Why Santa is Evil...

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  1. Yeah, most of that was part of a speech I gave in my leadership class. This article came after, but yeah, and it all started with the similarity between Santa and Satan. Everything else fell into place :D
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    Merry christmas!
  3. Will looked at the king unsure what he should do as he is taken away by Iris "oohh I look forward to it don't worry" he said teasingly as he looked up and down her body. "Your such a good dog following masters orders" he said as they stopped in front of the showers.

    "This is stupid why do I have to have a bath before being thrown into a smelly dirty cell?" He poured like a child before turning to Iris as the other guards left "so what now wanna see the goods?" He laughed as grabbed his scyth from his back and dropped it on to the ground, its sheer weight ment it caused it to slightly sink into the ground.

  4. *wants to make final character, also needs to pack*

    TFW you have a masked character and can't find a good picture for her face out of the mask
  5. A perfect example is the show dexter, a killer who never has ties to the victims but only kills monsters.....or those who try to expose him.
  6. pfft.

    sata is satan.
    *wmd stops himsefl before he makes an atheistic joke*
  7. Heh...I think the article is a riot...all of the santa-satan comparisons are a compilation of hodgepodge myth, marketing, song lyrics, and tradition...none of it comes from a valid enough source to draw true comparisons.


    I laughed.

    Santa...Satan? Isn't that too close to be coincidence?

    I know a guy named Jess U *insert last name here*

    Does that make my friend Jesus?


    It all makes sense
  8. And that's all it was supposed to do, make you laugh.
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    Merry Christmas.
  10. Me when I play Fire Emblem Awakening after a few months and find a bunch of Streetpass characters I don't remember meeting in my party: