Who is your.....

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  1. Who is your favorite philosopher, if you have one.

    Mine if Nietzsche
  2. Socrates

    You line of thinking may go one way and then BAM, Socratic method turns your whole world upside down.
  3. I love him.
  4. Though I'll always be fond of Descartes for getting me interested in philosophy, my personal favourite would have to be David Hume. His ideas covered a vast swathe of topics, from the origin of ideas to freethought, and are one of the reasons why he's so very relevent even today.

    Plus, y'know, he's Scottish. That gives him lots of bonus points in my book.
  5. I like him, i just do not like him 'as much
    as some of the others. ya knwo?
  6. I do not think I really have a favourite philosopher, but I think I like Plato, Descartes and Hegel the most.
  7. plato is nice, he's relaly the only way we know about Socrates ^.^
  8. Philosoraptor
  9. Mitch Hedberg.
  10. I seee... Good one.

    I noticed peopel aren't actually listening knwon philosophers anymore....
  11. Dr. Seuss – oh wait known philosophers. OK. Um. Johann Gottfried von Herder :)

    Socrates is too bound by the constraints of logic for my taste... but yeah, he made a lot of totally mindblowingly awesome points, so KUDOS TO THE SOCS!

    Also Seneca! He wasn't really a philosopher, but still! Couldn't live without the dude! My favorite quote, where he was discussing generals of the Roman legions: "Which of these would not rather see Rome disheveled than his hair?" I will love him forever for that.
  12. Dr. Seus couts.... he's totally known xD thoug more of a political philoospoher.
  13. LOL awesome :D Among my favorites of his has got to be "You're only old once!!" Of course it's not exactly relevant to me at this point … it just makes me burst out laughing every time.
  14. [video=youtube;m_WRFJwGsbY]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_WRFJwGsbY[/video]
  16. I love monty python
  17. Saying you understand humor without knowing Monty Python is like saying you've been to Narnia because you stepped inside the closet D:
  18. That's a little fallacious but sure.
  19. Monty Python laughs in the face of fallacy >8D MUAHAHAHAHAAAAA
  20. Actually, in this case, it doesn't. PAWN (( sent you a PM by the way__