Within the Island

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  1. The water sloshed wildly, sending wave after wave to and back from the shore of a mysterious island.
    Just a week ago a bunch of recruited explorers headed into the unknown Atlantic Ocean to try and locate Coranells Island, a beautiful place that has leftover historical treasures from thousands of years ago...however a storm struck their ship, sending them floating over to the correct island! However there was more danger than they thought...

    "Please! What are you doing?"
    A young explorer, Jennifer Tranos was a student to a teacher on this ship, when she wanted to find adventure...but adventure found her.
    The filthy man already had tied her hands behind her back and lead her towards a group of their ships men that were also tied up.

    "Silence bitch!" The man said and pushed her against the tree, he then started to feel her up. Jennifer was beautiful but never really cared about her appearance,
    She tried running but he held her still.

    "Leave her alone! Run Jenny!"
    It was a random man who tried running but the man holding her down shot him down.
    All the other men started running and the man slaps Jenny across the face!
    "Dont move bitch!" He said before walking away...Jenny ran to cover trying to hide.
  2. Alex had been watching from a safe distance away, hidden behind a bush. He took a pocket knife from his back pocket as he was her running. He quickly ran up to her, pulling her off to the side, pushing her along in a different direction. "This way." He said quietly, dropping back behind her, fiddling with his knife, finally cutting through the rope that was binding her hands. "There. It's not far now." He told her, offering up a smile. He'd seen the ship the ship wash ashore about a day ago, and had taken it apon himself to keep an eye on its crew. Unfortunately, some of the other inhabitants of the island had found them. The one thing he was hoping wouldn't occur. But oh well, it had happened now, and there was no way of un-doing it. "I can get some of my guys to pick the rest of your group up later, if you'd like?"
  3. A good ways away, One of Jennifer's classmates was also having trouble of her own.
    "Get offa me you brute!!!" She screamed, kicking the people trying to grab at her. Her hands were restrained in front of her, but the crew hadn't had one moment where they could tie up anything else. One man tried to tackle her by jumping onto her back and pushing her down, but she used that to her advantage. She flipped as he threw his weight against her, and she spun him onto his back, crushing him with her weight. She tumbled over him and back up onto her feet. Some crew members stood in awe of the strength she possessed. Others were seriously pissed off. They continued trying to get her, but she had started to run, right into the treeline. At that point, none of the crew wanted to follow her. they knew she had entered a dangerous part of the forest. She just kept running. Then she fell into a bush that seemed to already have a person in it.
    "Arg! i have leaves in my hair!" she said, still face-down in the dirt. She looked up to see a classmate and some random dude. She looked at them odd. "Sooo.... uhm. Hi! Im Kamryn. And.... Amelia? Did i get it right?" She said. She was terrible with names. "And who the heck are you?"
  4. Another of the classmates, a boy, had managed to sneak the butterfly knife in his pocket out and cut the ropes that bound his hands, rendering himself free. He was infamous in the school as the 'crazy knife.' who always seemed to play with it. He was in the less crowded area, and using the knife, he held himself safely against the approaching men who were running rampant. One of them moved to attack him, but was quickly knocked out with a well placed punch to the larynx. The other, seeing this happen, bolted. Using the time window, he took off himself, hopping into the trees of the forestry and out of sight, trying to locate the other escapees. he hoped he wasn't the only one.
  5. "Alex." He answered the new comer, castin a glance over her Quickly. "I was going to take her to my base camp, then Come back for any other survivors, but, seeing as you're here..." His head snapped up quickly as he heard footsteps crashing through the underbrush. He let out the breath he didn't know he'd been holding as the owner of the footsteps came i to sight. It was just one of the ships crew, a boy. He held a hand up, waving him over. He hoped he'd seen him, but it wasn't he end of he world if he hadn't, he could always come back for him later on, if he survived.
  6. Seeing the wave of a hand the boy hopped down, dragging a vine with him and landing with a slight somersault before a perfect T-Stance finish stand. "Yo, good to see you guys got away to-" he paused for a moment seeing the male around his classmates, and pulled the knife up, ready to attack. "Who are you?" his eyes squinted slightly, showing his distrust. The other male didn't seem like a harm, but one could never be too careful.
  7. He held his hands up above his head, before realising he was still holding the knife and put it away in his back pocket. He then held his hands up again. "Woah, hey. Calm down.." He said reasuringly offering up a smile. "My name's Alex. I'm here to help." He said calmly, eyeing the knife in the boys hand.
  8. The knife slowly receded in his hand back down to his side, flipping closed and into his front pocket, he outstretched his other hand towards Alex, though it was clear he still wasn't fully trusting. "Tsuki. With the kanji for moon." he spoke calmly, giving his own name. "You a native? or another exploration crew survivor from before?" (after your next post we should wait for them)
  9. "Native. Me and my group have been here for years." He shook the hand lightly. He could tell the other was still wary, but that was to be expected. He lowered his hands again, shoving them in his pockets. "So. If you guys are ready, we should probably be going, if you want to come... I promise it's safe, and my troupe are all friendly."

    (Yeah. Agreed.)
  10. "wait, you have a group? and have you found a way back?" Kamryn asked
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  11. "Yeah. I do. Found a way back to where?" He raised an eyebrow somewhat, turning his head to look at the female talking to him.
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    "Pretty sure she means found a way back where we came from. A way back off this island." Tsuki interrupted, crossing his arms while keeping an eye on Alex, observing his body motions carefully.
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    "yeah that." she raised her eyebrow back at alex. she leaned in to the other boy. "i think we can trust him, but i don't think hes ever been off the island." she said suspiciously.
  14. He nodded his head at the females statement. "I haven't. I was born here, and have never really had a reason to get off." He said, shrugging his shoulders. "There's a guy back at camp though, that knows the way to the nearest place away from this island. I'm sure he wouldn't mind helping you?" He offered, glancing between the two.
  15. tsuki took a moment to think about it before turning to their classmate. "You think we should trust him?" he asked calmly, pulling out the knife and flipping it open and closed out of habit.
  16. "Well, he seems to know the way around. And he saved Jen here... I dunno. We probably should..." Her voice trailed off.
    "oh, first, can you take these ropes off." she said, holding her restraints out. she had forgotten that they were there.
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  17. Alright.)
    With a nod he had the knife opened and quickly severed the ropes binding her. "That reminds me, i never did learn your names either, most people didn't talk to me. So if you don't mind." his voice came out calm, awaiting a response before turning to Alex. "Well, you'll have us following you at least."
    • "I'm kamryn." She said rubbing her already red wrists. "And that's Jennifer. I know lots of classmates names. Though yours was hard to remember for some odd reason." She shrugged. She straightened up, and asked Alex, "so now what?"
  18. "Alright, so, if you'd like to follow me..?" He trailed off, turning around and leading them in the opposite direction to which they'd came from. "Camp's not too far off. We should be there within a half hour." He told them, tilting his head back to look at them, smiling a little. To be honest, he couldn't wait to get back. He'd left several days before without warning, and he hadn't been back since. He was itching to get some nice warm soup down his throat, and settle down with the rest of his gang. The smile on his face widened as he thought ahead to what awaited them, and he unknowingly sped up the pace, shoving his hands in his pockets.
  19. Kamryn kept up at his place.
    "So what type of camp is it? Is it cabins or tents? What type of people are there?" She asked curiously, wanting to know the facts before hand.