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Adventure stories! They can be fantasy, modern, sci-fi, all kinds! Give me some good world travel stories and I'm all over it! I also enjoy romance stories and even though I tend to play females I love playing gay men.
Every night across the world, it's the same dream. The tomb hidden under the castle chambers somewhere in Ireland, though it isn't evident where in Ireland the dreamer always seems to know the exact place. Whispers echo across the stone walls, beckoning for the children of their countries to come to the chamber, to the family of guardians. The dream would quickly change accompanied with a blinding flash of light to show the Earth from orbit as it is torn asunder from the inside, the screams of countless lives being lost as a creature pulls its way from the core, leaving behind a husk of decayed, lifeless trash. Finally the dream fades back to black with the whispers consolidating to one voice before releasing the dreamer from the spell.
"These are not idle images to scare you, they are a promise of what is to come should you not seek out the tomb of enlightenment. I implore you, make your way to us so we can help you understand..."
PLOT The plot of this game is rather simple. In each country around the world there is one person who has witnessed the dream, a dream that threatens the end of the world as we all know it but if they seek out the tomb they will be granted the power to fight the ones who would set the events seen in the dream. Essentially they would be turned into Sailor Scouts from each of their countries. The first part of the story will take place with all of the dreamers arriving at the Irish castle to search for the tomb that they all were dreaming about, as normal people. A note about the abilities: (And this is up for changing should it not work as well as I think it will) Since each person will embody a specific country (a la Hetalia) their powers would be tied into their flags in elemental form. Each color on the flag would represent a specific element and from that pool you can pick ONE COLOR, and ONE COLOR ALONE to form the basis of your powers. I cannot implore you all enough to take the main element with a healthy pinch of salt, these are simply a guideline for the basis of your power, what you do with them is as different as the country your character represents. For example: Should somebody choose the United States they might take, water, fire or ice as their element, and from that they might build their fire power around making fires and controlling them, or maybe they'll use fire as inspiration to create a character that can manipulate dim lights and shadows caused by fire-light. I highly encourage you to be creative with what your character can do. Therefore: Red = Fire Blue = Water Yellow = Wind White = Ice Black = Earth Green = Wood Orange = Metal Bio Sheets Name: Age: Country of Origin: Appearance: (Pictures and/or descriptions acceptable) General Personality: Powers: (For when the powers appear, but make sure that they're weak at first because we want them to grow as the RP goes along! :D) History/Background:
Cast List

Estonia - Jaan Kõiv - Played by Zypher

Italy - Claimed by Neko-tan

Australia - Landon Sereign - Played by Guy

Ireland - Claimed by Ozzie

Scotland - Iris McFarlee - Played by FoxMaiden

South Korea - Jeong Gi-Moon - Played by Shiny

Puerto Rico - Claimed by Cartel

Egypt - Claimed by Nostalgia

Canada - Kim Havens - Played by SuperJunior

China - Scarlett Huong - Played by Zen

Philipines - Raphael Bayani - Played by Raz

Japan - Claimed by Dawn

Name: Jaan Kõiv

Age: 24

Country of Origin: Estonia

Appearance: Standing at about 5'11" Jaan isn't the tallest guy around but he likes to think he's a bit taller than some.

General Personality: Jaan is friendly and boisterous. A true people person he likes encountering different people from all different places, as such he practiced English as much as he could so he could communicate with all sorts of people. Even though he is friendly he is somewhat dim-witted and easily duped as long as he thinks what he's being told to do is for the right reasons. Jaan has a strong sense of justice but he still tries to rely on his gut for decisions for morality.

Powers: Jaan's power is over water. He can use the water vapor in the air to create mists and fog.

History/Background: Jaan was born in Tartu, USSR to a fairly normal household. His father was a police officer and his mother owned a bakery. When Estonia gained it's independence his father lost his job and started working with his mother. Soon they had moved to Tallinn and opened their own small bakery in the Old District of Tallinn. When he turned 18 he returned to Tartu to attend university and study English. After graduating he ended up working as a security agent for an Estonian ambassador. Then the dreams started. He would wake up in the middle of the night shaking but with a determination that he would have to go to Ireland to find that tomb. Taking a leave of absence he set out for Ireland in the hopes that he can understand his dream.

Theme Song:
Name: Maria (Mimi) De Luca


Countryof Origin: Italy

Appearance: This young girl stands at 5'6" and is around 120lbs. She wears anything from loose, comfortable clothing to a Chinese outfit. She always has her long, light brown hair up in a pony tail, and its hard to catch her without her smile on her face.

General Personality: She has taken a liking to anime and manga, as well as Chinese things. She'll always have a smile for everyone she meets, and maybe even a big hug if she feels like it. Mimi is an accident prone, causing some type of injury to those around her when not careful. She honestly wouldn't be able to fight anyone or anything for two reasons: 1) She doesn't like to hurt someone else intentionally. 2) She would become afraid quickly and would surrender before the battle even begins.

Powers: Her beginning power is the ability to make small plants (mainly tree saplings) grow faster, and manipulate a little bit of where it would grow to.

History/Background: Mimi's father is a mafia boss, but her mother is deceased. She grew up like any other girl; she went to school, got to go shopping at the mall, and even had a curfew. But the thing that was different was her father had some power. She often watched him at work, admiring him for it. He did almost anything for Mimi, so how could she not admire him? He was also a very fair guy, not killing anyone unless it is a last resort, and she grew up around all this so it was normal for her. Mimi is friends with all of her father's men, so she has fun around the house when not out in town.

Once she turned 18, her father gave his permission to do whatever she wanted without him getting in his way. So when she wanted to go out of the country, he let her and even gave her all the money she would need and more.
Name: Landon Sereign

Age: 19

Country of Origin: Australia

Appearance: Anime_teen_by_chibi_kiro_cb.jpg

General Personality: Fairly cheerful and is always open to meeting new people, when faced with a difficult situation usually takes the initiative and thinks of a solution.

Powers: Fire, Forming fire, controlling fire etc.

History/Background: Was originally from the US but moved to Australia with his family for his parents jobs sake in the ore mining. After the move his original attitude from a timid young man turned into enthusiastic person. When living in the US he was with a paddling (canoe racing) team which had helped him with his bad experience with water.

Name: Murphy O'Shea

Age: 28

Country of Origin: Ireland

Appearance: A faded brown leather bomber jacket hugs Murphy's 6'3" and muscular frame. His mousy brown hair is styled in a mohawk, and it actually looks good on him. Murphy's eyes are blue-green, and he has a pair of horn-rimmed Buddy Holly glasses which he wears for reading. He's been gauging his ears; currently he has a pair of relatively small stainless steel plugs.

General Personality: A fun-loving guy with a good sense of humor who really knows how to throw a party. He can get a little crazy sometimes, but for the most part he's a responsible, down-to-earth, caring person. Don't mess with his friends, because he treats them all like family. He can come on a little strong in the flirt department when he's drunk, however. Murphy almost never loses his temper, but when he does, it's foolish to touch, approach, or address him; his anger is downright explosive.

Powers: Murphy's got the power of metal, and I don't mean the music (his style is more punk). Steel is like putty in his hands, allowing him to bend and reshape it.

History/Background: Born in Portrush- a "small town" with the busiest night life in County Antrim- Murphy is a devout Catholic from a large family. His father owned the only garage in town, and like two of his four brothers, that's where he wound up working at sixteen. He had a natural knack for it, and he's become quite the experienced mechanic.

Theme Songs:

Bio Sheets

Name: Iris McFarlee

Age: 21

Country of Origin: Scottland

Appearance: pink.jpg Iris is 5ft2, very short and feminine. Her body slim and athletic. She usually wears bright colored Tanks, skinny jeans, and a pair of converses. Her make up is usually worn in bright colored patterns, her brows completely gone to be replaced with tribal tattoos. Another tattoo covers her back from waist to neck.

General Personality: Very out going type of girl. Constantly trying to socialize with new people. Most would think of her as a comedian, and never known to get a temper. Iris is very artistic, constantly thinking of new ideas for a panting. Loves tattoos, if you have one she will tackle you to see it up close.

Powers: When Iris was younger, in her backyard was a small fish pond. As a child she had a bad temper, running to sit at the edges of the water. It would calm her nerves. The water would react to her temper, growing waves would appear when angry. They would die down once she was calm. Iris is still unsure how to use her powers at all. She always thought it was the wind that would move the water.

History/Background: Iris was born in a happy home, constantly loved by her parents. Spoiled they would bend to her every desire, but it didn't affect her general good attitude. By the age of five she would draw large paintings, the details remarkable for a young child. Her parents clearly impressed by their daughter's ability enrolled her into a school of arts. However, after three years of snobby kids she didn't want to stay. Begging her parents to allow her back into a normal school. They agreed, it shaped her into somewhat of a skater kid. Dying her hair random colors, until she finally settled with pink. Iris would show off her artistic nature with her makeup. As a teenager people startled calling her "Walking Art." By all means she was beautiful, but most couldn't remember what her natural looks were before the change. When her 20th birthday rolled around the dreams began. Happening every night for the next year. She would awaken dripping sweat from every pore. Constantly questioning if the dream was real, or just a illusion of her imagination.
Name: Gi-Moon, Jeong 기문정

Age: 20

Country of Origin: South Korea


General Personality:
Don't let her short height of 5'1" fool you, Jeong is a tough cookie. Calm and collected most of the time, Jeong keeps sight of her goals and doesn't let herself get distracted easily. She is loyal to her allies when its gets to the point of actually learning to trust them, but she doesn't get close to people easily. Despite having a calm and serious attitude most of the time, when she gets angry, she gets real angry, so don't get on her bad side unless you want a kick to the face.

Powers: Earth, can cause small seismic tremors.

History/Background: Jeong was born in Seoul South Korea, rised by her father as her mother had passed away due to an illness. Her father ran a kwan, a korean martial arts school, and there she learned Tae kwon do from him since an early age. Jeong was a natural and always the best among her age group, but when she lost her father in a car accident at the age of 12, she lost everything and was sent off to an orphanage, having no other relatives to take her in. Her life dragged along in that place until she dropped out of school and ran away at 17, taking up work as a body guard for hire, a difficult line of work for a short girl to get into, but she proved herself by taking down guys nearly twice her size.

Name: Krizia Adelyz Diaz Cotto

Age: 22 years old.

Country of Origin: Puerto Rico

Height: 5'8

Weight: 127 lbs.

General Personality:

Being the daughter of the Governor of Puerto Rico is not exactly a easy job. Krizia is a very spirited young woman with a mind of her own and yearns for freedom just like most girls, but fails to distinguish her freedom and responsibilities as a teenager compared to the ones of a woman. She loves animals, nature and above it all glamor-- this coming from how she used to compete in pageants as a child. However, unlike most, Krizia does not show much interest in finding a true love or a husband, saying that she is too young and needs to experience life on her own free will, without anyone holding her back. She has a bottomless supply of willpower and is very clever. Headstrong, self-confident and full of vigor, Rosalia is not afraid of adventure. In fact, she is a very curious and very brave young girl who wants to see the world just as it is, not cooped up in any sort of tower like the princess she had read about in fairytales. Though wealthy and powerful due to her father's political position, she does not give herself airs and wishes to live a simple life, away from her father and spot light.

Powers: Being born in a island, oceans, rivers and lakes always surrounded Krizia-- and how could she forget those wonderful days spent each kind of body of water and the one event that changed her view on it all. Years ago when the girl was only a child her family had decided to picknik and bathe in a nearby river, although not deep enough for their kids to drown in the currents were extremely unpredictable. While out swimming a high current approached their spot, thrashing her family and causing her to be sunk down. Her father and brothers alone could not reach her with such strong water pulls, and when all hope was lost... Minutes passed, passed and passed--her family in despair by what they thought was a drowned Krizia but once the currents passed and her family gave up hope, the girl emerged from the depths of the water, lively as ever. From that day forward her family thanked the heavens for miracle of their daughter being able to hold her breath for so long. But reality was, Krizia never held her breath, water or air her body felt no difference. Krizia Adelyz Cotto Diaz could breath underwater.


Krizia Adelyz Diaz Cotto was born in the richer sides of San Juan, Puerto Rico to the future island governor. The youngest of three children, and only daughter of her family. Every since she was a child, Krizia had been spoiled relentlessly, not for her well behavior of for the fact that she was the little girl of the house but in actuality it was only for appearance. Everything her family and her did was for political reassurance, she had too look, act and speak highly, if like a princess--fooling everyone for her father's sake. Everything was planned for her, what she would wear, who she would talk to and what she would be. She had no voice or influence in what she wanted, in who she was. Her academic scores were brilliant, she attended the top bilingual school of the island--making her a a top contender for the future NASA scouting program later that year.

Years passed and the elections arrived, nonetheless her father was unmatched and won his 'rightfully' earn political status, making him the top dog. Weather he was her father or not, all Krizia firmly believed that her government was corrupt--and her father was no different. From then on her father and her never saw eye to eye.


Yes. I'll allow Puerto Rico since they're different enough and since somebody chose Scotland even though that's technically part of the UK. (Plus I don't think anyone has chosen the United States anyway so it wouldn't matter in either case XD)
Name: Kim Havens

Age: 19

Country of Origin: Canada

Appearance: Had long straight black hair, her eyes are a mix between brown and hazel, she also has very pale skin. She wears a loose MCR band t-shirt and boot cut jeans to match. She is a very plain looking girl

General Personality: She is very strong willed and will do anything to get her way. One problem is that she is very shy and tends to not think before she speaks so sometimes she may come off odd or insensitive.

Powers: She has the ablility to create and manipulate ice

History/Background: Kim was always different, her family was really caring compared to all the fights her friends families had. She looked different, where other girls would cover flaws with make up she would wear them proud. And she acted different, and always seem out of her element until winter came around and she was alone.
Name: Miu Neferet


Country of Origin:

Appearance: At 5'10", Miu is quite tall for a female. However, coupled with her slender frame, she has an elegant silhouette that gives her a sort of goddess-like air about her. But a spoiled goddess couldn't be farther from her nature, considering her pure and modest heart.

General Personality: Miu is very kind and gentle in nature. Her gentle smile tends to warm the hearts around her and people always seem to feel at ease when they are with her. She has a way of making bad situations good with her logical thinking and resourcefulness. Always calm and never wavering, she stands as a motherly figure for many of her loved ones, as she is someone you can always rely on. However, like a mother, she does have a tendency to give a lecture or two to those who failed to heed her warnings. But with her never ending purity shinning through, one knows that any bitterness she may show someone is merely out of concern and caring.

Powers: Miu has the ability to absorb the compounds and nutrients from the earth and use them to heal minor wounds and soothe aches and pains. Miu's wounds would always heal faster than a normal person's, especially when she would take a walk through her grandmother's garden. She always felt re-energized laying on the ground, out in the sun, surrounded by a vast array of flowers. Her powers are still latent, so she has yet to discover what truely lies within her.

History/Background: Miu is a simple girl of average lineage, with her father being a school teacher and her mother owning a flower shop that sells flowers grown by her grandmother. Despite her plain background she always seemed to stand out with her unearthly beauty. Her kindness made friendships from all around the area, and she would always be seen talking to someone. The elderly would especially come for visits, for one mere touch by Miu would make them feel 10 years younger, though she never understood why. She spends her days helping out around the shop, and when she isn't being bombarded by customers, she sneaks to the back where her grandmother's garden is. Miu always felt blessed that she had such contentment in her life, though recently she has been questioning the world around her. For it is in the garden that she daydreams, and has strange visions of a Castle in a beautiful country far from her own.
I also have a question. We have powers based on our national colors, right? So can people have the same nature attribute, fire, ice and earth are already taken. :x
The example above should explain what I mean. Although multiple people might draw from the same color for their elemental power, the element is just a general guide as to what the powers can do, think creatively and I'm sure you'll think of something awesome.
Name: Scarlett Huong

Age: 20

Country of Origin: China

Appearance: (Failed to find a picture of her that I liked) Scarlett has bright red hair that is cut short, sort of like a pixie, but her hair sticks out more in the front to give her face some definition. Her eyes are a deep brown, a trait she received from her mother. Her hair color used to be black, but Scarlett decided one day that the color didn't suit her so she dyed it and has kept it that color ever since. She has very light skin, which her friends very much envy. Her lean body is a result of intentional malnourishment; Scarlett can fit into a size 2. Her voice is slightly raspy from all of the smoking she does.

General Personality: Very shy and timid. Scarlett is not one to stand up for herself.

Powers: Control of fire, whether it be an external force or internal. (Basically just hinting at Scarlett's growth as a person.)

History/Background: Scarlett's mother is Chinese, while her father is British. Her father stayed in China for reasons that Scarlett doesn't really know about. Although she can tell at times that her father misses England. As far as Scarlett's personal life goes, her self esteem is pretty much shot because of various boyfriends and also because of the heavy critism from the media and people around her. Again, she doesn't really know how to hold her own. She is hoping for some of help for her self esteem as she continues to have dreams of a strange cavern almost every other night.
Name: Raphael Bayani

Age: 20

Country of Origin: Philippines

Appearance: 5'7", 145 lb., short black hair, brown eyes, dark skin, medium and muscular build. He usually wears a black sleeveless shirt, jeans, and black work boots.

General Personality:
Pleasant, mild-mannered, and quiet. He has a strong sense of justice and responsibility. He is also very devout.


Item Crafting--uses the element of Fire to facilitate forging tools and weapons. Initially can only create basic gear, but can grow into creating more powerful, higher-mass, and multiple number of items.

Raphael was raised in a Catholic orphanage in a poor Filipino farming village, where he helped in the fields and with the livestock. He was twenty years old when he had the dream and felt compelled to seek out the tomb. His religious upbringing gave him wisdom beyond his years, patience, and sense of justice and responsbility, the latter of which proved to be his driving motivation for seeking out the dream.
Great! And I think I'll close the apps for now with Raz being the last one in! So finish up those bios and I'll get ready to start the new game!
Right. Forgot to actually post in here that I would join. Claiming Japan (because no one saw that coming lololol)

Name: Shinya Muramoto

Age: 34

Country of Origin: Japan

Appearance: 5 feet, 5 inches in height, decent muscle build. Chin-length jet black hair, side-swept bangs. His brown eyes always seem just a little distant and mistrusting. A traditionally done Irezumi covers his back but it does not extend to his sides or his nape so that he can easily cover it up with a shirt. The tattoo is a beautifully done wintry scene of frozen bamboo and lotus. A few tattoos extend down both arms but are not part of the Irezumi.

General Personality: Suspicious of everyone who is remotely kind to him; Shinya has many reasons for keeping his past and personal information shut up tight like a bank vault and he believes it's unlikely he'll ever open up enough to anyone to talk about it. He's very independent and though his personality is cold, he's not one to keep quiet or shy away. He'll speak when he feels the need to be heard. The only time warmth really shows in his body language is when his two most cherished hobbies are discussed or put into action: art and music. He loves playing guitar and his favorite season is winter.

Powers: Edit (because I'm dumb and didn't read the rules properly): Ice manipulation.

History/Background: Sendai, Japan. Shinya Muramoto was born to power and wanted nothing to do with it. And still for twenty-two years of his life he was wedged deep in the ranks of his uncle's yakuza. He was raised strict, trained to be his uncle's successor, taking on several traditional studies such as: martial arts, kyudo, calligraphy, kenjutsu, etc. However, when he graduated his schooling, Shinya left his home and his yakuza life behind, heading out on foot with the excuse of seeing the world but really, he just wanted to start his life over. He's been to many countries and experienced culture outside his own, developing an open mind and a strong love for peace and coexistence. He thought he'd put the dark chapter in his life aside, but just like the Irezumi tattoo, yakuza was permanent. Eventually they came looking for him. So he ran. He was in London when the dreams started...