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  1. IC Thread;


    "Why do I get the feeling it was always meant to become yours?"


    Demons live unknowingly among the humans, blending in with them. Demons have no hearts of their own. It is said if a human is dying and a demon "takes" their heart as their own they will live. What is not in the story is that when a Demon takes a heart he does so instinctively. Once the Human's heart is gone they will be given a floral demon mark to signify that they are 'taken'. As long as the demon has the human heart, the human will not die. Doesn't sound to bad, in fact why don't more demons do it? Because when you take on a Human's heart you also take on their feelings. That means if the human wants to laugh, the demon wants to laugh. If the human cries, then the demon cries too.

    Four humans were all sent invitations;
    Invitation (open)


    1. No god modding. At ALL. If you don't know what God-Modding pertains too, ask please.
    2. I reserve the right to deny any CS for any reason as well as for my Co-Gm(s), if they can explain to me privately why.
    3. Be reasonable. please.
    4. I know It's a Romance RP but nothing past PG-16. It can be taken to PM's if need be.
    5. Me and my Co-Gm(s) word is law. No exceptions. (If you wish to be Co-Gm, let me know. ^^)
    6. If you have read these rules put "Steady Beat" somewhere in your CS.
    7. I reserve the right to make more rules.
    8. I reserve the right to kick anyone, as well as for my Co-Gm(s) for any proven reasons.
    9. Please don't post then disappear. It keeps the rp from progressing forward so please, if you have to go somewhere or wont be on for a time, let me know. please. I've seen many rp's die from this and i really don't want it to happen to this one. so please. If, and this is your first warning, if you don't post when the rp starts and you didn't let me know if you wouldn't be on for a time or something like that and you don't post whatsoever or if you post then disappear, your character will be erased and the spot reopened. I will message before i do this to give you a chance to post but if you don't then the character will be erased.
    10. If you have any questions or you think i missed anything in the rules, please let me know. ^^ i don't bite, i promise.
    11. Cussing is allowed just not excessively.
    12. NO ONE LINERS IN THE IC! PERIOD. Must be at least three sentences.
    13. Note to DEMONS -This is not a happy predicament for you, you're practically a slave to a human's feelings. BE PISSED!!!
    14. No insta love. I will kill it. (One sided crush towards beginning started by human I can possibly accept)
    15. Demons are already at the mansion getting ready, Humans are arriving.
    16. Butlers for Guy characters and Maids for Girl characters.
    17. Enjoy Yourself :)

    Not Available

    Female- Sweet Mimi

    Female- Haruka

    Male- Mistress
    Male- WhiteBane
    Male- Detective Zero

    Female- Vibrant Kisses

    Female- The Red Tazelwurm

    Female- BoB (Best of Boxes)³

    Male- SaejiFin

    Male- York


    Pairings <3

    Kenji Hariuma:couple:Mukta Fujimaru-'Martin'

    Vel Fratell:couple: “El”Annabelle Amber Brooks

    Arthur Demeric Underhill :couple: Sepherene Takawa

    Daisuki Saturo :couple: Mizuki Kuroyume

    Ryker Deloran :couple: Naomi Kane
    CS For Demons (open)




    Age (Demon and what you look like):


    Demon Appearance(optional):

    Back Story:





    CS For Humans (open)





    Floral Demon Mark(Tattoo):

    Location on the Body:

    Back Story:





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  2. - Oh and what is Steady Beat?

    Name: Mukta Fujimaru-Martin

    Gender: Female

    Age: 15

    Floral Demon Mark(Tattoo): Floral Mark it is located on the back of her neck.

    Back Story: Up until Mukta was seven, she lived in France with her mother and father, but soon her parents divorced because they started to grow apart, and Mukta's mother took her to Japan where she then married one of her clients. From then on they lived a happy life, until Mukta' stepfather got a job transfer to America, but Mukta's mother worried that her daughter would feel displaced so she sent her back to France to live with her father.

    There Mukta stayed until she was twelve, but then she had to go live with her mother and stepfather in America, because her father remarried and Mukta felt as though she was being pushed to the side. Her father had married a woman who already had three children of her own, so his time was seriously divided not to mention the fact that the woman didn't like Mukta at all. So Mukta went to live with her mother and stepfather in America, who welcomed her with open arms.

    In America things were quire different for Mukta who had always had friends no matter where she went. Here in America she experienced hatred and jealousy from two girls that she went to school with.
    Being the new girl, Mukta attracted the attention of many other kids at school, but more importantly she attracted the attention of a boy that most girls adored. However, Mukta explained to him that she wasn't interested in him romantically, and in the end they became close friends.
    These two girls who were quite popular at school noticed the relationship between Mukta and the boy and misinterpreted it to be a boyfriend girlfriend type relationship. So one day after school, they cornered Mukta and demanded that she break off all contact with the boy, but Mukta refused, and so they beat her up.
    When they were finished with her, Mukta got up on unsteady legs and started walking home, however due to the injuries to her head, she had a concussion and couldn't tell the sidewalk from the street. She then wandered into oncoming traffic and got hit by a car.
    As she lay dying, her consciousness fading, a voice called out to her and at first she thought it was her friend, so she answered. It was actually a demon who looked very much like her friend, and the demon offered to save her if she would lend him her humanity. And she agreed.

    Personality: Mukta is kind, optimistic and curious. If you let her she'll ask a million questions every five minutes. That being said, Mukta has spent most of her life in a place where the boundary lines are very different so she might ask questions that people wouldn't dare to voice, but she isn't being rude she's just trying to get to know you better.

    Likes: Cute things like stuffed animals and mini versions of regular objects, clothing, and candy.

    Dislikes: All vegetables except for cabbage, leeks and tomatoes, she also dislikes silence and when people tell her to stop talking.

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  3. At some point you were dying and a demon instinctively saved your life by claiming your heart. So you were dying but now you're safe.
    You could have been hit by a car, heart attack, attempted suicide, pretty much anything that could have killed you.
    (You can keep how you "died" to yourself but must tell who ever you're paired with, cause they was obviously there)

    And Indeed I meant *Misc. I was making it up as I was typing so I apologize for the error. :)

    If you have anymore questions ask away!
  4. Oh okay! And I added that bit to my character sheet. :3
  5. I Accept your Charecter Sheet! :D

    I Guess I should also Add where is your Floral Mark/tattoo located on your body?
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  6. Name: Sepherene Takawa

    Race: Nickar - Sea-demon

    Gender: Female

    Age : 500 in demon years but looks around 17-19 in human years.

    Human Appearance:


    Demon Appearance:

    Show Spoiler


    Back Story:
    Sepherene comes from a wealthy household of Nickar’s who are powerful sea-demons that live underwater in the Pacific Ocean. They are often confused with sirens and they also can take a human form. The kingdom she lived in was ruled by a kind and elderly king, who was becoming a little senile with age. The majority of his subjects still loved and supported him. Sepherene's father was one of the king’s knights. Sepherene was forced out of her homeland, however, the day a rebellion swept across the kingdom. Her mother fled with her by her side, towards the coastline of Tokyo which was the closest to their home. She sat Sepherene on the rocky outcropping, swearing to return when the fighting and bloodshed was over. But she never did.

    The next morning, Sepherene was found by an elderly fisherman and his dog. He took the toddler in and reported her missing to the authorities, but of course her parents could not be found. The man was given permission to foster Sepherene until a home was found for her, but over time he became accustomed to the tiny siren girl and adopted her himself. After some years the old man die and Sepherene went to an orphanage. There she was adopted by the leader of one of the famous Yakuza Clan in Tokyo....the Takawa Clan...Takawa Komoro.

    Soon Komoro discovered the true nature of Sepherene but even a mighty Yakuza leader could not resist the girl's charm and quickly became fond of her and treated her like his own daughter.

    Sepherene often times has a stoic exterior personality. She has the tendency to daze off, lost in her own thought. She can be pretty boisterous around her friends and strangers. She likes to run around and act silly, but she can be a bit hot-headed when crossed in a bad day. Boldness, honesty and funny jokes are the things that usually win her over. That's why she considers most people on the world her friends, even if she is a demon.

    People who fight for what they believe in
    Sweet Food
    Amusement Parks
    Ocean or anything related to water.

    Spicy Food

    Misc: Steady Beat?
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  7. For now I'll agree to wait on your back story.
    And I'll accept your CS when you put your race. :) Some how you over looked it.
  8. Name: Mizuki Kuroyume

    Gender: Female

    Race: (Dark) Angel of Dreams and Nightmares

    Age: Actually 200 years old,but looks 17 in human years


    Demon Appearance:
    Mid Form (open)


    Dark and Final Form (open)

    She looks more like how she does on her first form

    Back Story: Mizuki was once an angel of the heavens,or at least that's what she was told.She doesn't quite remember where she came from nor how she became what she is today.All she knows is that she is the cause of people's nightmares.She is the disaster in people's dreamland.But she's not all that bad.She is also an angel of dreams;someone who attaches the "sweet" in "sweet dreams",though she doesn't really use this ability in fear of what other demons would say.Only she and maybe the demon of the demons know about it.

    Personality: Mizuki's 'true self' is kind and friendly,despite her being a demon.She is helpful and as much as possible will try to do good deeds,but she will always deny that she helped and/or will say that she only did it for herself.The other side of her,however,is cold and distant.It's the side that she shows to fellow demons,seeing that this is their expectations.

    Likes: She likes it when she is alone,or at least away from the other demons,because that is the only time where she can use the beautiful side of her abilities.It's also the only time where she can be herself.

    Dislikes: Herself.She hates how she is at the moment,but she mostly hates her final form.

    Misc: She thinks that she has a mid form because she's still part angel(of the heavens).Also,Steady Beat~
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  9. @Vibrant Kisses

    Since there are so many girls, I can make a few guy characters. :3
  10. Accepted; Also your picture for your final form is broken, however I changed it to a link and it works just fine.
  11. I just added a banner in hopes of getting more attention. But if you really want a male character I'll let you make one :)
  12. Name: Vel Fratell
    Gender: Male
    Race: Spirit demon
    Age (Demon and what you look like): 632 years old but looks between mid- to late-teens.


    Demon Appearance(optional):
    Oftentimes, he takes the form of a white cub when he stalks his prey.

    Back Story:
    Before Vel became a demon, he was a young man laboring in the ports of Italy so he and his young sister would have something to eat for dinner. Wrongly accused of rape, he was tortured then executed. After which, he became a ghost and watched his sister's gradually lose her way in the world until her suicide.

    The trauma of his sister's downfall and his unjust death turned him into a spirit demon that he was now. After six hundred years in hell, he has long forgotten the reason why he steals away crying little girls. He just feels like doing it, but when asked, he'll say it's fun to collect their souls.​
    He is usually calm and cool in the presence of other demons, even those who are infinitely more powerful than him. He doesn't care about other demons' affairs, and leaves everybody pretty much alone. But when he does lose his temper, he will not stop until he destroys the person responsible for his anger. Once, he tortured a demon to death after the said creature stole his precious stash of souls.​

    The souls of little girls.

    Good wine.

    The sea.

    Anybody who messes with his souls.

    Happy humans


    Misc: Steady Beat​
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  13. Thought I would give it a shot at being accepted!

    Name: Arthur Demeric Underhill

    Gender: Male

    Age: 25

    (Not my work, but I wish I could draw like this!)

    Floral Demon Mark(Tattoo): White Rose

    Location on the Body: Over the Heart

    Back Story: Arthur comes from a vastly wealthy family in Sussex England where he lived with his parents as an only child. The world was practically his and the family enjoyed every minute of their wealth and prosperity. They travelled around the world, experiencing as much culture as they could, eating new foods, trying new things. Growing up Arthur had anything that he wanted almost immediately. However the closest things that he had to friends were the distant classmates at a prestigious boarding school which his parents had set him up at as well as the servant who were at his beck and call. No one really called him friend and he didn't consider others his friends either. He had his parents but... they were busy sometimes, and there really is no substitute for someone your own age that considers you a friend.

    Everything seemed to change when he went to college... at least on the outside. As the sole heir to a wealthy family he had his pick of colleges and chose somewhere that was a bit unexpected. It was not well known or cared for but he chose that campus because he'd heard that it was a party school. He figured that this would cure the gnawing loneliness that he felt growing inside of himself. Being as rich as he was he arrived to school in a Porche 911 Turbo GT3, got one of the best dorms on campus, and was literally the life of the party. Joined a fraternity. Had his choice of irresistible women. Yet nothing seemed to cure the loneliness that he felt about the world. Nothing seemed to fit into that hole. So he just kept trying. Coming from affluence he was used to things being a certain way and was almost always seen as prideful.

    One night though, he was walking into his apartment we he felt a strong hand wrap around him and a wet cloth cover his face. Arthur had blacked out before he even had a chance to struggle. Waking up Arthur found himself tied to a chair, in a dark and bare room. There were several people in the room all muttering softly. Trying to think for a moment one of the men noticed that Arthur was awake. Making a snide comment about the state of the men and how his father would be there Arthur earned himself a swift strike which jerked his head back. He'd ever been hit before in his life and it hurt, Arthur realized that things were serious.

    The kidnappers made their ransom fifteen million dollars in unmarked bills to be delivered to a certain address, no police involvement, and their son would be unharmed. It was already too late for police involvement though as the concerned parents had already been in contact. Everything seemed to be going according to plan, Arthur was dragged to the meeting place and he saw his father. However the kidnappers also saw that they were being watched. Arthur tried to distract them but it was already too late, the police cover was blown. The kidnappers took aim at his father, aiming to collect the money before the police could do anything. Arthur managed to break free and tackle the guy but not until after he'd fired. It was then that everything hit the fan. Shots rang out everywhere, Arthur saw his father hit the ground but he didn't know if he'd been shot or not. Unfortunately he wasn't able to dwell on it for long as a bullet ripped through his own chest and sent him to the pavement. Life oozed out of him until everything was silent... nothing seemed to matter... not his pride, that couldn't save him. His money hadn't helped either... nothing could save him... and the only thing that he could think about was the fact that he had never filled that hole. And that was when the girl arrived to give him a choice... to make a pact with a demon.

    Personality: Arthur is overly prideful, coming from a wealthy family that has been for generations he feels a great sense of nobility in his character. That doesn't prevent him from mingling with commoners as his college days show but it governs how he interacts with them. Constantly feeling out of place and yet always ( at least in his own mind ) in power. He's always had everything, his parents, his house, money, car, ability to travel, women... nothing was out of reach accept friendship. Because he is so prideful, growing up as an only child, he never really had the ability to make those connections. So instead he uses his money, affluence, and good looks to fill the void which never seems to be full. He's secretly unsure of how to approach this subject, but his pride and nobility never allow him to admit this.

    Likes: Arthur has always loved trying and tasting new food. His parents have tried to culture him in different areas of the world and Arthur firmly believes that the best way to experience something is to taste the food. Because of his fathers money Arthur has always had his choice of cars, never needing to purchase his own he could always pick from his father collection. His love of cars led to another experience, speed, the squeal of the tires as they round a corner or the thrill of a competition. Competition is the closest thing that Arthur has had to feeling an actual friendship form. Whether its about cars, a game, sports, Arthur will play it and do his best to win.

    Dislikes: The idea of being poor, wealth has gotten him almost everything. To lose it is unfathomable. Being stuck in the same place for a long time (example: traffic). And fast food, after being fed for so long by incredibly talented chefs he knows what food is supposed to taste like.

    Misc: Steady Beat... yeah! lol.
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  14. See next post for demon cs.
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  15. Name: Daisuki Saturo

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18


    Floral Demon Mark(Tattoo):

    Location on the Body:
    Left shoulder

    Back Story:
    He wasn't always the way he is today... He was a clumsy kid in his childhood days, incapable of what others around him were capable of... Everyone, even his own family it seemed mocked him for it, he hated it... Every day was utter torture for him, and soon enough, he began to "return the favor" to the world... Fueled by his desire for revenge he started to push past and eventually surpass his classmates in school, he became a jerk, a borderline sociopath, but deep down, each time he hurt someone, destroyed their life, he felt guilt for it despite not showing any.. It went like that until he hit the age of 12, it all started with the letter, addressed to him in the mail that day... He never got any mail addressed specifically to him before... He curiously opened it, reading what it said... It told of his mother passing away in a car accident, followed by a long apology from both of his parents... The last part of the letter was stained with blood, seeing it... The truth dawned upon him; It was a suicide note... His father had written not only his sincere apologies but his mothers before she had passed away, as one last effort to reach out to him... If only he realized this sooner.... He cried, for the first time he could remember... The combination of guilt, and sorrow overwhelming him... That day, his thirst for revenge finally ended, now replaced by an everlasting will to make up for what he had done... His grandparents took care of him, they were always kind to him despite not knowing him for long as his parents had never taken him to see them... They moved him to a new school, since it was closer to their home... And from there, he began helping others to the best of his ability, realizing it made him feel happier than he ever was... Though that didn't stop him from regretting his past mistakes... While he kept the image that he was happy on the outside, on the inside he was a turmoil of emotions... Then that fateful day arrived, the day his life nearly came to an end... And if it wasn't for that demon... He wouldn't be alive right now...

    Personality: He's considerably selfless, almost angelic person, some describe him as "an angel without wings", empathetic, understanding, he's considerably shy and not too self confident

    Likes: Helping others, seeing other people happy, resolving problems in a manner where everyone will be happy

    Dislikes: Unnecessary violence/manipulation, large crowds, being forgotten/ignored

    Misc: Even if he dislikes something, he usually tries not to show it unless it's completely necessary..
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  16. @SaejiFine

    I read all your characters and find no faults with them. That being said, there is only two positions of male humans and all 3 of you made character sheets for one.

    So I'm asking if ONE of you is willing to change your character into a Demon.

    If not then it would be in the order of notification for a character in which York -who told me of his character building-, and SaejiFine who posted his Character sheet before WhiteBane, would be accepted. ((Sorry!))
  17. I don't mind switching to a demon, this would make my fourth demon character so it seems that role suites me. XD

    Edit: Here we are

    Name: Kenji Hariuma

    Gender: Male

    Race: Drakien- Dragon demon

    Age: About 300 but looks 17​


    Demon Appearance(optional): This(for now)

    Back Story: Born to the strongest Drakien royal family Kenji had a very dull and pampered life, being the only child he had a wide range of education from politics to different styles of martial arts. When he reached the age of 100 he had already slain all of his rivals and soon grew bored of his life in the castle so one day he simply let and blended in with the humans; his family still searches for him but has no way of finding him or knowing what his human appearance was. Now a days he simply runs the largest no kill animal shelter in the entire nation by himself thanks to his demonic abilities.

    Personality: Kenji is a very outgoing demon but whenever he has nothing to do he can be very relaxed and can often be found reading one of the many books he walks around with. Coming from a long line of royals he very skilled at keeping his emotions well hidden from anyone and if can easily manipulate others if it is a dire situation. He is a very caring person and a kind soul despite what he is though his more natural, savage, nature will take control if pushed past his limit. Can also be very sarcastic and rude towards those he dislikes, will also kill anyone without batting an eye.

    Likes: He adores animals and loves to read. Food wise he loves chocolate, steak and milk.

    Dislikes: Those who use others for personal gain, people who aren't honest with themselves and those who try to hurt animals.

    Misc: Can change any of his human features to that of his demon side at anytime if need be. Steady Beat!​
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  18. That was very nice of you @WhiteBane.

    Now everyone is accepted!!! I will post my character now and create the IC thread this weekend.

    I will be doing the pairings tomorrow (Later today). I will most likely be using a random generator however if you have a request please PM me. :)
  19. Name:
    Annabelle Amber Brooks



    El has Orange hair.

    Floral Demon Mark(Tattoo):

    Location on the Body: Down side of neck (As pictured)

    Back Story:
    Annabelle was born in Hayward, Wisconsin. Her parents, Evangelina and Richard were high school sweethearts. They got married when they were in college, and when her mother got pregnant, she took the role of stay-at-home mom. El and her mother were best friends. There was not a soul on Earth that she loved more. Eva taught her how to play violin and piano. Told her about all the good books to read, shaping her into a sweet young girl. So, when Eva died after a long fight with lung cancer, El didn't quite know what to do with herself. She felt lost and alone. Then she had it in her head that her mother would want her to help others . And El did her best to do so.

    Two years later, when she was fourteen, Richard remarried a rich woman named Miranda...Well. Let's just say things got worse. Miranda would often talk bad about her late mother which upset her often. Whenever she did end up fighting with Miranda her father would take his new-wife’s side. She felt abandoned by her father, who somehow had time to fall in love with someone who was decidedlynother mother, but no time to spend with his daughter. So El has been in some sort of trouble with him constantly since he married her stepmother. But that didn’t stop El from being who she was, thinking that one day their family could become close again.

    One day after she had come home to school, Miranda had cooked El her favorite food, Lasagna. El thought her step-mother was finally coming around. Later that evening when her father had left for work, Miranda asked El to get some Ice cream at a local convenience store. One her way back nightfall had come and she held tightly to her Cookie dough ice cream. Suddenly a white van pulled up and snatched her off the street. They then gagged and tied her up. They brought her to the forest and where a deep hole was already dug. They threw her in, and the main guy looked at her, “Our employer gave us specific directions to bury the ice cream with you as a farewell.” He threw the plastic bag in with her, and proceeded to pour dirt in on her. After they left, El could feel her last breaths escaping her, but then she felt a hand pulling at her chest and the dirt began to part. She climbed her way out of hole, knowing full well she had died. However when she finally climbed out all that was there was the sound of the wind.

    She returned home to find her step mother crying and her father comforting her. “It’s my fault, I shouldn’t had let her go after dark.” Miranda wailed. El’s father holding her, “I’m sure she’s alright…” He then looked at El “See you cried for nothing.” When Miranda looked up in shock, it confirmed that she was the ‘employer’. But El thought of her mother she loved so much and what she’d want El to do. When her father questioned how dirty she was, El walked over to Miranda and handed her the ice cream.”Sorry I’m late I tripped.” A few days later El received an invitation, thinking it would be good to get out of her step-mother’s way she asked if she could go. At her first her father objected but it didn’t take much to convince him.

    She has a child-like innocence, and is very curious about others. She is stubborn but still compassionate to others. She tries to always have a bright positive attitude. She tends to try and take all blame when something she was a part of goes wrong. If she is unable to help, or is considered useless she gets into a deep depression. Clings to her mother’s memory.

    • Talking about her Mother.
    • Piano and Violin
    • Lasagna
    • Cherry Pepsi
    • Cookie dough ice cream (Always cheers her up)

    • Talking about her step mom/father.
    • Tea
    • Fighting/hitting

    Extremely afraid of pop-up books
    Adores animals (especially lost ones)

    And cause I made you guys do it "Steady Beat"!!
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