Wish Upon A Demon

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  1. Crowley had a schedule and he tried his best to work keeping an eye on it. But when you were a crossroads demon, doomed to work with humans, there was no way to keep anything in line. Crowley needed years to understand that, but once he did, he started to ignore his plans more and more. With every little thing people thought they managed to steal from him, Crowley simply remembered their names, telling them that he would be back for his part of the bargain. It was almost saddening seeing as barely anyone seemed to listen to the demon that was, after all, going back in a couple of years for their souls. Still, as soon as the humans got their hands on whatever they wanted, they forgot about everything else. Whether it was a blessing or a curse, Crowley didn't know - and didn't care. They got their precious wishes, he had all rights to their souls. Everything was going smooth for him, of course unless some angels decided to help the mortals for the sake of it. Usually, the demon let them do that. No soul was worth fighting for, seeing as he could get another five of those in no time, and angels weren't exactly known for their mercy when it came to dealing with demons. It worked both ways, however, so Crowley had no hard feelings towards his - once - brothers and sisters.

    Tonight he was catching up. He found himself a proper body - normally he avoided being locked in something so puny as human body, the feeling was utterly disgusting - and started checking on people. With so many deals - humans never knew when to stop wishing - Crowley realized some of them had more time to enjoy their gifts than others. It was high time to remind them that a demon wasn't, in fact, a fairy that helped them out of good will. He took his time finding these humans, and finally, after a long day of gathering what was rightfully his, he ended up here.

    The last time he saw that woman she was just a girl and yet he was sure he had the right person. What did she wish for..? Tilting his head, Crowley stood in frond of her bed, in the middle of her bedroom, swaying slowly on his heels. He didn't bother taking the usual way in, choosing to simply appear in the middle of the room. It always left a bit of sulfur-like smell, but now it was even better. She was still asleep. Crowley moved from his spot and sat on the verge of her bed, his bright white eyes - that made him look like he was blind - moving around the room for a while before going back to the woman. He could almost taste her soul. That moment before receiving his payment was one of the most exciting things in Crowley's whole existence. Still, she had to be awake for that. He snapped his fingers near the sleeping woman's ear, hoping that would wake her up. There was no need to be cruel to her - she was going to die in a matter of minutes anyway.
  2. After a long day at work where Laura had been forced to work full time instead of her usual half time days due to a stressed deadline she wanted nothing else then to have some dinner and sit down and relax, glad to finally be done with the project but she still had work to do. Her list of commissions at home was not going to shorten on its own so she no choice but to make a quick dinner before pulling out colours, an easel with a canvas and start with the oil painting her client wanted. She had gotten caught in the process and worked longer than planned but eventually cleaned the brushes and packed up the colours, leaving the easel out as the paint had to dry before falling into bed, quickly drifting off into a deep sleep.

    Slowly Laura started to wake to a feeling that something was wrong, keeping her breathing slow and her eyes closed she listened intently for some kind of sound, any at all. Normally she slept so deep she wouldn't wake for pretty much anything once she'd actually fallen asleep but some deep rooted instinct had pushed her up from a deep dreamless sleep. First she only noticed the silence, no ruffles from clothing as someone moved or noice from a thief ruffling through drawers, then she noticed a light smell that she in her tired state had a hard time placing before realising it was sulfur. That blew away the last remains of sleep from her mind, what on earth could cause her apartment to smell faintly of sulfur.

    A sound like snapping fingers caused her to jerk right up in bed, her brown eyes scanning the half dark room and found the intruder just by her bedside, a man with eeriely white eyes. Scrambling back toward the foot of the bed in her pyjamas, her eyes wide, Laura's mind raced to find an explanation and a solution only to come up emtpy. "Wh...what the heck! Who are you?" She finally exclaimed, her voice despite her tries tainted with fear. "Scratch that, how the heck did you get in?" She snapped, lashing out to help push down her fear and bury it deep down. Now she wished she was interested in baseball and had a bat lying by her bedside but alas it had never been a sport for her, fumbling with her hands behind her back her fingers found a book on the drawer that stood behind her bed. It was a thick, heavy volume on old paintings and artists, taking it in a strong grip she threw the book at the man, hoping his white eyes meant he was blind or at least had bad eyesight, and made a dash for the bedroom door hoping to reach the front door or at least find some kind of weapon.
  3. Crowley didn't move at all when the woman started jumping around the room. Only one of them was scared by this encounter, and the demon wasn't that person. He wasn't surprised at all, humans usually acted in a similar way to Laura when he finally came back for his part of the deal, often choosing to try and kill him in many different ways. But the times were different than ages ago, and Crowley was safe most of the time. People didn't tend to believe in supernatural anymore, even though they had accepted the demon before, when they needed him, and so barely anyone thought of using old good salt or holy water to actually face Crowley and make him leave. Sighing, the man got up from the bed and opened his mouth.

    "Years ago, you had.." Crowley blinked when she threw a book at him. Growling, he grabbed it quicker than any human could possibly grab anything aimed at their face at such a short distance, and tossed it onto the bed. Humans. Not only their memory was terrible, they were also unspeakably rude, and coming from a demon, that said a lot. Crowley moved his head, his white eyes still locked on Laura. The job at hand was going to be difficult, but she should be happy Crowley didn't decide to show up when they were other people around. At least now he was the only one to notice her frantic movements. The demon blinked again and the door to the bedroom closed with a quiet click, the key melting within mere seconds. He wasn't going to run after her around her house.

    Sitting back down on the bed, Crowley kept looking at Laura, not saying anything to her. In such state, she was not going to listen to him anyway; he had to wait a little for her to calm down. What was she so scared of anyway? Crowley huffed under his breath and looked around the room. Noticing a small photo in a wooden frame, he stood up, walked up to it and took the picture from its place on the shelf. "Your brother, yes?" He asked, pointing at the young man in the picture. "Years ago, he had an accident. Terrible, terrible thing. He was in a coma, wasn't he, and little Laura didn't know what to do, so she picked up a book and decided to strike a deal with "bad guys", I remember that was what you told me once you saw me back then?" Crowley put the picture down and looked at the woman again, scolding her with his look. "Are you quite done? That door won't open now." His voice was calm, but slightly annoyed.
  4. Having the door shut right in front of her Laura stopped dead in her tracks as she saw the key melt assuring that she couldn't get out that way. Turning around to have the man in her field of vision she forced herself to calm down and think and not just act. Wasn't that what she had always believed she herself would do when watching bad horror movies where people got all stupid, doing things that obviously wouldn't help them. Yet her she was, panic had almost emerged and Laura, strengthened by the thought, pushed the rest of her fear down so it wouldn't be so obviously visible. Seeing as the man stood still in the same spot, not going after her, looking at her like she was some senseless kid she allowed herself to relax slightly and she got the feeling those white eyes were familiar in some way.

    "How do you..." she began but trailed off and the man continued. Speaking of things he shouldn't know, about her brother and his car accident when everyone believed he would never wake up again. At the end of his sentence something clicked in Laura's mind as if a piece of a puzzle was placed right and she remembered vaguely what she had thought was forgotten. How she in desperation tried everything to save her brother and in some strange way a man had appeared, agreeing to help her out, for a price. "That man back then was you? I thought it was a figment of my imagination?" Laura finally said, stroking back strands of dark brown hair that had flown everywhere in her scramble for the door. "You made a deal with a child?" she asked incredulously, wondering how one possibly could justify that, children weren't exactly known to be logical and understand consequences.

    But his words about 'bad guys', not to mention his action of appearing inside someone's home uninvited, caused her to connect the dots and realize what he must be. A demon. But she had lost any belief in the supernatural as she was growing up and her logical mind fought against something like this, it just wasn't possible right, demon was some old idea used to keep people from being bad. Yet this man that seemed to see white eyes that usually meant blindness with his unexplainable powers seemed to defy her logic. "What is it you're after, my soul?" Although not a believer in the supernatural Laura had read and watched enough documentaries and fiction to guess the price she had forgotten. "No way," she said firmly as she backed up, quickly hitting the wall. "I was just a child, I had no real idea of the consequences." She continued, her voice slightly higher than normal, fear of death suddenly overcoming her, she had not even seen her family for a few days, she wasn't ready this abruptly.
  5. Crowley smiled when he saw Laura's face change a little as she seemed to begin to remember her past. He was hoping something like that would happen, because explaining everything to her from the beginning would be too boring and the demon had no intention of doing that in the very first place. It wasn't his idea to strike a deal with a demon, and it also wasn't his idea to assume that was a good way to go. But thankfully humans were - in this case - blissfully stupid. Always thinking they could fool whoever they wanted, always trying to avoid paying the price. Crowley crossed his arms and sat down on the bed, his white eyes eerily bright in the dark room. It was clearly his most striking feature, as the rest of his body looked awfully human-like, his skin and brown hair alike.

    Hearing Laura's words, Crowley raised his eyebrow. "Ah, yes. Figments of children's imagination, known so well for their ability to play pretend, act as imaginary friends, and, of course, to help people out of comas." He said mockingly, smirking. "No, I'm afraid it was me. Different body, of course. They tend to fall apart rather quickly. But the eyes should ring a bell." Crowley stood up and reached into his pocket, pulling out a small piece of paper. It looked old, worn, and was dirty, but the letters were clearly visible. Crowley's beautifully shaped letters at the top and Laura's child-like signature at the bottom. The contract had to be sealed and there were many ways to do so, but Crowley decided to go for the most common way. It was easier to show it to people than a kiss a demon and a human could share to seal the deal.

    "Why wouldn't I make a deal with you?" He asked, walking towards Laura. "Again, you're obviously mistaking me for a human. Don't try to make me feel bad about this, "Lara"." He pushed the contract towards her, showing her the signature. "I believe you, in all your excitement to see your brother, misspelled your name a little? How adorable. Still, the deal is true. Isn't remembering about consequences something people always learn the hard way? You promised me your soul and I want it now." He hid the contract in his pocket and nodded at Laura, rolling his eyes as he heard her refuse. "Right. That will surely stop me from taking it. Of course" Crowley waved his hand nonchalantly and bowed his head a little. "We can come to another agreement - I'm sure your brother won't mind slipping into the coma now, after all, he really canMt blame his little sister for being afraid to let the bad guy take her soul away. I understand. I will take my leave then, hopefully you two shared a sweet family moment lately." Crowley smiled gently.
  6. Despite her fear Laura directed a glare at the demon as he spoke, she didn't like either his words or his tone, as if he was speaking down to her, but perhaps that was only to be expected by a demon if they were at all like the ones she'd read about. Now it also came to her clearer, although this man in front of her was a complete stranger to her those eerie eyes was indeed familiar and they still sent shivers down her spine, or perhaps it wasn't the eyes themselves it was more the expressions in them and something that hid behind the skin that could only be glimpsed through those white eyes. Although she tried to not think too much about the body shift, she felt a sick tug in her stomach at his words of falling apart, with her vivid imagination she didn't want to spend too much thought on the matter.

    Instead her attention focused on an old, dirty piece of paper that the man held out and she took a few steps forward to be able to see the letters, it was her name alright and she couldn't really say her penmanship had improved much more than loosing the childish touch it had had all those years ago. Above her signature was what she assumed to be this man's writing, which she had to admit was beautiful, it outlined a deal for her brother's recovery out of his coma, for the sake of her soul. She wanted to argue her point on the matter but to her great annoyance the demon did have a point, learning from mistakes and consequences was how you grew up, but Laura didn't like her own argument thrown in her face.

    His words about another agreement first brought her a tiny bit of hope before he shattered it by continuing, her brother back in a coma again, even if she could handle that she didn't think she could hadle being the cause of it. "Wait!" She called out and stepped closer to him in case he would disappear into thin air, she didn't really realize it herself that she had started to give up her logic and accepted that the white eyed man wasn't human. "Don't do that, please, I can do anything just don't put my brother back in a coma."
  7. Even though he expected that much, Crowley made sure not to let any emotion show up on his face. Humans were so predictable sometimes and so easy to play with it was almost insulting to the demon who cared nothing about things such as love or kindness. It did, however, leave him a bit puzzled. They had very short lives to begin with and from his point of view it seemed they had little to no problem making it shorter by their stupid decisions. What was really that kept pushing them to these heroic actions? The demon turned his back to Laura and walked around the room, looking through her things as if he had any right to do so. Not even interested in any of these, Crowley wanted to check how much she was going to endure before snapping at him. It would prove her stupidity and bravery at the same time, or so he figured.

    Looking up at the woman, Crowley locked his white eyes on her frame. "Anything?" He took his time to eye her up and down, leaving her with only two choices: either accept his gaze or try to move away from it. The demon let a little smirk appear on his face. He always found it surprisingly interesting how people seemed to believe a demon could share their lusts and passions. In his existence, Crowley had met enough human women to know most of them were ready to give their bodies instead of their souls to the demon. Sighing, he put down the book he had in his hands and walked back to Laura, standing inches away from her and leaning in, his face almost touching hers. "Anything?" he repeated, white eyes glaring coldly into her eyes.

    And then, with a little huff, Crowley pulled away. "There isn't anything you can give me. I'm not interested in your body. Isn't that the biggest value amongst women?" He asked teasingly. "No, Laura, the deal is sealed. I Want your soul, and if you refuse, I will let your brother feel the consequences of your decision." He turned away from her and continued walking around the room. He didn't have to rush her into anything, he had all the time he needed. Taking a deep breath, Crowley stopped. Laura did try to keep her brother alive and well even though she knew what was going to happen. Wasn't that an excellent example of the virtue Crowley was so interested in? "But, perhaps.." he started slowly.
  8. She couldn't see any visible reaction on the man's blank face but the fact that he stayed was a sign of hope to Laura, maybe he was in a good mood, or the opposite depending on your point of view really. As she looked on he started walking around her room as if he owned it, looking at her things as she wasn't even in the room and she grew increasingly annoyed at the intrusion in her life. Although perhaps in comparison this wasn't as severe as loosing ones soul, still to Laura it was worst at the moment. She'd actually come to forgotten most of her resent fear and now she glared at the man, or rather demon, and snapped angrily; "Are all demons this rude or is it just you? That's my stuff last time I checked," standing in her pyjamas she wasn't feeling very threatening though, besides she dared to harbour a guess that even if she'lash out or attack he would hinder her as effectively as earlier, and she hated the feeling of not being able to do anything.

    Laura may have been a bit dense when it came to insinuations in general but only the blind could miss the man's sizing of her, and while she doubted any sincere interest from the demon his gaze was unsettling and disturbing. Laura's eyes widened slightly in disbelief as his question made her realize what the word anything included and a strong need to run and hide filled her. But the anger that sparked was stronger and she forced herself to keep her own gaze steady, refusing to back down and admit she'd been rattled by his words and sudden closeness. "Not what you are asking," she replied shortly. So maybe 'anything' had been a big word, almost anything was probably closer to the truth.

    Soon though he turned away and just kept on with his annoying ways, leaving Laura controlling an urge to slug the man, first he crossed all rules of personal space and privacy, annoyed her reatly and then practically insulted her again, even the generally peaceful woman had to restrain herself, partly because she believed she'd still draw the short straw.

    Then he proved once more his quickly changing mind but Laura barely dared to hope again. "What?" Curious over his change she watched as he stopped on his way around her room.
  9. Crowley smiled briefly, his back still turned to Laura. She was definitely an interesting one - trying her best not to fear him, pushing these feelings away and deciding to face him for as long as she could. Normally, people were crying at this point, either begging the demon to let them go or praying frantically to God, as if he could help them now. She, however, the dark haired woman standing in her silly pyjamas and still capable of snapping at him when she felt like it, was different. The demon couldn't help but feel strangely attracted to her way of dealing with the danger he was posing. He raised his hands and turned to her, a sly smile plastered on his lips. He had his doubts believing she was the proper human to follow around in order to learn more about them, but at least she wasn't at the verge of breaking and becoming completely useless to the demon. Nodding at her, Crowley once again sat on her bed, stretching his body - something he knew lots of people did before laying down.

    "Another deal. Take it or leave it, Laura. The one we had years ago is still intact. Your soul belongs to me and I would likeyou to remember that. But-" Crowley crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes. "I like you. You stand there, completely defenseless, and still have the guts to disobey me. I can appreciate that. One month." Crowley raised his hand with his finger pointing upwards. "You invite me into your life for one month, and that month is your time to, well, let's say - pack up your things before we leave." The demon ran his hand against the sheets, streightening them. "I need a vacation. A moment to breathe. And I want you to show me around. It seems I'm spending most of my time in those.. Irritating vessels you call bodies, I could use some knowledge." Crowley almost spat at the ground.

    "The deal is simple, Laura. You let me into your life - I don't care how you explain my presence to anyone close to you - I give you some more time. Still, I need to keep an eye on you, don't I? Would hate for you to get some ideas as for what to do with your little problem." He sighed and shook his head. "Now, should I prepare a contract for us or do you want to seal it in a way that doesn't require you to write, something I believe you are not a master of?" He asked softly.
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  10. This moment seemed so surreal, a few hours ago she'd finished a normal day and gone to bed without much thought to her life or the people in it and now she stood here trying to keep her life without putting her brother at risk, bargaining with a demon. The worst thing was that she couldn't blame anyone either, it had been her choice, granted as a child she'd not seen the price, only that her brother would live and now that price would be collected. This was just one more thing that proved her bad luck, and bad judgement apparently, although she suspected she would still have done it given the chance again.

    As soon as she saw the demon's sly smile she got suspicious again, so far she had found no reason to believe it would be good for her, once again though perhaps more her fault than his however annoying that was. At his small compliment Laura raised her eyebrows in surprise, not what she had expected exactly and as he explained the new deal Laura was torn between the good, an extra month alive and the bad, having a demon as a roommate. Well it could be worse, spending a month with him and showing him the city would perhaps not be that bad and on the plus side for her she'd not die this night at least. "Okay, it's a deal." She said after some moments of silence, like she'd say no to a deal like that.

    Laura narrowed her eyes at his last words, he had no emotion visible an his voice was smooth but his words were still mocking, and Laura disliked being wrong as much as she disliked being told she couldn't do something. "What makes you think I'm bad at it?" She retorted, meeting his pale eyes, controlling her urge to prove him wrong. "I'll take the contract though, I make a point to not make out with a person I just met, or demon in this case." She said crossing her arms in front of her.
  11. "The previous contract we made gives a little hint of your inability to write properly." The demon said calmly, completely ignoring the fact that the Laura he had met then was just a child. Crowley came closer to Laura and raised his eyebrow. He couldn't help but let out a soft laugh. "Oh.. No. Your assumption that that certain demon wants to make out with you is adorable, but untrue." He snapped his fingers and a contract appeared out of thin air, an old looking piece of paper already covered with Crowley's writing. Not even bothering to look at it, the demon grabbed the paper and handed it over to Laura, another snap of his fingers bringing a quill to his hand. "There are many ways to make sure a contract is a valid one, and as much as I hate to turn down your human needs, I was thinking of the one that needs your blood, not your kisses."

    Leaving the contract and the quill in Laura's hands, the man turned around and moved to the bed, sitting on the edge of it and lookig over to Laura curiously. A month for him meant nothing, but for a human being like her it should be a lot. Knowing that he should bargain some more with her, because her love to her brother was seemingly strong, Crowley waved his hand and sighed. After one moth, she will want another. Then he can bargain and make her promise him more things. For now, that should be enough. As he looked around, Crowley realized his knowledge about people and their ways is really minimal. Though not the best thing to waste one's time on, Crowley couldn't help but feel a tingle of excitement as he thought about the time he was going to spent here.

    "When you are done, and please don't try to write someone else's name, Laura, I suppose you should go back to bed. There is still some time before you will actually have to wake up, and I want you to be ready to answer all my questions and stay true to your part of the deal. You can even take a Bible to bed with you, I won't be offended." He nods at the woman, smirking.
  12. As he further pointed out her abilities to write propely Laura faught against a childish desire to stick out her tongue at the demon but controlled herself as she didn't want to give him more ammunition to use against her, he already had plenty it seemed, and apparently didn't care about the difference between child and adult. Laura narrowed her eyes in a glare, how did he manage to turn her words and intentions back at her every time he spoke, it was immensely frustrating but no matter how she tried he never missed a beat doing it. "I'd rather use my own blood as ink before turning any potential human need, as you put it, towards you." Laura snapped at him, unable to contain her frustration fully, she didn't often become angry or very aggressive towards others and she certainly didn't want to lose control when the demon was so calm and controlled.

    Grabbing the quill she tried to not be overly careful about her writing, but something in the man's superior behavior and way of talking down to her as if she was of lesser value than him that made her want to prove him right, not that she might succeed but she would never give up trying. "I'll give it my best," she said with a voice almost dripping with sarcasm, like she wouldn't have learned how to spell during all those years. Someday during this month she should perhaps give him a lesson about human age and what people of certain ages were supposed to know.

    "How very gracious of you," she said with a slight eye roll, pulling a hand through her hair briefly, only now realizing that she still was tired and that it was actually still night outside. The encounter had made her forget about the time and even life outside her bedroom when fear of death and her brothers well being had gripped her, and not the least the meeting with something she thought was not real. "Not that I believe it would be of much use even if I did take one to bed I'm afraid I don't really know where my bible is." It had been a gift from her mother so Laura still had it somewhere in one of her bookcases or a drawer but she couldn't remember exactly where, to her parent's dismay Laura had never showed much interest in religion as they would have liked.

    Looking over at the demon she was hit by two realizations that needed to be taken care off. "What's your name anyway, I think 'demon' or 'the white eyed man' is not going to work all that well. And I hope you are planning to stay in the living room during the remainder of the night, the couch isn't too bad actually." Laura finished hopefully, not eager to fall asleep knowing the demon would be in the same room.
  13. Crowley sighed, but didn't say anything. Was that supposed to be an insult? He had no idea. Probably, yes, judging from Laura's general attitude towards him, but he could only guess, because those matters really didn't meant a thing for the demon. At least for him, that is - he noticed many of his kind actually enjoyed letting themselves fully experience the human world, something he would rather not do. Observing and calculating should be more than enough for him, and hopefully Laura was going to pick that up quickly. He had no intention of sleeping since he considered that a waste of time, eating, since shoving anything down your throat was simply disgusting, or taking care of any other human activity that had to do anything with the body. Of course, that meant that after a while he was going to have to find another vessel, for even though he could reject all of the needs, the body still needed those to work, but Crowley didn't care. It was going to be Laura's problem, explaining how in the world he changed.

    "Not a religious one, eh?" Crowley smiled. "I like it in you. But worry not, I won't try anything. In contrary to humans, you see, demons usually stay true to their end of bargain." He nodded to himself, smiling mockingly. He made no movement to actually get up from the bed, his white eyes moving around the room and noticing more and more things that purpose he couldn't possibly guess. It was weird, seeing the human world from so close. The change was bigger than he expected, but that was the problem. People kept changing all the time. Was there even any use trying to understand them if they were going to push it all away and become something else in a matter of, what, mere thousnd of years?

    When Laura was done with the contract, Crowley didn't waste time and with another snap of his fingers made the paper and the quill disappear. There was no going back now, but people had weird ideas sometimes, ripping the contract, trying to burn it.. And even though it didn't change anything, because the deal was between the demon and the human, Crowley would rather avoid any additional drama people were so prone to act out. He nodded at Laura. "Crowley is the name I go by, but-" He stopped and started searching the pockets of his jacker. Finally, he pulled out a small wallet and looked into it. "-according to this, the name's.. Noah." Crowly laughed. "How ironic." He started taking things out from the wallet, looking at them as he held them with his long fingers. "And why should I move? I don't plan on sleeping, I don't need to."
  14. Laura rolled her eyes and frowned at him, it was truly bad with humanity when demons saw themselves as more likely to keep their word, sure they wanted a soul in exchange for it but apparently they did keep their promises. On the other hand humans were likelier to help someone out for free or a less life threatening fee, but however annoying it was she had to agree that humans weren't always the most reliable but Laura didn't like to assume that everyone was like that, it was too depressing. Although maybe demons then weren't all as bad as some made seem, but still they were demons after all, could you reall expect anyone of them to be anything but true to their nature?

    "Noah it is then," she said keeping her dark eyes on the demon who was examining the wallet and its contents, and she wondered how much of the world was strange to him. Laura surpressed a shiver when she realized that body must have belonged to an innocent man when the demon took over, she just hoped he would let the body go unharmed so that the man didn't have to die for Crowley to have a human body. That left the uneasy question of how long a human body worked without its original owner, Laura wasn't much for religion but she guessed it had to be the soul a demon pushed to the side when they took over. But fiction and guesses couldn't help tell her how it worked, and maybe it was better if she didn't know, she still would find out one way or another during the onth if her thoughts were in any way correct or not.

    "I don't care if you don't sleep, but I'd really appreciate to have my bed alone when I sleep," she said, her tone sharp although she kept her calm. "Go watch some TV or read a book, heck examine the whole apartment if you want but leave my bed, and preferrably this room, alone." Walking past him she sat down on her bed, legs crossed, by her pillow waiting for him to stand up, she didn't have the energy to argue all night but she at least wanted to try to get some privacy to sleep in.
  15. Hearing Laura's choice when it came to his new name, Crowley - or Noah, if that was the case now - chuckled. The beauty of irony was appealing even to the demon as he nodded his head, accepting that he should be called like that from now on. Closing the wallet and putting it back in his jacket, the man went back to sitting on the bed almost motionless, with his hands on his knees and his back straight to a point where it was clearly visible that no human would ever enjoy sitting in such position. Glaring at Laura as she started whining again, Crowley sighed. Why did people always assume they were the ones in charge? Still, there really was no reason for him to sit here other than to annoy the woman, and frankly, Crowley was in no mood for a fight over something so trivial. Getting up, he made sure to send a glare Laura's way.

    "Very well, then." he said, walking out of the room, not even bothering with putting lights on. He didn't need them, for he saw in the darkness like Laura did during daytime. Looking around and remembering her words, Crowley was going to examine the whole apartment just as she told him to, and he was - oh, yes - he was going to enjoy it thoroughly. Methodically, the demon moved from shelf to shelf, picking up every book and reading a few pages only to put it on the floor or leave it wherever; they were too boring for him to actually continue and he couldn't be bothered with putting them away to their rightful places. He looked into every drawer he found and pulled out most of the things from there, private or not. True, he was doing half of these things simply to show Laura his annoyance for her rudeness - really, was that a proper way to act towards someone who was making her a huge favour? - but also because he really was curious about everything.

    The morning came and Crowley was in the middle of checking the stuff in the kitchen, smelling every fruit he found there and wincing when he hated the scent. He wasn't going to wake Laura up, thinking that letting her sleep in is the best thing to do now that they were going to spend a month together and he wasn't planning on making it any easier for her - from today onwards.
  16. Laura relaxed a bit when the demon left but his glare didn't go unnoticed and she wondered, with a bad feeling growing inside, what demons did when they were annoyed by humans, perhaps she thought with a positive flare that he wouldn't do anything. But then again she'd read somewhere that a person with a positive outlook on life against the odds where pulling a veil before their eyes, true that statement where quite negative but in some cases quite true indeed, Laura just hoped it was not the case this time. Curling up under her covers she fell asleep far quicker than she had thought she would, despite her tiredness she had believed she'd be lying awake mulling over what had happened but now she slept deeply until her alarm went off in the morning.

    Reaching out an arm Laura slammed the button on the clock, groaning slightly she turned on her back, wishing for just a few more minutes until low noises snapped her wide awake. After a few initial moments of listening intently and wondering what to do first if it was an intruder memories ame back to her and with a sigh she realised it must be Crowley, or Noah, as he was to go by. Flipping her covers of Laura steered towards the kitchen when she became aware of the mess in her livingroom, books where misplaced and drawers were pulled out, some with its content hanging out. "Did you really have to leave such a mess," she exclaimed in irritation, it was much to early for her anger to fully spike, before her coffee annoyance was the most she could muster. Pulling a hand through her tousled hair she continued into the kitchen to prepare coffee, thats also where she found Noah busy with going through it. "You really do take everything literally."

    After putting on coffee Laura went back to her bedroom to gather up some clothes before heading to the bathroom for a shower, locking the door behind her, sure he may not have any interest in her but she didn't trust him and didn't want him examining the bathroom while she was in it. After a quick shower she dressed in jeans and a dark blue, fitted t-shirt, leaving her hair to dry on its own, to hungry to bother with a hair dryer. "I'm guessing you wont eat either?" She asked him while preparing some sandwishes for herself, pouring a cup of coffee before sitting down at the table.
  17. Giving Laura a short look when she entered the kitchen, Crowley put down the fruit he had in his hand. He shrugged and looked around the kitchen, not ashamed at all for what he did. Keeping things in order wasn't his job, except maybe for the contracts and the deal he made, but that was another story. Why should he care about making a mess out of human female's apartment? With his eyes locked on Laura's hands as she made sandwiches, Crowley shivered with disgust. That whole business with eating, drinking and letting one's body decide what it wanted on its own was rather disgusting to him. "You didn't tell me not to take it literally, and I wanted information. Is there a reason for you to keep some of these things at all? They seem useless."

    The demon stood up and started walking around the kitchen, checking things he didn't manage to check before Laura woke up. He kept at only that for some time, letting Laura eat in peace, but then he moved closer to her and sniffed her hair. It had nothing to do with any kind of sexual act; the demon smelled the new scent and couldn't quite put his finger on it after Laura came back from her bath. To his senses, it was most annoying. Shaking his head and snorting, he pulled away. "You're putting things in your mouth, chew them, mix them with saliva, make them a mess, and then swallow them. Do I look like I'm interested in things like that?" Crowley rolled his white eyes. "I'll rather you keep that part of human lives to yourself, since you're so used to it." He scoffed, sitting down next to Laura and watching her eat with a very curious look on his face. He knew everything about the process, of course, but it didn't make it look any more intriguing.

    "What are our plans today?" he asked finally, tired and bored with Laura's chewing on her food slowly. He started tapping his fingers against the tabletop, eager to leave this apartment and go out - wherever Laura was going from here. He took the cup of coffee and sniffed it as well. Never before in his life did he try to feel everything so closely and vividly. Now he wasn't sure whether the idea was as good as he thought it to be at first. Still, the deal was sealed and a month, for him, really wasn't that long.
  18. Demons apparently had little personal things wherever they lived, hell Laura had trouble believing in, not only because she wasn't too interested in religion. The whole concept of hell, with the fire, the torture and myriad of devils didn't seem very pausible to her but of course neither did heaven, unless angels walked around on the clouds, until tonight she hadn't believed in them but seeing as demons clearly xisted she guessed the same were true fo angels. "Yes, there is," Laura said firmly. "Books can never be useless, ever, but even small things that may not often be used are important, they are sentimental or things I rarely, if ever use, and it's still impossible to throw them away, most humans have things like that." She explained, though doubting if he'd understand anyway.

    Doing the normal morning things made it feel slightly more normal again if she'd not had a demon examining her kitchen, as he walked over and sniffed her hair she raised an eyebrow, already beginning to stop being surprised by his actions "If you are going out among humans we really need to teach you about something called personal space, and if you need to know my schampoo that badly, it's coconut." She commented dryly. Most things she owned, schampoo, conditioner, soap and creams smelled of coconut, it was one of her favourites.

    Finishing her first cup of coffee she started feeling more alert and maybe a bit more ready to deal with the coming month, "suit yourself," she answered with a shrug. "You really do miss some amazing things though." It was just a teensy bit unnerving eating in peace with someone watching her the entire time and his restless tapping was slightly stressing, he may not need it but she definetly didn't want to go to work hungry, one more thing he'd have to get used to this month. "I need to go to work," she said after finishing her breakfast, taking her cup to the sink and washed it. "Don't tell me you're coming. What fun can it be sitting there half the day while I work?" After work she didn't have just more things to do she had toclean up her apartment as well, not something she looked forward to as she greatly disliked cleaning, having it clean and nice was all good but the chore in itself was so utterly boring.
  19. Crowley didn't mind Laura's little tirade about him not knowing anything about humans and their ideas for how to live. To him, it all seemed rather unimportant; why bother setting so many rules for everyone if all they had was a couple of years before they were dead and forgotten? If he was in their position, he would gladly live his life to the fullest and follow every little one of his whims, not caring if the society would like it or not. After all, society wasn't going to live anyone's life, and since they only had one, Crowley figured they should really take better care of it, allowing less people to control it. Still, he shrugged. "And what do I need that personal space for? If you want to be alone, then don't leave your apartment. And the scent.." The demon sniffed again. "It's too sweet."

    He continued to watch her as she ate, his eyes not leaving her jaw even for a second while she chewed her food. Crowley had to admit - the body he was using was giving him signals that it was hungry, or so he thought, for his - or rather, its - stomach was growling and squeezing, but the demon wasn't going to accept that. In time, he will find another one. Maybe he should even look for a suitable next vessel somewhere around Laura's workplace? It would certainly make things easier for him if he wished to be seen, and not invisible all the time.

    The demon huffed. "I am coming. I told you, whole month. And if you spend half the day in there, it has to be a huge part of your life - and if it is so, I want to know about it." He stood up and walked around Laura, then stopped when he noticed his reflection in a mirror on the wall. Everything about his appearance was human - but not his eyes. Narrowing them, Crowley turned to the woman and gestured at his irides. "How are you going to explain that? And my presence at work?" He asked. Changing the colour of his irides wasn't much of a problem, but Crowley didn't want to make it any easier for Laura, feeling she wasn't quite serious about their deal at the moment. "And what do you do there, exactly? Should I know something?"
  20. "Sure it differs from person to person but generally people prefer to have some distance to strangers so even if you think it's not that important please try to keep some distance to others so will everything go more smoothly." Laura said, adding a silent 'hopefully' in her mind. Thankfully now a days, especially in larger cities, people were a bit odd, to use a kind word, and perhaps he wouldn't be noticed too much even if he acted as he pleased, which could be quite likely judging by his behaviour this far, and luck had never been one of her gifts. "I hope you adjust easily then as I'm not changing schampoo for your sake." She added, finishing up after her meal and dried her hands before fetching her bag and laptop from the livingroom, sighing at the mess once more.

    That was a problem in itself and something that had hit Laura just this morning, how she were going to explain his presence first and foremost but also his eyes, being blind was an easy explanation that one instantly thought off when seeing him. But he certainly didn't behave like any blind person no matter how expertly they had adapted, perhaps she could dismiss it to her coworkers as a new type of contact lenses. "I've thought of blindness or some sort of disease but I think contact lenses would work the best, they are easy to get a hold off and many people wear lenses to have odd colours even if they don't need the lenses." She finally said, it was an easier way than to get tangled up into a lie about medical causes. "Your presence though I have no idea, you could be a friend from out of town or a cousin maybe that is interested in what I do and wants to follow me to work?"

    Laura was quite sure it wouldn't be too much of a problem for her to have Crowley with her to work but if he was coming every day as well as if he changed body then she had no idea how to explain it. One or two friends or relatives interested in her work she could explain away but not more than that, perhaps she could take out sick days or get permission to work from home a lot. Her family she wasn't too worried about, her sister currently worked in Paris and her parents had sold their apartment in the city and moved out to the country side to enjoy their retirement. Only her brother lived in the city still and would be the one to meet the demon more than once. "I work as a professional artist for a company that provides paintings and designs for clients," Laura explained while she pulled on her shoes and took a thin jacket from the hanger.

    "It's nothing special, I draw or design for half a day, have a meeting or work together with one or more depending on what kind of thing I'm currently working on. Are you ready to go then?" She asked before stepping outside, prepared to lock the apartment after he stepped outside. Her old car stood parked on the small parking lot behind the apartment building and her job was just so far away it was cumbersome and took too long to walk.
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