Whose's your favorite superhero and why?

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  1. Hello again Iwaku! I'm back and this week I wanna know... Who is your favorite superhero.. And why?

    Tell me everything cause I wanna know!!

    Me? My favorite is marvels Captain America, a.k.a Steve Rogers because I love his story and his personality. He's really an all around awesome dude with no "all mighty" power other than his bravery and shield. Which is pretty cool. And also he's really rather attractive xD.
  2. My favorite is probably Batman, because he doesn't have any supernatural powers at all, just tons of money and determination and intellect. You'd think the guy with no powers would be the underdog in superhero world, but nope, he's freaking terrifying because he's smart and resourceful.

    By the way, Captain America isn't just a dude with a shield and some pluck. He's a super soldier. He doesn't have super strength or super speed or some such, but he's got a sort of jack of all trades physical suite where he's always at the human peak of strength, speed, endurance, agility, reflexes, healing, and so on. I'd count that as a super power in and of itself, since that sure as hell ain't natural.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Marc Spector/Moon Knight. What first drew me to him is his really cool costume [and also a friend recommended him to me]. I bought a stack of the older comics some time back and I absolutely love them. I love that his multiple personalities can protect him from psychic attacks, I love that he knows how to use pretty much every weapon ever, I love his badass fighting skills, I love that he he goes from being a rich playboy to a taxi driver. (He lives 4 separate lives actually, all with names. If memory serves right.) And, he interrogates like nobody's bidness. He's just a regular guy, too. Everything he's capable of, has been accomplished through hardcore training. Much like how the Batman is. When he gets tougher enemies, too, he puts a lot of effort into developing stronger weapons to use against them.
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  4. For pretty much the same reasons as Jorick, my personal fave is Iron Man. Just a rich genius dude in a suit. And I really, really, really would like at least one of those "suits" to play with. So sue me...
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  5. My favourite superheroes are effectively a direct result of my upbringing. My Dad had a ton of comic books, so those are the only ones I read, and so those were the ones that stuck.

    As such, my favourite superhero is Spiderman. He was relateable, sarcastic, and not too overpowered. I like that instead of fighting world-scale disasters, he was just dealing with local issues.

    In second place is the Thing—specifically, after he left the Fantastic Four. As a kid, I was always into extremely strong characters overpowering others, as well as monstrous characters. I liked that he was a freak, I liked that he was again not too overpowered, and I liked that he was so grim in personality.

    They were good times.
  6. [​IMG]

    But I much prefer villains.

    Favorite Villain. (open)
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  7. I never would have expected to see Moon Knight! omg Fluffy have you read the new Moon Knight? The first 1-6 were written by Warren Ellis, to start off stronk, and WWWWHHHOOOOAAAAA.

    Anyways, my favourite superhero? Pic related.


    He stands for more than what he is, as a symbol. He fights for what is right, not by his own standards but a universal one. He stands for a universal, moralistic truth and ideal that all humans should strive for. He doesn't stand by the "now" of America, or even the "then" of America. He's not old-fashioned; his morals and values never will be old-fashioned. Truth, justice and honour will never go out of style.

    Cap is what we should strive to be as a planet. ​
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  8. [​IMG]
    One of my top favorites, easily! Why? Because he's just real. No "honor", no "righteousness", none of that heroism bullshit.

    Rocket: Why would you want to save the galaxy?

    Quinn: Because I'm one of the idiots who lives in it!
  9. Constantine, he counts these days.
  10. [​IMG]

    Because delicious firearms mixed with raccoon-like douchebaggery and a healthy pinch of technical, and tactical, brilliancy.
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  11. Magneto is such a fantastic character. He's really one of the few really sympathetic villains I was introduced to growing up.

    Going with Deadpool. His comics are usually superb and can have some surprisingly deep and serious story lines, and the fact that it's strongly suggested that most of the stuff you read about with him in it may or may not actually be real; it might just be his warped perception of reality that laughs in the face of continuity errors. He's kind of a welcome break in a sea of comic books that take themselves way too seriously and forget to have fun once in a while.

    Required reading is definitely the Cable & Deadpool series. It's my absolute favorite of all time.

    A close runner up is the Punisher, and he's a man who needs no introductions. Unlike most heroes and anti-heroes, he's able and willing to put bad guys in the ground and deal with the fact he's hated by the super hero, citizen, and villain communities with equal measure. He takes down super villains while having no super abilities of his own other than being intelligent, ruthless, and a hell of a tactician. His existence is basically a giant middle finger to his squeaky-clean counterparts, and unlike them, he's not above sinking to the bad guys' level to get the job done.

    As for villains, it's a toss up between Magneto and Venom. I also really admire Lex Luthor.
  12. I never read comics, so of course this is based on movies and the like, but where's the Wolverine love? D:
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  13. Dr. Fate, because Lord of Order, magic and mystical tower outside of time and space.
  14. I'm going to drop the almighty Thor into here. Why? Because he's a god reigning from a cool sounding place call Asgard and he has all the powers and old fashioned medieval quotes of a bad ass. Oh...and did I mention that Thor wields a mighty hammer that only Hulk has managed to lift up by normal means? Not mention that he can call it to him and use it to rain down devastating bolts of electricity on his opponents. Not to bust your bubble even further but I think he has some kind of rage mode that makes him an greater force to be reckoned with; if someone manages to hold their own against base Thor.
  15. Getting shoe-horned into every X-Men movie, that's where.

    Most of the plots used by the movies include other colorfull character as the protagonist. Instead, the movies make everything revolve around Wolverine, and reduce all these other great characters into support.

    Seriously, take a little bit of time reading some descriptions and you will come up with some awesome comic versions of characters who just come off as dull in the movies (or worse in some cases.)

    I blame this for movie Cyclops.

    Fucking Fox....
    Ruining my Cyclops....
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  16. Pretty much this. I refuse to watch standalone Wolverine movies after Origins.
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  17. I always think it's funny that people love Rorschach so much. He's a great character but Alan Moore wrote him as a brutal, extremely black and white, heavily right wing nutjob. Not really that likable a guy if he didn't fight crime.
  18. Which does absolutely nothing to detract from Wolverine's awesomeness. I agree that the films tend to be too focused around him, but don't see how that takes away from the character. It just sucks that the others aren't given enough focus.

    Same goes for @Dervish's post - okay, yeah, Origins sucked, but I thought we were discussing the characters, not the merits of the films they happen to have appeared in. Like, there have been some pretty bad Superman films over the years, but if you were to criticise him you wouldn't say "Superman 3 was bad", you'd say "omg so much OPness" or something.
  19. I actually think Superman is an incredibly boring character.

    As for Wolverine and the movies, it's pretty much a case where he's gotten as much recognition and popularity he seems like the "safe" choice, and when you constantly have him thrown in your face when there's a universe of amazing characters with much more interesting powers and stories than Wolverine, then he starts to become the Pikachu to Marvel's Pokemon.
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