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  1. Hi! I'm new here. I've roleplayed on here before, and I have been roleplaying for almost eight years now(I just can't remember what the password or email was XP). The only problem I had was that life really liked to drag me away from the things that I enjoyed, so I had to quit.

    But! I'm back with a new everything and ready to commit my time back into this place! I love roleplaying and I really enjoyed this site so hopefully it will stick with me for a while. There have been some roleplay ideas that I have really wanted to do since I quit, and maybe someone would like to do them with me!

    Well! That's about everything I can tell you! I hope I have something that you might be looking for!
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  2. Woohoo, welcome back! :D I wish you good luck in your endeavors with new RPs. :3
  3. Thank you! It's great being back XD
  4. Welcome aboard, Resonance. Have a cookie and enjoy your stay.
  5. Thank you! I greatly enjoy cookies.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.