Whispering at The End of the Universe

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  1. Star Date:
    Year 1024 A.D.O.E (After Death of Earth)
    24th of February
    Aproc. Time of Arrival:


    The ship was silent. It was not an uncommon thing. Traveling through the void was a boring thing. The ship and the crew onboard was completely cut off from everyone and everything outside the hull. For 2 months they have been traveling through the void. Passing billions of light years of distance to reach their destination, Ever after. The SS Annabelle was not the largest ship in the galactic fleets, nor was it fitted with weapons other then the four forward facing laser cannons.

    The ship itself consists of dimly lit corridors. that run its length. The Controls are forward facing, the engine rooms toward the rear. The ship can hold 30 members comfortable, with cabins situated in the belly of the beast, on the lowest deck. The main recreational center on the floor above. Everywhere you see the same message is everywhere. In about 2 hours the ship will leave the void and enter the Ever After system where the real mission begins.

    Most people sleep through the day, the only place were the nightmares and whispering can not reach you is the void. SO it is natural that most of the crew is apprehensive about leaving the void. The two months have been a safe haven from the terrors of reality. many the crew are not currently aware of.
  2. Drake Fernwood, Aboard the SS Annabelle

    Unlike the rest of the crew, all tucked in their sleeping quarter cots, Drake was within the main engine room, dozing against one of the humming engines that powered the ships flight. He found more comfort in these kinds of places, where he can be alone with his own thoughts surrounded by the things that occupied most of his attention. If he was able to, he would have taken the job of head engineer alone and be able to just be here the whole time, but even with the Annabelle being one of the smaller ships, it still required a full team to care for her. A small alarm woke him from his slumber, and he stood up and yawned, feeling refreshed but still a little drowsy. He would need coffee soon. After stretching, he picked up and secured his tool belt and walked toward the main engine, time for procedure diagnostics. He started with checking the thrust capacitors, making sure they were within acceptable levels of stress, then went on to check the main power routers around the machine, making sure there were no kinks or contusions within the wiring mainframe. Once he deemed the engine wasnt going to explode, he hailed the captain via intercom;

    "Its 1500 hours and the ol' girl is still purring. Nothing to report, we will be good to go once we leave the void." he said.

    One thing did bother him though... the whole thing about the Whispering phenomenon. He never really experienced it, but people say that it brings out some of the worst horrors imaginable. He shuddered at the thought, but he took the job, and he will make sure to see it through.
  3. Cassandra "Cassie"
    That Cold Heart Bitch

    Cassandra was content with her soft cot as her head lay on her pillow in a perfect dreaming world. Suddenly, her sleep was interrupted by a sudden loud voice over the intercom. "Its 1500 hours and the ol' girl is still purring. "Nothing to report, we will be good to go once we leave the void." The sudden loud voice over the intercom made her shoot up as she clutched the sheets under her. "GOD DAMN IT! DRAKE" She screamed as she threw open the door and marched down the hall and into the engine room.

    "God damn it Drake! I was trying to sleep!" She said as she placed her hand on her hip and scowled at the man. "Can't you do anything other than play with the engine? Seriously!" She said as she realized she was standing in front of him in nothing but her pajamas. Her face flushed red and she growled. "Don't do it again!" She said as she angrily stormed out of the room. "God this job gives me headaches." She complained as she walked back into her room and sat down on her bed.

    She missed her family dearly and the whispering was the monster that had made her turn cold. This was her mission. And she won't stop until she know what this beast was.​
  4. Soon after he had sent his message to the captain, lil' miss sunshine Cassandra burst into the engine room yelling about her sleep. It obviously didnt do much good for her as she was still a snake lady as always. He didnt think that any amount of sleep would cure that for herself. She ended up getting all flustered for some reason then stormed back out of the engine room. He rolled his eyes and muttered to himself "A wonder why I dont like people." He didnt understand why this ice queen had to be on this ship. What business did she even have to be here?

    After a little more fiddling with the readings and the meters, he got a wicked idea. Looking back at the main engine, there was a lever that read "Engine Lock Control". This was meant to be pulled down to lock the engines after being shut down to prevent any free moving parts, but if it were pulled while on, just slightly, it created a huge and obnoxious grinding noise.

    "I really shouldnt" he muttered as a mischievous smile came across his face, slowly reaching for the lever, pulling it ever so slightly...

  5. Cassandra "Cassie"
    The Ice Queen

    As she started drifting back to sleep she suddenly fell out of her bed and landed with a hard THUMP on the ground. 'Oh now he's done it. ' She said. She was, to say the least, was livid now. "That's it" She said as she got up and threw her clothes on. Marching down the hallway in her heels she burst through the engine door and crossed her arms in front of her chest. "So do you enjoy being a dick or do you really have to work at it?" She asked him.

    If only looks could kill.​
  6. Drake smirked as he let go of the lever and he shrugged, "Not sure, do you like being a snake disguised as a human?" he said in reply to her question. "I wasnt the one who burst in here all wild eyed yelling at me for doing my job" he stated, knowing he was right about that. It wasnt like she had to keep her intercom on, so the fact that his voice woke her up was avoidable entirely. As he looked around, he grabbed onto a nearby ladder and climbed up, checking various parts of the large engines. Seeing that a few bolts had gotten loose in the shield frames, he pulled out a wrench and got to tightening them, straining to make sure they had a good hold before moving to the next one.

    "What are you even doing here Cassandra?" he asked as he worked, not looking at her, he was never good at formalities with names, so he was pretty much on a first name basis with everyone whether they liked it or not. After tightening the bolts, he sat down so his legs dangled off the catwalk that he was on, his arms propped against the rails as he pulled a cigarette from his belt, lighting it and taking a drag before looking to her, asking "Cigarette?" as he waited for her answer.
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  7. Cassandra "Cassie"
    The Ice Queen

    Cassie rolled her eyes. "I am doing my job. Keeping you in check. I'm in charge of making sure things run smoothly on this mission. So whether you like it or not Buddy boy. You have to listen to me" She said with a smirk. "I am Medusa, didn't you get the memo?" She asked as he made a comment about her snake like personality. She stuck her tongue out and made a 'hissing' noise. She wasn't really that heartless, she was just guarded. Some people don't need to know that. So far on the ship, Drake was the only person who didn't understand that. "Look our mission is to find the source of this whispering nonsense and put an end to it. I don't care if you like me or not. Won't keep me up at night. But could you try not to bee such an ass?" She asked with a sassy glance at him. She could be rather charming when she wanted to.

    "Don't mind if I do.." She said as she took a seat on one of the empty work benches. She didn't particularly like spending time with Drake, but she had nothing better to do.. and a cigarette sounded awfully nice right now.​
  8. Drake climbed down and took a seat on the opposite side of the bench that Cassandra was sitting and handed her one of his cigarettes along with his lighter. After taking a thoughtful drag from his own, he said as he blew out the smoke, "You seem to think that I am only here to cause trouble. Im just gonna say this once, nicely. I make sure this tin can keeps us on the right course. I cant even begin to say how many hours I stayed up, checking, double checking, and triple checking these engines to make sure that they dont fall apart on us, because wed be screwed if that happened."

    He took another drag and thought a moment, blowing the smoke out of his nose. "And im not always an ass, you just so happen to the the one around whenever I am. And it doesnt exactly help when the first words toward me are usually curse words, know what I mean?" he said with a small chuckle and a smile other than his signature smirk. He really wasnt a bad guy, he was just a bit of an introvert, not to mention a bit more of a smart ass when people try to get uppity with him.

    "Ok Ice Queen" he said as he finished the last of his cigarette, "Here is the deal, you work on not making every time you address me some crazed cursing frenzy, and I will work on being a little more civilized. Deal?"
  9. Cassandra "Cassie"
    The Ice Queen

    Cassie took the cigarette from his hand and lighted it, placing it between her perfect white teeth. With a long and deadly breath she inhaled the nicotine that surged though her body and calmed her instantly. Letting the smoke puff out from beneath her curled pink lips she looked over at Drake with the smile of the devil himself. "Maybe I wouldn't cuss at you so much if you didn't always regard me as the ice queen." She stated before taking another few puffs from the cancer stick between her pale pink lips.

    Her sadistic side aside, Cassie really wasn't an awful person per say. She was more of a broken girl, trying her best to deal with painful emotions and memories. Things that only seemed to make her weak. Cassandra was many many things, sadistic, a bitch, a tease, but she was not and never would be weak. Her image, as superficial as it sounded to many others, was everything. She knew damn well how it get what she wanted. If that meant sex, lying, cheating, and never truly trusting anyone.. well that was just Cassie's life. It's all she'd ever known.

    "Hey, If you can be "civilized" towards your queen, Then I won't swear up a storm every time I see you." She said as she hopped off the work bend and over to Drake. When she was centimeters away she blew the smoke form her last short drag into his face and smirked. "And it's Miss Ice Queen to you.." With that she turned on her heels and walked out, only pausing to look over her shoulder at him with a "Oh and thanks for the nicotine". She threw him a wink and continued out the door and towards her room to get ready for the day. She had an image to uphold.​
  10. Drake rolled his eyes at her mention of calling her the Ice Queen. So long as she acted as cold as she was, he would always regard her in that fashion. Of course, he didnt think that this cold hearted attitude was all there was to the girl, though he never called her out for it. God forbid he try and get to know her just a tad bit better. She then mentioned about being civilized to'his queen' and that earned her a smirk and a dry chuckle. Next thing he knew she was blowing smoke at him, her face right up on his. He fixed her with a steady gaze as long as he could before the smoke got into his nostrils and he had to let out a small cough.

    She got up and thanked him for the cigarette, throwing a wink in his direction. He merely waved an arm at her and said "Yeah yeah whatever" before standing back up and facing the engines, only to look back at the closed door when she had finally left. Drake sighed and shook his head, "What a woman" he said under his breath as he made his way back to the engines.

    Eventually the growling of his stomach couldnt be ignored and he made his way to the exit to where the dining hall was. Many of the other engineers noticed him and waved in his direction, "So he finally emerges from his cave in the engines!" one of them called out jokingly, only to be met with Drakes middle finger. Of course he always joked around with the other engineers, he was introverted, not an asshole.

    "Yeah yeah dont get too excited, the engines are more interesting than you assholes put together!" called back Drake jokingly, getting the group of workers to laugh. He made his way to the breakfast line, grabbing a mug of coffee and a plate filled with scrambled eggs, sausage patties, and a couple biscuits before heading to the 'designated' engineers table. And by designated, it was really meant that only the engineers gathered there, as the table was stained with oil and grease from previous workers. Drake himself had a few oil stains on his shirt, and some on his forearms. He managed to wash his hands at least before breakfast.

    "So I heard Ms. Cassandra had some choice words for you this morning" said one of the engineers, leaning in to elbow Drake.

    "Shit, she can yell at me all she wants, damn girl is fiiiiine" said another, shaking his head at the thoughts he had of the woman.

    "Hah, only thing she would say to you is get the hell away from me creep!" said one of the female engineers as she took a bite of her breakfast.

    It was funny though, out of all the engineers, he was really the only one to get lashed out at by her. Sometimes he pinned it on rotten luck that he was always the one to deal with her rants, but at the same time... company was company.
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  11. Rory had been woken up by two voices yelling at each other in the engine room. That was one if the perfect ways to piss her off. She needed sleep. Sleep equaled life, no matter what people said.

    She had bedn sleeping, up high on an engine, and so the two couldn't see her but she could see them. Also hear them. Their voices bounced off the walls, creating a small echo through the noises of the engines. She rubbed her eyes in an effort to wake up. It was Medusa and Drake. Did they not understand that others would like to sleep when they were able to?

    She was plotting for Cassandra's death. That lady acted like her bloody superior all the damn time and she was only one year older than her. One, goddamn it. Rory needed revenge. She could pour oil in her drawers, or put a good ol' fashioned stink bomb in it too. Or both. Choices... Choices... She stretched as she contemplated her innovative ideas that were speinging up in her mind one after another.

    She climb down the engines, they were sturdy and she had nothing to fear about her breaking them. She adjusted some of the machines, some of them were overheating, and they couldn't have the ship exploding to bits.
  12. Nicky
    "The Troublemaker"

    Nicky's baby blue eye peeked open for a split second, just in time to watch his big sister Cassie storm out of the room. She seemed mad for some reason.. Oh well. Nicky jumped at the opportunity and bounded from his bed and pulled on his hoodie and his jeans and ran out of the room and down the hall in only his socks. As he ran his way into the dinning hall. Stopping only to tell the chef's wife, Mary, "Helllo". "Hello Nicky, up to trouble a bit early today aren't we?" She asked as she handed the boy his daily breakfast of a bowl of cereal to go. "Heh.. yeah well it's never to early is I can keep Cassie off my heels!" He said with a light hearted laugh before waving goodbye and running off towards to mechanics table. "Bye Mrs. Mary!" He called over his shoulder as he skidded to a sudden halt in front of the mechanics table. He went to open his mouth to speak before hearing something about his sister that made him shudder. It was true his sitter was pretty, and smart, and super funny and caring, if you knew her. But hearing that made him stick out his tone. "You're not talking about Cassi-I mean Cassandra are you?" He asked as he sat next to Drake and shoved the spoonful of cereal into his mouth. "Cause she's gross" He sad in a mock little brother tone. He forgot that Cassie prefer to be called Cassandra while she was at work.

    Cassandra "Cassie"
    The Ice Queen

    Cassandra made her way into the captain's quarters of the S.S. Annabelle. Her binders full of information pertaining to the whisperings, the maps, everything that was vitae to the survive of the crew and the rest of the planets. She greeted the captain with a genuine smile as she said "Hello Captain!" Despite what everyone else on the ship thought of Cassie, the captain loved her like a second daughter anyway. Though they disagreed on most things, when it came to having a bad day or even just the goals of the trip, Cassie leaned on the captain more than anyone else. As the two began to plan out how far they would take the ship before having to confront the whisperings she felt her stomach growl in annoyance at her lack of food intake. "Shouldn't you get some food dear?" The captain asked. Cassie shook her head and replied quickly. "Oh I'm fine I'll get some once we've finished" The captain chuckled at her and sighed. "Very well Cassie" ​
  13. Before he knew it, in came little Nicky, Cassie's little brother and honestly Drakes favorite person on this ship. The kid had so much energy that it made Drake jealous and he couldnt help but just love his troublevmaking shenanigans, especially when it drove Cassie up the wall, What wasnt there to love about this kid? He chuckled at the mention of his older sister being gross and ruffled the kids hair.

    "You said it buddy" Drake said with a smile as he took a bite of eggs and a piece of biscuit. An idea came to his mind and he nudged Nicky, "Hey little buddy, once we finish here, wanna head up to the bay area and help me out with the hover bike? I may even teach you how to drive it, betcha thatll make big sis crazy huh?" he asked the kid with a happy grin.

    After a little looking around, he noticed the youngest of the mechanics wasnt at breakfast. Where the hell was she? Drake sighed and shook his head, leave it to her to be just as introverted as him and equally as into machines. Hopefully she will come to breakfast soon and get something before they clean up.
  14. As Rory was adjusting the machines, there was a rather loud sound coming from her stomach. "Need.. Food..." she muttered as she took her gloves off and walked out into the hallway. Rory loved food. If you got between her and the awaiting plate filled with a slice of heaven (damn those chefs were good), she won't be responsible for your injuries.

    She got her plate of food with smelled quite delicious mind you, and went to her usual table with Drake and Nicky. "Yo, guys." she sat down across from them, gave them a grin and started digging into her food.

    "What's today's agenda?" she asked as she swallowed a piece of her egg. She may be the biggest tomboy on the ship, but when it came to eating, she had very good manners. "Oh, speaking of oil," she began right after asking them the question, "Could I possibly have a spare can?" she had decided on the revenge against Medusa. Oh, it would be glorious.
  15. Drake smiled as the young mechanic showed up, he nodded in her direction with a mouthful of sausage patties. Unlike Rory, his table manners were somewhat lacking, not like that really affected him though. "Yo" he said happily as she asked about the agenda for today. "Well, after we finish up the diagnostics, I was gonna take Nicky here to go work on my hoverbike, give him a little driving lesson. Wanna join us?" he asked the young girl, knowing she would love an opportunity to work on another piece of machinery. He looked around to make sure the ice queen wasnt around to hear their plans in case she tried to take her little brother away. "Umm, I might be able to, why do you need an extra can?" he asked when she mentioned needing a can of oil.
  16. When he mentioned working on his hoverbike, Rory's eyes began to sparkle. Metaphorically of course. Or else that'd be creepy. Anyways, Rory nodded eagerly at his invite. "Aw yeah!" she then looked at Nicky. "Kiddo, we will teach you the ways." she stopped and looked at both of them with a completely serious poker face. "The ways of badassery."

    She then gave a grin to both once more, she loved being with these guys. They were like their own little group. Sometimes it felt like it was the world against the three of them. When Drake asked about the oil, a good-natured smile spread on her face. "Oh, you know, revenge is awesome, and I want it to be glorious. And for that, I need oil." She frowned and started thinking about the parts you need to make a small stinkbomb. "Hm, I should also make a stinkbomb if I want to make it bloody amazing."
  17. Nicky
    "The Troublemaker"

    Nicky beamed up at Drake as he ruffled his blonde locks. His eyes, like Rory's, sparkled when Drake mentioned his hovercraft. "Wow! Really Drake?!" He asked with a huge smile. "That would be so cool! But.. Cassandra wouldn't approve.." He said with a fading smile as he thought about the disappointment in her eyes when she found him in trouble. "Oh well, She'll just give me another lecture." He finally said with a shrug as he shoved another spoonful of cereal into his mouth.

    His smile brightened as he flashed it, mouthful of cereal and all, to the pretty girl. "Hello Rory!" He said as he shallowed the dry cereal. "Hey Rory , why can't Cassandra be like you?" He asked with a goofy smile. "I mean.. I love her and all.. But she's too uptight all the time" He said with a slight frown. His frown turned into a smile and he tugged at Drake's sleeve. "Come on come on come on! Let's gooooooo" He begged.

  18. Up and front of the SS Annabelle the pilot Anthony was checking his normal routines. He was the one who had probably slept the least out of anyone. Sure, the copilot was alright, but Anthony would rather have himself at the helm.

    Two months. Two aggravating months and he could finally see something interesting. Well, in two hours he would. Hopefully it'd be fun on his side of the mission and not just have to stay sitting in his seat waiting. A countdown timer was set on one of his monitors, and now all he needed to do was wait. Lifting his legs up on his desk Anthony opened up main visual windows to gaze out into the void. It was always a nice sight to stare into, the seemingly endless realm they traveled through. Still looking out into the void Anthony tapped a key on his computer which loudly emitted a nice pirate metal song. Oh, I'm sure this'll be fun.
  19. Star Date:
    Year 1024 A.D.O.E (After Death of Earth)
    24th of February
    Aproc. Time of Arrival:

    Everyone on board is familiar with travel through the void, most on board being veterans of interstellar travel. The feeling of being alone. A feeling most do not feel anymore, now a days the all mighty inter webs reach across the stars. Any system with a colonized planet within will be a place you can connect with the rest of the worlds.

    They also would know that when the computers give you an approximate time of arrival, they are never wrong, until today. It was with a little less then an hour ago did the Starship SS Annabelle fell back into real space. A harsh lurch toward the front of the ship as the vessal slips its way back into reality. People sitting unstrapped within the Ship would be thrown to the ground, food and tools flung around. That however is not the worse.

    On board the ship the crew has found sanctuary in the void from what their true mission concerns, the Whispering. The horrid phenomenon that even the smallest child is subjected too. The crew of the Annabelle have not heard their dark sound until just now. Like a scream they could all hear it once more. The sound was hundreds of times worse then they remembered. It came without warning spawning in the back of their minds. Voices just out of reach of understanding, sounds of dark nature. A Presence of evil that hangs on their shoulders dragging them down.

    Onboard the captains quarters and the bridge itself, dozens of signels pop into life as the ships advanced scanners pick up frequencys around the secter. Most cries of help or senseless crying, even worse the erie silence of some stations that have been filled with chatter for hundreds of years. Welcome back to reality.
  20. Cassandra "Cassie"
    The Ice Queen

    After her meeting with the captain she was practically shoved down the hall to go get food. The captain made her laugh if she was honest. He was a good guy, he even reminded Cassie of her own father. The face of her father came rushing back to her memory. It'd been 2 months since she'd said goodbye to him, since she'd left him all alone to suffer the death of their mother and the madness of the whisperings. Her slight frown seemingly disappeared as she saw the pilot of the S.S. Annebelle. She knocked politely before entering into the room and nodding. 'Nice place you have here" She said with a glance around. Interesting enough, she left the pilots alone.

    It was then that the ship seemed to crash into an visible forcefield. The force shoved Cassandra forward so that she fell onto her hands and knees hard. The sheer impact was enough to make her nose bleed and she swore under her breath as she felt the blood dripping out of her nose. A piercing scream could be heard echoing though the halls and she was quick to clamp her hands over her ears to block out as much of the mind rattling screeching as she could. This was a new level of intense. This was their reality.

    "The Troublemaker"

    As Nicky was just about to pull Drake's arm off he felt his feet slip out from under him. "WOAH!" He screamed as his little 6 year old frame crashed hard against the metal floor. His head slamming into the floor causing a minor concussion and a major headache. His lie eyes began to water and he felt his frame curling into a fetal position. His lower lip started to quiver as his mouth opened to scream for Cassie. But somebody's screaming beat him to it. This wasn't an ordinary scream, no. This was one of the screams that haunted hi nightmares, that drove his mother mad, that could make your ear drums burst open and spill your scarlet blood. This was his nightmare..and he was about to relive it.​
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