless the hands that were trying to keep me still.
    The bell rung and they all walked off laughing. I only laid there, waiting for the pain to subside.
    It was no use. This pain I feel would last for maybe a week if not longer. I slowly stood up, wincing in pain.
    I looked towards the building before running inside, regardless the pain. I didn't want to be late, I couldn't be late.
    I ran...but I couldn't make it. Right as I was going to make it inside the bell rung. The door was slammed in my face and my only entrance would be a late pass from the front office.
    I turned around and angrily kicked a locker.
    What is the point in coming here in the first place? I'm only fed useless information for a future I will never have and beat on by someone who knows he can't claim me.
    I can't decide which is worse, staying home or going to school. It's all shit to me. There is no point.
    I wander the halls. It'd be best to go to the office and get a late pass, but they would most likely question the already forming bruises on my face.
    I am no snitch, so all I could do is roam the halls at the moment and avoid any people.
    Avoidance is all I want. I want people to keep away, I want to stay alone, away from people.
    The best place for that had to be the roof. No teachers to question me, no students to bother me.
    I stood at the edge and let the wind blow through my dirty blonde hair. I don't cut it often, causing it to get in my face a lot, but I didn't mind. It was the least of my worries.
    It began to drizzle and I looked up at the dark clouds. Rain was expected, like always.
    I felt something buzz in my pocket. My phone's way of telling me someone is trying to contact me.
    I pull it out and found an unknown number has text me. It wouldn't have been the first either.
    This person keeps sending me pictures of them, making sure not to show their face. They keep saying weird things, right before saying cruel things about me.
    U fucking cunt. Ur father is a pussy. No wonder u cant stand up 4 ur self. Cant u just come c me?
    I gripped the phone tightly before throwing it off the roof. Those messages weren't as bad as the last ones... but I was getting sick of it all.
    I want it all to end. Everything.
    I slowly, almost as though unsure of myself, take out a pistol I found in the drawer in my father's bedroom.
    "What are you doing?" I jumped after hearing a female voice behind me, causing me to drop the gun.
    "I could ask you the same thing!" I turned to face her, only to find out she was one of the pretty girls in school, Klarissa Accardo.
    "I saw you come up here and decided to find out why. Now it's your turn...answer my question."
    "It's none of your business." I quickly picked the gun up.
    I could have put it away without her seeing it. But she knew, she knew and she reacted quicker than I could.
    "Give me that," she snatched it out my hand. "Don't you know weapons aren't allowed at school?"
    I merely shrugged. "It wouldn't have mattered in the end."
    "Yes, it would have!" Klarissa said, almost angrily before turning away to leave...with the gun.
    "Wait!" I called to her, just as thunder roared above our heads.
    I saw her jump before grabbing my wrist and pulling me indoors. She was making me angry. What did this girl want?
    Once we were inside she started to walk away again, quickly, as though she didn't want me to walk with her.
    I watched her go, only growing more angry. There is no use in trying to get the weapon back. She probably wants me to suffer in this world.
    I turn away to walk to my next class that should be starting soon.
    Hopefully I could get through this school day without anymore conflict...

    If you're interested in reading the rest then here's the link: http://figment.com/books/909284-Don-t-Give-Up-on-Me
  10. We Were Wonderful
    You were wonderful.
    I was so pathetic.

    I hung my head low as the little raindrops pelted my hair. The rain water ran down my face, mixing with the tears that wouldn't stop running.
    How could I have been so pathetic and blind? I couldn't see the fault in our relationship.
    I couldn't stop the tears. We were together for three years. I did everything for you. You took my money and every little gift I bought you. You took my heart. You took my everything...and threw it in the trash.
    I was lied to. I was cheated on. I was played like a fool.
    letting out a frustrated growl I chucked the empty glass bottle that has been in my hand.
    "Hey man? Are you okay?" A pedestrian. Asking Me if I'm okay.
    "Oh yeah, I'm perfect." My words dripped with sarcasm. "If you'd only seen me yesterday...I was wonderful," I mumbled before hanging my head yet again.
    I could feel his presence linger for another minute before finally disappearing.
    Ten minutes must have gone by before I decided to stand from the bench I sat on.
    "I was so useless," I spoke under my breath. "I could have been better."
    I began to walk off. I wasn't sure where, just that I wanted to get out of there. I swayed side to side and I could hear the stifling laughter of people around me.
    It isn't fair.
    I gave you everything.
    We were wonderful!

    I collapsed on the ground and cried like a little infant.
    Three years of my life went down the trash. I could never find anyone like her, not ever.
    "Don't be sad mister." I look up to see a little girl, about the age of five.
    "Go away," I mumbled, lowering my head back to the ground.
    She didn't move. Didn't even speak a word.
    I looked back up to see what it is she wanted...only to find her holding out a small stuffed elephant.
    "This is for you...it makes me happy when I'm sad." I hesitantly grab a hold of the little kid toy and looked at it.
    "Karie!" I look up and see a grown woman, calling for the little girl. I silently look between the two.
    I slowly stood up and looked at the gift still in my hands and back to the little girl. Her mother grabbed her hand and looked at me with a smile.

    Ten years ago I thought my life was over.
    Ten years ago I had no idea that I would meet my new daughter and love.
    I knew there was no way I could find another love like my first, but I found a better love and I'm glad my life played out the way it did.
    I have a beautiful fifteen year old daughter and a wonderful wife.
    My family is wonderful.

  11. Why can't I hold all these feels. D':
  12. YAY! A happy one. At least happy ending
  13. Snowstorm
    So cold.
    It's so cold.
    Listen to their cries.
    It's so cold.
    Look at their blue lips and shivering bodies.
    It's so cold.
    Why won't the snow stop?
    I... like the cold.

    A castle made of ice sat on a hill, outside the village.
    It's so cold in the village.
    The villagers no nothing about heat. They hear stories from outsiders and that's it.
    Nobody has seen the owners of the castle. Well... they've seen a girl from the castle... once. But that was almost twelve years ago.
    A four year old girl dressed in light blue went to explore the village. Only one person saw her. A young boy, the age of six.
    The boy was scared of her, yet fascinated. Ever since then he had the desire to meet her, but she never came back.
    He was now eighteen, and still wanted to see her. There's a problem with that though, no normal human can stand that type of cold. It's so cold at the top of the mountain that it could freeze you in mid-step.

    "It's not love Cody. It's curiosity."
    "I don't care. I want to see her again, no, I need to see her."
    "If you go to that castle you will freeze. You have so much to live for."
    "I don't know Billy. Life is boring, there's nothing to live for. I want to see her again... one last time."
    "But your family! You have a younger sister and lovely parents that love you."
    "Yeah I guess." Cody went back to picking vegetables to feed his family.
    "Come on Cody look at yourself." Billy put a piece of glass up to Cody's face. "You could easily find a pretty girl, no problem."
    Cody looked at his reflection. He had messy blonde hair and brown eyes. His smooth, perfect skin could have any girl fall in love with him. "I don't want any of the girls here. They're all the same."
    "You're crazy Cody." Billy shook his head and went to the well to gather water.
    Would he risk his life just to get a glimpse of the girl?

    I like the cold.
    Why must the cold be so lonely.
    I want friends.
    No, I can't have friends.
    The village looks lively today. I wish I was down there.
    "Yes mother!"
    "Stop looking at the village, you're causing it to snow."
    "Can I go to the village?" I asked mother. I already knew the answer to my question.
    "Don't you remember last time?" she asked.
    I remember twelve years ago. I was so young and wanted to meet the villagers. That day they experienced a snow blizzard. Nobody was outside in the storm, at least no one I can remember.
    "Why would you want to go there anyway? They killed your father right after you were born. They called us monsters." It is true. They thought we were monsters because of our powers, the powers we can not control.
    "It's so cold mother," I said as I looked outside. "It's so lonely."
    "I know darling. Why don't you go make snow angels?" mother offered. She always tried to keep me busy, but the loneliness was so overwhelming.
    "I do that everyday. I want a friend," I told her.
    "You're heart is too cold to experience love and have friends. You'll only end up hurting them."
    I sighed and looked away from the window. I was sick of looking at the ice castle.
    I... don't like the cold.

    "You're looking at the castle again," Cassandra stated. "Why are you so fascinated by it?"
    "I saw the girl that lives there twelve years ago. I want to meet her." Cody answered his sister's question without looking away from the castle. "I was just young boy when I saw her. I believe that was when I experienced true beauty."
    "If you were to go there you'd freeze," she stated.
    "I don't care."
    "You don't care for your life?" Cassandra asked.
    "No. It's just a normal life. If I were to leave this earth I want her face to be the last image I see."
    "You're unbelievable." Cassandra left Cody's room.
    I want to see her face. Just once.
    That ice castle is the only thing keeping me interested in life.
    Wait. Why dream about it? Why not go there?
    Sure I might make it my last day, but it's something I want.
    Billy says it's just curiosity, but I think it's more.
    Would you risk your life for love? Would I?
    Yes, I will. I'm just a normal boy in a small village. All I want is to see her face, even if it will cause my life.
    "Cody? What are you doing?" It was my parents. How will they react when I tell them I'm planning my last day?
    "I want to see the ice princess. I'm going to the castle," I stated.
    "Are you crazy?!" my father yelled. "You'll freeze before you even see her!"
    "That may be true, but I want to try." I was putting on lairs of clothing. I needed just enough that will keep me warm for at least a second to see her face.
    "Please Cody!" It was Cassandra. "Why are you doing this? Aren't you happy with this life?"
    "To be honest, no." When I said that my parents broke down in tears. "Life is boring. Everyday I have to fake a smile, but there is only one thing that will make me truly smile."
    "But Cody! You're being ridiculous!" Cassandra yelled.
    "Don't you guys want me to be happy?" I asked in one desperate attempt to stop the tears. "Please, be happy for me."
    "But you'll end up dying! How can any of us be happy about that?!" It was obvious Cassandra was upset about it.
    "He's right," dad spoke up after clearing his throat. "If it will make you happy, then I'm happy."
    "I still think it's stupid, but as long as you die happily it's okay," Cassandra said with a sad smile.
    Mother nodded, "If this is really what you want... I can only encourage you," she said sadly with tears in her eyes.
    "Thank you," I said with tears in my eyes. I hugged each of them goodbye.
    "Cody wait," father called. "Wear this."
    "But... this is your favorite fur coat." Why was he giving me his coat?
    "If my son is going die I want him to die with this. When I wear this I feel like the luckiest man in the world."
    "Thanks dad. I'll keep fighting the cold, I won't let this coat go to waste."
    I started for the mountain. I'm going to see her face if it's the last thing I do, no, it is going to be the last thing I do.
    The closer I get, the fiercer the snowstorm.
    I have to do this, for the sake of my family. If I die without doing what I want accomplished I will never forgive myself.

    I continued to look at the little village, even if I was making it snow.
    Hm? What is that in the distant?
    Is that a figure making it's way to the castle?
    Somebody making their way to the castle? Does that mean I won't be lonely?
    No wait.
    If they continue to come they'll freeze to death.
    I hurried to the door of the castle. Should I go to them or wait?
    No, they shouldn't come here. They will die quicker in this castle.
    I went outside. I'll meet them half way.
    I shouldn't be doing this. When ever I leave the castle the snowstorm gets worse.
    But I don't want that man to die... quickly.
    I already know what his fate will be in this cold.

    I could hardly see through this snow.
    I pushed myself to keep going, even if the cold is too much to bare.
    My face was going numb and I longed for the warmth of my home. But I had to do this. I can't explain why, but I do.
    I remember years ago. I saw her small form surrounded by snow. Her silver hair matched the snow flurries around her. She wore a light blue dress to match her personality. Ever since then I just had to see her face.
    Ever since that day I didn't look at girls in the same way. I saw them as boring, the ice princess was far more interesting.
    I hated my life more and more as the days went by. I felt like the only way to fix that was by seeing her. Maybe that's what happens when you fall in love with an ice princess.
    You lose all feelings for anything else.
    I looked up to see how much further.
    I looked up and saw... her.
    Was she coming to me?
    I ignored the cold and ran forward. I didn't stop running until she was five feet in front of me.
    Her face was... beautiful. She had light blue eyes that compliment her silver hair. Her light blue dress shows her slim slender form.
    I felt like the luckiest guy in the world.
    It's so cold.
    I want to stay and... talk to her.

    The man stopped moving. I walked closer.
    His lips were blue and his skin was pale. His formerly blonde hair was turning white.
    "Why are you here?" I asked with a hint of confusion.
    "Y-you're beautiful." His teeth chattered as he spoke.
    Those words were so nice.
    Those words... made me happy, but.. why would he say something like that?
    "You're going to freeze," I said.
    "I know. I needed to see you."
    "But why?" I didn't understand any of this...
    "I saw you years ago. I think after seeing your beauty it caused me to view the rest of the world so coldly," the young man spoke fast, as though scared he wouldn't be able to finish what he had to say.
    I think... his words were warming my heart. It made me so happy. My happiness caused the blizzard to roar louder.
    There was so much snow.
    "I think I like you," I stated. "Nobody has ever made me so happy."
    The first face I see outside the castle stole my heart. Is this love at first sight? Or am I just blinded by his kind words?
    "Snow is so beautiful. You're beautiful." The man seemed to be getting colder.
    I don't want him to freeze. I'll be forever lonely.
    Nobody has ever risked their lives just to see me. Why did he feel the need to come here?
    "What's your name?" I asked.
    "C-Cody. What's your name?"
    My name seemed to put a smile on his face. "Krystal? I think I lo--"
    Did he freeze?
    "Cody?" I waved my hand in his face. He didn't blink. He didn't move.
    The only man willing to come here, just to see me, froze.
    Tears stained my face. I will be forever alone.

    "Walls of ice surround my frozen heart start to melt with the warmth of your desire.
    Can this be love I feel for you now?
    Please don't tell me you can't take it.
    Since the day our stars first aligned, my whole world's been frozen in time.
    I love you so much I could die, and I can't sleep at night.
    There is a snowstorm, there is a snowstorm. It's blowing throughout the walls of my heart.
    There is a snowstorm, there is a snowstorm, and it fills till the depths of my emotion.
    Now I'm lost, I'm a prisoner of passion."

    Going up the mountain was worth my life.
    I smiled for real after seeing her beauty.
    I now stood in her room to watch her everyday.
    We could not speak.
    It's so cold.
    I couldn't feel her when she touched my frozen cheeks. I couldn't feel when she held my hands. I couldn't feel her lips when they touched mine.
    It's so cold.
    She would talk to me for hours, even if I can't answer.
    It's so cold.
    We vowed that one day we will find a way to defrost me. Until then, all I could do was be there for her.
    My face was frozen with that smile she loved so much.
    If my family knew how happy I was they'd be proud.
    It's so cold.
    I... like the cold... as long as I get to be with her.

  14. What Lurks in The Dark

    I have been sitting here in the dark ever since the sun went down. I have been staring at that same corner.
    I don't get up. I don't turn away. I don't blink... at least... I think I am not blinking.
    Where are you? You should be awake by now. Why aren't you here?
    I turned my head in the direction of the noise. Almost like a guard dog who inspects every. little. noise.
    Is it you? No...you never come from the door.
    "Kendall? Why are you still up sweetheart?" It was that damned mother of mine.
    "I couldn't sleep. Do you mind if I got a class of water?" I asked sweetly with a bright smile.
    "Of course." She nodded as she let me pass the door.
    I walked through the halls and down the steps almost robotic. I looked straight ahead with my mind only on one thing.
    I flicked the kitchen light on as I stepped in. Walking straight to the cupboards where the glasses are held. I grabbed a glass. Nothing special about it. Just an ordinary glass.
    I turned the sink on and filled the ordinary glass after placing a couple ice cubes in it.
    Back upstairs. Staring at the ice cubes floating in the glass as I walk to my destination.
    Step after step after step.
    My door was left open. I stood outside and looked both ways, making sure mother wasn't still lurking about.
    One step inside.
    Look around.
    "Hello?" One quiet whisper. "Are you there?"
    No answer.
    I slowly close the door and walk towards my bed. I placed the ice cold water on the nightstand.
    Right as I began to be seated on my bed I felt a presence nearby. You came?
    A small smile spread across my face. I was happy...but at the same time, I was scared.
    I quickly sat on my bed. I'm waiting for you to show yourself.
    I pulled the blankets up high, covering my body up to my chin.
    Slowly, one foot after the other, appeared a figure from the darkness.
    This figure looks familiar...but not familiar.
    It was the same body and face I see every night...but the face. What is wrong with the face?
    "A-are you sad?" I asked the figure, only a few feet in front of me and the bed I sat on. "Why are you sad?"
    "Nobody can save me." The voice... was different...why did it..quiver? "Please. Please keep me from falling."
    He disappeared... yes, he.

    I turned in my sleep and let my hand slam on the alarm clock.
    It was a signal for me to get up and go to school. I didn't want to go to school, but I am always told...without school I will have no future.
    I dragged myself out of bed and went over to my closet. Black skinny jeans, black boots, white top, and a Calvin Klein leather jacket to top it off.
    Lay the outfit on the bed first.
    Go to the bathroom and take one quick shower. Leave. Get dressed. Walk downstairs. Grab an apple. Leave out the door.
    It was a process that has been repeated day after day after day. Part of that process was heading over to my motorcycle and placing the helmet over my head. It was added to my process ever since last school year.
    There was a nearby bus stop for the high school, but it is always so full. I decided to get a motorcycle license to drive myself to school. Too many people make me uncomfortable anyways.
    I sped off.
    Past the bus stop.
    A few waves were seen. I rolled the eyes that were hidden under the helmet and quickly waved back.
    You guys aren't my friends. Not my real friends. You wouldn't even care if I disappeared off the face of the Earth.
    I rode off on my motorcycle. Looking straight ahead I only focused on the road.
    Black, rough, dirty pavement. Nothing special about it.
    I focused on the sky.
    It's going to rain today.
    Back to the road. The school building wasn't that far away. It was within eye range.
    I slowed down some as I came to the front of the building and began to park.
    Getting off my bike I could feel a set of eyes on me. I quickly turned and noticed the one girl I could say I truly hate.
    "Do you need something?" I asked her rudely.
    "No. Nothing at all." her face had the ugly smile I hate. Why does she always seem more happy than I do? She doesn't deserve it.
    "Did you do the math homework?" she asked me. Why does she act so nice? Does she think I don't know the things she says behind my back?
    "I did some of it. I couldn't understand the last two problems," I answered her with the same smile she gave me. But our smiles are different.
    "Really? I couldn't get the fifth one. You think maybe we can swap answers?" she asked me.
    "Of course." There is still a smile on my face.
    We walk over to the front steps of the school building. I sit down and open up my backpack to find my homework. She did the same.
    I looked at her paper and quickly wrote down what she had. I gave her my paper and she wrote down what it is I got.
    "Lila! Come over!" The girl was called to go elsewhere. That would make me left by myself.
    "Coming! I'll see you in math class Kendall,"she said with a slight smile.
    I nodded to her and smiled back. That smile immediately dropped once she turned around.
    You don't care. You never care. You only pretend.
    I stood up and was on my way to first period. I hated first period. I was always tired in that class and it made almost no sense.
    Why are we made to learn all of this stuff? What if someone doesn't want to do something in the future that involves that sort of knowledge?What if someone doesn't even want to do anything with their future?
    I went to sit at my desk. This class period was science. I don't like science.
    Talking. Writing. Talking. Writing. It's all the same. Every class. Everyday. It's all the same.

    Seven hours of pure boredom.
    Last bell. Five more minutes. Five more minutes of talking and writing.
    I couldn't pay attention on any work within that last five minutes. Something felt off. I looked around the room.
    The front of the room. Only four rows in front of me. There was a dark corner. It was on the right side of the room.
    Something seems wrong about it. Why was that corner so dark...but the rest of the room was so bright?
    Does anybody else see how off this looks?
    You're here? Why are you here?
    I looked at the same corner. I stared at it for five minutes. The bell rings but I don't hear it.
    I'm waiting.
    I see a dark foot just about ready to step out of the darkness. He's coming. But why here?
    "Kendall? Is something wrong?" Someone touched my shoulder. I quickly turned around and saw another kid stayed behind.
    "Yes I'm fine. Thanks for asking." I gave him a bright smile before packing up and standing from my seat.
    "You seemed a bit distant for a second there. Would you like for me to walk you to your motorcycle?" the teen boy who stayed behind asked me.
    "Sure. I'd love that," I smiled and began to walk out the classroom. I stopped for a split second and looked back to the corner.
    He was standing there... the face was back... he is sad..again.
    Is it my fault?
    "Meet me tonight...at our special place," the figure said. I turned to see the boy who was going to walk with me.
    He didn't hear.
    He couldn't hear.
    "I'm sorry, I'm coming," I told him with a smile. The boy nodded and returned the smile as we walked off.
    But I wasn't talking to you...I was talking to him.

    I sat at the kitchen table.
    It was now four in the afternoon.
    I should be doing homework. But instead I'm waiting.
    Looking straight ahead at the clock on the wall.
    He preferred that time. I have until midnight.
    "Kendall?" The front door opened. "Is something wrong? You seem to be getting more distant lately." Why mother? Why must you care?
    "I'm sorry. I'm just...waiting."
    "Waiting? For what?" Why did I tell her what I was doing? Now she won't shut up.
    I hate conversation. I hate conversation with her.
    "Nothing that would concern you." A smile slowly formed on my face. I turned to look at her, finally moving my gaze from the clock on the wall.
    "What has gotten into you?" Mother keeps asking me questions...but why? Why does she care?!
    The smile on my face immediately dropped. Her questions are angering me. "I'm still the same Kendall," I simply said.
    There is nothing wrong with me.
    I'm perfect.
    I'm his.
    That's what he says. He makes me feel special. H-he's the only one I care for. Nobody else would understand.
    My brain was thinking to fast. It was giving me a headache.
    "Maybe you need some sleep. Okay?" She never stayed for my reply. Just left back up to her room.
    Since when do you get the last word? Why didn't I get to say anything back?
    I don't want to sleep.

    One. More. Hour.
    I have yet to move from my spot at the table. It was now dark. I couldn't even see the clock that I'm looking at anymore.
    I began to tap my finger on the table.
    I can't wait anymore. By the time I get out there it would be midnight right? Right?!
    I slowly got up from the table.
    I walked up to my room.
    Darkness covered the whole house.
    It's just the dark. So why am I scared? I'm not supposed to be scared.
    I was in the doorway to my room. My eyes rested on one thing.
    I walked over to the bed and grabbed the hoodie that sat upon it.
    What time is it? I took out my cellphone.
    Walk downstairs.
    It's an easy task.
    Why aren't I moving? I need to walk!
    I begin to move. Walking slowly down the stairs.
    I walk over to the backdoor. Heading out and towards the woods close by.
    I turned back towards the house for a split second. Every light is off.
    Turn back around. Continue walking.
    There was a slight breeze. I stopped walking. I stopped walking...to breath.
    The moon shined brightly. It was full and surrounded by stars.
    The trees were bare and thick.
    The air always smelt better at night.
    I took a look around. Everything was dark.
    Continue walking. Continue walking until you see a hill.
    "You came." I heard the voice.
    I nodded even though I didn't see him.
    "You would do anything for me right?" I nodded again.
    Why won't you show yourself?
    He did. He was now right in front of me.
    The moon light allowed me to see him face.
    There was none. Nothing on his face.
    He was so close.
    A hand reached out. Fingers combed through my long dark hair.
    The hand dropped. He had no eyes...but I can tell he was looking straight at me.
    In one split second I saw a mouth on his face. Sharp teeth. Rows of them. It was like looking into a dark hole.
    I didn't scream.
    I allowed it to happen.
  15. Good Ol'Days
    It was July fourth.
    A day the family got together for a barbecue and hung out.
    I sat on the bed besides my brother. We were in our old room.
    I was told when I get older all my fears would shrink, But now I'm insecure and I care what people think.
    Wish we could turn back time, to the good ol'days, when our momma sang us to sleep but now we're stressed out.

    "You remember your failed lemonade stand?" Jake asked me. We were bring back all of our memories, just for the heck of it.
    "It wouldn't have been a fail if you didn't take more than half the money I earned," I said back to him.
    "You shouldn't have ruined my science project," Jake said after laughing. He wasn't laughing with me. He was laughing at me.
    "I told you before, that wasn't me, it was the cat."
    "You blamed the cat on everything, even the most stupidest things."
    "That time it wasn't a lie," I argued.
    Jake always made fun of me. It was expected since he was my older brother, whereas I was his baby sister. It has been years since I've seen him. It had to be about four.
    "Haven't you ever heard of the boy who cried wolf?" Jake asked me.
    "You told it to me every night, always adding another gruesome detail about the boy and the wolf. That wasn't funny Jake," I stated as I punched his arm.
    "Oh come on Jenny, it was a joke. You're a big girl now," he laughed as he playfully shoved me.
    "Remember that time when you wrecked dad's car?" I asked. I saw a picture on the dresser of Jake in his teens, it reminded me of the car.
    "He was so mad," Jake burst out laughing. "Y-you tried to calm him down...and blamed the cat!" Jake was practically crying now because of how hard he was laughing.
    "I thought it would keep me from having to pay you back for the ice cream incident." I covered my face with my hands, getting slightly embarrassed about my fail attempt at helping my brother.
    "Nothing could have fixed that incident! You started an ice cream war and wrecked the kitchen!" Jake cried out.
    "Because you hit me with a marshmallow!" I yelled defensively.
    "Jake! Jennifer!" Our mom called us down, it must be time to eat.
    "Go downstairs dummy," Jake pushed me off the bed.
    "I'm going, I'm going. Stop pushing me you fat ass."
    The both of us sat across from each other at the little table set up outside. In front of us was a bunch of food for tonight. After eating we were all going to set off fireworks.
    Just as I picked up my hamburger, a small pea flew into my mashed potatoes.
    "Jake!" I yelled before taking my spoon and flinging the potatoes at him.
    "What are you two doing?!" Father sat down at the table just in time to see Jake's face covered in food.
    "It was the cat!" I called out and Jake automatically started laughing. I gave a nervous chuckle and looked away from my father, catching a small glimpse at my brother.

    These two have never said the words "I love you" towards each other.
    But they never had to. Because she knows. She knows her brother cares.
    He knows. He knows his sister loves him.
    They know. They know if either of them could never live without the other.

  16. You did well on the happy story! Without that I would of been terrified from the one before
  17. Haha thanks xD
  18. I Am Happy
    I sat on the front porch of my house. Staring at the scars on my wrist and up my left arm.
    It's been six months since another has been added to the collection.
    I know I shouldn't do it anymore. I don't want to do it anymore.
    I'm doing well.
    No more fresh cuts.
    I should be happy right?
    I've come to understand that shit in life happens. I know that I need to stay strong, no matter how much I'm put through.
    I'm doing it for my friends and family. I won't pick it back up again...I promise.
    I stood up to go back in the house. Neither my older or younger sister were home at the time, therefore I got the whole house to myself.
    I picked up my cell phone to see if I received any new text messages. Unfortunately, I had none.
    I used to get hundreds of messages a day. I somehow drifted away from everyone.
    I lost a close friend...all because I couldn't handle my social anxiety. She wanted me to talk more....told me to fuck off and get a therapist if my anxiety was that bad.
    Tossing the phone on the couch, I looked down at my left wrist and raised the sleeve a bit.
    One month.
    My six month streak....has turned into one month being clean.
    I walked towards my laptop and sat down. I was about to open it....until I remembered the fight over the internet.
    I set my laptop aside and looked down at my wrist.
    I raised the sleeve just a tad bit higher.
    That one month...turned into two weeks.
    I walk upstairs, to my room.
    Slowly, step by step, I made my way up.
    Stopping in the doorway, I looked at my left arm and raised the sleeve a bit more.
    Fresh blood.
    My eyes widened as a small gasp escaped my lips.
    What am I doing?
    Tears began to stream down my face as I slowly fell to my knees.
    I told myself I will never be weak again.
    What happened?

    The tears fell, one by one, onto my wrist.
    I looked down at my wrist.
    I don't understand why I did this.
    I angrily started wiping at my wrist. I wanted it gone. I couldn't handle it.
    The scars. The blood.
    What have I done?
    I was sobbing uncontrollably until I felt a gentle touch on my shoulder.
    I look up. I see a young female to my right.
    I turn to my left. I see two young males.
    "We're here for you....no matter the distant between us."
    It was like a soft whisper. Barely audible.
    I blinked once...and they faded away.
    I looked down at my wrist.
    For my friends and family. I won't pick it up again....I promise.
    I promise you....I'm happy.
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