When the World Comes Crashing Down

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The Returner

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Basically anything as long as it has a good story line.
Laura sat in front of the mirror. Her maids were already dismaied to get their sleep though Laura couldn't get herself to go to bed. There was somethin keeping her eyes open and her mind working. Unfortunately, it wasn't the war matter. War matter would be better because at least she would be able to come to a conclusion but this...this was futile. Futile wondering about Red and who he was and how much she could trust and how much he was willing to sacrifice. Unconsciously, Laura played with her hair while staring in the eyes of her reflection. She knew the prince so little yet hoped to know much more. She wanted to be able to read as she did with others. However, Damien remained a mystery. No matter, how hard she tried to penetrate the barrier he built around himself, she couldn't get more than flickering glimpses of what lied beneath. Still it wasn't enough. Not enough for Laura to feel satisfied. At one point, she almost convinced herself to stand up and go to Damien's room and question him or just talk to him about his life and everything. Laura could never know how it feels to be turned into vampire as she was born a pure blood. It must have had an impact on who Red was now. It must have changed him in some sense. As she was almost by the door, having decided to talk to Red, Laura stopped and thought it over again. How would he react if she would enter his chamber dressed as she was? Laura pulled her dressing gown tighter around her as if to hide the long, white silk night dress. Moreover, would she be able to talk at all? She had to admit that there was something about Red that unsettled her on the same level as not knowing him better. He had this effect on her that no man had in centuries. It made her feel vulnarable but also willing to succumb. No, she better not enter his chamber; at least, not this evening. Going back to her bed, Laura took off the dressing gown and laid it by her bed before quietly slipping under the cover and turning onto her side. She should try cast away all her thoughts with pleas for sleep. Surprisingly, it came more quickly than she expected.

The next evening when Laura woke up, she had her robe already prepared. Today's color was crimson red and threads of silver. It didn't take long and Laura was dressed up and fed. She left her chambers and went into the front room of her apartment which served as receiving chamber. In this part, she was available to every guest and vampire or a human living with the walls. Everybody knew that. Thoughts of the previous night were left at the back of her mind. Instead of pondering of what should happen, Laura concentrated more on what would happen and what part would LoD take in that. After reviewing the strategy that Marco and other of her generals created, Laura was still feeling that there was something missing - something important. Laura ordered on of her servants to fetch Marco and then Red. She would need to go and visit one of her informants. Knowing that Marco would object even though he knew that the informant didn’t know that Laura was leader of LoD, Laura planned to bring Red with her. Another pair of eyes and ears might see and hear more than just one pair.

Zack nodded at everything he heard. It was still surprising and confusing. Also, it made him less convinced that he should have gone with his leader though he didn't let that appear in his expression. When he was offered to ask another question, Zack just shook his head. There was tension in his head that gave away that the day was beginning. "No, sir," he said and sat down by the wall as well. It would be strange if Zack would sleep on the bed and Xavier on the floor. "I think we both should get some sleep now," he said and laid down on the floor along the opposite wall to where Xavier was sitting. He looked at his leader for the last time before he closed his own eyes and slowly drifted of to sleep, still being half aware of his surroundings.

(I'm sorry for such a reply on Zack's side but I wanted to finish it off quickly)