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  1. Mmm..today is mother's day. Mmm...
  2. Bram

    He glanced back to notice it was Mari’s turn to hug him. Despite her being three years older than him, she still remained rather small in comparison to him. “In the mood for hugs eh?” He heard the door open and noticed Jack stroll inside, rubbing his eyes.

    “Sorry bout that. Took a quick walk.” Gruffly he yawned then said “I’m going back to bed.”
  3. Bram

    He looked back at Jack and with an impatient nod he placed himself next to Mari at the table “Alrighty.” He tried to smile at them
  4. Clare:

    I look at jack and sigh softly "Alright whatever." I said and felt my face turn pink i just hoped my hair didn't as well. I took a bite of food and smiled gently "Oh , Bram this is great."
  5. Alright. I am almost ready to start rping. :)
  6. "They'll both be top tier, if Mel-Mel actually puts in the effort." Astaroth gently ruffled Melody's hair.
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  8. So there is your minion RP.

    Were we going to do any other rps?
  9. I guess its up to you. Right now I'm thinking maybe not
  10. Mmm.....well I am thinking about taking a nap. I am tired from all that damn cleaning/organizing stuff. >.<
  11. Bram

    He shook his head "Not your fault. Jack's always been anti-social." He grumbled under his breath and placed his hand over his ribs.
  12. Bram

    He scoffed as he held on to Cerberus’s leash. “He’s always annoyed. It’s his main personality trait.” He inhaled the nice air and noticed Spook in the back yard “Hey buddy.” He greeted
  13. Dog Trainer/Babysitter/Vet...whatever. Is gave a offer to take care of a group of canines. The pay 10 Million dollars. The catch? The dogs were hermaphrodites, and were specifically required to receive...extra attention. So does she accept, or refuse? That was a lot of money, but...it would requre seuxla work with animals....which .....was illegal, but...that was a lot of money.; (Your girl, the dog trainer, my girls, the dogs. Mmm..... Trainer x Dog Harem?)
  14. Clodagh | Ceremonial Pit | Evening

    Interactions: Everyone, Pyphreos & Shilia

    Clo barely had a moment to think before the chalice was forced into her hands, eyebrows raised almost comically in surprise. She looked towards Lysander, Allie, and Lanaya, obviously sharing similar suspicions about the mystery liquid in the cup. She heaved a sigh--great. Already, shit was tilting towards the non-ideal end of the spectrum and not only did it stir unease in everyone's guts, but it probably inspired even more doubt in her capability of being a responsible Unity Fighter in her teammates' eyes.

    Wonderful. Really.

    Clo narrowed her gazee pointedly at Shilia after she asked for Jofie and Samael's cuffs to be removed. "Negative," she interjected, "They're both under our surveillance and, currently, suspected of separate felonies--"

    Then, Samael took the chalice and drank from it...with his hands free.

    Clo's jaw clenched.

    It didn't help that Jofie did the same, though he didn't sip from the cup. However, the Arbomite did smirk triumphantly at Clo and had the audacity to send her a wink. Clo could've sworn that if she had a coat of feathers, they would've bristled furiously. "Sorry, just don't like the lack of freedom and rights and whatnot," Jofie chimed with a chuckle. He didn't pay Clo's anger any mind and was instantly pinning Pyphreos with an intense yet distant look. The Master Priest answered with a challenging quirk of the eyebrow, as if they were trading a silent conversation.

    All in all, these turn of events were pissing Clo off.

    Face ever so carefully neutral, she ground out to the remaining two Unity Fighters behind them, "Fine, cuffs are faulty today. Guess we'll need to up the security." At the sound of that, the men retracted their respective guns and pressed the barrels to Samael and Jofie's backs. Clo massaged her temple with a sigh. God help me, she thought.

    She could feel a migraine coming on; a familiar pounding raced through her system, starting at the back of skull and slamming to the front. However, it only lasted a moment or so before an unusual sensation blossomed in her hand and expanded throughout the rest of her body. It was faint, cooling to the annoyed flush of her skin, and cleansed the pain from her head.

    That was...odd. Clo eyed the chalice in bewilderment, only now noticing the odd image carved into it. She couldn't make out what it was and she didn't care enough to ponder it for long. There was just too much going on at once to bother with something so minor. Finally, she put her attention back on Shilia, though her voice was intended to reach everyone. "I don't care what your traditions entail, but we're not going to just drink something you've handed to us."

    Shilia parted her lips to respond, but dipped her head and backed away as soon as Pyphreos spoke up. "There you go again, assuming everything you possibly can. That has always been a pesky habit of you Unity Fighters." He shook his head in mock disappointment, clicking his tongue for added effect. "I never once requested any of you to drink it, though I'm flattered that some did. I hope the Kilabock water isn't too unsavory; we did well to strain it, at the very least."

    Chuckling, he swept an arm out towards the ceremonial pit.

    "However, I do request that all of you stand around the pit. Ten chalices..." He raked over the Chosens once more and as his gaze swept past nine of them, he pivoted around slowly to face Shilia. The Human Zealot gave pause, fiddling with the final chalice a bit, unsure as to who it was supposed to go to. "For ten Chosens."

  15. "But it's true."
  16. "So you can say that, but it doesn't have to be true."
  17. Clare:

    I nod but sigh "that doesn't mean that she should had take his shit, do you really think he was out walking?"