Would love some new partners :3

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  1. Edit: Have enough partners at the moment. Have already started three and awaiting three to start xD

    Hello, a lot of my rp partners are fed up with work and/or school so they only have time to answer a couple of times a week, while some others seems to have just disappeared. So I need new partners.

    I don't really have any ideas right now so I thought we could decide some plot together, also if you have an idea already you can always ask and I'll see what I think about it. ^^

    Some info:

    • I would like roleplayers that writes at least 2 paragraphs. I can write between 2 and 7 paragraphs and writes around the same amount as my partner does. If you write less than two paragraphs (one paragraph or one sentence) then I get tired of the rp very easily and it probably will be dropped fast. I just don't get inspiration from so little text even if the plot is good.
    • I mostly play female (especially if it is a mature rp) but I can play male sometimes now and then.
    • I prefer a romance rp without smut, but I can do smut to (mature rp partners must be 18+)
    • I can do FxF and FxM. I can do MxM but not as the dominant person and I will probably not go mature in it.
    • I can do almost any genre except mecha & sci-fi (I can do apocalyptic though, but other sci-fi stuff isn't my thing)
    • Genres and stuff I prefer: Historical, modern (high school), horror, supernatural, fantasy, vampires, demons.

    So if you're interested in roleplaying with me just write what genres you like best, if you have some kind of plot you want to do then you can post it if you think I would like it. Don't forget, those things I have written down on genres and stuff I prefer is just a bit of what I like. You can ask of any genre that isn't sci-fi (remember, I can do apocalyptic) and mecha. If you come with an idea that I don't like and don't think I can do then I will say no, but that doesn't mean we can't roleplay, we simply just have to choose another idea.

    Sorry if it became a lot to read :) Hope to rp with you soon ^^ And don't forget, at least two paragraphs per post.
  2. intrested
  3. ok, Some genre you would prefer doing? :)
  4. I VANT TO PLAY WIV YOU. I'm beginning to think I want to do another school setting. I play male.
  5. Melia: Haha ok :3 do you want it to have some supernatural or fantasy in it or just modern school setting? :)
  6. Supernatural might be kind of cool. "I don't want a superpower. I'd probably hurt myself." well that's my character's opinion on that. How about modern school for now. High school?
  7. High school sounds good :9 That's mostly what I use to go for in school roleplays ^^
    So modern high school with a bit supernatural :)

    What kind of supernatural should we have?
    ESP/Sixth sense powers
    X-men like powers
    Other stuff I can't come to think about now xD (BEST CHOICE EVER)
  8. "i'm not good with powers ahhhhh" I'm thinking. He could be able to communicate with ghosts or maybe aliens. "aliens" or move things with his mind. "or I can just sing reaaaally really high and make people deaf yeah~"
  9. Hahah xD Sounds like ESP powers and maybe some ghosts on the school x3

    Should one of our characters transfer to the school or should they go in the school both of them already but haven't noticed each other before or should they have been friends for a while? x3 (Soooo many questioooons)
    Oh and should only one of our characters have some sort of power or should both and that's why they become interested in each other? (Like one of them can talk to ghosts and the other one can see the future or something like that) :9
  10. I like that Second idea that they come together because of their powers. How do they get these powers. "ghosts are dumb can it be aliens?"

    Also my character is rather rebellious in a school setting. So he would probably be transferred because everyone gets fed up with him.

    Boarding school could be fun. It's a prominent type of school in England. "I'm English."

    Not that we can't make it work anywhere else. "but I like England..." quit your whining.
  11. Talking to aliens aren't really an ESP power, it would be a completely natural thing to communicate with them if a person found a way to contact them xD So if both of them would have powers then he should have a power and he could be friends with aliens x3

    Well a boarding school sounds good :) And it can be in England. I usually don't even know which country my roleplays is in xD So if it's in England or not doesn't matter x3
  12. "what if I can understand their garbled communication and no one else can? Oh oh! I can hear at different frequencies yeah~"

    So how do they get these powers?
  13. If we're going for ESP then they can just be born with it
  14. "does hearing different frequencies count a ESP?"
  15. hmm... well even if I haven't heard of it it could still be an ESP power since ESP can be that either one of you five senses are much more powerful than they should be (for example hearing like it would be in this case) or that you have a sixth power which is a power that comes because you can use more of your brain at the same time than other people which can include levitation, mindreading and such stuff.

    So yes, frequencies should probably be an ESP power
  16. I like the highschool setting and modern, something wth a hate, survival, corruption but overall romance and supernatural
  17. "so we're born with it then? *starts singing* baby I was born this way~" oh god don't mind him. Sounds cool! Do you want to make the first post? My replies might be a little slow I'm on m phone at work. But it's super dead today.
  18. Melia:
    Ok, I'll make the first post in a little while ^^ I'll start it shortly before your character arrives at the school for the first time. My character can be the one that shall show you around the school :)

    Hmm... survival in a high school environment?
    In that case I have two possibilities
    Either a terrorist group takes a class hostage or some students stay late after school and almost gets themselves killed by ghosts.. Or something like that x3
  19. I was stating the themes i liked but if it was survival i was thinking more realistic settings like terrorist or living in a corrupt world mabey 2017 somehting like that. For supernatural i was thinking like you said x men ppowers/ abilities. And a highschool setting can be anything but i like supernatural.
  20. Perfecttt!

    And now you got me interested in the terrorist taking a school group hostage. We should make that a side plot at some point.