Will you be my Demon Butler?

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  1. I am craving a sort of Black Butler like MxM pairing. It doesn't have to be Black Butler per se', but I would like the theme or plot to lead somewhere along those lines.

    It could lead to anything really, but I kind of want it to end up being romantic in a way. As the title suggests, I would like for you to be the demon. However ask me nicely and I might just be able to switch. Fair warning though. I'm not all that good at being the dark demon butler like Sebastian. I am not "one hell of a butler" As much as I wish to be. XD

    Anyway, feel free to talk to me about other plot ideas if you wish.
  2. This sounds really good, I've been looking for a black butler-esque roleplay and have a few character ideas for demons as well as shinigami and just for laughs a hell hound.
  3. Oh Really!? I am intrigued.
  4. Yes, I have ideas for snake, Raven, fox, and panther demons. As well as two shinigami, one whom uses twin Sai and another who is a tradistionalist and uses a collapsible scythe. Just tell me which you prefer and I could send you a quick CS. As for the hell hound it's pretty much Pluto with some minor, yet major differences.
  5. Well, all of them seem interesting. I am only looking for a one on one. However interactions with all that would be great plot filler.
  6. I love plot fillers! I think my "devilishly efficient Butler." Will work best. What are your ideas for the plot.
  7. Well it is pretty close to Black Butler that is why I said something about it.
  8. Okay, would we be doing this through thread or private.
  9. That is entirely up to you. Which do you prefer?
  10. I'm fine with either, although a thread is easier to manage.
  11. We can do a thread. ^^ Shall we do character sheets?
  12. Will you create the thread or do you want me to?
  13. If you wouldn't mind, could you start?
  14. Oh hey, I'm interested too :3 If you don't mind having me.
  15. Certainly! Pm me and we can discuss things.
  16. I am always looking!
  17. all my rps just kind of dropped
  18. In need of some RP!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.