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  1. An Apocalyptic Fantasy, inspired by the comic "When the Wind Blows" by Raymond Briggs, the films "Cabaret" and "Dr. Strangelove, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb", and the television series "Adventure Time". And of course, the monumental 52 years after the Second World War, when the Soviets and the States were engaged in a most harrowing battle of wills; and the volatility of the times today, especially considering the rather dangerous state of affairs in the orient, concerning China, the Koreas, Japan, and the States.

    For now, it's mostly framework: the setting isn't fully worked out yet, and the mechanics outside of the traditional Play-by-Post RP aren't yet made. These parts of the RP I'm hoping to finish with the help of the players who're gonna join.

    The setting, though still not fully worked out yet, has enough to make a proper play on. In fact, we're already playing on it now, here's the link to the IC:



    Show Spoiler

    We begin some time in the future, or in the past; you, the players, decide. Two nations, both alike in dignity, disputing something trivial, and blowing the conflict out of proportion. First, a few "peace talks" in the UN; propaganda in bad taste; a few invasions of personal space; a punch there, a tank here. After a few weeks of tense silence comes a tipper of the scales, something big, something mortal. The first bomb hits.

    Everyone intervenes, as no one wants this thing to get any bigger than it already is. However, no one manages to stop it. Another bomb, and another, and another; the death toll quickly reaches the millions. But one nation (accidentally) aspires for greater, and one of their bombs misses its mark, hitting a "neutral". A new side in the conflict emerges, and the bomb count is doubled.

    Tripled when this new side chooses to hit one of its other enemies. Quadrupled when this enemy chooses to hit its enemy. Quintupled, sextupled, septupled; now every nation who's every nation is involved in this great conflict. The conflict of the year. Of the month. Of the week, the day, the hour. The minute.

    After 39 minutes, World War 3 is over. It is one minute shorter than what was once the shortest war in history, the Anglo-Zanzibar War. The reason for its end, however, was not surrender, but the complete destruction of its belligerents, plus neutrals.


    A fortnight or so after the end of the war, and the folks quick enough to hide emerge from their shelters. What they see is a world completely devastated. Many of these folks die, most by either famine or radiation sickness. The winds: they are the main carriers of this death, for they are the ones who bear both the ash-clouds which render plant-growth, and so food creation, impossible, and the fallout dust which irradiates the landscape.

    But these winds are also, to the supernatural realm that once lay dormant around man's skeptical society, the heralds of a new age. Magic returns to the world. A new force in the game of survival played by those who were left behind. Played by you, the players, and all the other sons and daughters of mother nature.



    Show Spoiler

    Since this is only a few weeks since the actual war, the setting (in terms of place) is somewhere we are surely going to be familiar with. The determination of a specific setting is necessary for ease of play and the addition of a certain cultural flavor to the rp. The country, and the location within this country, is going to be determined by vote by the participating players.

    The setting has to be in an English-speaking country, for my (and I bet most of the interested players') convenience. Also, no big cities, as big, real-life cities are rather hard hard to adventure in, and surely the aforesaid kind of magic would do its best to avoid reminding itself of the civilization which suppressed it. And they make for good quest destinations, at least according to my experience.

    As for the setting in terms of time, it can be anywhere between around 1950 to 2020. Personally, I'd prefer the late 2000s to the early 2020s as I'd be more familiar with them, but like I said, this is gonna be determined by vote. The setting as related to the war is about a few months into the post-war period: you've come out of your hidey-holes and have gotten yourselves a bunch of goodies, but you're yet to even begin to rebuild any semblance of modern day civilization.

    Now, the magic, that's something that I'm gonna have a bit more control in. Post as many suggestions as you want, but don't you cry when they're not in there. Don't worry, though. I actually read suggestions of people before utterly rejecting them (#cheek). I'm gonna post about that here later, right before the actual rp starts. Expect/suggest something mystical, based heavily on mythology and hermetic stuff and whatnot, but filled with lots of Adventure Time-weirdness (like, say, Candy-folk).

    And the tech? It's only been a few months since the apocalypse! Tech is gonna be practically the same as the time period you guys decide it to be in, but with a few apocalyptic flares. Such as, you know, no electricity.

    And races? Well, magical races are still being worked out on, but they're definitely not gonna be playable. So what races are gonna be playable? Well, there's Caucasoid, then Mongoloid, then Negroid, and so on (In other words, human. And not the mutated kind: too early to have mutants here).


    Show Spoiler

    The roleplay's supposed to be a rather open-ended one, without a definite story for the players. Plot is going to be determined by the actions of the gm (me) and the players IC.


    Rules and Mechanics:

    Show Spoiler

    This is a roleplay meant only for the literate
    ^Written to spite, rather jokingly, Diana. Do not take this seriously. (And don't throw rocks at me! Again, a joke! A j-ouch! He-ouch! Wai-ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Orchagh!)

    Okay, here are the real rules and mechanics:


    Show Spoiler

    -Proper Grammar and Spelling is a Must! A few mistakes here and there, or mistakes committed to fit the style of the writing (for example, stream-of-consciousness) is excusable, otherwise we're gonna have a bit of a problem. And if you are planning on doing something stylistically daring, please, do inform us here first.
    -Write Long, Write Lovely. Take your time in making your posts, and try making them as detailed as possible. What we need is quality of story output, not quantity of story gone through. This rule goes out to me, too; I haven't exactly mastered this skill yet. (However, short posts are acceptable, as long as they're not vague, they meet the below criterion, and you have a sufficient reason for posting such [too busy or whatever])
    -Keep the story moving. By "write long, write lovely", I don't mean one post being sixteen paragraphs about one character getting a glass of water. There has to be story in every post, something that either keeps the plot going, or makes the characters or the setting look and feel more whole.
    -Inform us about important RL goings-on. Nothing frustrates me more than roleplays ending early without resolution because of real-life happenings, like getting too busy or whatever. If something big happens, and you can't continue on with the rp, please do tell us about it, and what you think we should do.
    -The Works. No Mary Sues, no god-modding, no Dei ex Machinae (I think this applies to Deus ex Machinas), no controlling other peoples characters, no personal attacks via the roleplay (or via this thread), keep the story consistent, interact with people, and so on. In other words, rules that you probably already know. Mature language and actions are allowed, however, as a post-apocalyptic roleplay, however fantastical and inspired by cartoon shows, are meant to be rather mature (in the other sense of the word).

    Mechanics: These'll be posted once all the kinks are worked out, like the setting. And like the setting, these're open to suggestions!


    Character Template:

    Show Spoiler

    (Put in both your character's real age, and the age he/she looks like)
    Sex: (Put in your character's biological sex, and his/her sexuality)
    Skills/Advantages: (This, with the flaws, is mostly for referencing)
    Flaws/Disadvantages: (Balance this out with the skills)
    Appearance: (Can be a pic, but try describing the pic with a paragraph or so as well!)
    (Try explaining how your character got his/her skills/flaws in this)
    Setting (Time) (Optional): (Your suggestion for the year, date, and time when WW3 began. The story happens a few months after this)
    Setting (Place) (Optional): (Your suggestion for where the story happens. Must be more specific than just the country)


    I bow, say my thanks, and wait.
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  2. ((May I join this? It looks really interesting!))
  3. Colour me interested in it. That said, I cast my lot in with setting it in the late 2000s. And I've already got a character planned.
  4. Sorry if my reply came two days late, holidays.
    Btw, Belated Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, and Saturnalia!
    Happy Kwanzaa and St. Stephen's Day!

    Ooh, interested people :D I guess I already gave away most of the important details for the roleplay, so besides the details concerning the setting and the magic system, of which both 'twere worked naught on (holidays), we're pretty much all set. If ye are planning on joining in, best post here your character profiles, plus suggestions on the setting and the story. Expect something permanent and substantial on the setting and magic system after the Feast of the Innocents (December 28).

    If you're not wont to follow the character template posted above, feel free not to follow it. Just give some of the real basic details, such as the character's name, sex, age and background. I'll post a character sheet for one of my characters some time tomorrow.
  5. Name: Alyss
    19, but looks closer to sixteen or seventeen
    Sex: Female, straight
    Skills/Advantages: Alyss is a skilled plan maker and tends to take charge.
    Flaws/Disadvantages: She has problems when dealing with others. She's very blunt and doesn't worry about other's feelings when talking. She has a temper on her as well. Often times her temper gets her into trouble, and because of her size she is not a very effective fighter.
    Appearance: Alyss is small. She stands at about five foot, and is very slim. Her dark hair is almost always either pulled back or hidden under her hood. Her clothes and simple, dark, and meant not to draw attention to herself.
    Personality: Alyss is a very smart girl, and she has a very take charge attitude. She can't stand people who use flattery to get things done. She'll tell it exactly how she sees it without trying to spare feelings. If she angers someone, she uses her small size to get someone to help her rather than fight herself. She knows that she wouldn't have a chance.
    Background: Alyss grew up with her single father. He was in the military for a long time, but when she was born and her mother ran out he resigned to take care of her. He often felt bad for her lack of motherly care, but Alyss didn't mind. She loved life with just her father. Being a single parent, he had to work a lot. On the rare evenings that they had together he'd play games with her that were meant to keep her brain strong. Lateral thinking puzzles, and strategy games were the most often played. He wanted her to be able to fend for herself in the real world, and look at things from every angle possible before making a decision.
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  6. Here, some more details on the setting:

    Months, years have passed since the War to end all Wars; no one really knows. Time, however, has surely not passed in decades, and the year is surely in the mid to late 2010s.

    The magic that now fills the world is grounded on the beliefs of the world's ancients, on the myths and legends of the peoples of the past, melded with the culture of the contemporary. It is a strange mixture of the old and the new, the classical and the modern, the pop and the vintage; in one area of the world rises the great Mount Olympus, in another the great metropolis of Tinseltown. Notable locations of great magical confluence are the two aforesaid areas (the former founded on the ruins of modern Greece, the latter on the ruins of Los Angeles), New York (which was ruined, then months later miraculously restored to its contemporary state), London-town (restored to its state in Victorian times), Albion (the surrounding English countryside turned into Arthur's mythical empire), the Shogunate of Shadows (a vast empire of ghosts upon the ruins of Japan), Zion's Hill (upon Palestine and Israel), the City of Fortuna (upon Las Vegas), and Rivendell (upon the wilds of New Zealand). Most of these places shall remain unknown to the characters, as long distance communications shall be rather hard to establish in a post-apocalyptic world. A more detailed map of this changed world shall be posted after the Feast of the Innocents.

    The specific location of the adventures shall be a distance east of the City of Fortuna, perhaps a bunker in the middle of the desert, or a small, ruined town west of New York City, or an isolated country manse in Albion. Choose among these three, or suggest somewhere else; the location of your suggestion must, however, be quite a distance away from any surviving civilized establishments, so as to host a good expedition for the characters.
  7. Name: Craig Townsend
    Sex: Male, straight
    • The ability to make anything taste good or frying things that aren't chicken, like they are chicken.
    • Farm boy, so he knows all about crops, livestock, tractors, hunting, trucks and is pretty damn good at it all.
    • Was studying to be an electrical engineer before WW3 so he knows a lot about electrical work.
    • Has a reckless streak that has gotten him into trouble more often than he should; especially when driving.
    • Has an explorative side that has also gotten him into a lot of trouble
    • He tends to be blunt and not pull his punches.

    Craig isn't really much to look at considering his rural upbringing. Longish sandy blond hair frames a moderately handsome face and light blue eyes. He has a lean build without a lot of bulky muscles but this doesn't stop him from doing the same work his older brother does on the farm. He dresses rather simply, basic jeans and a short sleeve shirt. He's always wearing his leather boots and Carhartt jacket though, both of which have seen him through some tough times.

    Personality: A bit of a smart ass with a lot of flair. He can get a little belligerant at times, especially when it comes to issues about his family. He's proud of the fact that his family had to work for everything he's gotten and looks down on the rich kids who have everything handed to him. Though he usually keeps his temper in check, there have been multiple occasions of him decking both men and women for what they say. Despite this, he tries to treat people equally, even though he may not like them. He has a habit of answering questions of why he did something with the retort "'Cause I'm fuckin' Craig!"

    Background: Craig grew up on a farm in rural Alabama. His family hadn't always had the best of times, but they made do with what they did. In a family of seven, it was pretty easy to get overlooked so Craig developed a somewhat abrasive personality to stand out. He wasn't afraid to use strong language nor was he afraid to defend his family. He never really fell in with the wrong crowd but he was a crowd to himself, having several counts of vandalism on his juvenile record.

    Growing up on the family farm meant he had to know a lot of things to help with the survival of the family. Along with helping his mother in the kitchen, he was also able to drive both the tractors on the farm and maneuver them around easily as well as use all of their supporting equipment. The farm was fairly large though and there always seemed to be somewhere new to go, especially when he was a kid.

    It wasn't until he was 23 though that he left the tri-state area. Apparently he had a great uncle near New York City who had just passed away and his family were in his will. So the entire family trekked up there to see what was in store for them. Awaiting them was a large mansion easily sixty years old. As his parents met with the executor, he slipped away to seethe grounds. He came across a hatch in the massive back yard and pulled it open to find a bomb shelter constructed in the late sixties. It was freshly stocked with everything needed to suvive - obviously his eccentric great uncle's. As he was poking around he heard a loud boom and the clang of the hatch closing shut on him. As more explosions rocked the shelter he took cover under the table to wait it out.
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  8. Christmastime = fruitcake = fat = fatigue
    In other words, I'm tired as fuck. But hey, shouldn't stop the roleplay.

    Map will be posted sometime next year, maybe. No scanner, missing tablet, terrible photographer. But here, other important stuff related to the setting (probably enough to start the IC with, eh?):

    Real powerful magics, such as fireball spells or demon summonings, can't be used by people born before the apocalypse without the help of grimoires and whatnot made before the modern age. However, lesser divination, such as card-reading and soothsaying, seems to be more effective now.

    Magical creatures and occurrences shall also be, in general, rare, as magic is still just returning to the world. However, certain places the characters will get to (such as, if the story wills it, New York City), shall have tons of magic showing up, as one of the natures of magic in this universe is that it tends to conflate more easily at specific places.

    Mutants do not exist yet. If there are any mutants, then they're either dead or dying; it's too early for any survivable mutations to be so. However, there'll be a lot of mutation-like deformities appearing on people and animals, such as melting skin, large tumors that look like additional appendages, and really odd hairstyles.

    Death shall be prevalent. Even if this story's time frame is a few months after the bombs went off, radiation is still a danger, as so many bombs went off that the fallout is just unprecedented. There must be a lot of dead lying around, and a lot of living turning into the dead. I suggest using dice or coin tosses every week or so to determine characters' fates.

    The setting is, as suggested by Yaoi Master Gavin, some rural area a couple of weeks away from New York City. Say, a small town, maybe less than four, five thousand people in it; well, four, five thousand corpses in it. The town's layout is basically a main street in the center, with other districts branching out from this street, and a highway to the big apple intersecting the main street at its edge. The nuke that ruined the town hit right at this main street, and it hit high, meaning its fireball was high above the town and it did not blow one big crater there. Other specifics about the town will be made out later.

    Craig'll be in a bomb shelter near a manse just outside of the town, while Alyss will probably be in the basement or something of wherever she's staying, maybe an inn or a relative's house? Anyway, both characters will have certain luxuries and liabilities, most of which will be up to their players' discretion. But three things must be sure: On the onset of the adventure, Alyss will have other survivors with her (probably controlled by moi, though there aren't any rules prohibiting people from controlling more than one character, so if Madyline or YMG can make up some sheets for them, then I won't be their only puppet master; also, they'll have few supplies), Craig will be lonely (but not hungry), and both characters will have working radios.

    New York City will be important to at least the first part of the plot. The big apple was absolutely devastated by the war, with over x tons of nuke from over x countries turning it into one large crater. However, the magics returning to the world seem to think highly of the city before it became a crater, and so at the time of this rp the city's being slowly rebuilt by magic, with its citizens at the time of the war being slowly resurrected. This story's characters will probably be trying to find their way there, if they manage to figure out what's going on there.

    Okay, so the above might actually be enough to begin the IC with. What do you guys think? Should we start with the IC now? Also, anything else to add/ any comments on the above? Post yer stuff here
  9. I think we could start with the IC now. I like the way things are set up, and it looks like a great place to start.
  10. :D I'll start on it tomorrow. It's 1:29 AM here, gonna walk around in dreamland first.
  11. Name: Kate Lanefall
    Age: 21
    Sex: Female, Straight
    Kate can fight pretty well, considering the fact she visits a gun range in her free time
    Ω Has at least three knives on her at all times :U
    Ω Grew up alone and know her way around the area pretty damn well
    Ω Distracting or ecchi thoughts.
    Appearance: Kate is usually ignored because of the scar running down her eye, marring her face. In truth Kate's a pretty girl, her eyes a light shade of blue and light blonde hair the color of gold. (Her boots are made of leather from the animals she killed and lace-up) She carries a rifle and a pistol usually, if not, then armed even heavier. Her clothes consist of a plain cotton shirt and denim jeans. She wears a black jacket (that conceals a few weapons). She's strong for a girl and has a slim build.
    Personality: A stubborn, sarcastic, know-it-all. She hates rich, snotty kids who solely rely on the wealth of their parents to get themselves everything. She's nervous talk talk about any family related issues and attempts to treat people equally as long as they aren't monster or people who ticked her off.
    Background: She grew up in the woods, since her father was killed in the war and her mother, childbirth. She can only vaguely remember their faces. Now 18 years later, she looks for her brother Micheal and lives alive. Upon exploring an unfamiliar region, She heard a huge BOOM near by. She searches frantically for a shelter knowing the bombs would hit in her vicinity soon. She can't find one and is forced to stay outside. As the bombs rock closer she hides inside a collapsed cavern where she can barely breathe.

    (Hope I'm not late,
    That would be awful ;o;)
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  12. ^Must... stop... looking... at... cat... signature...!

    Anyway, here are a few short character sheets for the people with Alyss. Katherine, since you were caught in the open, make sure your character sees and experiences a lot of death.

    Name: Joni
    Age: 56, but she looks somewhat older
    Sex: Female, Ambiguous
    -She can cook a mean bowl of anything from anything (this ranges from a nice casserole of Bouef Bourgignon, to a mean pot of organic explosives. She was an anarchist when she was young)
    -And being a former anarchist, she also knows how to fight.
    -And she knows a lot about nuclear devastation, though this time it's coz' of her having lived through the cold war.
    -She's old. She knows how to fight, but her body almost always breaks when she does.
    -And her memory's terribly unpredictable.
    She's tall, with a very slender build and very angular features. She's got pale skin, pale gray hair (which goes up her head in frizzes), and cold, grey eyes. She's covered in burgeoning wrinkles, and... I think that's it. But yeah, she basically looks like an older version of the female Frankenstein.
    She might be old, but she's very young at heart, with an attitude that's filled with the steaminess of a matronly prostitute mixed with the cleverness of a long-lived vixen. However, just because she's young-minded, doesn't mean she's unwise; she always has a lot to share, if she manages to remember them.
    She grew up in the cold war, got involved with a few sketchy political organizations, but ultimately left them in order to start (as a simple homemaker) a family, a family of two kids and a meek but neurotic husband. The husband died when war was declared, died of a heart attack born of worry concerning the war; both children subsequently moved out. When the bombs fell, one of her children, her lone daughter, was staying, with a colleague, at her house, and all three managed to make it to the bomb shelter her husband built under the house's basement. The colleague's name is Alyss, and her daughter's name is

    Age: 31
    Sex: Female, Straight
    -Both parents taught her everything they knew about war and nukes and cooking, so she has practically the same skill set as her mother.
    -She's a doctor of medicine, so she knows a lot about treating wounds and stuff.
    -Her husband died in a war long done, and she's got two dead children: one died of a miscarriage, another of simply being in the wrong place while the bombs went off (the kid got to the bomb shelter, but he hid beneath a faultily made table which collapsed in a bomb's shockwave). And so, she's terribly depressed.
    -She never got to use the skills on cooking her mom taught her, so she isn't as good in that as she should be.
    -She's physically weak because of a certain chronic disease that I won't yet name.
    Tall and slender like her mother, only without all of the angles and wrinkles. Her skin's also much darker, as she takes to her father in that respect (Joni's husband was a dark-skinned Egyptian). Her facial features are strikingly beautiful, and they're well highlighted by the wavy, golden-brown mane that flows down her back.
    She's smart, skillful, and capable of maintaining a cool head in many a stressful situation; err, was smart, skillful, etc. After the death of her second son she pretty much lost it, and so she's now a neurotic, depressed shell of the woman she once was. However, the love and care she has for both her mother and her dear friend Alyss has managed to save her from complete madness; she still has mental access to the skills she'd learned.
    She grew up in a loving family, then just refer to the above I think. Ooh, and her hubby was loving too, and only left her in death.

    I think that's pretty much it for now. IC thread will come a few hours from now, just gonna rest for a while.
  13. How to experience plenty of death without dying '3'
  14. Uhm, I do want to point out that time frame wise, that if this is taking place a few months after WW3 then most of the radiation issues will be minimal for the purposes of background radiation. Of course there still could be radioactive remnants of the bombs themselves but the actual fallout will be minimal. Unless of course you want to use summat a little more fictional like Cobalt Thorium G.
  15. @Katherine: You can do it! We BELIEVE IN YOU

    @YMG: Nah, I know the radiation's in the minimal. But we're gonna go with the assumption that the world was so fucking devastated (and the fucking here is to emphasize that it was really really really devastated) that the radioactive remnants of the nukes are as strong as within the fourteen day period for fallout to die out. In other words, yes we're going with the fictional backdoor xD.

    Besides (and this is some sort of joke), most of those sentiments about nuclear devastation are just theories. We won't be really sure about that until WW3 happens.

    Also, sorry if the IC's not going up as early as I'm suggesting. New Year Celebrations + Bjork Discography Acquisitions can really take up a lot of one's time. But I'm pretty sure something's gonna go up before Epiphany.
  16. The IC!
    I was going for "dramatic" instead of "descriptive", so there are a lot of details there that, well, should be in there but are not. Just fill 'em in when you guys post: the background, your characters' situations, everything. But don't mention the magic yet! We'll have fun with that once everyone's outside.
    Hope you like it, hope it's good. And most importantly, hope we all have fun!
  17. Our shelter's in a basement, so we can't be saved by you, Kate.
    And the bout of madness Lydia experienced is explained by madness. Lots and lots of madness. They've been in that shelter for more than four months, plus they witnessed someone die, and that damned heat.
    And if you tune in to any NYC based channels, you'll probably get some music.
  18. Why do i get the feeling she gets to see a nearly naked Craig?
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  19. I have no clue
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