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Words That Make You Giggle

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Gonzo, Mar 28, 2015.

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  1. So, are there any words out there that make you giggle or smile, no matter what the situation?

    Just to name a few, the words that come to mind, for me, are:

    -Pan(Spanish word for bread. I don't even know why. It just males me smile.)

    So yeah, whatever words make you smile/giggle. Post away.

    Or not... I mean, that's cool too I guess.
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  2. I'll admit, some certain words in mature works or roleplays make me laugh, smirk, or giggle. It's a long way from being a naive and innocent fifteen year old.
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  3. Hehe "duty"

    I lol at terrible sexy metaphors, too. And when a persons genitals are referred to as their "manhood/womanhood". These seem like such pompous, airy terms for wiggly bits that I can't help but laugh
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  4. Wiggly bits! That's a new one that just made me giggle.
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  5. Oh, god. 'Manhood/womanhood' reminds me of my mom's flowery romance novels. You know, Mills and Boon and Harlequin romances. Now those are tame kittens compared to what I have read or seen ever since.
  6. Willy & Mahogany
  7. Wiener and schlong

  8. Kumquat.


    When older works feature things like 'he ejaculated' to mean a person has spoken abruptly.

    I think you all see where this is going... <_<

    EDIT: Oh, and 'poop deck.' Especially when it's just called 'the poop.' Yeah, lotta nautical ones.
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  9. Definitely not 'go to sleep'.

    Weird words that people substitute for genitals are always funny.

    What the hell is a honey pot? Chocolate star?
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  10. You know, the phrase 'weeping ****' always makes me wonder what the heck is wrong with the genital in question. It takes away the mood a little since it's so overused and just - hahaha, no. Also, 'meat rod' makes me laugh. What the hell is a meat rod?
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  12. I've read many roleplays where a man refers to his penis as 'spear'. That makes me giggle xD And I've read both in roleplays an actual books, characters referring to the act of sexual penetration as 'impalement'. I don't see the need to use such dramatic terms xD
  13. @Hana. Do you like my family jewels? How about my lance? My hose? My organ and my pecker? My prick and my wood?
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  14. I don't mind more dramatic terms if it fits the mood (i.e. a sense of urgency and desperation in the 'scene', whereby more forceful ways to describe the act make the scene better), but in general it just seems funny. Don't mind bad euphemisms or dirty ones, though they are amusing to read. Depends on how well the person uses the terms - sometimes it turns out hot, sometimes makes me go 'what?', and sometimes makes me outright laugh.
    Omg alsdfhal;sdfgh Sen >///<
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  15. Promenade



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  16. Milquetoast, squish, delectable...there are probably a few others.
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  17. On British Top Gear the hosts often refer to male genitals as their gentleman vegetables. I snicker every time. Also a favorite by Jeremy Clarkson whenever he's scared: "Some poo's come out!"
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  18. Vivacious: (Especially of a woman) attractively lively and animated.

    There's just this way it rolls off the tongue that makes it so amusing to wield as an innuendo, and so, whenever it isn't, I can't help but chuckle anyway.

    "She vivaciously rode her horse."
  19. Moist



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  20. For a slang term?

    Honey pot is when a woman manipulates a man into doing something by acting in a seductive manner and accentuating her appearance to be sexually alluring. The Interview turned honey pot and honey dick into a running joke over the movie, if that floats your Bismarck.

    You have to admit, Vlad the Sexmachine would have definitely made history slightly more interesting.
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