INTEREST CHECK Witchblade and Wolf's Rain

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Which is better Wolf's Rain or Witchblade?

  1. Witchblade

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  2. Wolf's Rain

      • I HAVE AN IDEA
        Catergory: Human fantasy
        Rp Size: Group or 1x1
      • So I want to do a witch blade rp.Basically it will be surrounding Rihoko (Masane's daughter) She will be about 18 and living in the states somewhere. Her father has tried to keep her safe all these years but the witchblade has begun calling to Rihoko. Everyone thinks that the weapon has been destroyed, but somehow Rihoko finds the thing and become bonded with it.
      • This idea is still a wip though
      • Wolf's rain. I need this. I was thinking that this will play off somewhere in the future after paradise has been reformed. the main characters will all be reincarnated and I will be adding a few more females. The character won't even know they are wolves at heart. I was thinking to add a few more twists and turns as well just not sure what yet.
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  1. So for the Wolf's Rain one, they are born human with the wolf spirits inside them like a Skinwalker?
  2. Yes and then something will happen that triggers their changes.
  3. Alrighty, will have to think about all of this.
  4. no problem take your time
  5. Well maybe more questions will help. I voted for the Wolf's Rain (you probably figure that out), so I'm wondering what else is in the setting like actual location, current events and what the plot would be.
  6. Okay so I have been thinking and I'm not yet sure how to add drama as of yet but i will figure something out.
    The location with be a popular camping site in the yellowstone park in the beginning of spring. The character's will find themselves drawn to the place without knowing how or why. They would eventually give into the pull and travel to the campsite.

    They will meet each other and form close friendships. As time progresses and nears the full moon, they will begin to remember things from their previous lives. Theses memories will trigger their wolf spirits causing them to shift for the first time.

    They must now come to terms with what they are and their new (old) memories.

    If you have any ideas please feel free to brainstorm with me!!
  7. Hmm, are the Nobles still around?
  8. We could probably bring that guy in as a psychotic killer...

    can anyone say cabin horror?
  9. Oooo, will he be shifting in his creepy wolf form too?
  10. Yeah!
    this is sounding better and better by the second.
  11. Okay so with Reincarnated Darcia but with his psychotic brain and creepy wolf body, I get the feeling bodies are going to start piling up. And when bodies are found with wolf as a cause of death, the people living in the area tend to go "Let's kill some wolves in the area to get the bugger." People can be stupid.
  12. Ugh I know.
    I always feel sorry for the poor creatures...

    But yes Mr. crazy will probably be killing people.
    I was thinking about keeping him normal in the beginning like in the series. He could maybe have a girlfriend(Wolf or not) and then he snaps as they all start remembering.
  13. That sounds promising.
  14. Oh just thought of something, are Cheza and the rest of the Flower Maidens around as well?
  15. I was thinking of being Cheza. She would have a terminal disease (Cancer) just to keep with the original theme.
    So we would have
    • Kiba
    • Tsume
    • Hige
    • Toboe
    • Blue
    • Darcia
    • Cheza
    and probably a few human females or female wolves
  16. Of course we need more female wolves, it was a sausage fest before Cheza and Blue.
  17. Lol
    Yes it was. Im glad someone else noticed that
    and i think toboe will still be the youngest but more like 16 - 18 where the others will be 20 - 28
  18. I see that, I always saw Tsume in the late twenties area too.
  19. Yeah he was definitely the old man of the group