When time crashes together

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  1. Ever since man became smart enough to think, and begin to develop, the thought of time travel has been in their minds. Whether it is to experience what is was like to live then, or to see a future long past they will be dead, or even to fix a mistake or change something, the want has been there. Well for many years now, the government has been working on it. The reason behind it was unknown. The whole project, unknown to anyone without a top secret clearance, the few who were told by these people, before they were killed

    Now, in present day, the reason has been brought to light. There is a war about to break loose, that has been said for many many years, to end the world. And so, since the technology has been available, scientist began time travel to bring people from the past to come and help them. believing that certain people will be able to help stop it. They have brought into our modern world assassins, mercenaries, people with a blood lust so thick it should be relieved. They hoped, that they could control these people, bribe them, to help them stop this war from happening and save the world.

    But scientists didn't factor in the toll that traveling back and getting these people would cause, and soon, the time machine collapsed in on its self, and then the unthinkable happened. A small time vortex, something like what you hear about in books, came a live. Only for a short moment, gracing the world. People from all times, who were near the vortex were sucked in. People from our time, being sucked through to a before civilization, before Jesus was said to been born, and some sent into the future, when somehow the world rebuilt its self. Then people from past and present have come to our time.

    Nobody thought that the building of the time machine would be the reason for the war. And so, the war has begun, everyone is fighting for themselves, and fighting against the government, who wants to start nuclear wars, and who wants to eliminate 3/4 of the population, based off of selection. Looking at peoples genes to find the best. People must now fight in the ruins, and fight for their right to stay alive. Hiding from the government, and even from other people, who want to just go out and kill, making their chances of life higher.

    ne thing no one counted on, was that when the past opened to modern world, that the creatures of so called myth would be brought here. Making vampires, werewolves, and even dragons come alive in everyone's wildest fears. The world is dying, and there is so far, no hope in the light to stop it from happening. What will everyone do?
  2. This is a role play of a mixture of types of genres. And even though it does a bit of a futuristisc, if your character is from there, that doesn't mean that you have a bunch of special futuristic weapons and armor and stuff. A little is understandable, but not a large amount.

    This is my first roleplay on here, and I am excited for it. I do have some basic rules though.
    1. Don't cuss every other world. You are not in a rap video.
    2. Try to include other people
    3. No one hit super awesome kills with other characters (godmodding)
    4. do try to type more than four sentences. But remember quality over quantity.
    5. Send me you profile, so that I can look it over and make sure that everything is in order, then when I give you the ok, you may post. I will see if I can edit one post so that all of the profiles are together, so people can see them if they join later.


    Character name:
    From: (past, present, future)
    Job: (can be anything, and it can include government)
    Weapon: (weapons your person carries with them)
    special talents: (can be any super powers if from the past, or even the future, since things have changed)
    Bio: (keep it fairly short, but enough so we have a bit of a background to your character)
    appearance: (Picture, link, description)

    http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/showthread.php?t=8977&p=213485#post213485 <--- Link to actual thread ^^
  3. Character name: Sayomi Chi
    Age: 20?
    Sexuality: Straight
    Race: Vampire/human
    From: Past
    Job: assassin and a scientist
    Weapon: Glock 21sf and a katana
    special talents: Sayomi is extremely bright, and dexterous. She is an experienced fighter, and has a control over fire.
    Personality: Distant and some times cold. Sayomi doesn't like to be messed with, and has a bit of a hot head. She always tries not to get connect with people for a fear of being hurt, so she won't show when she cares. Sayomi is stubborn beyond most people and loves to fight, as well as just sit and watch the fire or stars.
    Bio: Sayomi was brought to the present with her father, before the time machine collapsed. Her father was lost to this reaction because of the amount of force that escaped it. She spent half of her life in the past, while the other half was spent here in the present. She was as good at science as her father, but loved the thrill of fighting and killing. So during the day, she played as daddy wanted, and at night went off on her own. Sayomi ventured from the secret underground housing that they and many others lived in and went off on her own once her father died. Everyone else left, because they didn't have to stay there anymore. Now she is trying to find a way to help, as more of a way to make her fathers wishes come true, then her own.
    appearance: [​IMG]
  4. Character name: Jakur Aussir-Oth

    Age: 876

    Sex: Male

    Sexuality: Straight

    Race: Draconis (Dragon anthromorph)

    From: 10236 BMA (Fantasy)

    Job: High General for Alexhandr Ral Denthanor

    Weapon: Longsword on his hip, dagger in his left boot

    special talents: Able to bend the element of ice to his will (though not to the extent of a master mage, he is but an adept), able to spew ice from his mouth, and an excellent swordsman

    Personality: Jakir Ossir-Oth is quite possibly the universe's greatest living oxymoron. A hardened general who has seen more death (and caused more death) than a thousand human warriors combined, he is a very compassionate being to everyone, including his enemies. He kills only when he has no other choice, and will not hesitate to put down any vile create that dares assault the weak and innocent. He is extremely quiet and appears devoid of emotion, like many blue-scaled Draconis. Stoic, and abnormally physically strong, considering most blue Draconis are of frail body structure.

    Bio: Best friend and High General to Draconis king Alexhandr Ral Denthanor of Numinor of the world Drakur for over 700 years now. Caught within the time rift when it opened, he is separated from his nation, his king, his soldiers, and his race. A creature with an extremely scarred and terrible past, he does speak of it.

    appearance: Six foot six inch tall light-blue scaled Draconis. 220 pounds, sapphire eyed, scarred, and very handsome.
  5. Character name: Aida Hughes

    Age: Appears 23, has lived for at least a century


    : Straight

    : Vampyre

    Past/Present. Originally created in what is considered "Old England" (past) She has lived with modern society and has adjusted accordingly.

    : Posses as a Student.

    She carries a small knife hidden under her clothes. She tends to wear skirts/dresses, so she has easy access to it.
    special talents: Seeing as she tries to blend in with others, she has not focused on her talents. But she does have great dexterity.

    : Thoughtful, she tries to blend in but with this mess that has happened, no one stands out anymore. She may have to discover her true personality, but for now, she just watches.

    Raised to be a proper lady and dealing with corsets, she had been cornered in an alley by a newly made Vampire that lost his mind and was in blood lust. She was lucky enough to not be killed, but was rather transformed when a coven had discovered her. After she was healthy enough, they let her on her own, giving her no affection. She moved out so she would not see the ones she knew and loved since she had found herself as a disgrace. She is over that now, but has grown adjusting to improvements and with new movements and people's new thoughts and progress. She tries to not draw too much attention to herself and has found it safe to claim her age as 23. She goes to different schools and colleges if she needs something to do, but never seems to fully commit to any particular subject.

    (Sorry it is so big. T.T Can't figure how to resize it.)
  6. Character name: Kirk
    Age: 1,375
    Sexuality: Straight
    Race: Kitsune/Apparition occupying human shell.
    From: Past
    Job: Care taker of dimensional net/ guardian.
    Weapon: His mind and appendages.
    special talents: Kirk is able to manipulate air molecules. Creating ice or water from thin air using the natural humidity around him as well as being able to change the molecular composition of water.
    Personality: Kirk is an intelligent tactician; he plays his targets like a pawn in chess. Leading them into a deathly trap. He is calculative by nature and at time socially distant. Being observant he can deduce a lot from the smallest details, details most tend to overlook. In some rare instances he proves to be quite flirtatious a ladies man some would vainly boast. But his most defining feature and character aspect would be him humility.
    Assuming human form Kirk has wandered the realms. mending the dimensional net and keeping at bay other spiritual entities which have no place in our plane. some foolishly mistake him for a hero; but such a title holds little power in his eyes. Time is but an illusionary construct forged by human consciousness to coup with their finite lives and changes in environment in his eyes. Till this day he wanders the earth; traversing a lonesome road with a potent stride. Living each moment as if it were his last.

  7. Another person! ^^ much funness!
  8. Character name: Tyvaris Kuroi (goes by the name Ty or Kuroi)

    Age: 21

    Sex: Male

    Sexuality: Straight

    Race: Human

    From: Future

    Job: Former police officer

    Weapon: Glock 17 (sidearm), Mossberg 590, Combat knife (Gerber Mark II)

    Special talents: A product of his eras version of the Special Training and Spec Ops police force, his body was enhanced through various "experiments" Police officers where specifically selected for upgrades which included enhanced strength, speed, reflexes, and vision. Adrenaline rushes further enhances his abilities.

    Personality: Although trained and very professional, Kuroi can still be considered a young brash individual. Sarcastic and coy, with a sense of humor only he can understand at times. A rebel of sorts, but he isnt without his duty of sensible morality. Can be considered cold and aloof.

    Bio: Even he sometimes wonders why in the hell he was chosen for his position in his era. He sometimes clashed with his superiors and the 'justice' he was to maintain. But alas, he was chosen and one thing couldnt be denied, he was great at his job. Even at his young age, he held many merits and awards for his arrests, implementing his own personal beliefs into the system. A loner for much of his life, when he did make friends, they became his family. Trustworthy and reliable, but not afraid to get his hands dirty to further his aspirations even with a few questionable methods. A realist in his own right.

    Appearance: 6'0 170 lbs lean and fit due to his active lifestyle photo: police_122574_750x1179theAnimeGallerycom.jpg
  9. Character name: Alex Hendon

    Age: 24

    Sex: Male

    Sexuality: Straight

    Race: Human, mostly Cyborg

    From: Future, not too distant 2034

    Job: Ex SWAT, quit.

    Weapon: Diamond Back .357 magnum revolver, metallic blades which extend from his arms.

    special talents: Various bodily enhancements due to cybernetic implants.

    Personality: Alex is a stern man, he often speaks his feelings which is why he quit SWAT, when he realized that SWAT was a force to help further Corparate interests, not the people at large.

    Bio: Alex is a SWAT trained killer, he doesn't hesitate in killing someone, if they deserve to be killed, although on the outside he look like a sane man. Sometimes his emotions get the better of him and he can just let loose and go crazy.

    appearance: 6'2", never weighed himself, muscular build, though now his muscles are robotic so even stronger than before

    (Large image)

  10. some more people! <3 oh and I am currently posting and such from my phone and not a laptop, since internet has for some reason crashed! But I don't mind. ^^
  11. Character name: Georgia Laynm
    Age: 17
    Sex: female
    Sexuality: She is secretly bi though is shamed in her era
    Race: Human
    From: past 1840
    Job: she had no occupation other than the daughter of an earl
    Weapon: Bow and arrow
    special talents: she is skilled at archery,
    Personality: Geogia is a determind girl, brilliant and full of life though she was taught to be submissive to her families wishes as they would be the ones to grant her a happy marriage. She is waggish and darring. Georgia thrives on excitement and adventure. She has a sweet demener though spoiled by being the daughter of an earl.
    Bio: She was raised in the french court and taught by the finnest of tuttors. There she was told to learn the art of seduction so when she returned to england she could seduce the young king into marriage. She only saw her family at christmass and other special occations to remain in favor in the publics eye as a happy family and her being most suited to marry the king. It failed however and the king married a spanish princess when she was 14. Georgia was brought back to the english court when she was sixteen in her families hope to capture the heart of the kings brother, Duke Issac. She suceeded and after a game of archery he propossed. As much as she wanted to refuse she gave into her families wishes and agreed to be married the next summer.
    appearance: she has fair blonde hair that twists in soft curls around her shoulder. She has small beasts a 34B. She has wide hips and a slim waist. She has long legs that are hidden behind the bulky fashion of gowns. Her arms are long and delicate. Her eyes are several shades of blue and grey and her lips are plump and pink. Her skin is pale and acrossed her nose is childish freckles. She has dimples on her cheeks that add to the roundness of her face. she weighs 125lbs and stands at 5'7"
  12. Character name: Furor, family name unknown...
    Age: 26
    Sex: male
    Sexuality: unknown, possibly asexual
    Race: Human
    From: Past, 820 A.D.
    Job: Governor's Aid, Secret Magician
    Weapon: throwing knives, spirit items
    special talents: Can summon spirits and familiars from another plane, as well as enchanting items to have a variety of effects
    Personality: Stoic. Has learned to hide his emotions and rarely gives in to what he considers 'mundane' aspects of existence. As a Byzantine, he sees himself as one of the 'heirs of Rome', and those one will note a touch of arrogance when he does decide to let his mask crack.
    Bio: Born in a time bordering the age of Paganism and Christianity in Europe, he knows how to deal with a variety of diplomatic and war situations. An era of chaos has made him hard and callous to human suffering. He controls a variety of spirits that fight for him without question, an art highly forbidden in his era by both parties.

    Attached Files:

  13. <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">Character name: Samael Desmarais
    Age: 24.
    Sex: Male.
    Sexuality: Pan.
    Race: Human>Euro>French
    From: Past, circa 16th-17th century Europe.
    Job: Organized crime of sorts; assassination.
    Weapon: Three part staff, Kusarigama, Tonfa.
    special talents: Skill in several martial arts; Eskrima, Capoeira, Hun Gar, Baguazhang, Krav Maga.
    Personality: Samael has a very dynamic air to him. He is severely adaptive to his surroundings and peers, though is inadvertently worried all the time about what to do next. From an outside standpoint, he may come off as an aloof person through the minimal speaking and disconnected body language. He means no harm. Samael's personality reflects a very levelheaded young man even though he is always remaining busy. A rested mind is unhealthy, so he says.

    Bio: Originally from Versailles, France, within Samael's time period he served as a Chevalier for King Louis XIV, where he was highly respected. Many times he watched families and even his closest comrades fall in the Franco-Dutch war and even the War of Spanish Succession. Upon accompanying his small caravan back to the community of Versailles to reunite with his family, his lover, and his people. Though suddenly and unexpectedly, he was drawn to a whirling portal; blinding him and his horse. Enveloped in these strange tendrils of light, he'd been pulled in. Regurgitated in unfamiliar territory. (Early Y2K's Boston) For the past seven years he has been living here and learning several forms of discipline and defense, and adapted to life in a new place. Learning of the government's agenda has steered Samael in direction of vigilantism.

    Appearance: <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2gul7va&s=5
  14. So excited about the others that have joined! There are plenty of people to run into and to interact with, and I do believe that we have lost a player, sorry to say. But my guesses say that he will not be returning. Still plenty of other people!
  15. Ack! Well, there are things we cannot help. I am currently trying to figure out where in the world to fit in. But I love reading everyone else's posts as well. Ha.
  16. Eh....can I has three characters? :P

    But for now I'll slap one up. He's pretty freakin' familiar to a lot of people.

    Character name: Axel Crowe [​IMG]
    Age: 24
    Sex: Male
    Sexuality: Straight [even if he makes perverted gay jokes that may make him seem otherwise :P]
    Race: Human
    From: Future
    Job: Secret Agent

    Weapon: For close quarters [up to a hundred meters], his hair [blades tied at the ends] for long distance [over a hundred meters or if he's just lazy or circumstances demand...] M10 Rifle

    special talents: The ability to extend or retract his hair for combat. He also has insane eyesight that can naturally covered a four hundred meter distance, enhanced another two to make six hundred after the surgery. Free running.

    Personality: Axel is a friendly guy who is more childish than mature in action. He uses this as a cover so as to cover his true abilities as a skilled fighter.

    Bio: Axel had been arrested at the age of nineteen for the assassinations of politicians and celebrities, cops and kingpins alike. Not wanting to waste his talents, the government had agreed to have him stay on as a secret operative to complete the most difficult stealth and "hunt" missions. Each operative underwent specific surgeries to compliment their skills and one add-on to fit their fancy.

    Appearance: Axel has dark hair, kept at just above shoulder length, green eyes. He has slightly upturned nose that he knew some women would kill to have and near- rounded lips. He has slightly tanned skin and stands about six feet four. He often wears a tank, long cargo pants [equipped with the suspenders, too] combat boots and carries black gloves in one of the many pockets.

    Character Name: Jace Vee [​IMG]
    Age: 24
    Sex: Male
    Sexuality: Ramrod Straight [often the target of Axel's curvy prowess]
    Race: Human
    From: Future
    Job: Secret Agent [they work together]

    Weapon: His knowledge of Muay Thai and Kung Fu; Two .45 glock handguns.

    Special Talents: His accuracy is uncanny and his hearing is better than the average wild animal [enhanced by surgery]

    Personality: He's more conservative than Axel, though he does have his moments where he'd stoop to just above the other's level to prove a point. He is seen as too serious in Axel's book.

    Bio: Being a secret agent was something Jace worked for his entire life. He had begun training in the art of Kung Fu since the age of five and Muay Thai at thirteen. By the age of seventeen, he had mastered both arts and was drafted for the job. Since then, he had been partnered with countless others until finally pinned to Axel. Jace had chosen to add strength and stamina to his list of abilities as an agent.

    Appearance: He has black hair and gray eyes, and an asian-looking face. He has a straight nose and well-defined lips.

    Character Name: Gauss Vee [​IMG]
    Age: 24
    Sex: Male
    Sexuality: Straight [also falls prey to Axel's antics...but he fights back at least]
    Race: Human
    From: Past
    Job: Demolitions Expert / Sniper / former Con Artist

    Weapons: Custom-made grenades, gas bombs and anything explosive.

    Special talents: Acting, Forgery, Destroying things. :P Uncanny memory.

    Personality: Gauss is an opportunist who only acts the way the situation dictates. He was prime for undercover works, able to play any part given to him almost without flaw.

    Bio: Gauss is twelve generations older than Jace, making him the other man's ancestor even though he hadn't aged over the time jump. He was a criminal -- one of the best and hardest to catch by far. He had been a native of China and well versed in the Mantis Fist. He had migrated to Europe and changed his name. Because of his standards as a con, it was done with little to no trouble at all. "Besides, all Asians looked alike, no?"

    Appearance: He is six feet flat [a miracle in his time] with dark hair and dark brown eyes. Slim with a well defined face and lips; straight nose.
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    If all goes well Jace would be tossed in, too. And the new addition, his 'identical' twin, Gauss :D
  19. twins! much funness!! They are always interesting
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