Writing and Art Museum: Name Change Time???

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  1. Our Writing and Art Museum has been getting a lot of activity and is going to be getting a big facelift soon to compensate! While we're at it, we're thinking that maybe a name change is in order too. "Museum" doesn't really fit, in our opinions, because it isn't just for showcases anymore. People can post their art shops, discussions, tutorials, feedback, and requests for art or banners or signatures!

    But we can't think of anything good. >:[

    This is where you come in! Post alternative name suggestions! If we like your idea enough, we will use it. Then you will have gloating rights FOREVER because you named a forum on Iwaku.


    1. It has to be clear from the name that it is for writing and art. Not just art. We are primarily a roleplaying and writing site and while we appreciate all of our artists- especially the ones making character art, banners, and forum signatures for our members and their roleplays- we don't want people to forget the writers, poets, and even the lyricists who also use this section.

    2. Do not put "Corner" anywhere in the name. "Corner" sounds like a twee kiddie craft area and we are way too cool for that shit.

    EDIT: 3. Avoid using "Creative" in the name. We already have a forum called "Creative Challenges"!

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  2. You startled me there, I thought you meant we were changing the name of Iwaku...

    Uh, I don't have any suggestions for this forum, though. Maybe something with "creative arts"? Sorry, I'm not feeling very creative at the moment.
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  3. How about the C.W.A.A (Creative Writing And Art)
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  4. @Lady Bernkastel

    Diana is a fearmonger!

    Also, whoops, thanks for the thought but I should have added not to use "creative" because it's too close to one of our other Content forums.
  5. Would something such as 'Art Showcase' be a good one? Something of that nature? Art does include everything mentioned by my standard, so just something to throw out there~
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  6. What about the M.M.C. (Multi Media Confessionals)?
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  7. Express yourself Lane? Maybe? Or, Innovative ways of a pencil or pen? Or, Expressive Writings and Arts?

    I dunno but heres a few things that randomly appeared in my mind. *waves goodbye and dances away*
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  8. No let's go classic... Because its both a showcase and a place you can "buy" artwork.

    Artisan's Square (Any variation there of; Artisan Square, Square of Equal Artisans)
    The Artisan Marketplace

    I see that Iwaku forums favor "Places" you can go. i.e "The Catacombs, Graveyard, Community Hub, Roleplay Institute"
    Why not a place to trade, admire, and mentor for Graphics, Drawings etc.

    Hope this has been even slightly helpful. :3
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  9. Artist's Alley
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  10. I like this! It makes it sound almost like a black market... off the grid... and magical... :3
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  11. Ooh! OOH! I GOT IT!

    Creative Corner

    ...why's everyone looking at me like that?

    What's that you say? A serious suggestion? Hmm, how about "Artistic Expressions"?
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    • Iwaku's Art Center
    • Literature and Arts Ward(Yes, I said ward. We've got some batshit-crazy awesome artists up in this joint. Kidding, kidding; everyone here is awesome, not just our artists.)
    • Artist's Nation
    • Artist's Escape
    • Ye Old Hall Of Art(you know you like it. Haha, not really.)
    • Nope. You thought I had more ideas, but I don't. Seriously. Stop reading this message already.
    • What's your problem?? I already said I don't have anything else!
    • Seriously!!
    • ..Get on with life already.
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  12. Diagon Alley :D No? Damn...

    Oeuvre Court.

    Oeuvre: The work of an artist, composer, or author.

    The only problem is I keep reading it as Ovarie Court...
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  13. Crafts and the Arts?
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  14. A salon was a place where philosophers and artists would gather to share and compare ideas during the renaissance...

    Maybe we could do something with that?

    And a tertulia was basically the same thing, except in Latin America and Iberia.
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  15. So I'm sorry to double post, but I don't want to edit again and risk destroying the cookie. It is mine! Mine, I say!

    So maybe something like Salon Aléatoire? (Basically means like a random showcase, but it sounds all fancy)
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  16. *keeps feeding the posting owl cookies*
  17. The cookies make me happy, though they probably aren't good for me, what with all the candy I've been snarfing all day...

    But I am never one to turn down a cookie!
  18. TBH, when I saw this I thought of something along the lines of an alteration, so.....

    Print & Pictorialization Palace.

    or something along those lines...

    *shrugs* *shot*
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  19. Imagination Station
    Ink and Blots
    Pen and Paintbrush
    Artistic Splash
    Scrawl Wall
    Scrawl Stall
    Script Ship

    I'm not feeling very creative today. T.T
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