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  1. Say you were about to be abandoned on an island. Now, you've been given the choice of three books you can take with you.

    Which three books would you take as your companions?

    My choices would be

    1. A joke book
    2. A notebook
    3. Probably my Lord of the Rings 3 in 1 book. Because it would take a long time to finish reading.

    (I was asked this a little while ago!)
  2. 1. Island Survival Guidebook
    2. A Book on Lucid Dreaming (would definitely help pass time on more dull days)
    3. An Diary (I guess x.x, if I have a writing utensil that lasts long enough)
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  3. 1) The World's Largest Book for the raw materials. Paper is used for tinder. Binding can be used as the start of making a boat.
    Largest book
    2) A book on how to start fires and how to build a raft/boat.
    3) Porn.
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  4. 1) Raft Building (for dummies)
    2) The complete guide to edible wild plants, mushrooms, fruits, and nuts
    3) Changed my mind on this: Celestial Navigation: A Complete Homestudy Course
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  5. See I'm expecting my mister to be abandoned too, and pretty much guessing he'd bring along the useful books ;)
  6. If there were a less pressing scenario, I'd probably have different choices! Dune, for instance, because it's so complex that it's hard to not get lost in it and is thereby calming.
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  7. Only three books. You monster! ;_;

    Salem's Lot by Stephen King
    The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson
    The Lord of the Flies or The Princess Bride or Hobgoblin or..I can't choose.

    Although you never said it was a deserted island..
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  8. Mwahaha, beware Meanie Greenie! :bananaman:
    You're right! I didn't say whether it was deserted or not!
  9. @Icystorm - Totally off topic, but is your signature picture from Laughing Under the Clouds?
  10. A banana monster is the worst. o.o The only one that can save us now is King Kong.

    So then maybe for a third book..The Art of Bargaining.

    It is! Finally someone else who knows that anime!
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  11. Lol :P

    And yes! I watched it a couple of times. It was one of those animes that caught on to me and wouldn't let go. I even made a character based off of Nishiki :3
  12. 3 damn okay

    1. Twilight with the new opposite sex book (for warmth)
    2. Tuck Everlasting (in hopes of finding a magic never aging or dying well.
    3. How to be an explorer for dummies book(because I want to be Laura croft, bitches)
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  13. 1. The US Army Survival Manual. This would have all sorts of survival techniques and other useful tips.
    2. The Martian. No matter how many times I read that book, it always impresses me.
    3. A NKJV of the Bible, including the Apocrypha. Always an interesting read. With the Apocrypha, that makes it more interesting. Also so I can keep up with my Prayers and whatnot.
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  14. This would be a serious dilemma for me. A second close to which one of my kids I would save first...

    Some questions can't be answered!

    But, if I had a choice.....

    1.) The wolves of the Calla- Stephen King
    2.) Scarlett- Alexandra Ripley (If I could find a book with Gone with the Wind and Scarlett that would be it too.
    3.) Great Expectations - Charles Dickens

    God, I really hope this never happens.
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  15. Any three books?

    1. Ab Urbe Condita Libri -Livy
    2. Babylonaica -Berossus
    3. Book of the Wars of the Lord -Unknown
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  16. Mhmmm well to begin.

    1) drawing book, hopefully I'll have something to draw with.
    2) a journal, so I can write about my lost of any sanity I have left
    3)Survival book.
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  17. Just one book, the Bible.

    That way I can convert whatever people are on the island and become worshipped as a God.
  18. An army fieldcraft and survival manual, a journal, and Ender's Game would be my picks.
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  19. Be creative, engineer your own self-worshipping mythos!

    If you were to be successful at indoctrinating them anyway, why not tailor the details to your liking?
  20. If I could get an amount of construction paper in equivalent amounts to three books that would be fine.

    Otherwise, a book on plants and animals if I'm not in my area of the North West of the u.s., a thick notebook with a good binding, and.... I can't think of a good one for the third. I guess two notebooks.
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