Won't Someone think of the Weeaboos?

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"More importantly, the bill is directed at video games, anime and manga, but does not encompass novels, films, TV and photographs. Mediums that use real-life images are exempt."

Uhhh, what? If they're gonna put pressure on video games, anime and manga, why not on novels, films, tv and photos? Unless those are already regulated in the way that they're trying to regulate the three from the first list, I think that it's unfair of them to do so. While, yeah, some anime is simply insane, there are quite a few that are actually not that bad or mature. Heck, the worst thing I've seen in a shojo manga is cartoon/fantasy violence and melodramit does not however add any legal obligation to consider these, or establish any clear or indepdently enforced criteria for judging whether a work can be declared "harmful" or not.
a, and those aren't even that bad.

"it does not however add any legal obligation to consider these, or establish any clear or indepdently enforced criteria for judging whether a work can be declared "harmful" or not."

"It is very difficult to objectively assess the scope of the law – along with vague and subjective terms like "interfere with the healthy development of youth," the law also includes "etc." on the end of most of its examples, leaving it quite unclear, for example, whether the "improper glorification of illegal sexual activity, etc." applies to only virtual sex crimes, or all crimes in general – presumably the interpretation adopted will be whichever is convenient to censors."

Me encantan los fallos~ :D.

"Then, just as now, a vaguely worded law allowed authorities to intimidate into silence all those they did not lock up directly – a fate which seems likely to befall all publishers of anime, manga and games in Japan."

This is one of those issues that seems to pop up in hard times. The balancing-act between safety and personal freedom. My opinion is that even though infringing upon personal freedom is sometimes necessary to achieve safety, there are times when taking away personal freedoms is bad for everyone involved because safety is not necessarily improved, but the rights are definately taken away. While the anime, video games, and manga that people consume does affect how they think to an extent, they probably had to be already in some sort of dark mental state before they began watching the more disturbing anime and actually letting it affect how they think of things. How about directing more money towards, I'unno, school counseling programs, mental health awareness, stuff like that? There are preventative measures that could take away less people's rights.

I mention school counseling and health awareness because there is a lot of pressure in Japanese society that simply does not exist in America. If a country's going to push its youth so hard, does it expect them all to just come out perfectly fine? It's inevitable that some will crack under societal expectations, especially so in such a rocky time for the economy as this one. Of course some are going to resort to something to escape from a society that's so harsh. This is why we see crazy otaku and hikikomori who don't come out of their house. Clearly it's not just the anime, manga, and videogames that are the problem when all they do is provide a mere escape from the mainstream media and society.

Ugh, also, about the whole not wanting homosexuals on TV thing, that's just, kind of laughable to me, actually. If you're secure in your sexuality, you shouldn't make a large deal out of homosexuals on TV.

P.S.: Just a crazy liberal teenager rantin' :P. Also, most of this is in my opinion, so I'm probably wrong and don't have enough insight into Japan to rant so much, but this is just what I've deduced. By the way, I've also read about a ban on the exporting of eroge anime from awhile ago on another site. I'll try to find the link if anybody wants it.
--End Rant--
read the bill again.

nothing will change.

They'll just get an actual working age group system going.

much like how god of war isn't for thirteen year olds amirite~
What? Yes it is. Only thirteen year-olds could possibly enjoy the God of War series.

I'm gonna have to just roll with Paorou on this one. It doesn't sound like a ban at all. Just a more regulated age grouping. Stuff like Berserk probably shouldn't be 15+ anyway.

So long as we can still keep getting our hands on the manga I don't particularly care. If To Love Ru Darkness gets rated 18+ for example I won't care cause I can still get my hands on it. It'll stay censored in the magazine just like it always has, then in the tankobon version they'll uncensor the nipples as they always have. And you will. Remember: This ONLY affects Tokyo. There is nothing stopping the publishers from going "Yeah? Well fuck you too!" and move some where like Osaka anyway. In fact, 10 of the biggest publishers in Japan are boycotting one of the biggest anime conventions in Tokyo. To put this in perspective for you guys, imagine if Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, EA, Ubi-Soft, Activision, Square-Enix, Bioware, Valve, and Bethesda all decided "You know...let's not go to E3 anymore. That place is lame." That's what's happening here. People are up in arms against this.

This bill is a precision strike. Precision strikes don't mean jack shit if you're not in the target zone or move from the target zone. Many people seem to agree that the economy in Japan will take a major hit cause of this, then maybe they'll wake up and realize they're retards.

So things might be a little more regulated. If I can still get my hands on some guilty pleasure fanservice manga, I'll still be happy.
To quote Tegan in another thread: "I think I need [...] to sit down and re-evaluate my life."

Why? Because I agree with Chaos. I don't agree with anyone ever. >.>

Think of it like this: If Japan(Tokyo) doesn't have the right to regulate what can and cannot be put out for certain age groups (Even though when I was 15-16 years old, I too wanted a porn magazine) then what right do we have to say, no, you can't put nude children on the internet. It's not about freedom of speech or freedom of expression, it's about the collective moral values of the country(city).

I know half of you don't really care (See: WMD, GMK, Grumpy, et al.) but to weeaboos and other otaku-types it isn't truly about right or wrong, it's about selfishness. What they want for the sake of the mind-rape of an entire community. They label it under their liberties, but let us face it. No. As far as American/British cultural standards on comic books (see: Manga) and cartoons (Anime), the effects won't see the light of day.

And one more thing, I think we could stand to see, as Vay (FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-) said, far far less rape with tentacles that have eyes.

In conclusion: Stop overreacting you weeaboo retards. It's not the end of the world, simply Tokyo retrofitting their comics with morals. Morals that are much much needed in the unruly world of the mango and animu.
Technically, they did have this power before. The bill just broadens what could be deemed as such.

Long story short, if you're in Japan and you're 18+, this bill won't mean jack shit to you unless mangaka start getting cold feet.
So this means they are finally going to catch up with America as far as debates go and finally get into that one...

You know the one where "Well Children can get these movies/shows/games anyway! They should be banned entirely." Type of debate. I suppose the Japanese might have better control on that one simply because their kids aren't off the walls f*cking stupid like ours. (Not to mention the 800 drugs we probably pump into them daily.)
Well, the big 10 are still opposing the bill. The publisher of Shonen Jump have said they'll continue to feature anything they consider exciting and interesting. That's good for me cause I'm reading a series that's published in Shonen Jump right now that just managed to start again after the first series had to end abruptly.