Won't Someone think of the Weeaboos?

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  1. As long as they leave my J-pop out of it I'm good.
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    Seriously though, really, Japan? Are you trying to screw yourself over? You're removing part of your identity here!

    Even if this hardass law gets implemented, I really don't see it stopping everyone from distributing all the shit we know and love.
  3. Well....hm. To be honest I won't miss several of the more extreme things, but I *like* some of the more dark and adult-oriented series out there.

    Really does seem like a bad move on the part of the Tokyo government, from an economic standpoint at least.

    Gonna be kinda neat to see how this one turns out. I'm hoping for the outcome where companies just move to other cities in Japan.
  4. With this bill they pretty much shut down their foreign market to America and in the end all the artists, creators, and visionaries will pick up and come here. Unlike the growing mexican population most of them will be actual citizens of the United States and their products will help boost our economic situation back into drive. Believe me this is a good thing people...in America. (Not to mention shipping fees are no longer a problem.)

    Now for a more practical response. The Japanese are proposing mostly only a ban on the things that seem terrible to children. Anime will still be legal after all it is only cartoons to them. The process as to choosing what is aired on TV will be a little more overseen. In other words the FCC has finally made it across the ocean and are infecting our loverly Asian brethren.
  5. I Agree with your second paragraph Piro, they're banning some of the more- How shall I say- Dumbass artists who claim gratuitous Violence/Nudity/Tentacles are necessary to the plot.
  6. ...Why would they go alllllllllllll the way to the U.S. when South Korea is so much closer?
  7. Part of this I agree with but part of it made me rather angry. The quote that angered me:
    "It’s not just about children. We’ve got homosexuals casually appearing even on television. Japan has become far too untamed."
    This is part of what Ishihara finds most appalling?
  8. Poor Japan. I think it is having an identity crisis.
  9. It's just Tokyo. It's full of derps. You know like DC. :cow:
  10. HEYyyyyy, WMD, That's MEAN. *HITS WMD* DON'T BE MEAN!
  11. ...Okay, I gotta say something after these replies, the replies in the article Rory posted and the motherfuckin' replies from the original article.

    ... D8< JAPAN'S IDENTITY DOESN'T REST SOLELY ON GODDAMN ANIMU AND MANGOES, FUCKING HELL! Japan's like the rest of Asia, conservative! Why do you think all that sexy shit they do is so fucking twisted?
  12. That's because to hardcore otaku sorts, Japan is a magical fantasy land billions of miles away that isn't inhabited by humans but rather strange humanoids with strange hair colors and magical powahs.
  13. Koori's right, aside from the Weaboo community there, the rest of japan is ultra-conservative. half the shit that people do in the states and Europe wouldn't fly there.
  14. in during low wages
  15. i stand by my statement matey :jack:
  16. I loled hard at that WMD.

    Though even weeaboos have to admit some of the stuff that comes out of Japan should be censored. Floods of daemons raping everything in sight with tentacles with eyes on the end for example.
  17. F*cking Slaaneshi's *Executes a Weeaboo for heresy*